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  • Techniques - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    are many techniques from which you can make your own candles and also add a bit of Artistic endeavour rather than just pouring hot wax into a container some are listed below and I have provided individual sub pages at the bottom of this page from which instructions and methods can be found Techniques normally distinguish one candle maker from another which I have tried to show with pictures for instance look at the picture on the right with candles from a famous german family candlemaker Jakob Fleugel with modern hand decoration rounded edges and spheres candles all with a high gloss finish whereas the picture on the left from another famous german manufacture who makes 100 stearin candles in architectural columns and shapes such as these upside down candles from Amabiente Please see the Techniques Below to choose your style of candlemaking and to get an idea of what can be done with wax and moulds 1 Molded Candles 2 Rolled Candles 3 Scented Candles 4 Container Candles 5 Water Candles 6 Pour In Pour Out Candles 7 Sand Candles 8 Floating candles 9 Chunk Candles 10 Garden Candles 11 Decorated Candles If you require further details or have

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  • Tips of the Trade - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    remove air bubbles from the poured mould flick gently the mould filled with molten wax to allow the trapped air to rise and not form in the candle 6 To prevent deformation of latex moulded candles whilst setting gently immerse the filled mold hold the base into cool water and hold for several minutes to allow a skin to form on the outside of the mould solid enough to allow resting the latex mould in a mould stand 7 When filling moulded candle moulds fill up to a maximum to allow a skin to form at the base of the candle and gently swirl the mould to coat the sides of the mould completely this way when you top up the shrinkage you will not form a line or seperation point around the outside of the moulded candle 8 Clothes pegs are ideal for holding wicks across the top of your container to keep the wick central instead of buying wick holders 9 Quite often candle fragrance oil is denser than the melted wax in which it is poured even if you mix last thing the oil can still settle to the candle bottom whilst coooling and still fluid this makes for candle more scented at the last part not throughout the burn To help pour the candle without fragrance let it set making the finished level just below what you want then drill a number of holes around the wick midway the circumference or width if square fill the holes with neat fragrance oil and then apply a final layer of wax to close over the holes and hide them When burnt the melt pool has significantly more fragrance 10 When measuring a container and deciding how much wax it takes a rough guide is 1kg of wax is

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  • Workshop Projects - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    a bit of softness and give to it If you can upturn the container or baking tray to allow the warm wax sheet to ease out of the container and lay flat on your cutting board when out proceed to cut the sheet into strips and then chunks 10mm x 10mm approx You will find the wax cuts easily when still soft but importantly it cuts claenly without leaving white edges which you get with hardened wax You may find it necessary to lift the chunks from the cutting board with a frying spatula so take care to keep them as square as possible and leave them to fully set preferably to the next day Prepare a second batch of wax and stearin but this time you will only need a small amount say 250 grams and melt as before but this time add a different red or brown dye to slightly contrast against the chunks made previously making this wax slightly lighter in shade to the chunk colour Take your glass bowl and fill with chunks after fitting your tabbed wick or wicks ensuring the wicks remain upright and supported fill the glass so the chunks are slightly high and hicklety pickelty so create a rustic uneven surface Take the second batch of dyed wax to a high temperature again remove from the heat and add the rest of or part of the fragrance block and stir well until fully dissolved and before the wax has cooled very much poured this wax over the chunks in the glass until you can see the liquid point reached for a full glass less 5 or 10mm The hot wax will bond together the chunks and set as a single candle let it cool and harden for a few days or keep until christmas and you have a lovely festive candle simply made If it looks and smells goods make a few more and give as presents Snow Candles posted 24 Jul 2011 11 04 by judith scales updated 26 Jul 2011 12 20 Our first project will be to create Snow candles nothing nicer than a christmas display with candles made over with a snow like effect in stunning white and sparkling just like new fallen snow First you must decide what shape you want either a pillar a taper or a snowball and either make or purchase your candle blank that you want to snow enuring it has fully set and hardened ready to accept a layer of snow wax The best way to create snow is in a tupperware container and one sized 300mm x 150mm x 100 mm high is ideal otherwise you cannot get a taper into the container but you do not want it too big as you will have to make much more snow wax Layout all your materials and tools before you start as you have to work fairly quickly when snowing base candles and set down a folded clean towel or non fibrous

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  • Candles & Accessories - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    materials there are perfumed container garden decorated plain pillar balls fancy shapes animals and in fact any shape that you can make a mould out of Y UY ACCESSORIES ere There are basic candles cheap candles long burning and designer candles to name but a few and all coming with a variety of accessories scents and uses In fact the shapes smells and applications are endless We have brought together

    Original URL path: http://www.norfolkcandleco.co.uk/home-garden-shopping (2016-05-01)
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  • Candle Bags - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    Candles Accessories Candle Bags Candle Bags or Luminaries as they are often called are a relatively new and inexpensive way to provide ambience and lighting outside ideal for Barbecues Weddings Halloween Bonfire Night and Garden parties Comprising a fireproofed paper bag with stencilled cutouts they can be arranged to provide a walkway up to around and to from your entertainment area making it safe for your guests to walk in your garden on dark nights These White Stencil cut bags come in a variety of patterns and at night they glow with the colour of the candle flame inside At less than a pound for a candle and the bag they make a very inexpensive but very dramatic and luxurious effect at your garden functions Fit a votive and you will achieve hours of illumination or just use tealights for shorter durations Simply open a bag fill with a handfull of small gravel or sand or a few stones to keep in place and place a votive inside if the sand gravel or soil used for weighting down is dry then after use the bags can be emptied flattened out and stored for a future event Lighting of the Votive

    Original URL path: http://www.norfolkcandleco.co.uk/home-garden-shopping/candle-bags (2016-05-01)
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  • Candle Rings - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    a display of several candles such as advent rings I have shown a example to the left where simple a white taper candle in a brass candle stick has taken on a completely new look enhancing the candlestick as well as the candle its self You can make your own candle rings from dried fruit twigs or other floral and flower arranging materials most of which are available at low cost but can produce a stunning result One of the best aspects of candle rings is you can have one to fit every occasion and season Christmas candle rings with holly leaves pine cones and berries spread the festive spirit in any home A candle ring with silk autumn leaves small berry and acorns defines the autumn coming and the harvesting time Spring is defined with rings of brights daffodils and crocus with whites yellows and pale greens of springtime which moves onto the summertime with rings of sunflowers bright daisies and berries If you like arts and crafts you will enjoy making your own candle rings Candle rings especially those made from natural materials add warmth and beauty to any space For this reason they are used in homes

    Original URL path: http://www.norfolkcandleco.co.uk/home-garden-shopping/candle-rings (2016-05-01)
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  • Candle Snuffers - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    long handle depriving the flame of oxygen or snuffing it out Using a candle snuffer is the best way to put a candle out avoiding blowing hot wax from the flame pool Candle snuffers are commonly used in churches and forming quite often to show the ritual taking place has ended Older references are made a scissor like tool used to trim the wick of a candle With skill this

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  • Candle Sticks - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    sticks come in a variety of materials brass painted steel stainless steel glass crystal wood or any other conceivable material that can be fashioned to hold a candle Candle sticks can be found as advent rings which hold four candles as triple holders and twin holders in addition to the normal single stand The Norfolk Candle company has a good selection in its webstore which shall be sold singularly or

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