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    Log in Contact NEW MARKETING MANAGER APPOINTED About Us News NEW MARKETING MANAGER APPOINTED Submitted by suzie on Thu 30 07 2015 19 18 Oceanair is pleased to announce that Louise Neville has joined the team in the position of Marketing Manager With a 13 year background in marketing PR and communications Louise brings a wealth of experience from the leisure travel and tourism industry She has previously worked at Sunsail Le Boat and The Moorings as well as Southampton Airport Louise will be working closely with every member of the Oceanair team and Oceanair s distributors to deliver Oceanair s message and activities across all market sectors operated in Leisure Marine Superyacht Residential and Commercial properties and Recreational Vehicles On her new position Louise commented Oceanair is a focused company and brand driven by quality R D and innovation It is very exciting to be heading up the marketing activities for such a dynamic company Categories Company news Categories Blog posts Boat Shows Exhibitions Care Advice Company news Product news Archive January 2016 4 December 2015 4 November 2015 5 October 2015 3 September 2015 2 August 2015 11 July 2015 10 June 2015 5 May 2015 1 April

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    48 Here s an inside look at some of our stylish SKYSOL Day Night blinds being tested in the factory This blind is an elegant custom built pleated blind combining a privacy fabric with a blackout option in one compact design Merging a classic pleated fabric with a blackout honeycomb is a popular mix A translucent fabric will provide optimum day time privacy and light diffusion whilst when combined with a blackout fabric night time privacy and an undisturbed sleep is offered Alternatively the SKYSOL Day Night can be used to feature two contrasting fabrics within the same window helping you to create a multitude of moods These particular blinds in the photos make use of Our slim line graphite headrails with white privacy and blackout fabrics resulting in a really smart contemporary look Our chrome dome guidewire hold down option Honeycomb fabrics with it s environment and temperature maintaining qualities All cording on these blinds are also hidden making them very neat All these blinds are powered meaning they will be silent and discrete in any setting Talk to us about all requirements we can meet Categories Product news Blog posts Categories Blog posts Boat Shows Exhibitions Care Advice

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    by Room Support FAQs Technical Documents Care Advice Warranties Returns Spares Replacements Discontinued Products Child Safety Distributors SMOD Distributor Map Search form Search GO Log in Contact SKYSOL MINI FRAMEFIX THE SIMPLE INSTALLATION SOLUTION About Us News SKYSOL MINI FRAMEFIX THE SIMPLE INSTALLATION SOLUTION Submitted by suzie on Tue 28 07 2015 10 00 Did you know that our SKYSOL Mini is suitable to be used with our Framefix brackets Oceanair Framefix is a unique and simple installation solution Perfect for thin cabin walls the Framefix device is simply installed to the existing portlight Available for both SKYSOL Pleatedshade and SKYSOL Mini Framefix gives extra clearance space for the blind to be comfortably deployed while designed to ensure minimal light seepage Innovative elegant engineering to minimise installation effort Categories Product news Blog posts Care Advice Categories Blog posts Boat Shows Exhibitions Care Advice Company news Product news Archive January 2016 4 December 2015 4 November 2015 5 October 2015 3 September 2015 2 August 2015 11 July 2015 10 June 2015 5 May 2015 1 April 2015 1 March 2015 3 February 2015 4 1 of 2 next Distributors FIND A DISTRIBUTOR Newsletter Sign up to our email newsletter for

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    appear Finally tapes are applied to all stitch lines on the blackout lining to ensure no holes are visible enabling the blind to be machine sewn However if the offer of improving sleep hasn t quite convinced you to give blackouts a try there are a number of other reasons why you should Love the dark Appreciating the gloom by closing blackout blinds and dimming lights in the evening before we go to bed helps prepare our brains and bodies for sleep Furthermore research has shown that cutting out all light sources while we sleep can halt interruptions to out body clocks Simply put learning to love the dark prevents changes to our internal rhythm It turns out we need exposure to good darkness at night for quality sleep and let s face it who doesn t want quality sleep We think that anyone would be quite surprised at the difference complete blackout blinds or curtains make to a room so it is certainly worthwhile investing in some good quality ones Blackout blinds in a baby or child s room can make a huge difference to their sleep and helps stop them rising with the sun and getting them to bed when it is still light outside Privacy Blackout fabrics are often made from a thicker material which as well as blocking light from getting into a room also blocks any light inside being seen by anyone on the outside This makes them ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms where the most privacy is required as not even shadows can be seen Energy bills Reducing energy costs is something that everyone wants as well as having a lower impact on the environment The thicker lined blackout material helps to retain heat in a room when it is cold and will reflect

