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  • Constable Beneath the Trees - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    surprise It was all connected with a popular song about some teddy bears having a picnic in the woods Perhaps because of that yearning for a big surprise I spent a lot of time in the woods looking for teddy bears having picnics I never found any There were however several fascinating woods around my childhood village even if I failed to experience that big surprise They contained lots of small surprises and pleasures such as enabling me to discover otter cubs at play to find caves lakes and cliffs to explore an old ruined millhouse to watch salmon and trout swimming against the strong current of the river to climb trees and peer into wood pigeons nests to listen to woodpeckers to scramble up cliffs and poke my hands into the nests of jackdaws and to touch the eggs as the female sat on them to walk nine times around the wishing stone and then wonder why none of my wishes came true In those magical days I carried a pocket book of British birds and learned to identify those I saw in spite of my nesting exploits I never took or destroyed any birds eggs Another secret I kept was the location of the holt of the otters whose cubs I watched I knew that otters were hunted along that salmon river because they did kill these splendid fish but even as a child I felt I wanted to protect all forms of wildlife I was fortunate to grow up in such a wonderful place and I suppose some would say my childhood was idyllic For me though it was normal I thought all children had such a splendid and wide ranging playground because in addition to those woods and rivers I had open moors on my own

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  • Constable in the Wilderness - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    with his police work But the Superintendent is not pleased when he catches Nick building a snowman in the midst of a blizzard and Nick faces more resistance when he considers evacuating a market town because a farmer on the moors reckons there ll be a devastating flood within hours How can Nick convince the authorities the wise old farmer is right Nick copes with Claude Jeremiah Greengrass almost killing himself on a run away double bass ponders why an ageing widower would want a beauty contest in Aidensfield and wonders why a stunning Spanish señorita has come to visit a confirmed bachelor farmer on the moors There is crime too a young boy s precious bicycle is stolen there is a cruel burglary in an elderly lady s home while a fake policeman is fining people for traffic offences Nick is also faced with identical twins who commit clever crimes there are ominous goings on in a remote churchyard too and Nick has to cope with a spillage of mysterious liquid which threatens the water supply It s all part of constabulary duties for Constable Nick of Aidensfield Nicholas Rhea comments In this book I was trying to show

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  • Constable Along the Trail - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    the moors and what is the secret of the strange little building in the heather And why would a box of chocolates won in a village raffle contain 100 that no one wanted Old favourite Claude Jeremiah Greengrass is never far away and when Nick suggests he is just the fellow to tidy two churchyards in Aidensfield Claude is only too pleased to help at a price but who s going to pay And why did Claude cause trouble by telling the local gossip he was building public toilets on a village green Constable Nick finds himself wondering whether a man s death is suspicious because his mistress lives in the same house as the man s wife and why would a miser fake his own departure from life There s a petty thief who steals a murderer s driving licence the strange legend of Witch Hill problems when people see a ghost and worries when a lady identifies a detective as the man who stole her handbag As someone unknown starts giving money away in Aidensfield and two men carry a coffin across the highest part of the moors there is mystery galore in Nick s constabulary duties Order

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/constrail.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Constable on View - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    constabulary duties From a lofty vantage point he sees a red coated woman who vanishes minutes later he notices the theft of thousands of trees from the side of a dale but deals with more local problems such as the Aidensfield family who were locked out of their home and the burglar who entered isolated farms to leave only a note saying he could have stolen everything Claude Jeremiah Greengrass reports the theft of two tons of door knockers while the family of a drowned man refuse to take responsibility for burying him Bats in a local church a man who might strangle his wife and another who takes a sentimental journey never to return are all part of Nick s constabulary duties in Aidensfield Order Constable on View from Amazon or from your local bookshop quoting the ISBN 978 0 7090 8417 4 Constable on View is also available as an unabridged ISIS Soundings Audio Book order it from ISIS or download it from Audible co uk where you can also listen to a sample clip Order the paperback edition from Amazon or from your local bookshop quoting the ISBN 978 0 7090 8630 7 Available in a Magna

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/consview.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Constable on the Coast - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    out to sea for two hours on every day of her life why would a family of children ride donkeys at dawn while facing backwards and who owned a dinghy called Daphne which was marooned on the rocks and never claimed A message in a bottle washed up on the beach suggests a girl is being held hostage so Nick must urgently find out where and why the bottle entered the sea and then he finds himself helping a film crew shoot scenes in Strensford market place In another case a man claims to have witnessed a vicious attack which never took place then Nick has to search for teenage runaways among the boarding houses of Strensford and manages to embarrass a middle aged couple but his efforts among the lodgings lead to a clever thief He finds a party of police officers trying to be anonymous whilst on holiday helps a magician to entertain at a tea party and assists in launching the Strensford lifeboat on a life saving expedition It all generates yet more constabulary duties for Constable Nick of Aidensfield Order Constable on the Coast from Amazon or from your local bookshop quoting the ISBN 978 0

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  • Constable at the Fair - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    discovery of a treasure trove and a long dead body on the moors revived ancient memories of a mystery person going to Scarborough Fair The Crampton mop fair was used as a cover for burglaries the revival of St Aidan s Fair in Aidensfield created problems when the carefully planned advertisements were all removed whilst a continuing worry was that the lovely Charlotte a girl born on Monday and therefore

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/consfair.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Constable on the Prowl
    ghosts and ghoulies to accompany him the police officer goes about his multifarious tasks unseen and unpraised In his solitude he deals with all manner of incidents and problems and there is no one to thank him or console him although if he errs in the smallest way it can be guaranteed that someone will see him and report his misdemeanour to a higher authority This makes it sound as if night duty is a quiet time but there seems to be plenty to keep Constable Nick busy The law of the period defined some offences as things which happened at night burglary for instance could be committed only between 9 pm and 6 am the same activity during the day was described as housebreaking others like poaching were likely to happen during the hours of darkness And it is not all work Out in the country Nick has plenty of opportunities to observe the wildlife a barn owl or a badger and the book also shows him settling in getting to know his colleagues like PC Alf Ventress and Sergeant Oscar Blaketon There is company and one or two practical jokes And of course there is Claude Jeremiah Greengrass but why did he have to retreat hastily down a ladder from a lady s bedroom and what happened to his trousers and shirt And can he really be innocent of taking a deer during the night when he was seen emerging from the forest carrying a particularly fine set of antlers The Black Dagger reissue list was drawn up as a joint venture of Chivers Press and a sub committee of The Crime Writers Association In their own words It is designed to select outstanding examples of every type of crime and mystery story so that enthusiasts will have

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/consprowl.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Constable versus Greengrass - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    loveable scoundrel Claude Jeremiah Greengrass is not far away Whether he s trying to squash six sheep into a Ford Anglia bottling holy water with insanitary results or running a coconut shy where the coconuts are not all they seem Claude Jeremiah Greengrass and his dog Alfred always have some dodgy scheme afoot So it s down to Sergeant Blaketon and P C Nick to keep one step ahead of

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/consgreeng.html (2016-02-17)
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