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  • The Constable books - the Heartbeat stories
    2008 now available as a Kindle eBook download it from Amazon UK or from Amazon com Constable in the Dale original edition 1983 reissued by Áccent Press in 2008 Constable by the Sea original edition 1985 reissued by Áccent Press in 2008 now also available as a Kindle eBook from Amazon UK or from Amazon com Constable along the Lane original edition 1986 reissued by Áccent Press in 2008 Constable at the Double 1988 comprises the books Constable around the Village and Constable across the Moors Constable through the Meadow original edition 1989 reissued by Áccent Press in 2009 also available as a Kindle eBook from Amazon UK or from Amazon com Constable in Disguise original edition 1989 reissued by Áccent Press Constable among the Heather 1990 available for Kindle from Amazon UK or from Amazon com Constable by the Stream 1991 The varied and humorous continuation of the exploits of a Yorkshire village constable PC Rhea This book includes women bathing nude in local lakes and a thief who leaves poetic notes at the scene of his crimes What the critics said Stories of a constable on his village beat in North Yorkshire All very gentle and far far removed from the hurly burly of modern day city policing Daily Telegraph Rhea s real strengths are his sharp portraits of people The best humour comes from the author s close understanding and affectionate portrayals of the character of Yorkshire country folk Northern Echo Constable around the Green 1993 Constable Nick copes with a bizarre range of duties We meet yet more Yorkshire characters including Sergeant Blaketon s wife who won t let him watch the Cup Final on television and a wealthy socialite who stocked her handbag with freebies Issued in two versions the original edition and the Heartbeat TV tie In edition Constable beneath the Trees 1994 Constable in Control 1994 Constable in the Shrubbery 1995 As the village constable of Aidensfield Nick has never taken part in a murder investigation But murder finally comes as Lord Thackerston celebrates his birthday with a mansion full of family and guests Constable versus Greengrass 1995 Constable about the Parish 1996 Constable at the Gate 1997 Constable at the Dam 1997 Constable over the Stile 1998 Constable under the Gooseberry Bush 1999 When it comes to growing prize winning gooseberries the village of Aidensfield has always been surpassed by nearby Egton Bridge As the annual show approaches the rivalry between the two villages intensifies Constable in the Farmyard 1999 There is crime to solve when a smallholder gets his wages stolen raiders are disturbed on a lonely farm and garden equipment is being stolen Constable Nick copes with it all What the critics said These books do for the police service in North Yorkshire what James Herriot did for the vets there very relaxing very readable Manchester Evening News Recommended if it s laughter you re after Bolton Evening News Richly entertaining Yorkshire Evening Post Constable around the Houses 2000 There

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  • Maddleskirk Abbey - the further adventures of Aidensfield's Constable Nick, by Nicholas Rhea
    questioning The search for the killer intensifies and the team begin to uncover some disturbing facts The murder weapon is discovered concealed in the Abbey and the detectives learn of the mysterious disappearance and violent past of one of the Abbey s monks He re appears on the moors as a helicopter lands nearby intending to carry him from his would be captors And then the truth emerges and Napier must prevent the helicopter taking off with the monk on board But how Nicolas Rhea has been talking to the press about his writing life and about Confession at Maddleskirk Abbey in particular read interviews with him in The Yorkshire Post and The Whitby Gazette Confession at Maddleskirk Abbey was published by Robert Hale on 30th April 2015 ISBN 978 0 7198 1575 1 Order the hardback edition from Amazon or download the Kindle edition Now also available as an audiobook read by Gordon Griffin from the publisher Isis Soundings in a choice of formats or as an audio download from Amazon A Magna Large Print edition follows on 1st February 2016 Murder at Maddleskirk Abbey After Constable Nick of Aidensfield and Heartbeat fame retired he helped create a small private police force of monk constables serving Maddleskirk Abbey and its adjoining college The body of an unknown man is discovered in a huge stone coffin in the crypt and Nick and DCS Nabber Napier of the local constabulary welcome the assistance of the monk constables or monkstables as they become known as their knowledge of the abbey its history practices and personnel proves invaluable to the detectives As the murder investigation hots up a prominent pupil of the college goes missing and the monkstables find themselves pitched into an intense criminal investigation as they search for the missing boy

