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  • Northcroft Fabrics | Velvet Fabric | Cotton Velvet | Silk Damask
    Fabrics epitomises the best in textile quality Small but expert in its field Northcroft Fabrics provides a personal and knowledgeable service for its customers with historical textile consultancy being an important aspect of Northcroft Fabrics role in working with interior designers Specialist Supplier of Fine Fabrics Northcroft Fabrics sells to the Trade only but can provide a list of stockists in a given area on request A selection of the current designs is shown here For further information about additional ranges of Fine Fabrics available from Northcorft Fabrics Please get in touch with us through one of the following means Tel 01628 488700 Fax 01628 484949 E sales northcroftfabrics co uk for further information Northcroft Fabrics are distributed in Europe the Far East New Zealand and North America Read less Northcroft Fabrics specialises in fine fabrics for interior decoration This exclusive collection of classic velvets silk damasks and weaves includes designs suitable for domestic and contract use for both upholstery and soft furnishings such as curtains cushions and throws From rich plain gaufraged and striped velvets to elegant floral damasks and intricate chinoiserie styled silks Northcroft Fabrics epitomises the best in textile quality Small but expert in its field Northcroft

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  • Northcroft Fabrics | About Us
    industry and ran one of the leading furnishing fabric companies which was part of a larger publicly quoted company Northcroft Fabrics produces beautiful designs in velvets silks and damasks However John has always had a particular fondness for velvets even before they became fashionable again in the last decade and has offered a selection of velvets within the Northcroft Fabric range from the very beginning Over the years John has

    Original URL path: http://www.northcroftfabrics.co.uk/about-us/ (2016-04-27)
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  • Curtain Fabrics | Furnishing Fabrics | Northcroft Fabrics
    cushions and throws From rich striped velvets and elegant floral damasks to intricate Chinoiserie styled silks we have an array of beautiful furnishing fabrics to choose from To assist in your selection please click on a fabric type to view our recommendations for suitable curtain and furnishing fabrics Depending on your specific needs there are a variety of fabrics that will be relevant However we have put together a few thoughts to give you some places to start Curtain Fabrics Many of our fabrics are perfect for use as curtain fabrics specifically Arcadia which is a silk floral voile curtain fabric inspired by a 17th century damask In addition Horsham is a botanical curtain fabric in silk Other beautiful curtain fabrics include Beaufort an opulent gaufrage silk velvet featuring a traditional 17th century French design The Swallow collection is a silk damask of the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1870 s and is attributed to Bruce Talbert a leading designer of his day a truly exquisite choice for curtains and other soft furnishings Upholstery and Furnishing Fabrics If you re looking specifically for upholstery and furnishing fabrics then Cliveden is a perfect choice featuring a self pattern of sweet peas and butterflies and exudes a rustic charm It is a heavy matelassé making it suitable for bedheads and bedspreads as well as upholstery For hard wearing furnishing fabrics Veneto is a strie twill upholstery fabric with an extensive range of colours Read less Our exclusive collection of classic velvets damasks and silks comprises designs that are suitable for domestic and contract use for both upholstery and for soft furnishings such as curtains cushions and throws From rich striped velvets and elegant floral damasks to intricate Chinoiserie styled silks we have an array of beautiful furnishing fabrics to choose from

    Original URL path: http://www.northcroftfabrics.co.uk/curtain-fabrics-furnishing-fabrics/ (2016-04-27)
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  • Curtain & Furnishing Fabrics | Plain Fabrics | Northcroft Fabrics
    Fabrics Plain Fabrics Silks Damasks Velvets Velvets Mohair Velvet Velvets Silk Velvet Enter at least 3 characters Search for Plain Fabrics Northcroft Fabrics have a selection of plain fabrics for curtains loose covers and upholstery Chester twill and Perth linen have interesting textures and are suitable for all furnishings Veneto is a heavy upholstery fabric which gives a beautiful tailored effect Chester Read more Perth Read more Veneto Read more

    Original URL path: http://www.northcroftfabrics.co.uk/collection/plain-fabrics/ (2016-04-27)
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  • Curtain & Furnishing Fabrics | Silks & Damasks | Northcroft Fabrics
    by weaving Early production of the fabric used one of the five basic weaving techniques used in the Byzantine and Islamic weaving centres in the early Middle Ages It became popular in Italy in the 14th Century where it was being woven on draw looms and mostly being produced in a single colour weave Damask weaves can now be produced in single and two colour weaves and feature patterns of flowers fruit and other designs The long floats of satin woven warp and weft threads cause soft highlights on the fabric which reflect light differently depending on the angle the observer is looking from In addition two colour weaves have contrasting colour warps and wefts and polychrome damask fabrics had gold and other metallic threads added to create further highlights and reflections of the fabric The reverse side of a woven fabric can often appear dull whilst the threads are there the complexity of colours and shapes is lost However the damask fabric is woven in a way in which the pattern on one side is the inverse of the other This innovative double faced design lends itself very well to a variety of applications including upholstery drapes and soft furnishings such as cushions In addition the elaborate motifs and opulent materials used to create it make the damask fabric one of the world s most luxurious and fascinating fabrics Damask fabrics from Northcroft Fabrics Medici is a popular pure silk damask of a grand design taken from an original 16th Century Italian damask while Minster is a damask in a classic Italian design from the 15th Century Pagoda and Nanking are examples of traditional Chinoiserie styles and Swallow is a 19th Century Arts and Craft design Other damasks such as Limoges and Stamford are made in cotton and modacrylic

