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  • Heartbeat International - fans around the world
    mandatory for any artist in the James Street gallery set near Christ s Church Cathedral and the militia territorial Armouries It must be the retro 60s look the great 60s hits and the fact that painting and painters sometimes are the focus of Heartbeat plots TVO has been showing Heartbeat for about ten years and we are behind UK by one year I believe District Nurse Carol Cassidy just made her first appearance as a character Caribbean Latin America China Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Danish admirers of Nicholas Rhea s books attend his signing sessions and there is a Danish Heartbeat website Südameasi is back for another series in Estonia thanks to Ari Sirviö for pointing us to the tv listings page where it was even briefly possible to watch the trailer We regularly hear from Heartbeat fans in Finland who may be interested to know that the book that started it all Constable on the Hill has now been translated into Finnish as Aidensfieldin uusi konstaapeli published by Pauna Media Group The cover design makes much of the Heartbeat connection An update from Ove Enqvist in 2007 told us that Heartbeat was back on Finnish television and that the series is being shown starting once more from episode 1 Anne Marie Erola tells us that the show is called Sydämen asialla which means Matters of the Heart But it is broadcast in English with subtitles Liisa and Heikki Hongisto wrote I believe it was in 1995 96 that we first made acquaintance with Aidensfield and all the characters there and especially the sceneries We are great Yorkshire fans having spent some months there in our distant past 1949 so naturally we watched every episode when the series was first shown in Finland once a week in the evenings not mornings like now Unfortunately we never got to know how the story of Nick and Jo went on for some reason the series was discontinued In the spring of 1996 on a 10 day visit to Halifax Yorks we made a few day excursions and one of those tours was called Heartbeat Country and Whitby We visited all the important sights and localities in Goathland Aidensfield and even had lunch in the famous pub There we also heard that they were still making new episodes Unfortunately nothing was going on just then so we didn t see any of the characters It has taken all these years before we have seen Heartbeat here in Finland again first they showed all the old episodes and then went on from there As we are two OAPs we can watch it in the morning or later on the video The Royal suddenly appeared on our TV this year too and of course it is a must once a week We have seen glimpses of Greengrass Ventress Bellamy Blaketon and plenty of Yorkshire scenery Hong Kong Iceland India Pakistan Iran Irish Republic An Irish fan wrote to tell us that she has been watching

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  • Heartbeat: The Norwegian Anglia Club
    II Jaguar an airing and after a superb drive across the North York Moors arrived at our lunch venue That was the Inn on the Moor in Aidensfield in real life Goathland where my old car joined a line of sparkling classic Fords some older than my Jaguar but all adorned in their best livery In addition to Norwegian cars there were two equally historic Ford Anglias from England and a handsome military jeep complete with shovel and axe The hotel car park looked like part of a scene from Heartbeat in the series such background vehicles are known as dressing cars and it was interesting to see tourists arriving from the village to view our cars after passing the nearby Scripps Garage in its own full 1960s Heartbeat livery This display of classic cars was fascinating and of course the talk was all about them and their foibles with my Norwegian friends recounting their surprise when crossing the moors when seeing a sign which announced Ford We might call it a watersplash or a wath but it meant much more to them and provided a lovely touch of humour In close attendance in the hotel car park was a three man television crew from Norway who filmed the entire proceedings including the greetings meetings and lunch but their chief interest was the splendid collection of old cars The crew works in Norway for TV Vestfold s Kardang programme the name means drive shaft we were told which specialises in historic cars and so all our vehicles were subjected to evident admiration coupled with close scrutiny and highly technical questions In my wildest dreams I never thought that either I or my old car would take part in a Norwegian specialist programme about historic cars Click the V logo to

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  • Constable Nick meets PC Alf Ventress
    turn my eyes from them as he smiled fleetingly licked his lips again and opened his arms wide with an egg clutched in each fist He brought them together smartly as he always did They were fresh eggs There was a sickening sploshing noise as Vesuvius was suddenly smothered in bright yellow egg yolk and streamers of uncooked egg white His hands were dripping while pieces of smashed shell clung to his face and hair He roared That bloody woman and stormed out to wash himself Ben and Ron burst into fits of laughter and I joined in their fun for it seemed the prank had been played upon Vesuvius many times in the past On each occasion he blamed his wife for failing to hard boil his eggs and we often wondered what was said to her upon his return home at six As my visits to Eltering grew in number I realised that poor Vesuvius was the butt of many jokes both in the office and out of doors I think all were designed to goad him into a display of temper but all failed Vesuvius never erupted I never played jokes on him deep down I felt sorry for this man who in truth had a heart of gold and a gentle word for the most deprived and depraved members of society His bluff exterior was not a true indication of his gentle nature and he genuinely loved other people It was his attitude to others that led him to organise bus outings for old age pensioners from Malton Vesuvius would commission a coach to take a load of old folks for a day at Scarborough or to a theatre or zoo He d arrange to visit establishments like York Minster Ampleforth College Castle Howard Thompsons Woodcarvers of Kilburn and other places of local interest His kindness led to another prank at his expense We were in Eltering police office one night when the terrible traffic twins entered Ben and Ron were happy and laughing as usual as they settled down for their mid morning break As Vesuvius entered to perform his egg breaking ritual without mishap Ben went into the sergeant s office next door I heard him lift the telephone and dial an extension number then our office telephone rang Vesuvius answered it Eltering Police he growled in his deep voice And I heard Ben s voice coming from the next office saying This is the Ryedale Coach Touring Company It must be urgent to ring at this time of day Vesuvius commented It s two in the morning And Ben replied It is very urgent Mr Ventress very urgent indeed We ve been up all night working on revised arrangements I m ringing about that trip you ve organised tomorrow night to the brewery We ve had to cancel it Cancel it bellowed Vesuvius Why It s all laid on supper an all for the lads Forty lads going That s why I m