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  • Nicholas Rhea's 'Pemberton' Books
    the earlier books in the series The care with which the police investigate suspicious circumstances is a key theme Rhea once held a public relations role within the North Yorkshire force and he presents the work of Pemberton and his colleagues in a wholly positive manner the Pemberton series is distinctive and deserves to be better known False Alibi The plan is that we will stage a fake murder investigation The top secret directive to Detective Superintendent Mark Pemberton quick tempered high flier in a northern county s CID came from the Chief Constable himself The idea was to get local villains on the run obtain their admissions and confessions clear up lots of minor crimes secure a wealth of valuable information about the criminal world and primarily to flush out any threat of violence during the forthcoming visit by the Prime Minister An anonymous naked female corpse her remains bequeathed for the benefit of the nation is planted by the police in Green Lane But at almost the same time the body of a popular good time barmaid is discovered in the Blue Beck with a massive shotgun wound Mark Pemberton now has more on his plate than he or his Chief Constable bargained for And the townspeople are terrified Is this the work of a maniac a rapist a sex killer And is there a link between the slaying of the two women Besides a handful of murder suspects and a major drugs dealer behind bars on a different rap the threat of an IRA mainland bombing blitz also keeps Pemberton and his Detective Constable lover Amanda at fever pitch And hours before the PM s visit Amanda disappears False Alibi was the first of Peter N Walker Nicholas Rhea s novels about DS Mark Pemberton it was published by Constable in 1991 it is out of print but you may be able to find a collectable copy of the original hardback edition False Alibi has also been published in a large print edition Grave Secrets Louisa Mary Potter the century s most notorious child killer has been granted parole after twenty five years A convert to Catholicism and considered to be a reformed character this living argument for the retention of the death penalty is in urgent need of protection Someone wants to kill Potter when she is released someone who knows that she is about to leave prison In charge of her safety is Detective Superintendent Mark Pemberton A widower workaholic revolted by his new assignment he is nevertheless determined both to protect Potter and also to return her to gaol by re opening the case of three missing girls she supposedly murdered but whose bodies have never been found During enquiries into the past activities of Britain s most evil woman Pemberton discovers that Potter s Irish boyfriend Joseph Patrick Baleen has vanished and that a hidden fortune awaits her release So where is Baleen now Is he waiting to gain revenge and at the

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/pemberton.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Nicholas Rhea's Montague Pluke books
    and an outlandish dresser Pluke is a small town detective with an inflated opinion of himself and his role as a leading citizen of Crickledale a small Yorkshire market town Pluke solves murders by his knowledge of superstitions while his hobby and passion is the recording of disused horse troughs which he discovers on the North York Moors Omens of Death launched the series of books featuring Montague Pluke in 1996 The original hardback was followed by Large Print and audiobook editions Now it is available once more as an Endeavour Press Kindle edition Superstitious Death finds DI Pluke preparing for the annual shoggling festival in the small Yorkshire town of Crickledale He realises something terrible has happened when Mrs Cholmondeley s bay tree withers and dies for no apparent reason His superstition is confirmed when he discovers the body of an attractive young woman in a shallow grave The woman s head injury suggests she was murdered but there is nothing to identify her and no young women have been reported missing All Pluke has to go on is the fact that she was buried with a mirror and the pathologist s declaration that she was a virgin Superstitious Death was first published by Constable Crime in 1998 it was also issued in a Large Print edition Download the Kindle edition now A Well Pressed Shroud finds hardworking Detective Inspector Montague Pluke spending a much needed holiday from his job at the Crickledale CID in search of the Lost Giants Horse Trough of Trippingdale Fresh country air and a visit to the prestigious Trippingdale Castle what more could anyone want But his holiday is abruptly disturbed when while searching the closed down estate Pluke stumbles upon the body of the estate s heir floating face down in shallow waters To make matters even stranger the heir and several other people in the village had recently received a single pressed snowdrop a well known sign of death Much to Pluke s displeasure his quiet countryside holiday is turning into a hair raising hunt for the murderer It could be anyone in the village A Well Pressed Shroud was originally published by Constable Crime in March 2000 a Magna Large Print edition followed Download the Kindle edition now Praise for the earlier books It s original it s funny discovering Pluke has been one of life s little pleasures Yorkshire Post Eccentrically superstitious Detective Inspector Pluke is a policeman of whom we shall hear more Yorkshire Gazette and Herald A Full Churchyard The most recent Montague Pluke investigation is also available in a Kindle edition With crime at its lowest level for years Pluke decides to conduct a cold case review But there are no major unsolved crimes so alerted by his wife Millicent to a large number of recent deaths all attributed to natural causes his expert knowledge of superstitions and folklore lead him to identify areas of suspicion sufficient to justify re opening a case Could an undetected mass

