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  • Constable at the Dam - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    remains relatively unchanged But as PC Nick patrols his beat he becomes aware that for some the dam cannot help but have its effect Local artist Gordon Precious and his glamorous wife Deirdre seem to be heading for stormy waters and teenagers Elaine and Denise have developed an alarming fascination with the construction site Nicholas Rhea comments This differs from most of the Constable titles because it consists of one long story instead of a linked collection of anecdotal tales In other words it is a novel rather than a collection of humorous yarns For some time now I have felt that the work of a constable on the moors would provide sufficient material for longer stories told in greater depth These are not crime or detective stories but a reflection of the varied work of the police I selected the construction of a dam as the keystone of the tale because I wanted to show how the countryside can be changed through the decision of people far removed from the locality and how such a decision would affect the nearby villagers And of course Greengrass comes into the tale he finds a skeleton at the dam site From what I have heard from publishers and readers they like the new format of these Constable tales and I shall follow this with further longer tales Reader comments So I admit it I m a Heartbeat fan The Constable books offer something more Greengrass Blaketon and the North York Moors background are there so too are a countryman s eye a good literary style with apt quotations to start each chapter and some charmingly provocative observations of human nature An 80 something shoplifter is just one of the colourful characters PC Rhea has to deal with The main story revolves around

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/consdam.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Constable About the Parish - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    roads are going to be used and how many people turn up Come in and tell me about your ideas I led her into my office settled her on a chair and asked Mary to organize some coffee Josie had joined the primary school as recently as last Easter and after expressing a desire to contribute to village life had very quickly been appointed clerk of the parish council already she was tackling her out of school duties with flair and gusto Sipping her coffee she told me that one of her intentions was to revive some of the old village customs and a renewal of beating the Aidensfield bounds was one of her intentions This is what it entails She produced a map from her briefcase and spread it across my desk adding Members of the parish council and the villagers will walk around the parish boundaries halting from time to time to confirm certain markers such as the Priest Oak and the Shaft Stone They will make sure that every point on the boundary is visited and noted The old custom was to beat the outermost point of our boundary by bumping it with the oldest and youngest persons who were taking part in the perambulation It seemed like a bit of fun they were lifted up by the legs and arms then their bottoms were bumped on the ground Our furthest point is the site of the Six Standing Stones on Howe Rigg Moor so we ll rest there and have a picnic In other villages where the custom has continued the bumping is done quite gently but it s a delightful way of making sure people do remember their parish boundaries After that kind of performance I m sure they ll never forget I laughed And

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/consparish.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Constable in the Country - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    locate a centenarian a party of day trippers who get imprisoned in a field and a farmer whose vehicles smother the lanes with mud There s a character who earns a good income without apparently working and an entrepreneur who makes excellent use of raw material thrown away by others while Claude Jeremiah Greengrass splashes out on a colourful new car only to have a pop group make an offer he can t resist Claude s new lorry is then stolen the Beast of Aidensfield terrifies villagers by lurking in the darkness and there are complaints of bare flesh being illegally exposed near the village Constable Nick encounters psychic cows ghostly racehorses and clever sheepdogs as he deals with a hoard of silver in the thatched roof of a cottage and the disappearance of a lad who has gone to climb in the Himalayas Then should Nick spoil his family s Christmas Day by going to inspect an empty car in a field And how does he cope with a family who have acquired a little boy when no one knows who he is or where he s come from It s all part of his duty for Constable Nick

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/conscountry.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Constable Among the Heather - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    with rumours of Roman soldiers racing their chariots across the moors With mysterious moorland graves to uncover and the illicit romances of visitors to cover up with motor accidents involving goats peat bogs and his little police van PC Rhea continues his fascinating and hilarious career Constable Among the Heather was first published in 1990 and the original hardback and paperback editions are now collectors items It was also published

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/consheather.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Constable at the Gate - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    scene of a road accident near a stately gate results in a joyful family reunion while the buyer of a country cottage does not bring much happiness to the constable and people of Aidensfield Nicholas Rhea comments For this book I drew inspiration from an old character living near us who spent his days leaning on his garden gate so that he could talk to passers by He became a tourist attraction in his own right as the first tale in the book indicates The rest of the book flowed from that with some gates being featured in different circumstances Reader comments More tales from the moorland beat of North Yorkshire s beloved policeman Rhea s easy style makes the stories flow with never a boring moment for the reader Devotees will love these fresh tales and newcomers will be hooked to turn back the clock and read for themselves the books which led to the creation of the highly successful TV series Heartbeat Bill Spence Yorkshire Gazette Herald Constable at the Gate finds hero PC Nick Rhea back on the beat of Aidensfield and the towns and villages of the North York Moors The collection of stories sees well known characters up to their old tricks and introduces us to new ones whose ability to find themselves in all manner of scrapes and mysteries keeps Constable Nick well and truly occupied The infamous Claude Jeremiah Greengrass never misses a chance to make a few quid but his adventure into the bed and breakfast business doesn t go quite as planned The old rivalry between himself and that old stickler Sergeant Blaketon rarely falters though Claude has to swallow his pride and ask for help when his dearest pal the mongrel Alfred finds himself in deep water Rhea s book

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/consgate.html (2016-02-17)
    Open archived version from archive

  • Constable over the Stile - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    of Constable Nick s varied duties in and around Aidensfield In this collection Claude Jeremiah Greengrass finds a hidden cache of silver coins Alfred gets bitten by an adder causing problems for Sergeant Blaketon a girl guide tumbles down a waterfall and a convicted murderer comes to live in Aidensfield There is a curious case of sheep stealing and Nick has to check out a rumour that one of the

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/consstile.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Constable Along the River-bank - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    their precious motor car in the river and it requires a hearse to rescue it while a newcomer thinks local elves have helped recover his car from the beck Then when old Zachariah Isaac Pentecost Zip for short is taken ill Nick discovers he has a long lost son but where is his son now And what is the secret of the toy railway which is always set out in

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/consriver.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Constable Around the Park - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    day problems multiply but not without minor incidents like people getting lost or the menace of discarded litter So why would a man dump financial magazines in a moorland stream or a businessman throw sackfuls of rubbish into private woodland What were the fearsome creatures which trapped tourists in a moorland village Why would anyone abandon a wedding cake These incidents and others some more serious and others displaying the

    Original URL path: http://www.nicholasrhea.co.uk/books/conspark.html (2016-02-17)
    Open archived version from archive


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