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  • February 2014 Newsletter | Noble HR
    count towards a week s pay for Statutory Redundancy Pay purposes is also expected to increase in April however This rate is still to be confirmed Peoplemad We are pleased to announce that we are now working in partnership with Peoplemad Peoplemad offer a concept based on over 25 years experience of reviewing business practice and building high performing teams It is an unique model that fulfils your personal needs your team s needs and your business needs It improves performance from day one A must have tool for everyone everywhere whatever your role whatever your profession whatever your business Peoplemad is easy to understand easy to remember and easy to implement To find out more about Peoplemad and the open workshops they run click here or e mail This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it Ladies Lunch Are you a lady in business who is looking for professional networking opportunities On the 23rd May 2014 Neston Cricket Club are hosting a Ladies Corporate Luncheon with Guest Speaker Andrew Collinge and entertainment from Josh Daniels This is likely to be a very popular event and tickets are selling quickly If you would like to know more about this event please click here To secure your place please call 0151 336 4199 or e mail This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it Question time This month we are looking at difficulties you can encounter when you are in the position of having to make staff redundant Can I make an employee redundant and then offer them another role in a different area on a lower rate of pay t he simple answer to this is no however you are duty bound to explore all reasonable alternatives to safeguard the employees continued employment As part of the consultation process both parties should have the opportunity to explore alternative opportunities within the organisation this can include roles that have different terms conditions of employment including hours salary status etc If the alternative role is on the same terms and conditions of employment it would normally be deemed a suitable alternative and therefore if the employee refused to at least trial the role then they may forfeit their entitlement to statutory redundancy If the terms conditions of the new role are different to their existing ones then the employee needs to consider whether they are acceptable to them In this case and or when the terms are the same but the role is significantly different the employee is entitled to undertake the new role on a trial basis for 4 weeks or longer subject to agreement by both parties Make sure you confirmation the trial period potential outcomes with your employee to avoid any confusion as to what will happen at the end of the trial Potentially reducing an employee s salary is a very emotive thing to do so you may want to consider ring fencing their

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  • January 2014 Newsletter | Noble HR
    Absence a health and work assessment and advisory service is to be introduced offering fee occupational health assistance for employees employers and GPs The service can provide an occupational health assessment after four weeks of sickness absence This is scheduled to be introduced in Spring 2014 For more information on how these changes may impact on your organisation please call 0151 3468 6660 or e mail This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it Question time This month we are looking at what happens if an employee leaves and does not work their notice sound familiar When an employee resigns they are duty bound to give at least one week s notice this can be more depending on their contract of employment If an employee leaves without working their notice or not the full notice this is deemed as a form of Breach of Contract Does the employee have to work the full term of their notice In some cases an employee might ask if they can be released early from their notice period and really this is at your discretion Things to consider are how easy is it to replacement them in the short term if you hold them to the notice period what are the performance and attendance levels going to be like and how they may effect staff moral Realistically we cannot force people to come to work however we also need to consider the risks to our business We had a client this week who had received a resignation from an employee who had 9 years service and therefore was required to work 4 weeks notice however he was taking up a completely different career and this involved some distance learning and he was keen to get up and running asap After several meetings between the employer and employee it was mutually agreed that he would work for 10 days to allow for his work to be transferred to colleagues Both parties agreed to waiver the outstanding notice and he was paid for the time he worked Do I have to pay Notice Pay y ou need to pay your employee for every day they work during this time this includes time they were off sick or periods when you gave them no work If they finish earlier by agreement you only need to pay them what they have worked Can I make deductions from their final salary if the employee terminates the contract without giving or working the required period of notice you can deduct money from final salary only if you have a specific clause in the contract of employment allowing you to do so This can also apply to any overpayment of holiday pay or company loan It is important to remember that if an employee has not signed their contract of employment for any reason it is your duty to