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  • Blessed Nicholas Postgate, the Martyr of the Moors - non-fiction by Nicholas Rhea
    work nourishing the Catholic faith came to the notice of Parliament just when the fabricated Popish Plot of Titus Oates brought a return of the persecution of Catholics A highly experienced Government agent whose employer was alleged to have been murdered by Catholics was ordered to hunt down capture and prosecute Father Postgate This book the most comprehensive ever written about the martyr relates that story and reveals previously unpublished information about Father Nicholas Postgate DD Martyr of the Moors Peter Walker who writes as Nicholas Rhea was born some 400 yards from the family home of Nicholas Postgate at Kirkdale Banks and has taken a life long interest in the martyr He attended primary school in Egton Bridge the village so strongly associated with Father Postgate and after winning a scholarship to Whitby Grammar School left at the age of 16 to become a police cadet in the North Riding Constabulary During his latter years of service he was the press officer for North Yorkshire Police and was responsible for the press arrangements during the visit of Pope John Paul II to York in 1982 the first visit to England by a reigning Pontiff He was delighted to hear Pope John Paul commemorate Father Postgate in his list of 85 English martyrs He writes The desire to produce a book about this charismatic priest of the North York Moors has remained with me since the earliest days of my writing career In recent months I have made time to research his life not only from previous publications and records but also from visits to his native moorland along with some help from my family and my computer The results have astounded me I discovered I was born within 400 yards or so of what was surely his family home

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  • The 'Assured' books - a new series of by Nicholas Rhea
    are happy to rise to the challenge The trusting people he serves leave their payments in sheds or on window ledges and when money s tight Matthew finds himself accepting goods and services in lieu of payment A colourful cast of characters including a woman who sees spies everywhere and a tipsy crockery salesman who poses an insurance risk to all who encounter him combined with the task of persuading hard headed Yorkshire folk to part with their money for summat thoo can t see ensure that Matthew has his work cut out for him Set in Heartbeat country this is a nostalgic and affectionate look at a past way of life Order Some Assured from Amazon Order the hardback edition from Amazon in the large print edition published by Severn House or as an audiobook audiocassette read by Graham Padden Rest Assured Rest Assured is Nicholas Rhea s second collection of tales of the Man from the Premier and features some of the same characters In Some Assured we met Crocky Morris the amiable but accident prone pot pedlar who travels on foot selling crockery from a basket balanced on his head Crocky likes a drink and most of his cash is soon spent in the local tavern However in his happy state he manages to cause several unfortunate accidents and in Rest Assured he continues to cause mayhem wherever he goes Firstly he jumps out in front of Matthew s car as he nervously teaches Evelyn to drive and later Crocky frightens a prized thoroughbred hunter into bolting Dumped unceremoniously in the mud Major Berkeley Carruthers is not amused Nicholas Rhea clearly has a weakness for this entertaining rogue who promises to be the Claude Jeremiah Greengrass of the series Rest Assured is published by Severn House Publishing Order Rest Assured from Amazon in the original hardback edition ISBN 978 0 7278 6338 6 or in Story Sound audio versions on cassette ISBN 978 1 85903 893 2 or on CD ISBN 978 1 85903 939 7 read by Graham Padden In the Severn House Large Print edition ISBN 978 0 7278 7515 0 Self Assured In Self Assured Matthew and Evelyn have bought their new home and are worried about the cost of maintaining it and paying the ongoing household bills including the mortgage the electricity and heating as well as providing the family with food and clothing So there s no alternative but to work harder than ever before selling premiums for the Premier Assurance Association The business is expanding sufficiently to need an office and consulting rooms at the new house But the mix of clients never fails to entertain for instance why did the Vicar want two bridesmaids to be insured before the wedding celebrations Dolly and Daisy seemed to be very well behaved shire horses And then there was the lady who wanted to provide for her grandchildren s future no problem with the endowment policies save that the names looked a bit

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