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  • Constable Nick visits Ashfordly Police Station
    hummed with clean cut efficiency I must admit that I trembled with anticipation as I walked along the path towards the front door I had parked the motor bike beside a convenient wall and entered to smell the cleanliness I found a grey haired policeman leaning on the counter waiting for me with his red and jolly face Alwyn Foxton he extended a hand Nicholas Rhea I shook his hand Sergeant Blaketon had to go out he told me He won t be long Take those leggings and things off and I ll show you round Not that there s much to see In fact there was very little to see To the left of the door was the tiny public office with a long wooden counter running from the inside of that door To the right was the sergeant s office Alwyn explained there were two sergeants Charlie Bairstow who was enjoying a day off and who lived at Brantsford and Oscar Blaketon now on duty and somewhere in town Bairstow was easy going he told me while Blaketon stuck to the rules I would meet them both in due course and make my own judgements The office contained bound copies of the Criminal Law Review the Justice of the Peace and some very ancient police law books There was little else save the weekly duty sheets The duty sheet showed me as rural beat for tomorrow and the following day with a late route from 7 pm until 11 pm the day after that Alwyn showed me the Found Property register the Lost Property register the return of licensing premises the return of explosives stores bookmakers shops telephone calls register postage book the list of keyholders of places like banks and shops and the names of local contacts I would from time to time be instructed to perform duty in this town and based on this office especially when there was a shortage of men due to leave or sickness In any case I was expected to pop in at least twice a week to keep myself updated with affairs in town Actually the town boasted a population of only 3 000 but for us folks on the moors this was a considerable centre of activity Have we any cells I asked thinking of prisoners Two Alwyn told me I ll show you In fact he went on the toilet is in one of the cells We haven t an official toilet here so we all use the cells He led me into the tiny cell passage where we were confronted by two massive studded doors with huge keys and gigantic iron hinges No 1 cell was on the left Males in No 1 he said Females in No 2 He pushed open the door of No 1 and revealed the carcase of a fallow deer It was lying on the stone floor Killed in an accident with a milk lorry he said This morning just out of

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  • Heartbeat: The Musical - Tour dates
    from one role to another in seconds without a hitch That was impressive How they manage to keep that up night after night I don t know The theme was that they were Heartbeat extras waiting their turn to go on set and getting bored with the delay So to pass the time they decide to take on the parts of the Heartbeat stars themselves And then they act out several well known scenes from the TV series but in a lighthearted way There were backdrops of Goathland aka Aidensfield the Aidensfield Arms and Police Station etc to set the scene The Grand Opera House is a very small theatre but this idea seemed to work very well and obviated the need for conventional scene changes Press reviews were equally favourable For Katherine Davison writing in the Lincolnshire Echo it was the girls who stole the show The police drama inspired musical got off to a swinging start yesterday complete with a Nick Berry lookalike But the real stars were the female cast who performed some gutsy hits with fervour The show opened to the recognisable sounds of the TV show theme played against a backdrop of sheep and Yorkshire

