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  • PC Alf Ventress, played by William Simons
    at the same time as the characters we are playing Ventress is unintentionally funnier now than he used to be and much lighter We don t have to deal with too much violent crime in Aidensfield The most I do is to hang onto someone s collar and I had a few problems with some villains and then a pig Being involved in a long running series hasn t prevented me from accepting other work I was very lucky in the first two years of Heartbeat to be able to do another series for the BBC at the same time playing another policeman It was fortunate that I was able to do both with careful juggling of my working days It s not so easy now but I would prefer to be in this than in anything else I have played policemen many times in my career from constables on the beat to Chief Inspectors and Superintendent I think I ll be buried in blue None of them have been as laid back as Ventress Playing a policeman hasn t really changed the way I look on modern coppers except they all look years younger I am still very aware of the power they have Just before Heartbeat went out a PC was prepared to arrest me because she recognised me and presumed she knew my face from the wanted file It was only after her colleague pointed out that I was an actor that she realised she had seen me on television I can t see why Heartbeat should not continue with further series over the years although I have no idea how the storyline concerning Ventress will develop As long as the stories are right for the character I m quite happy to leave this in the hands

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  • Sergeant Dennis Merton, played by Duncan Bell
    officer he s been demoted Ending up in a rural out post as he sees it is a terrible blow He feels as if all of his years of slog have been wasted Merton began by taking his situation out on his new staff When we first saw him he was very irritated and taking his situation out on others says Duncan All the cases around him were rather feeble compared to the gritty city crimes he s been used to From inner city depravation to sweet little problems over lost goats I don t know how the other police put up with him Series twelve sees a far more settled Merton He has settled into rural life and I think he s starting to develop some grudging affection for the characters a rural bobby meets He s also gained more respect for his colleagues particularly Mike because he s a good cop who gets the job done I think he worries that Bellamy hasn t got enough drive and alas he carries on the Sergeant s tradition of worrying about poor old Ventress Duncan also feels that a country existence will help Merton get a better perspective on life We see a far more rounded human emerging as Series twelve progresses His life has been on hold he says His work has been paramount and although we have had evidence that he s had relationships in the past they ve been pretty disastrous At the start of the new series two things happen to him He has a health scare and starts dating Jenny Latimer The first thing may lead to him realising there can be more in life and hopefully Jenny will be that more Like Merton Duncan has also found himself settling into his new job I

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  • Vernon Scripps, played by Geoffrey Hughes
    on I am sure that every time Vernon comes up with an idea he thinks this is it only to be thwarted Although we know little about Vernon s past there are clues with the occasional appearance of an old associate with criminal inclinations that it is decidedly shady I m sure he was not a totally savoury person in his earlier life Geoffrey agrees He s calmed down from his earlier antics and is probably determined to keep those days a secret He s not totally honest but that s more to do with his determination to succeed There s a part of him who believes his little white lies are totally moral Vernon is so certain that Aidensfield is a potential gold mine that he has bought a house and looks like he s going to put down roots in the village This has done nothing to lift the spirits of long suffering Bernie When Vernon s plans end in tears they are usually Bernie s tears Geoffrey laughs They haven t seen each other for years and probably don t know each other very well at all Vernon s forever dropping him in it and using his business to launch yet another scheme I do think however that they ve grown a bit fond of each other and having Bernie around has certainly had a sobering influence on Vernon Vernon has also developed an excellent relationship with his lodger and erstwhile assistant David Stockwell He uses David for his nefarious games says Geoffrey David is the perfect ally because he doesn t argue Bernard forever questions his schemes but David is just happy to go with the flow Whilst he s busy hatching new business ideas and money making schemes Vernon has little time for other pursuits

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  • Heartbeat: The Norwegian Anglia Club
    it s too bad he has gone from the series We had our first tour in 2003 with four Anglias and one Escort mk1 That tour was expertly planned by our two editors Truls and Jon and the reason for the tour was to park our Anglias in front of Scripps garage and ask for a 10 000 mile service on all of them But when I began to prepare for this tour I looked on the map and could not find Aidensfield anywhere Were we going to a place that didn t exist Well a little search for Aidensfield on the Internet soon revealed Goathland as the concrete target We had a wonderful tour driving around on the rollercoaster roads on the moors and staying over in old blacksmiths converted to museum hotels it was just like in the series though Aidensfield itself had turned into an advertisement display pillar place We decided to do this again in 2005 and this time got in contact with the Anglia and Cortina fans in England We were one Anglia and two Cortinas and we had a meeting with them in Thirsk on a Wednesday One of them had driven 5 hours to meet us and had 5 hours home again on a working day this impressed us We told them about our admiration for Heartbeat and they had similar feelings We then decided to arrange our next tour so that we could meet on a Sunday and have a drive around all together Can you imagine 30 to 40 beautifully restored Anglias and Cortinas bumper to bumper making traffic jams all over the York area When we were in Aidensfield this time we were lucky enough to witness a film shooting for the series The girls were excited and one of

