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  • Discovery Guides to Heartbeat Country
    Guide to Heartbeat Country left to offer guidance about the actual locations of such fictitious places as Aidensfield Ashfordly Elsinby and others both where the TV series is filmed and the real locations on which the author based those places in his books not always the same place as readers of this web site will be aware Other features in the Guide include in depth biographical information about Nicholas Rhea some of the characters from Heartbeat old friends from the early days and newer arrivals too a guide to places of interest and two suggested circuits to explore by car The companion volume is a Heartbeat Country Photoguide lavishly illustrated with photographs of the locations at which the TV series is filmed including some pictures of popular members of the cast It includes a feature on the Heartbeat Story exhibition a treasure trove of costumes and properties which have appeared on screen over the years the exhibition originally in Goathland then moved to Whitby is now closed but the Photoguide provides a reminder of some of the items on display The armchair traveller could do worse than read the Constable stories with the Photoguide at hand but it also has

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  • The Yorkshire Moorland Crosses
    brought peace to the north of England He defeated the Picts and the Scots and built Edwin s Borough now called Edinburgh The feeling of security in his time was captured in a phrase which said A woman and her babe might walk scatheless from sea to sea in Edwin s day In AD 625 Edwin married a Christian princess from Kent and promised he would not do anything against the faith she possessed When she came north to begin her new life she was accompanied by a priest called Paulinus who tried in vain to convert Edwin But an incident on Fylingdales Moor in AD 626 caused Edwin to change his mind An assassin was sent by the King of the West Saxons to murder Edwin with a poisoned sword As the villain made his attempt Edwin s chief minister a Christian called Lilla leapt forward to save his master but was killed instead of the sovereign Edwin was so impressed that he buried Lilla where he fell that place bears his name to this day and is called Lilla Howe A cross was erected in memory of Lilla and it stands to this day Edwin did become a Christian and was baptised in York at Easter 627 in a small wooden church built for the occasion York Minster now stands on the site Perhaps the best known of these moorland crosses is that which is wrongly known as Ralph s Cross Close to the lofty meeting place of moorland roads leading to Westerdale Hutton le Hole Rosedale and Castleton on the fringes of Heartbeat Country it is some nine feet tall which carries the scars of recent mindless vandalism Its correct name is Young Ralph because Old Ralph a much smaller stone at a height of some five

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  • Aud Wheeaist - a poem in Yorkshire dialect
    Wheeaist Wheea s that yelled oor missus When Ah waved as a tractor com near Whey it s Aud Wheeaist Ah said E s varry wheel knawn aroond here Ow come thoo knaws him she aksed Thoo s nivver waved afoor Ah says Ah dissn t wave at sthrangers ma Aud Wheeaist lives ower t moor Ah ve knawn him for a lang lang while It s him that browt them logs Last Christmas it was thoo ll remember that An e breeds them Collie dogs Thoo ll ave seen im aroond Ah said E s nivver misses Thosk mart E s gitten an oss an aud grey mare Ti tow his tonnup cart E s a grand chap Aud Wheeaist Ah said An e likes his drop of ale E s in t White Swan quite reg lar away Ivvery Thossder wivoot fail Whey Ah can t say Ah knows him She chuntered and suffed and sighed Yis thoo dis Ah said inoo That s is sister thoo can t abide Noo od ard and mind that tahme We went ti t Yorkshire Show Aud Wheeaist was there e won that cup Wiv his pure bred Masham yow Was

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/yorkshire/dialect.html (2016-02-17)
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  • The North Yorkshire Moors Railway
    one horse or two horses on the steepest hills One stretch between Beck Hole and Goathland was too steep for this and the carriages were winched by a stationary engine The railway tycoon George Hudson acquired the line in 1845 for 80 000 and he quickly introduced steam locomotives after investing in wide scale improvements and new bridges and a tunnel The Beck Hole rope winch remained in use until a fatal accident in 1864 when the rope snapped A four and a half mile diversion to the new Goathland station was built at a cost of 50 000 When many rural lines were closed in England as part of the Beeching Plan the Whitby Pickering line was one of its victims in 1965 after 130 years of service The public outcry created a wave of support for the Yorkshire Moors Railway Preservation Society and British Rail agreed to sell the first stretch of track to the Society in 1968 During the early seventies the Society was replaced by the North York Moors Historical Railway Trust and the many members made it possible to commence preparations for a return of steam train passenger services on the line Just eight years

