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    that you receive If you have clicked this location and you get this error please make sure to paste the entire line into the location box of your browser Sometimes the location is wrapped over several lines If you do

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  • Interviews with Nicholas Rhea
    s diary so I thought I d better have a pen name I used my grandfather s surname which was Rhea and took Nicholas from the name of a local saint where I came from Nicholas Postgate and put the two together to make Nicholas Rhea When I started writing about a country policeman I used that country name Mick Scott has very kindly allowed us to make the entire interview available on this site It is in PDF format which you can view using the Adobe Acrobat Reader This is probably already installed on your browser but if not you can download it free by clicking the icon right Click here to read the interview Audio interview Or listen to Nicholas Rhea talking about his life his real name the origins of the Constable series and whether that series will come to an end not to mention its relationship with the Heartbeat series All this and more in a new interview with The Yorkshire Post in its OutLoud series and you can hear the 20 minute interview or just read the background material on its own dedicated page on the Yorkshire Post website Nicholas Rhea points out that the very first OutLoud interview was with his daughter Tricia talking about her novel Benedict s Brother that interview is also still available online Note If you have trouble playing the interview by clicking the top link offered Listen now on your PC try clicking NOT right clicking the second link Download and take with you Earlier interviews Jonathan Telfer interviewed Nicholas Rhea for Writing Magazine in June 2005 and talked to him about the writing life It s a good life Anybody can do it if they really want There s nothing more to it than just to keep writing

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  • A Dream comes True for Nicholas Rhea
    Heartbeat Heartbeat was based on Peter s later Constable series of books which he wrote under the pen name Nicholas Rhea Peter s dream of owning a Jaguar continued unfulfilled as he rose though the police ranks He became an inspector in the late 1970s and took on the rôle of Press Officer at the North Yorkshire Police headquarters in Northallerton He continued to write in his spare time and was now having books published regularly In 1976 there was an opportunity too good to miss Peter found a sky blue 1968 Mark II Jaguar 2 4 for sale for 400 With four growing children money was tight But his passion for Jaguars was too strong and throwing caution to the wind he bought the car It was our main car for a while and my eldest daughter learned to drive in it Peter remembers But it wasn t exactly the car of his dreams It handled like a tank sounded like a juggernaut and was wholly unreliable It swallowed money in petrol and maintenance And in 1979 it failed its MOT I just didn t have the money to fix it so it had to stay in the garage Peter recalls And stay it did for 15 years I couldn t part with it even though it was taking up lots of space My wife even used it as a greenhouse in the winter and kept her geraniums in it But I always felt that one day I would get the money together to restore it That chance came in the 1990s when the success of Heartbeat brought Peter the financial rewards he needed The vintage Jag was finally towed from its resting place and lovingly restored to its former glory It was ready just in time for my

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  • Nicholas Rhea receives the CWA's John Creasey Award
    him he is a warm generous and amiable man it is a delight to claim as a friend In part his award was for organising the highly successful Northern Chapter of the CWA for 20 years but there is more to it than that A former Chair of the Association and a constant supporter of all it does his unfailing friendliness enthusiasm and the pleasure of his company are infectious His output is prodigious and he has given enjoyment to millions an honest journeyman he readily admits that he is not one of the most famous of crime writers but is among those held in the greatest affection Another fine example of how many good things come out of Yorkshire Peter Walker tells the full story in his own words Before I had my first book published some 40 years ago I had very little contact with other writers Then happily because I had written short stories and articles on crime I was invited to join the Crime Writers Association I was thrilled at the thought of perhaps meeting eminent writers at the evening meetings which took place at the Groucho Club in London s Soho a well known haunt for writers and artists Unfortunately the 500 mile return train journey was too expensive and so I never managed to get there However when the association brought their annual conference to nearby Harrogate I booked myself a place There I made friends with several writers from the north and we talked about having meetings somewhere in our own territory After a lot of procrastination I wrote to every CWA member north of the Trent and south of the Scottish border to suggest we meet for lunch at the Crown Hotel Boroughbridge That took place in November 1987 and 14 writers

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  • Nicholas Rhea pays a last visit to the Heartbeat set
    welcomed on set and felt most privileged to see what goes on behind the scenes We were invited to sit in front of monitors as the make up team checked every fine detail as it would appear when finally screened not a hair was allowed to be out of place We watched the costume department at work ensuring the cast never lost their continuity and the sound engineer explained how he coped with unwanted background noise Later during breaks from filming the actors came over to chat to us the ones who joined recently like Joe McFadden Joe Rupert Ward Lewis PC Don Wetherby Lisa Kay Carol Nikki Sanderson Dawn Gwen Taylor Aunt Peggy and those who have been there since the first episodes like Tricia Penrose Gina Derek Fowlds Oscar Bill Simons Ventress Peter Benson Bernie and David Lonsdale David In fact we met the whole cast who were working that day Recently there have been reports of the demise of Heartbeat and on Wednesday 11 March ITV s chief operating officer John Cresswell called the cast and crew to a private meeting in Whitby He spoke to the Whitby Gazette and confirmed that ITV is standing down the

