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  • Norwich Art Supplies | Printmaking Inks
    60ml Lemon Yellow 60ml 17 10 Primrose Yellow 60ml Primrose Yellow 60ml 17 10 Permanent Yellow Lake 60ml Permanent Yellow Lake 60ml 17 10 Deep Yellow 60ml Deep Yellow 60ml 13 40 Indian Yellow 60ml Indian Yellow 60ml 17 10 Apricot Yellow 60ml Apricot Yellow 60ml 17 10 Nasturtium Yellow 60ml Nasturtium Yellow 60ml 27 60 Vermilion Red 60ml Vermilion Red 60ml 17 10 Warm Red 60ml Warm Red 60ml 20 70 Cardinal Red 60ml Cardinal Red 60ml 17 10 Carmine 60ml Carmine 60ml 20 70 Ruby Red 60ml Ruby Red 60ml 27 60 Geranium Red 60ml Geranium Red 60ml 17 10 Madder Lake 60ml Madder Lake 60ml 20 70 Solferino Violet 60ml Solferino Violet 60ml 27 60 Permanent Violet 60ml Permanent Violet 60ml 27 60 Concentrated Blue 60ml Concentrated Blue 60ml 27 60 Orient Blue 60ml Orient Blue 60ml 13 40 Prussian Blue 60ml Prussian Blue 60ml 13 40 Ultramarine 60ml Ultramarine 60ml 10 90 Cobalt Blue Hue 60ml Cobalt Blue Hue 60ml 10 90 Cerulean Blue Hue 60ml Cerulean Blue Hue 60ml 10 90 Ocean Blue 60ml Ocean Blue 60ml 17 10 Turquoise Blue 60ml Turquoise Blue 60ml 10 90 Spring Green 60ml Spring Green 60ml 17 10 Permanent Green 60ml Permanent Green 60ml 27 60 Medium Green 60ml Medium Green 60ml 13 40 Sap Green 60ml Sap Green 60ml 17 10 Emerald Green 60ml Emerald Green 60ml 17 10 Permanent Viridian Lake 60ml Permanent Viridian Lake 60ml 17 10 Yellow Ochre 60ml Yellow Ochre 60ml 9 80 Raw Sienna 60ml Raw Sienna 60ml 10 90 Burnt Umber 60ml Burnt Umber 60ml 10 90 Sanguine 60ml Sanguine 60ml 10 90 Red Ochre 60ml Red Ochre 60ml 9 80 Burnt Sienna 60ml Burnt Sienna 60ml 10 90 Warm Sepia 60ml Warm Sepia 60ml 10 90 Raw Sepia 60ml Raw

    Original URL path: http://www.norwichartsupplies.co.uk/printmakinginks.asp (2016-04-26)
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  • Norwich Art Supplies | Easels

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    Original URL path: /easels.asp (2016-04-26)

  • Norwich Art Supplies | da Vinci Brushes
    Us You are here Painting Brushes da Vinci Brushes Da Vinci Brushes The majority of our brushes come from Da Vinci in Germany Da Vinci combine an ultra modern production facility with traditional brush making techniques We have selected a range of the best Da Vinci brushes for watercolour and specialist techniques such as gilding wood graining lacquering and lettering Watercolour Brushes Da Vinci are the only brushmaker that still