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/yorkshire/railway.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Weblog Entry - 08/19/2015: "VJ-Day 70th Anniversary commemoration"
    Erno who was a Japanese prisoner of war captured at the fall of Singapore and sent to Taiwan on one of the atrocious Hell Ships We met and talked to veteran POWs and families who had lost loved ones remembering particularly one wee small boy proudly wearing his great grandfather s medals as he knelt to have his photo taken on an imported section of the infamous Burma railway These prisoners of war rarely talked about their horrific experiences and in fact were ordered not to talk They became the forgotten army and this weekend gave families an opportunity to remember their loved ones and to educate future generations in the hope that these atrocities will never happen again The events were organised by COFEPOW an association for Children and Families of Far East Prisoners of War COFEPOW has a museum at the Arboretum and members can by arrangement search a database for information about individual Far East prisoners of war The link for this organisation is www cofepow org uk This weekend was a very moving occasion for all and many tears were shed as we remembered all those who served in World War II and suffered so much

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  • Weblog Entry - 12/24/2014: "Christmas and New Year message"
    her sister Anna 19 is also at Newcastle University studying Genetics and is a member of the University badminton team Their brother Angus won a tennis scholarship to Millfield School in Somerset at the age of 14 and now at 17 was recently ranked No 14 in the National Under 18 tennis players Their youngest sibling Isobel is proving a gifted athlete excelling in running In my youngest daughter Sarah s family our eldest grandson Oliver 18 is at Saxion University in Enschede in Holland doing a computer course with special emphasis on web design His two younger brothers are waiting in the wings whilst studying for their exams at secondary school with one showing a keen interest in the theatre Their mum Sarah is now working as a freelance editor and keeps me on track In fact she published Benedict s Brother under the banner of Coppice Publishing Her latest publication is Julie Wilson s 37 Legal Ways to slash thousands off your Inheritance Tax Bill available from Amazon Our middle daughter Patricia author of Benedict s Brother is still working on her film of the book but it is proving a very slow process she now lives in Christchurch Dorset where most of her professional contacts live or work And our son Andrew continues his calling as a Buddhist monk in his hilltop monastery at Harnham near Newcastle on Tyne and has helped tremendously in my research into the Stiepeltekens of Enschede in Holland check my web site to find out what they are all about For me it has been a busy year trying to cope with changes in the world of publishing and of course I am helped enormously by Rhoda who understands the world of computers better than I My latest book Confessions at Maddleskirk

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  • Nicholas Rhea's Diary
    Day 70th Anniversary commemoration 12 24 2014 Christmas and New Year message 03 26 2014 Blacktoft Sands RSPB Reserve 01 15 2014 55th Wedding Anniversary 11 27 2013 Dorset Trip 02 14 2013 Whitby Abbey Valentine s Day 11 27 2012 November update 09 27 2012 Homecation 07 10 2012 Rainy season update 05 10 2012 Rhoda s Birthday Treat 02 24 2012 February Update 01 27 2012 January 2012 update 11 21 2011 Ampleforth Abbey history lesson for Grandsons 10 05 2011 Visit to North Norfolk 09 01 2011 Work in Progress 07 13 2011 A Stationmaster s Garden 01 27 2011 Garden birds 09 29 2010 Devils Giants and folklore 06 09 2010 St Barnabas 04 21 2010 Abergavenny 02 08 2010 Otters 11 17 2009 Sundials 10 06 2009 Saltburn 08 20 2009 Invitation to Buckingham Palace Tea Party 04 30 2009 May 01 23 2009 Wedding anniversaries 11 17 2008 Water Voles 10 07 2008 Dorset 08 27 2008 Castles of Mulgrave 05 13 2008 The month of May 03 22 2008 Leyburn Shawl 02 20 2008 Bolam Church 12 21 2007 The Date of Christmas 11 02 2007 Nottingham 10 16 2007 Visit to Baronie Sourzac France 09 11 2007 River Tees 07 15 2007 Collared Doves 06 21 2007 Loch Ness Monster 05 10 2007 Barn Owls 02 12 2007 Badgers 01 15 2007 Book signing Whitby December 2006 12 23 2006 Inns 11 29 2006 Peculiar Courts 11 10 2006 Kingfisher 10 13 2006 Superstitions 09 02 2006 Bonhomme Richard Wreck 07 28 2006 Austria 06 27 2006 Trolls Hobs 06 05 2006 Visit to Ireland 05 03 2006 Blackthorn 04 06 2006 Malta 02 20 2006 Early Birds 01 20 2006 Witch Posts 01 03 2006 January 11 17 2005 Rabbits 10

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  • Greymatter
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