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  • December 2013 Newsletter | Noble HR
    This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it Health Safety Every business no matter how big or small has Health and Safety Responsibilities to protect the business and their employees although individuals also have a responsibility to make sure they work safely and within the rules It is therefore important the policies are in place to guide them The Health and Safety Policy and any Risk Assessments should cover all aspects of your business and every task should be considered from making the tea to driving a forklift or stocking the stationery cupboard The policy should be compiled in consultation with employees and employees should also be involved in carrying out the risk assessments and preparing the documentation It is imperative that employees are aware of the Health and Safety Policy their safety depends on it Check your policy is up to date Check is the accident book where it says it is Check employees Health and Safety training is up to date each employee has signed to say they have read and understood the policy Check employees licenses qualifications are current if they are carrying out tasks that require them Check when you had a fire drill Check you have First Aiders Nominated persons and Fire Marshalls and that their training is up to date Check you have documented risk assessments for all tasks equipment machinery vehicles etc Check your machinery or equipment has been serviced in line with manufacturers guidelines Check you have complied with all the requirements laid out in your insurance document Check the policy and risk assessments have been updated to include any new processes product development equipment building changes etc If you have more than one site check you have copies of the Health and Safety Policy on each site and the risk assessments relevant to that site Remember on the 5th April 2014 the old Health and Safety Law Poster becomes obsolete After that date employers must issue their staff with a copy of a pocketcard or leaflet or display the newer version of the poster launched in 2009 Both of which are free to download from HSE s website Christmas Quiz So how good is your HR knowledge In this ever changing world we work in Employment Law appears to change as much as the British weather and keeping up to date with the current law is a challenge We have put together a short Employee Relations quiz to challenge your knowledge on some of the more interesting facts figures regarding Employment Law We will give you the answers in next months Newsletter To take up the challenge follow this link Auto Enrolment are you in You ve probably seen the adverts about Auto Enrolment with Theo Paphitis amongst others telling us I m in but what does it mean and when do you need to be in Many businesses will be needing to start to deal with this but where do you start Our

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  • November 2013 Newsletter | Noble HR
    bring up some interesting results There is a lot of information on the HSE website to tackle stress in the workplace we also run stress management workshops Supporting a Good Cause this Christmas As you may remember from previous newsletters we are supporting Bridge Community Farms Well now that s to easyfundraising everyone can support them it won t cost you a penny Do you shop online Did you know that every time you buy something you could be raising money for Bridge Community Farms That s right over 2400 well known retailers including Amazon M S Boden Waitrose House of Fraser Vodafone Virgin Atlantic and many more will donate a percentage of what you spend to Bridge Community Farms when you shop with them via fundraising website easyfundraising org uk It s like nectar but instead of earning points each purchase generates a donation So instead of going directly to a retailer s website go to easyfundraising first and choose the retailer you want to shop with then everything you spend with that retailer earns a free donation for Bridge Community Farms It s completely free to use and your shopping won t cost you a penny more On average each retailer will donate 5 of the cost of your shopping and those donations soon mount up So whatever you need to buy from your Christmas shopping or weekly grocery shop to your business travel office supplies or mobile phone buy it via easyfundraising and raise money for Bridge Community Farms at no extra cost to you Please register to supporting them when you shop online http www easyfundraising org uk causes bridgecommunityfarms Thanks for your support Getting Training Objectives Right Training is a key part of enabling individuals to do their job to the standard required and in may cases to achieve their true potential It is an intervention that has been around since Adam was a boy however it never ceases to amaze me how poor many trainers are at writing training objectives The main errors seem to be confusing agenda items with objectives not making the objectives SMART using understand within the objective The first mistake is inexcusable as an agenda is the list of topics that will be covered whilst the objectives is the specific knowledge skills or attitudes that the learner will gain from completing the training This links directly to the third error understand is not a specific knowledge skill or attitude plus how do you measure someone s understanding You do that through some form of activity e g write a list of 10 describe Objectives need to be SMART i e Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time bound otherwise how can you ensure that they have been achieved All training need a return on investment even if the only investment is the time that the different parties have invested in that intervention So if you can t use understand what verbs can you use This is the list that I use I

