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  • Heartbeat - the key characters
    a TV consultant as well as continuing to write new Constable books The Current Characters New face Jonathan Kerrigan as PC Rob Walker Click on the image for more information about the character Warning The information contained in these pages is based on what has already been broadcast in the UK and may contain spoilers for Heartbeat viewers in other countries This gallery of the characters appearing regularly in the current twelfth series of Heartbeat has been compiled with the help of Yorkshire Television Nicholas Rhea and other sources Characters from the Early Days Click on the image for more information about the character Nicholas Rhea comments The name change for Constable Nick might have confused some viewers and readers in the books he is PC Nicholas Rhea but on screen he has become PC Nick Rowan Also in the books he is depicted as coming to a rural area from an office job in Police Headquarters while on screen he transfers from the London Metropolitan Police to the rural beat of Aidensfield In the books Constable Nick is married with four small children and his wife is called Mary On screen his wife was a doctor called Kate and initially there were no children These differences were done to cater for the rather special needs of a TV audience after consultation with me as author of the books and creator of the characters Nick is not based upon any identifiable individual but is really an amalgamation of rural bobbies and the same applies to Sergeant Blaketon and PC Alf Ventress These characters appear on TV exactly how I envisaged them when writing the books I get many letters from serving policemen and retired officers who say that Sergeant Blaketon is exactly like their old sergeant And those letters come

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  • Earlier stories about Heartbeat, the TV series
    the series Wilson was seen driving several different models of 1950s cars through Snowdonia the Lake District Scarborough Whitby the Trossachs and Loch Lomond in Scotland for example drives a Bentley Rhoda Walker told us I think the idea is to contrast pleasure driving in the 50 s with driving today Richard Wilson talked to Peter about policing in the 50 s Unfortunately we didn t get a picture of him in the Morris Traveller as they had taken it off on a low loader before we got there The first Yorksire episode of Britain s Best Drives was shown on Thursday 19th February on BBC4 you can read more about it on the BBC web site More about the the cars of Heartbeat Heartbeat in Bloom Heartbeat was really winning bouquets in 2005 Scarborough Borough Council chose Heartbeat as the theme of their entry to the RHS National Flower Bed Competition between 20 th and 24 th July The design entitled Only a Heartbeat Away depicts the wild beauty of the Yorkshire Moors and the fact that they are only a step away from the superb Yorkshire coastline The flower bed shows typical features of the Yorkshire countryside with

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  • Oscar Blaketon, played by Derek Fowlds
    noises were being made that we had a hit on our hands Not only did they do a second series they did a second and third series back to back And it took off Over the years Blaketon has had several major life changes He had to take early retirement from the force says Derek He didn t want to but he had a heart attack and that was that He then took over the post office for a year which he disliked and then he came into some money and bought the pub and he s been running it ever since Rhea comments on ex Sergeant Blaketon Derek Fowlds portrayed Sergeant Blaketon exactly as I imagined him The police service had lots of men like Blaketon good solid and dependable characters who ran their little police stations with fierce efficiency but who under a tough exterior possessed warmth generosity and kindness Now I get calls from serving policemen who wish their sergeants were as reliable and inspiring as Blaketon and his successor at the police station There was a time it seemed impossible that anyone could replace the bluff Sergeant Blaketon but according to the last episode of series 7 Sergeant Craddock seems to establish himself as a major player in Ashfordly Police Station Although he makes sure Bellamy parades on time Bradley does not wear white socks with his uniform and Ventress doesn t smoke in the office he does emerge as a most interesting fellow He adds a new dimension to the work of the constables of the North York Moors Derek doesn t think it s the end of the line for Oscar however I don t think he s finally settled he comments He really misses the police station and longs to get more involved again with the police Although I love him I think he s quite sad He has very little in his life at the moment He hasn t seen his son for four years he doesn t know where his wife is and there certainly hasn t been a woman in his life for some time This compounds his need to get back in to the business of solving crimes Even though he is involved with the community as a local councillor I think he d love to set up his own private detective agency Once a copper always a copper There are moments in the new series when Oscar helps solve one or two crimes I do get a bit of snooping in he laughs I help Ventress out and help to solve the case of Jackie s stalker I also have a nasty moment when I m threatened at gun point by a rather unpleasant journalist Oscar certainly doesn t have much time for his successor Sergeant Craddock He thinks he s a wimp He does like to go back and visit his boys Oscar thinks Bellamy should be a sarge by now says Derek And he thinks poor