    Original URL path: http://www.northcroftfabrics.co.uk/collection/silks-damasks/ (2016-04-27)
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  • Curtain & Furnishing Fabrics | Velvets | Northcroft Fabrics
    Cotton Velvet Northcroft Fabrics cotton velvet Rochelle offers a large range of colours for both traditional and modern furnishing and is equally suitable as upholstery fabric or curtain fabric It is hard wearing to contract standard and has a soft drape Plain cotton velvets can be embossed or gaufraged and Northcroft Fabrics have the designs Navarre Duc de Bougogne Carnot and the stripe Faidherbe in a selection of colours from the range Linen Velvet Linen velvet fabrics such as Seville have a rustic or antique look and an interesting texture which is very suitable for gaufraging The historic designs Dampierre and Sans Gene are stocked for traditional interiors while the Art Deco design called Deco embossed with rollers from the actual period has been added to give a more modern look Modacrylic Velvets The Henley Collection offers a velvet fabric that is fire retardant to domestic and contract standards Henley is a plain modacrylic velvet fabric available in 13 colours and also as a permanent gaufraged velvet in 3 designs Bougainville Cassandre and Jean Bart This velvet fabric is extremely hard wearing and suitable for use as an upholstery fabric or as a curtain fabric Mohair velvet Mohair velvet is a luxurious but hard wearing fabric that is perfect for re upholstering Victorian button backed chairs and sofas or can be used as a curtain fabric for full length curtains in high ceiling rooms Mohair velvet is also naturally fire retardant so the Marlow velvet has been used in contract locations such as the Savoy Hotel restaurant where this is essential Silk Velvet Silk is used to make the most luxurious of all velvet fabrics and Northcroft Fabrics offer a wide choice Windsor is a plain silk velvet in a large range of colours Buckingham is an antique velvet woven

    Original URL path: http://www.northcroftfabrics.co.uk/collection/velvets/ (2016-04-27)
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  • Velvets | Mohair Velvet Fabrics | Northcroft Fabrics
    Angora goats are typically used to manufacture yarn for clothing whilst fibres from the more mature ones are used to produce more heavy items such as rugs and carpets Mohair velvet has great insulating properties making it perfect for the winter season along with moisture wicking properties to keep cool in the summer making it an excellent fabric for all seasons Mohair is exceptionally durable naturally elastic and crease resistant and considered to rank highly amongst luxury fibres such as cashmere and silk It is also usually more expensive than wool which comes from sheep Mohair velvets are composed mainly of keratin a protein which is found in the hair wool horns and skin of all mammals and is naturally fire retardant making them the fabric of choice for many hospitality interiors projects Northcroft Fabrics Marlow fabric for example has been used in contract locations such as the Savoy Hotel restaurant where fire retardency is essential It has also been known to be used in high traffic areas of hotels restaurants office interiors and theatres due to its durability Mohair has a long and interesting history in interior design as far as research shows mohair velvets were originally used to

    Original URL path: http://www.northcroftfabrics.co.uk/collection/mohair-velvet-fabric/ (2016-04-27)
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  • Velvets | Silk Velvet Fabrics | Northcroft Fabrics
    and gaufrage silk velvet and has made specially dyed silk velvets for historic houses where an exact colour is required to reproduce the original furnishings Silk velvet is most commonly associated with the wealthy and royal For hundreds of years silk velvet fabric was draped across castle walls and adorned regal dresses across continents From Kashmir in the Middle Ages to Belgium and Italy during the Renaissance period silk velvets were synonymous with fabrics of nobility and royalty In the modern day silk has a reputation for being the epitome of high fashion for this reason it is also one of the most expensive fabrics in the world The richest form of silk is produced from the cocoon of mulberry silkworm larvae which lay their eggs on special paper and only eat fresh mulberry leaves Each cocoon can yield 1 000 yards of raw silk thread which is then spun to produce a yarn of silk The process being time consuming and extremely delicate also contributes to the high cost of the material Silk gets its shimmer from its structure which is a triangular prism that reflects incoming light at varying angles Silk is known to have first developed in

    Original URL path: http://www.northcroftfabrics.co.uk/collection/silk-velvet/ (2016-04-27)
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