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  • September 2013 Newsletter | Noble HR
    recruitment service which is branded as Recruitment Doctor is different to standard recruitment agencies Check out this link for examples of the variety of vacancies we are currently handling on behalf of our clients Vacancies Please contact us if you want more information on our recruitment service Protect your business from only 300 per year plus insurance tax During the period 1st April 2011 and 31st March 2012 there were 186 300 claims accepted by employment tribunals ETs across the country Whilst this is a fall of approximately 10 on the previous year there was an increase in disability Religion or Belief discrimination claims as well as Redundancy failure to inform and consult written statement of reasons for dismissal The highest awards remain within the areas of discrimination with an award for 4 4 million being made in a Race Discrimination case Disability Discrimination Cases are still proving popular with an average award of 22 183 and a maximum award of 390 871 During the same period there were 2 309 cases of Unfair Dismissal that went to Tribunal with the average award being 9 133 and a maximum award being 173 408 All these figures can have a major impact on the financial viability of your organisation so it is important not only to be aware of your obligations but to make sure that you protect your business from unnecessary tribunal claims Protecting your business has never been easier all you need to do is take out an AXA Employment Protection Liability Insurance through ourselves all our clients say that it is a no brainer as they now have the ability to limit their exposure to ZERO providing they take our advice If they choose to ignore our advice which is their prerogative their exposure is limited to 3 750 considerably less than the average awards To find out more click here Changes in Legislation impacting from 1st October 2013 There are a number of changes in legislation that are effective from 1st October 2013 ranging from changing in the National Minimum Wages to the disclosure of director s pay for larger organisations Further information is available here Bridge Community Farm We have recently got involved with Bridge Community Farm who provide proper jobs and careers for long term unemployed and disadvantaged people in addition to helping those suffering from depression post traumatic stress and other similar mental health conditions We also offer field study and work experience facilities for student groups 5 18 who are interested to spend time in a real business and learn basic business skills More information on Bridge Community Farm more Francis Ball from Bridge Community Farm recently fronted a supplier event to raise awareness about the initiative and ask for support from local businesses and the community A copy of his speech is attached here however I have added a couple of photos that I took with my phone whilst I was at the event Noble HR Solutions are committed to supporting Bridge

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  • August 2013 Newsletter | Noble HR
    implement the Bradford Factor as it is a very simple way of measuring an employee s level of absence benchmarking absence levels across the company UK norms as well having trigger points to implement disciplinary or capability proceedings The Bradford Factor calculation is S x S x D where S number of occasions the employee has been absent in the last 52 weeks and D total number of days the employee has been absent in the last 52 weeks The higher the Bradford Factor the worse the employee s attendance record will be as this method really helps highlight people who regularly have short term absences We have recently updated our Return to Work Interview Record and Guidance Notes For a copy of these documents please email This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it subject target blank This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it Recruitment Survey Results During the summer our intern Jack Miller completed a survey of business owners to learn more about how businesses conduct their recruitment processes Jack is a student at Chester University who has an interest in Human Resources and wanted to gain a greater understanding of the problems and or concerns that businesses face when recruiting As a HR Professional I found the survey results interesting as they gave an insight not only to the key issues that companies that companies face but also the fact that the majority of the respondents found the service provided by recruitment agencies to be acceptable I was not surprised to see that obtaining references for new recruits was a particular stumbling block as many of our clients have outsourced that work to us as it takes time and a lot of effort to obtain that information You can read the complete survey by following this link http online flipbuilder com noblehr RecruitmentSurveyResultsJuly2013 If you would like to know more about the recruitment service that we offer including outsourcing the referencing process please email This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 0151 348 6660 13 Pitfalls of People Managers One of the most expensive items you will ever have to invest in is the people required within your business In order to estimate the true cost of an employee it is suggested that you need to multiply their salary by a number between 1 4 and 2 to cover the additional costs such as National Insurance Training Sick Pay plus reduced productivity whilst they are learning the job Therefore if you pay your new employee 15 000 per annum the real cost of that employee would be between 21 000 and 30 000 so it is really important that you get it right first time Our new e book The 13 Pitfalls of People Managers is packed with hints and tips that will help you to avoid the following common pitfalls Putting