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  • A Table for How Many? - exclusive short story
    so we re expecting him but Sgt Merton and Jenny have gone to friends Almost as he spoke the first guests arrived and quite suddenly the festive bar began to fill with people and noise Volunteers were dispensing the drinks leaving Blaketon and Babs to look after the meals as within minutes the Aidensfield Arms was brimming with people all excited by the arrival of snow Blaketon checked their names once everyone was here they could start Among them he found Steve Your mum s a great help Steve There s only Ventress and Bellamy not here I saw Alf this morning and he s definitely coming unless something crops up and I ll give Bellamy another few minutes Steve said I rang Phil earlier he said he d come but didn t sound very enthusiastic It is snowing now and I hope he doesn t use it as an excuse He needs company somebody to cheer him up He s not been himself not since Gina went off to Liverpool She s not returning his calls he s rung umpteen times but hasn t had a single word from her no word about her pregnancy His work s been suffering his mind s not on the job I hope he cheers up he was all for having Christmas dinner by himself We can t let him do that I ll give him another 10 minutes Before leaving his home Bellamy had rung Gina s number in Liverpool yet again whoever answered said he would get her to ring straight back but she hadn t With no Christmas card and no festive message from her he felt close to tears And very lonely But the Aidensfield Arms would mean more sad memories it wouldn t be the same without her there He almost rang Blaketon to say he wouldn t be at the party but didn t like to ignore Steve s efforts And Alf s Alf had told him in no uncertain terms to get himself there He couldn t let them down they were his friends His only friends it seemed And so he set off in his car But as he drove across the moorland hills out of Ashfordly it began to snow He wondered if he should abandon the trip he couldn t get himself into a party mood anyway Then as he got closer to Aidensfield he spotted a phone box It was near Mrs Appleton s moorland cottage so he pulled up to ring Gina s number one more time If she wouldn t talk to him now he d go back home and be miserable there There was something in the fridge he could warm up and a few beers As he parked Mrs Appleton emerged A white haired widow 60 if she was a day she collected a log from her wood pile Bellamy raised his hand in greeting Happy Christmas Mrs Appleton he shouted as the falling snow intensified It might

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  • The Royal - a YTV series set in Heartbeat Country
    which the NHS started to change our health service Setting the series in a cottage hospital allowed this story to be developed among a group of characters some younger some older some keen to innovate and some valuing the traditional strengths of the health service but all of them individuals with their own lives and stories As Keith puts it One of the things that has made Heartbeat successful is that it has never really had a star as such you have lots of interesting characters and there is something for everybody I think we have the same element in The Royal We have a wide range of characters played by some wonderful actors and I m sure that will appeal to the viewing public From Julian Ovenden in the rôle of new broom Dr David Cheriton and Zoie Kennedy to ambitious young staff nurse Meryl Taylor to the well known and loved Wendy Craig as Matron and Ian Carmichael as Hospital Secretary T J Middleditch the cast formed an ensemble which did much to ensure the continuation of The Royal beyond its first series And of course there were also some familiar characters putting in an appearance Heartbeat characters featured in the first series included Bernie Scripps PC Phil Bellamy Gina Ward and PC Alf Ventress not to mention the irrepressible Claude Jeremiah Greengrass back from the Tropics with a mysterious disease The Royal gave Bill Maynard who plays Greengrass in Heartbeat the chance to lie in bed and order everyone around Nicholas Rhea comments I am delighted at the way The Royal has effortlessly developed from Heartbeat It s wonderful to see so many favourite Heartbeat characters making an appearance in The Royal and just as I recall my time as a policeman in the 1960 s so

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  • Interview with Carol Williams
    people in putting together a series of Heartbeat To begin with there s executive producer Keith Richardson producer Gerry Mill and associate producer Pat Brown Keith and Pat have been with Heartbeat from the beginning and Gerry has produced the last three series Then there s head of scripts Anna Davies with her two script editors Jonathan Critchley and Sharon Houlihan The directors come in when the script is in final draft about four weeks before shooting But there are numerous other people besides the cast who are vital to the production such as the production co ordinator production assistant casting director art department and the technical and location crews In all around 70 people are involved behind the scenes and every one of them has an important role to play When the first episode of Heartbeat was screened on 10th April 1992 did you envisage it becoming such a huge success We had hopes but to be honest no Obviously we were all delighted We had set out to make a television series entertaining to the family as a whole rather than targeting a specific group and we succeeded But if you d told us we d still be here making series eight I don t think we d have believed you In the U K Heartbeat attracts a weekly audience of 16 million that s almost a third of the population It beats all other drama series hands down and is even more popular than the soaps Eastenders Emmerdale and Brookside Only the weekday episodes of Coronation Street attract slightly higher audiences Why is it such a success If I knew the answer to that I d be a millionaire by now But I do know Heartbeat contains a number of ingredients which have made it come together so well I ll try and give you some of them The time slot 8pm on a Sunday is perfect for Heartbeat The feel good factor good stories happy endings mostly The characters that inhabit the village and through whom we tell the stories The glorious scenery associated with the North York Moors the 1960s period setting which brings back great feelings of nostalgia expressed in the fashion period décor old cars steam trains and so on I must also mention the music I don t need to emphasize how popular the 60s music still is Audience research has shown that people switch on to see all of these things Does the success of Heartbeat make your job easier or harder Definitely harder To maintain the high standard we ve set is incredibly difficult and we re always on the lookout for imaginative and original storylines We start each new series with a certain amount of trepidation wondering if it can be as successful as before So far thank goodness it has been and we are very grateful to our following of loyal fans Of course it can t last forever as natural law dictates that one day the viewers

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