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/heartbeat/anglias0.html (2016-02-17)
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  • PC Mike Bradley played by Jason Durr
    laughs He s got a quite ambition he s not in any hurry although he has passed his sergeant s exams He saw so much when he was down at the Met that he s grown into the life in the country Outside influences want him to do more They know he s a bright copper and very good at what he does so there s lots of avenues open to him I think his relationship with Tricia is possibly making him resist this Rhea about PC Mike Bradley Mike Bradley does not appear in my early books but on screen he arrived with long hair while riding a powerful motor bike Jason Durr s task was not easy he had to create a likeable character who would one day replace PC Nick Rowan but he did this within a very short time Bradley s good looks his wide police experience before coming to Aidensfield and his strong personality have combined to produce a very interesting character So what s in store for him in Aidensfield We ll have to wait and see This series sees Mike on top form dealing with some of the toughest cases of his career There s loads of action in this series says Jason Last year we had a lot of difficulties with Foot and Mouth which restricted the way we worked to some extent We are free now to roam the moors again so we can fit in far more of the chases explosions and stunts that have become such a trademark of the show As with all of the Heartbeat regulars Jason particularly enjoys the time he spends at the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors in the real location for Aidensfield Goathland It s amazing being back in Goathland with a

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/heartbeat/bradley.html (2016-02-17)
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  • PC Rob Walker, played by Jonathan Kerrigan
    of the father thing And rightly so in a way We learn during the first episode that Rob did as Oscar suspected lie about his dad s whereabouts It turns out he did this for a very different reason than showing the potential of following in his father s footsteps It s a great opening and a tremendous start for the character Jonathan became well known to television audiences after three successful years as Sam Colloby in Casualty followed by several leading rôles in shows as diverse as Catherine Cookson s Dinner of Herbs and Reach to the Moon Most recently Jonathan starred as Steve Traynor in Merseybeat He was delighted to get the chance to play a new police character in a totally contrasting situation Steve was little fun to play because he was so miserable Jonathan laughs He was always trying to be super cop and was completely different to the real me Already we know that Rob is far more light hearted and more obviously human He s not overly self confident in what he s doing I m trying to make him a bit of a clumsy buffoon outside of work so when we see him at work we know how hard he has to concentrate to get it right When he s with Bellamy he s quite playful but he s responsive to authority so he plays the game with Merton He makes sure he dots his i s and crosses his t s as far as the boss is concerned At the same time he insists on wearing his hair longer There s no short back and sides for him So we see a little trickle of rebellion there too After playing a central rôle in several long running television series Jonathan was thrilled at the chance to join Heartbeat It was a bit intimidating to be honest he recalls This is a show with a great history 250 episodes is quite a landmark point to begin at When I started the auditioning process I loved the character from the first few scripts and knew I wanted the part Then when I ploughed through twenty five episodes back to back I was really excited by the production values It s got a great sheen to it and possibly the finest locations ever to be seen on telly I ve become very defensive of the show Anyone who dismisses it as that show that s been on on Sundays forever needs to take a much closer look at it It s honest entertainment that perfectly fits the bill which is Sunday drama that everyone can watch It doesn t ever pretend to be anything it isn t Now in the middle of filming his first series Jonathan confesses he feels part of the furniture I feel very much at home says Jonathan When you work with people many of whom have been doing the show for thirteen years it would be so easy to feel

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  • Dr. Tricia Summerbee, played by Clare Calbraith
    her Tricia overcomes this threat but goes on to encounter a clinically depressed patient who accuses her of being unethical and almost collapses with exhaustion after a virulent strain of salmonella breaks out in Aidensfield She does have a tough time of it laughs Clare Of course the situation isn t helped by the fact that she s young and female I think female doctors must find it tough today so can you imagine how it must have been in a rural community in the Sixties The only older male who treats her with respect is Craddock They have an interesting relationship and the scenes between them have been among my favourite to play Tricia also finds comfort in the form of PC Mike Bradley who is in turn finding life hard as he faces up to the recent departure of his wife Jackie Mike and Tricia confide in each other says Clare He s still hurt because of what s happened to him and she s down about work so they find a shoulder to cry on in each other At the moment there s only the slightest hint of romance on the horizon Well I think she really likes him Clare laughs She confides in Gina one night and doesn t know what to do about it At the moment they are at a bit of a stalemate They ve been all friendly but they ve also had a bit of a fight over work I think she s too bossy for him but we ll have to wait and see what the rest of the series has in store Clare has found one of the most difficult aspects of the role to be getting to grips with the medical procedures The thing is you ve got to

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  • PC Nick Rowan, played by Nick Berry
    series 7 are as good perhaps better than anything we have done before From a personal point of view it has kept my interest in the series for over six years and clearly the viewers feel the same way Nick freely admitted it would not be easy to hang up his police uniform I feel very privileged to have been a part of Heartbeat for so long He added I never doubted its potential as a series and I have had some of the happiest times of my life since I joined the show I have also made friends that I will keep for life But I always said that when the time was right to move on I would I feel the time is now and I will be looking at a number of possible projects before deciding what I do next I made my mind up when I was told that there were going to be 24 episodes this time instead of 16 That would have doubled the amount of time I was going to be away from home and I ve missed enough of my son Louis growing up as it is I just want to be at home have a bit of rest and do the nursery school run Normal things like that They wife Rachel and son Louis are the most important things in my life and this business can eat you up Rachel gave up acting and is happy being a mum out of the rat race It s a meat market especially if you re young female and pretty If Louis ever wanted to be an actor he would be taking the decision after seeing what can happen I have a circle of friends actors I have grown up with and some are

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