    Original URL path: http://www.norwichartsupplies.co.uk/davincibrushes.asp (2016-04-26)
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  • Norwich Art Supplies | Schmincke Horadam Gouache
    white is also available in a 60ml tube Titanium White 15ml tube Extremely lightfast opaque Titanium White 15ml tube 6 00 Titanium White 60ml tube Extremely lightfast opaque Zinc White Extremely lightfast semi opaque Zinc White 6 00 Lemon yellow Lightfast semi opaque Lemon yellow 7 00 Vanadium yellow Good lightfastness opaque Vanadium yellow 14 10 Cadmium yellow light Good lightfastness semi opaque Cadmium yellow light 11 40 Cadmium yellow hue Extremely lightfast semi transparent Cadmium yellow hue 8 80 Cadmium yellow middle Good lightfastness semi opaque Cadmium yellow middle 8 80 Indian yellow Extremely lightfast semi opaque Indian yellow 7 00 Cadmium yellow deep Extremely lightfast semi opaque Cadmium yellow deep 11 40 Cadmium orange hue Good lightfastness semi transparent Cadmium orange hue 8 80 Cadmium orange hue Extremely lightfast semi opaque Cadmium orange hue 14 10 Vermilion hue Good lightfastness semi opaque Vermilion hue 8 80 Cadmium red hue Lightfast semi opaque Cadmium red hue 8 80 Cadmium red light Extremely lightfast opaque Cadmium red light 11 40 Cadmium red middle Extremely lightfast opaque Cadmium red middle 11 40 Cadmium red deep Extremely lightfast opaque Cadmium red deep 11 40 Scarlet red Good lightfastness opaque Scarlet red 11 40 Carmine Good lightfastness semi opaque Carmine 11 40 Madder lake deep Limited lightfastness semi transparent Madder lake deep 8 80 Madder red dark Good lightfastness opaque Madder red dark 14 10 Purple magenta Good lightfastness semi opaque Purple magenta 11 40 Quinacridone violet Good lightfastness semi opaque Quinacridone violet 8 80 Violet Lightfast opaque Violet 7 00 Delft blue Good lightfastness opaque Delft blue 7 00 Ultramarine deep Extremely lightfast opaque Ultramarine deep 7 00 Cobalt blue deep Good lightfastness opaque Cobalt blue deep 14 10 Ultramarine light Extremely lightfast opaque Ultramarine light 7 00 Cobalt blue light Extremely

    Original URL path: http://www.norwichartsupplies.co.uk/schminckehoradamgouache.asp (2016-04-26)
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  • Norwich Art Supplies | Etching Presses
    x 24 Made in the USA Small professional press with the features and quality demanded by the professional artist yet built to withstand the rigours of classroom use in printing etchings woodcuts collagraphs and monoprints The upper roll is spring counter balanced to maintain height adjustment whether or not the roll is in contact with your work We only use large 1 5 diameter roll bearings These high quality bearings are rated at well over five times the maximum pressure encountered in normal printing Both the upper and lower rolls on the E 12 etching press are precision machined from three inch diameter solid steel The E 12 rolls assure precise and deflection free printing This press has a 1 2 thick composite bed Please note the press pictured has the optional microgauges which do not come as standard All Conrad Machine Co Presses come with the industry s best 25 Year Warranty We believe in our products so much so that we will repair or replace any defects in materials or workmanship for the first 25 years of the life of your press CONRAD E 12 TABLETOP ETCHING PRESS 12 x 24 1 250 00 POLYMETAAL HS 35 TABLETOP

    Original URL path: http://www.norwichartsupplies.co.uk/etchingpresses.asp (2016-04-26)
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  • Norwich Art Supplies | Terms & Conditions
    addresses only For other delivery locations please contact us 01603 620229 Occasionally we may have to send part of the order whilst we are waiting for the remaining items to come back into stock In these instances we do not make any further shipping charge when dispatching the remainder of the order If there is likely to be any undue delay we will attempt to contact you via phone or

    Original URL path: http://www.norwichartsupplies.co.uk/terms-conditions.asp (2016-04-26)
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  • Norwich Art Supplies | Contact Us
    Horadam Gouache Etching Presses Terms Conditions Contact Us Should you need to contact us then 01603 620 229 is the number to call for advice and information We are available from 9 30am to 5 00pm Monday to Saturday Outside of these times why not complete the form below and we ll respond to you just as soon as we are available Name Telephone No Email Address Send copy to

    Original URL path: http://www.norwichartsupplies.co.uk/feedback.asp (2016-04-26)
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  • Norwich Art Supplies | Map
    line Michael Harding Oils Charles Oil Colours R F Encaustics Schmincke MUSSINI Sennelier Egg Tempera Printmaking Inks Easels da Vinci Brushes Schmincke Horadam Gouache Etching Presses Terms Conditions Contact Us You can find us on the corner of St Benedict

    Original URL path: http://www.norwichartsupplies.co.uk/map.asp (2016-04-26)
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