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  • Nicholas Rhea pays a visit to the Heartbeat set
    earlier years of Heartbeat Among the other sets are the duty room in Ashfordly police station the sergeant s office the interview room and the cells there is also the inside of the police house at Aidensfield Vernon s kitchen and the doctor s surgery waiting room and dispensary Because medical stories are often featured there is also a hospital ward waiting room and receptionist s desk all waiting to be brought into action when the scripts feature these places The reason for building the sets is a matter of economics and feasibility it enables shooting to continue without external interference and it is cheaper than transporting the entire cast crew and support vehicles more than fifty miles from Leeds to the North York Moors to shoot internal scenes Imagine for example that Heartbeat wanted to use the bar of the real pub which doubles as the Aidensfield Arms on the same day a wedding party had booked in Or think about shooting a scene in Vernon s house on the moors when there was a noisy low flying exercise by modern RAF jets It s not merely a case of using a real pub bar either all premises must be dressed to look as they would have done in the late 1960s those period artefacts have to be transported to the scene ready for shooting Period costumes must be found for the cast and extras too it s much easier and much more efficient to have them available in a custom built studio Studio sets enable such problems to be avoided and greatly help the smooth production of each episode In addition of course the former mill contains offices a security desk a canteen and plenty of parking space for technical and support vehicles I was invited to watch

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  • A Christmas Mystery - exclusive short story
    s turkeys That should please somebody Nick But how can anyone prove they re his I asked One turkey is just like another I don t think even he could identify his own Then you ll have to persuade the driver to admit the crime It ll be like drawing blood from a stone I sighed Well in the absence of the sergeant arrest the driver on suspicion of theft then impound the lorry and turkeys as evidence What can I do with a load of turkeys They re alive you know You can t bring them here I don t want this station full of turkeys Take it to Eltering Police Station They ve a big car park and you can lock chummy in their cells while you decide what to do I ll radio to say you and your turkeys are on the way I returned to the waiting man Look I said If you won t tell me who you are and where you got those turkeys I ve no option but to arrest you on suspicion of theft But maybe you d answer just one question His strong face showed real menace but he never said a word Are these turkeys from Lord Ashfordly s estate Aye he said with a reluctant sigh But I m saying nowt else Then you re under arrest I said and cautioned him We re going to Eltering Police Station to get this sorted out I ll drive the lorry and you ll be passenger My colleague will follow in the police van so don t try anything daft The journey to Eltering Police Station our subdivisional headquarters took about half an hour during which the prisoner never said a word I parked the lorry behind the station As its engine died I heard the turkeys gobbling in the rear but the darkness would subdue them Clarence and I escorted our prisoner into the charge room where the overnight constable was staffing the desk and official radio I was relieved to see Sergeant Blaketon too Ventress contacted me Rhea beamed Blaketon Well done This is a real coup Lord Ashfordly will be delighted Then he turned to my prisoner and asked So who are you and where are you from I m saying nowt said the man It s up to you You can co operate and make things easy or we can lock you in the cells until you come to your senses We ve plenty of evidence to prove our case I m still saying nowt Search him and put him in the cells Rhea I asked the prisoner to turn out his pockets and then searched him for concealed weapons Other than his personal belongings cash a comb and handkerchief he carried nothing that would identify him The duty constable placed him in the cells to await a formal charge Blaketon was clearly delighted at this turn of events Now we must contact Lord Ashfordly He s

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  • The Heartbeat of Whitby
    there as a cadet Later after a spell in the RAF for my National Service I was again posted to Whitby this time as a constable That was in 1956 and I remained until 1959 when I was transferred to Northallerton consequently I spent many working hours in that duty room It was then called the Enquiry Office In 1990 when my Constable books were under consideration by Yorkshire TV as a possible drama series I began to receive telephone calls from the then producer Stuart Doughty He was very keen to learn as much as possible about policing in the North Riding of Yorkshire during the mid 1960s everything from the style of uniform the rank structure the jargon used by the officers especially over the radio the types of vehicles the procedure in the police station the laws currently in force the restrictions on the life of a police officer and much much more It was about this time that my wife persuaded me to try and cook the evening meal beginning on a Tuesday which was her long day at work By then I had left the police to become a full time author and so I set to work on my first culinary effort I can t remember what it was but it involved minced beef in a frying pan As I placed my pan of meat on the hot ring of the oven the telephone rang It was Stuart Doughty and he asked if I could provide him with an idea of the appearance and furnishings of the duty room in a small 1960s police station And so I set about describing my memories of the enquiry office in Whitby s former Police Station It took a long time about an hour so far as

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