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  • Advancing Oat Technology - Oat Services Ltd
    Services Ltd We are a research development and marketing company specialising in advancing oat technology We focus on developing market applications for the cereal crop oats Avena sativa from food through to cosmetic applications We have a separate site for our cosmetics applications please visit oatcosmetics com for more information 2015 Oat Services Ltd All Rights Reserved OAT is the international registered trade mark of Oat Services Limited under numbers

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  • Oat Services - About us
    responsive and reactive to your needs We offer you exceptional ingredients backed by science and supported by technical advice We manage along with our partners a defined and transparent supply chain from field to face starting with optimised varieties of oats grown under controlled conditions on selected farms and processed through our patented technology This allows you the confidence of a reliable sustainable traceable ingredients supervised from field to face Our Global Outreach We market and sell our ingredients through our global distributor network and take pride that both our ingredients and service are of the highest quality possible Oat Cosmetics the brand of Oat Services Ltd is focused in bringing you new and exciting natural and organic oat ingredients for cosmetic applications Our trusted and proven multi functional ingredients are easily incorporated to enhance your cosmetic formulations Find out more about Oat Cosmetics Senior Management Cark Maunsell Managing Director I have over 20 years experience working with the oat crop and I am responsible for the overall corporate strategy and the Research Development of our ingredient portfolio Nigel Freer Non Executive Chairman Nigel joins as Chairman with vast experience in the consumer goods sector Nigel plays an advisory role in the strategic direction of Oat Services Limited Our Team Angus Robertson Business Development Manager I am responsible for providing technical support to our global distributors network as well as looking after sales and customer service globally Continue reading James Daybell Marketing Manager I manage all of the marketing and communications activity and ongoing strategy I also assist with the continual expansion of new ingredients in the R D team Continue reading Rebecca Harris Marketing and Communications Executive I am an integral part of the marketing team and manage our social media strategy and international exhibition participation Continue reading Victoria

    Original URL path: http://www.oat.co.uk/about-us/ (2016-02-11)
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  • Oat Services innovative
    green approach to produce natural organic traceable ingredients which are supported by research and innovation We underpin our ingredients with scientific evidence and proof of origin as well as independent accreditation where it is available We work closely with our customers and suppliers and consider them as our knowledge partners in developing transparent and short chain supply logistics for our ingredients Relationships We understand how our suppliers work what our customer s needs are and how we can best serve them long term In doing this we recognise the need to have strong relationships with our manufacturers and this forms the cornerstone to our strategy Our global network of distributors is key to our success and is essential in providing consistently excellent customer service wherever you are based Our distribution partners are carefully selected to ensure the standards of service the technical ability and the responsiveness reflect those of our own Our ongoing management and training ensure that these standards are maintained We also hold the global distributorship for Finland based Polar Glucan Oy who are leaders in advanced cereal milling processing and separation technologies suitable for cosmetic applications Community At Oat Services Ltd we believe in quality in all aspects of our business from products and supply chains to customer services supported by our employees We are therefore pleased to work closely with the University of Southampton one of the founding members of the prestigious Russell Group to provide professional development opportunities to high calibre students through their Excel Southampton Placement Programme This scheme encourages students from the University to seek valuable work experience outside of their term time studies Over the years we have had excellent results with several interns from the programme and in turn we hope they have gained useful business knowledge This collaboration gives us

    Original URL path: http://www.oat.co.uk/our-values/ (2016-02-11)
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  • History of Oat Services Ltd
    Ceapro is now a world leader in the production of advanced oat actives and Oat Services Ltd holds UK distributorship for their ingredients We have also developed our own range of cosmetic products including oat oils flours and other derived oat molecules Cark was focus leader of the Objective 5b project OATEC investigating the feasibility of the construction of an advanced cereal fractionation plant to be sited in the UK He was coordinator of the Defra project AFENO Avian Feed efficiency from naked oats which investigated the nutritional aspects of feeding naked oats to monogastrics as well as ALP Performance and Egg Quality in Laying Hens Fed on Naked Oats He also collaborated in the Defra Link projects ABIPO Antioxidant Based Products from Oats as well as a further project Lubestarch Cereal Starches as dry lubricants Cark has been Chairman of the Project Management Group of the DEFRA Link project Oatlink The incorporation of important traits underlying sustainable development of the oat crop through combining conventional phenotypic selection with molecular marker technologies In 2010 this Project was succeeded by QUOATS A five year research project to develop and apply state of the art genomic and metabolomic tools for oat genetic improvement of which he remains Chairman Our expertise in oat properties and applications for oats lead to a number of collaborations with innovation groups within the food industry In 1998 Cark Maunsell was asked to use his contacts in Canada to source high quality organic grain for the UK wheat milling industry and now operates in partnership with Growers International Organic Sales of Winnipeg the largest Canadian organic trading and processing company with a range of materials which has steadily expanded to include all grades of wheat together with oats flax peas beans and lentils for the European market The

