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  • Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    of candles for both direct sale or bespoke resellers this experience gives us an unprecedented knowledge of our trade In the twenty Six years since starting the Norfolk Candle Company our main claim to fame as a candle maker is still mainly in the Encyclopedia of Candle Making Techniques written by Sandie Lea where you will find several references photographs and techniques demonstrated by myself for the publication this book is still recognised as one of the leading candlemaking books available today and you will notice if you try to purchase a copy is still very expensive but very valid with its content Over the years we have made many candles for high profile buyers including such places as the Downton Abbey Gift Shop we have even shipped homemade scented candles to Buckingham Palace reinforcing our position in the candle making industry along with helping hundreds of people into the candle making hobby we are recognised as a serious candle company Our online store is attached to this website we are not the cheapest supplier out there but we are c onfident in the knowledge that our experience far surpasses that of many online sellers unfortunately the internet has given rise to many sellers whom portray themselves as experts mostly after selling on Ebay but whom in reality just undercut prices to realise a business model and cannot offer the support beginners need We have however we believe offered our Candles Candlemaking materials accessories and giftware at affordable prices we believe Luxury should be affordable and aim to provide quality products which can be given reliably as a gift to your friends and family but still at sensible but realistic prices If you cannot find what you want on this site or if you have a favourite candle or wax

    Original URL path: http://www.norfolkcandleco.co.uk/home (2016-05-01)
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  • Equipment Needed - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    need for candle making can be found in the kitchen listed below are the essentials 1 Thermometer up to 110 Celcius 2 Double Boiler saucepan never melt wax directly use a double boiler with water providing the heat to the wax 3 Weighing scales it goes without saying that to acheive ratio of additives you need to weigh the product before mixing 4 Measuring Jug to measure the capacity of

    Original URL path: http://www.norfolkcandleco.co.uk/candlemaking-tips/material-supplies/equipment-needed (2016-05-01)
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  • Chunk Candles - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    whatever takes your fancy you can even cutout shapes or precast shapes in chocolate moulds or similar for instance you can make small roses or leaves or both and make the roses red and the leaves green and placed in the mould to ensure the external surface will show the rose or leaf pattern To make your chunks simply pour melted coloured parafin wax or wax with stearin into a shallow dish to a level of say 10mm such as a waxed food container or baking tray and allow to cool until the wax is soft but not liquid Then cut your shapes or chunks if you wait too long the wax is difficult to cut and does not retain a clean appearance where the knife has been after cutting place them on a cooling plate of some description a dinner plate will do and allow to cool fully Fit a correctly sized waxed wick into your mould and seal it then you can fill your mould with your chunks or shapes to almost completely full level but its best within the confines of the mould Heat some clear wax or wax with stearin until melted up to say 80

    Original URL path: http://www.norfolkcandleco.co.uk/candlemaking-tips/techniques-1/chunk-candles (2016-05-01)
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  • Container Candles - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    shape or any material which will hold molten wax they are also popular because most container candles are scented and the manufacturing or inclusion of candle perfumes or essential oils does not damage the container unlike candles made in rubber moulds which are not only attacked by the perfumes but are also attacked by using stearin additive Todays market is being dominated by Soy wax container candles which 75 are sold in small round or square glass containers some with lids some not normally in exotic perfumes under the guise of designer or boutique candles this raises their prices As we have explained elsewhere on this site Soy Wax has exploded onto the market since 2003 because of its environmentally acceptable qualifications as a green and renewable sourced material although you still have to confirm that the wax you buy has been sourced from a fair trade renewable source but this means the art of actual candlemaking has been replaced by just pouring scented wax into a container and with Soy wax you do not even have the problems associated with shrinkage and having to top up a candle as it sets which you would have with paraffin wax Soy

    Original URL path: http://www.norfolkcandleco.co.uk/candlemaking-tips/techniques-1/container-candles (2016-05-01)
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  • Decorated Candles - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    is the art of cutting out thin wax sheets into shapes and pressing them onto the candle some applique wax is quite thick but there are some companies whom produce wax foils just a mm or two thick in various colours as shown by the example on the left using wax foils from Stockmar or Kars of germany Personalised candles can be made using water slide decals these are obtainable in hundreds of different designs from butterflies to animals to boats planes and cars they come in all shapes and sizes froms companies such as waterslide transfers com You can make your own decals add a photograph or a personal message and add them like any waterslide transfer by purchasing special Decal paper either for inkjet printers or laser printers Note The paper for laser printers is better because you do not have to seal in the image this would run when put into the water if you use inkjet printing and do not seal the image with a proprietary waterproofing spray Another way to decorate a candle and again ideal for children is to use Candle Pens these are special pens with coloured wax which you can write onto candle blanks as shown by the pictures below The Tixx Candle pens are available in 5 colours Instead of Decals or wax folis you could just decorate by hand using poster paints if mixed with a small amount of fairy liquid you can paint whatever you want on the blank candle or if you have a blank moulded candle such as a christmas pudding you can paint the white blank in realistic colours without having to use different coloured waxes Decoration could be by using a glitter paint or by applying glue and attaching loose glitter for instance you could

    Original URL path: http://www.norfolkcandleco.co.uk/candlemaking-tips/techniques-1/candle-decorating (2016-05-01)
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  • Floating Candles - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    Techniques Floating Candles Floating candles area very popular means of decor and come in a immense array of different forms from intricate flowers with individual petals to just round discs of wax because wax is lighter than water and floats but the floating candle must be made in a height to width ratio of 3 1 minimum or else they are prone to collapsing They are a number of moulds available for floating candles the intricate ones generally as singles and the simpler shapes can be found in multi moulds so can be made in greater numbers more quickly which is good because the small size of these candles means a much shorter burning time One of the essentials in making your own floating candles is the correct wick selection that is preprimed or is a sealed coated wick that will not absorb water if accidently dropped in whilst you are setting your display up It is also important that the end of the wick at the base of the floating candle is sealed by dipping in melted or gently heating the base until a covering of wax covers the wick end or sustainer if used Failure to seal this

    Original URL path: http://www.norfolkcandleco.co.uk/candlemaking-tips/techniques-1/floating-candles (2016-05-01)
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  • Garden Candles - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    bonfire night or new years eve they are also a must for a candle maker because its the garden candle where all the old bits and pieces of wax can be used up all the partly spent ends of tapers or the bits out of the bottom of a container candle they all go in the melting pot for garden candles When you melt loads of different coloured waxes together regardless of what colours you started with the end results are always a pot of what looks like cold weak tea a insepid pale brown colour No problem because most garden candles are dyed bright yellow and the strong colour base of yellow pigments will mask that hideous brown sludge you had before It also does not matter about what scents were in the odds and ends because a healthy dose of citronella to ward of the bugs and midges will mask any lingering gentile perfume the wax had before Garden candles can be made in anything old jam jars are good or you can buy from a car boot sale old or used pottery bowl for a few coppers or you can go and buy galvanised tin buckets as

    Original URL path: http://www.norfolkcandleco.co.uk/candlemaking-tips/techniques-1/garden-candles (2016-05-01)
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  • Moulded Candles - Candles, Candlemaking & Candelabra
    moulds you can improvise with some conatiners found in the kitchen or the pantry There is no end to how much you can improvise the container mould as long as you can turn the candle out when completed and cooled You do not even have to pour the candle with a wick in it but can add the wick afterwards by running through with a hot wicking needle pulling a

    Original URL path: http://www.norfolkcandleco.co.uk/candlemaking-tips/techniques-1/molded-candles (2016-05-01)
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