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  • Gina Ward, played by Tricia Penrose
    episode whether they re staying in the pub and whether Gina fancies them or not Gina s ability to fall for the wrong men has been her biggest weakness and in the last series nearly landed her in serious trouble after she was framed for a hit and run accident Bless her she always falls for them Tricia says I wish she d settle down with a nice bloke but there s something that attracts her to danger like a moth to the flame Her brush with the law last series really woke her up though It was terrible for her and I think she ll be more cautious in the future Rhea about Gina Ward The bubbly barmaid Gina does not appear in my early books but everyone including me loves her She came into the series having been sent to live with Uncle George at the Aidensfield Arms because she had committed a petty crime in Liverpool and had been placed on probation Her new life in Aidensfield offered a challenge to which she responded and when George became ill she took over the running of the pub with great charm and efficiency Tricia Penrose s portrayal of Gina is excellent and we all hope Gina finds true happiness in the future Tricia would like to see Gina get on with her career as well as finding a more permanent love I think it s great that Oscar is her boss she says They have a love hate relationship but are really like a father and daughter Despite this I would like to see her take over the pub completely in the near future I d also like to see her with a man I can t believe she let Phil Bellamy slip through her fingers As well

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  • Heartbeat: the Accent Press reissue of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    may seem quiet enough but as he patrols his beat on foot or on his trusty Francis Barnett motorcycle young PC Nick is privy to many an unfolding drama He is on hand to help out when Aidensfield decides to enter the Best Kept Village competition and finds itself the victim of a dirty tricks campaign by its rivals Then there is the mystery of the spontaneously combusting henhouse and PC Nick has to cope with the consequences when the vicar tries a novel way of keeping the churchyard tidy Constable in the Dale was first published by Robert Hale in 1983 the Áccent Press edition was published on October 6th 2008 Order the Áccent edition from Amazon UK or from your local bookshop quoting the ISBN 978 1906373382 Constable in the Dale is also available as an audiobook from ISIS publishing read by Christopher Kay ISBN 978 1 85496 621 6 It was published as a Magna Large Print paperback in 1985 ISBN 978 0860097525 It has also been reissued in 1996 as a Heartbeat tie in edition and as a Heartbeat Omnibus edition combined with Constable on the Hill and Constable on the Prowl Constable by the Sea In the fifth book of the Constable series Nicholas Rhea continues his highly popular police stories this time with a seaside flavour As a seasonal break from his usual village beat on the North Yorks Moors young Police Constable Rhea finds himself involved with holiday makers and their problems As well as the normal seaside duties how does he cope with a man who has lost his false teeth in the sea and another who wants to give away thousands of pounds when drunk Then there s the stray Labrador that thinks he s a police dog and accompanies police officers on night patrols and the anxious fisherman who daren t tell his wife that he owns a racehorse These and a galaxy of other delightful characters are encountered by our rural bobby as he goes about his business in this new environment Constable by the Sea was first published by Robert Hale in 1985 the Áccent Press edition was published on November 3rd 2008 Constable by the Sea is now also available as a Kindle eBook download it from Amazon UK or from Amazon com Order the Áccent edition from Amazon UK or from your local bookshop quoting the ISBN 978 1906373399 Constable by the Sea is also available as an audiobook from ISIS publishing read by Christopher Kay ISBN 978 1 85496 666 7 It was published as a Magna Large Print edition in 1987 ISBN 978 1850570868 Constable along the Lane Crime comes to Aidensfield when haystacks are fired and Arnold Merryweather s ancient bus helps catch a car thief When PC Rhea arrests not only a pig thief but also the expectant pig the police station cleaner is not very pleased But it s not all crime A glider crashes into a romance in a thatched