    Original URL path: http://www.oat.co.uk/history-of-osl/ (2016-02-11)
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  • Sustainability - Oat Services
    have developed farmer groups focussed on the delivery of high quality oats and we are assisted by the MTT who advise farmers on the optimum growing techniques This enables us to have a highly traceable high quality supply chain direct from the field This also ensure that we control our supply of oats for quality parameters such as protein and fat content but also safety parameters such as heavy metals and mycotoxins A supply chain as we have described above allows us to address a number of factors which we believe are important for cosmetics Availability We assess and select our oats as soon as possible after harvest in September as this allow us to purchase the best available Specification We ensure that our oats meet the highest possible quality standards Safety Our oats are routinely tested for heavy metal and mycotoxin levels Traceability Each batch of ingredient can be traced to the farm that grew the crop GMO There are no known varieties of genetically modified oats and to our knowledge there are no breeders working in this area Regulation Visibility of supply chain and process allow us to comply with EU REACH and cosmetic regulations and the US counterparts Price Controlled supply chains ensures we can take the unnecessary cost out of the process allowing us to be price competitive but deliver an added value product Oat Cosmetics For over a thousand years oats have been used as a natural ingredient for the personal care industry Innovations in breeding growing and processing have created highly effective active and functional ingredients which add value and desirability to a wide range of hair and skin care products These ingredients prove that innovative products can be developed in a truly sustainable manner by taking into account the three principles of sustainability and working with the metier of a crop Our extruded colloidal oatmeal Oat COM is toll processed on our behalf by Taivalkosken Mylly a small bespoke mill approximately 250 miles north of Helsinki The mill was selected because of the high degree of expertise necessary to process grain utilising the patented process Sustainable agriculture integrates three main goals environmental health economic profitability and social and economic equity UCDavis College of Agriculture and Environmental Principles Western World arable production is sustainable when compared to Fairtrade and native resources Western World production is not generally recognised as sustainable and in many cases is looked upon as a polluter however in general and specifically for oats the facts do not support this Oats Three spheres of sustainability Considerable research and development is being undertaken in the areas of 1 Selection of species and varieties that are well suited to the site and to conditions on the farm There is now global collaboration to map the oat genome and technology in this area is moving at increasing speed Breeders are able to breed by phenotype rather than by the traditional genotypic breeding and quality traits such a high beta glucan oil and avenanthramide content

    Original URL path: http://www.oat.co.uk/sustainability/ (2016-02-11)
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  • Projects - Oat Services
    involved in a number of oat based projects across Europe including our MD Cark Maunsell being Chairman of the Project Management group of QUOATS a five year Defra Link project investigating advanced methods of breeding oats and their potential to improve economic farm production and give the consumer whether this is a human food manufacturer or an animal a better product Load more 2015 Oat Services Ltd All Rights Reserved

    Original URL path: http://www.oat.co.uk/about-oat-services-ltd/ (2016-02-11)
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  • ABIPO - Oat Services
    project phase 1 1995 1997 phase 2 1999 2001 was tasked to provide a clear indication of the market potential technology needs and financial viability of an oat fractionation plant located in the Marches area It has assisted the UK in developing a level of knowledge and expertise in the area of advanced oat fractionation that is unparalleled in Europe or the US however it did not look in detail at the technical aspects of processing oat antioxidants ourably by the consumer and have an established history of use and known safety in food applications Previous work on oats has concentrated on the dietary health benefits of the b glucan fraction of oats but less is understood both scientifically and commercially about the performance of both oat oil and the constituent oat antioxidants in personal care and health products ABIPO is under the Competitive Industrial Material from Non Food Crops LINK programme This project brings together academic and industrial partners who have developed good relations over recent years Links were forged during the HGCA funded INNOVATION project Project objectives Produce existing oat varieties in a way that maximises the biosynthesis of phenolic compounds and minimises the amount of post harvest

    Original URL path: http://www.oat.co.uk/ingredients-formulations/abipo/ (2016-02-11)
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  • AFENO - Oat Services
    than would have been expected from the nutritional description Advances in genetic breeding at IGER Aberystwyth had led to the establishment of naked oats as a viable break crop option for growers and advanced varieties of high oil naked oats offer the potential for significantly enhanced performance in monogastrics diets Oats are a cereal break crop option for growers However the relatively modest annual production is constrained by the lack of viable markets to sustain an attractive return to the grower The animal feed market has the potential to double the area of oats under production whilst offering the compounder a starch based high energy alternative to the high levels of wheat currently used in poultry diets An increase in the cultivated area of oats would also benefit the environment through encouraging biodiversity together with the advantages of lower fertilizer herbicide and pesticide regimes when compared to wheat The AFENO project was established to conduct a coordinated programme of research to test the advantages of naked oats to the grower as an economic breakcrop to the poultry industry as an effective ingredient in broiler and turkey rations and to the consumer in improved meat quality AFENO 2004 2015 Oat Services

    Original URL path: http://www.oat.co.uk/ingredients-formulations/afeno/ (2016-02-11)
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