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  • July 2013 Newsletter | Noble HR
    other examples listed under the Gross Misconduct element of any disciplinary policy It is quite common to commence a disciplinary process only to realise that the issue s would be better dealt with under a capability process If this happens you need to end the disciplinary process and start a capability process Capability can t Disciplinary won t This is just one of the topics that we cover in our free e book The 13 Pitfalls of Managing People How to Avoid Them You can get a copy from our website www noblehr co uk For a free copy of a generic capability policy please email This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it request a copy to be emailed to you Changes in Legislation from 25th June 2013 The following elements of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 which came into force on 25th June 2013 are the ones that we believe could affect many businesses more Common areas of concern survey results Over the last few months we have been researching how small to medium businesses manage their day to day HR issues Having conducted recent marketing surveys it would appear that the most common areas of concern are more Question time Can an employee smoke an electric cigarette in the office This is a question that is being raised as many employees are choosing this method as a way of quitting smoking The use of electronic cigarettes does not break the law however the real question is whether staff should be able to use them within the workplace These cigarettes do not give off smoke and contain no tobacco however many organisations are banning them due to potential fire and safety risks Many healthcare providers are banning them as the heating element provides a source of ignition similar to a traditional cigarette which could ignite bedding or clothing My advice is that the use of electronic cigarettes should be banned in the workplace and wording similar to the following should be included in staff handbooks Please note that organisation name prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes also known as vaporising cigarettes or e cigs in its premises and vehicles on fire safety grounds For further advice on information to be included in a staff handbook or contract of employment please feel free to contact us This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it Appraisals We are pleased to have recently become an approved supplier for E PPRAISE software which is an on line employee appraisal system designed for the SME and corporate markets It allows businesses to implement simple yet intuitive appraisals that measure their employee s performance grow their business through their employees to realise their business vision by creating a workforce that is working towards a common aim The five key elements of any successful performance appraisal are Measurement assessing performance against agreed targets and objectives Feedback providing information to

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  • May 2013 Newsletter | Noble HR
    Employment Rights Act 1996 employers are under a statutory obligation to produce a written statement of employment particulars This document has be provided within two months of an employee starting work and include the key employment terms Failure to provide the written statement can result in the Tribunal Awarding your employees a compensation award of between 1 and 4 week s pay under the Employment Act 2002 Currently a week s pay is 450 Even if only one employee brings a successful complaint the Tribunal can make the award to all employees who have not received a written statement that can add up very quickly To avoid falling foul of this piece of legislation we recommend that you should give all employees a contract of employment an employee handbook so that all staff are aware of the policies and procedures relating to their employment plus the consequences of not meeting the standard of performance required Email us for our standard price list for creating all the employment documents you will need Question time One of the questions I regularly get asked is how to calculate the Bank Holiday entitlement for part timers This causes many employers a headache due to the different working patterns that part time staff work All employees are entitled to 5 6 weeks paid holiday a year This is 5 6 week s of their normal working week which equates as follows An employee who works 5 days a week is entitled to 28 days An employee who works 4 days a week is entitled to 22 4 days An employee who works 3 days a week is entitled to 16 8 days An employee who works 2 days a week is entitled to 11 2 days An employee who works 1 days a week is entitled to 5 6 days The length of the day reflects the employee s normal working day So if they normally work for 3 hours a day then a day s holiday would also be 3 hours There is no statutory entitlement for employee to be paid for Bank or Statutory holidays therefore they can be included within your employee s annual paid holiday entitlement So the easiest way to calculate a part timers bank holiday entitlement is to include the Bank Holiday s within their annual holiday entitlement simply deduct the bank holidays that fall within their normal working pattern For example if an employee works 3 days a week Monday to Wednesday they are entitled to 16 8 days paid holiday per holiday year inclusive of Bank Holidays If we assume that the company has a January to December holiday year In 2013 six of the Bank Holidays fall on a Monday Tuesday or Wednesday Therefore this employee would need to allocate 6 days from their annual holiday entitlement for the Bank Holidays which leaves them 10 8 days to allocate as holidays for the rest of the holiday year If the same employee worked 3 days but

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