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  • The Dream of Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: a new story by Nicholas Rhea
    and added Look Claude I m sorry I know you mean no harm but we can t have lads hanging about our goods yard and sidings it could be dangerous So there we are you need to get to a main line station Thank you for telling me I never knew all this and so Claude went home with tears in his eyes knowing he would never see his dream train Unless of course he worked very hard and made enough money to buy a van or even a lorry Then he could drive himself to a main line station Sadly by the time Claude had become a man and made enough money to buy himself a lorry to replace his horse and cart the Flying Scotsman had been retired and taken out of service He had no idea where it had gone and realised yet again that he would never actually see or touch his dream engine He was left with nothing except his album full of old photographs pictures and newspaper cuttings and the model that Uncle Ignatius had given him He did wonder whether he might find the real retired Flying Scotsman and buy it as scrap It must be stored somewhere but he didn t think there was enough space to keep it in his own scrapyard But he would never ever scrap it he would keep it looking like new As Claude s dream of seeing the Flying Scotsman faded with his advancing years he made a reasonable success by buying and selling frequently finding scrap metal and other unwanted items that could be turned into cash Catching pheasants on Lord Ashfordly s estate and elsewhere was also a good money spinner and he managed to make a reasonable living Then one night in autumn with the Hunter s Moon shining over the countryside Claude had been poaching with his dog Alfred It was two or three o clock in the morning and he was making his way home with two brace of illicit pheasants He always took a short cut through the railway station and the Station Master s garden at Aidensfield keeping away from the roads in case the constable saw him but that night he noticed in the light of the moon a dark van parked in the goods yard Its lights were switched off but the rear doors stood wide open and there was no one with it He hung his pheasants on the Station Master s garden fence he had no wish to be caught with them in his possession Then using all his poacher s skill he crept nearer in total silence wondering why it was parked there And then he heard noises from the sidings Alfred growled softly and the hair on his back bristled Hush Alfred whispered Claude There were sounds of metal objects being moved feet scraping on the ashes between the rails soft voices and men panting as they carried heavy pieces of iron from

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  • Sergeant Simpson's Sacrifice, by Nicholas Rhea
    career and it seems unlikely his wish will be fulfilled However the discovery of a murder victim in a local park pitches him headlong into Hildenley s first murder investigation The dead man was a known rapist and suspected murderer but as the enquiries intensify Simpson s son becomes prime suspect With a lack of evidence against the lad Sergeant Simpson faces the likelihood that a deep family secret could

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  • The Carnaby Series
    work There are eleven titles in the series which ran from 1967 to 1984 but the original hardbacks are out of print Large print copies may be found in some British libraries The eleven Carnaby novels are Carnaby and the Hijackers also published in a large print edition Carnaby and the Gaolbreakers also published in a large print edition Carnaby and the Assassins Carnaby and the Conspirators also published in a large print edition Carnaby and the Saboteurs also published in a large print edition Carnaby and the Eliminators Carnaby and the Demonstrators Carnaby and the Infiltrators Carnaby and the Kidnappers also published in a large print edition Carnaby and the Counterfeiters Carnaby and the Campaigners All of these are out of print but Amazon occasionally offer second hand copes check the links to see what is available Or see more ideas about how to buy out of print books by Nicholas Rhea Nicholas Rhea comments In addition I wrote a further 17 crime novels as Peter N Walker including the Panda One series and others which are not part of a series eg The MacIntyre Plot The Carlton Plot The Dovingsby Death Major Incident etc etc All are now

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