    Original URL path: http://www.oceanair.co.uk/marine/news/benefits-blackout-blinds-curtains (2016-02-13)
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  • News | Oceanair
    colour and texture to a space Create different effects and moods through choice of cushion style size and position in the READ MORE SPOTTED ON THE FACTORY FLOOR A LARGE CABINSHADE SHIPMENT 18th Feb 2015 Spotted on the factory floor today a large order of our CABINSHADE blind from our Retail Range These are all ready to hit the stores and chandleries in the next few weeks Read more about READ MORE POWERED VENETIAN BLINDS ON THE NEW BENETEAU MONTE CARLO 6 1st Feb 2015 The Beneteau Motor Yacht design team felt like our powered SKYVENETIAN Wood blind along with the great options that our slat READ MORE ONGOING DESIGN SUPPORT INITIATIVE FOR CUSTOMERS 22nd Jan 2015 We have now made available 2D AutoCAD technical product drawings for our customers to use in their overall designs The drawings includes measurements and specifications The whole Oceanair product range is planned to be available in the near future As part of our ongoing initiative to READ MORE SKYSOL CLASSIC BLIND IN BUILD 20th Jan 2015 This is a powered SKYSOL Classic blind in build It is a bottom stacking powered pleated blind with the motor accommodated at the bottom This allows natural

    Original URL path: http://www.oceanair.co.uk/marine/news?page=10 (2016-02-13)
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    However we would also suggest that Roller Blinds and current height of fashion SKYVENETIAN Blinds are worth considering depending on the exact application and requirements Here are four useful tips for choosing the right blinds for your conservatory 1 The Practical Side Blinds in a conservatory aren t there just to look good They re there to have a real practical use You need to decide what your conservatory is for Is it for children to play in a place to work in dine in or relax in Furthermore you need to decide how your conservatory faces the rest of the house Do you want to be able to see everyone in the living room from the conservatory 2 Fabrics Fabric choice can make or break a room Our advice for a conservatory is to stick with neutral colours These work with practically any style and any home If you want something a little more eye catching light pastel colours generally make a room seem bigger than it actually is They rely mainly on natural light from outside to flourish If you re looking for calmness and coolness opt for cool greys Darker colours work to create a more private and intimate space They make a room cosier and more enclosed Some ideas for darker colours include terracotta and rich creams Check out our Fabric Collection for ideas 3 The Rest of the Home Your conservatory isn t a separate outbuilding It s an extension to your existing home so the style of blinds and fabric and colour choice should not vary too wildly from the rest of the house It s all well and good having a modern pair of motorised SKYVENETIAN Blinds but what if your adjoining lounge is decorated in a feature period style 4 What about

    Original URL path: http://www.oceanair.co.uk/marine/news/4-tips-choosing-right-blinds-your-conservatory (2016-02-13)
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  • WE LOVE THIS... | Oceanair
    Search form Search GO Log in Contact WE LOVE THIS About Us News WE LOVE THIS Submitted by suzie on Thu 09 07 2015 12 27 This month we love the new Ephemera fabric collection from Linwood Fabrics Selected designs from their Ephemera Wallpaper range are now available on beautiful and practical cloth for upholstery and curtains These are bold and unusual prints that will add an original touch to any room The term Ephemera covers a wide range of items including leaflets handbills tickets match box covers playbills advertising inserts and more the minor transient documents of everyday life We love the way these fabrics have drawn inspiration from the collection of these documents and aims to deliver something more permanent with a twist Here at Oceanair we have our own comprehensive Fabric Collection and are also happy to work with client supplied fabrics or source them on their behalf Categories Blog posts Categories Blog posts Boat Shows Exhibitions Care Advice Company news Product news Archive January 2016 4 December 2015 4 November 2015 5 October 2015 3 September 2015 2 August 2015 11 July 2015 10 June 2015 5 May 2015 1 April 2015 1 March 2015 3

    Original URL path: http://www.oceanair.co.uk/marine/news/we-love (2016-02-13)
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    not initially need tensioning before installation However if over time tensioning is lost for any reason here are some simple steps to follow to adjust your blind 1 With the screen facing you and the loose blind to the top of the unit the tension adjustment is located under the top right hand screw cover 2 Remove screw cover and turn the SKYSCREEN over 3 Un clip the tensioner as shown CAUTION this will be under spring tension take care to hold steady 4 Insert screwdriver into the tensioner slot and allow spring to slowly retract from the corner moulding taking care to hold steady tension 5 Turn clockwise to tension or anti clockwise to de tension NOTE No more than 8 full turns should be required 6 Keeping spring taught clip the tensioner back into the corner moulding 7 To test pull blind fly back to about 20cm and let go The blind should smoothly return to stowed position without snapping back into the cassette ROLLER SHADES Smaller roller shade spring systems do not require servicing and it is possible to adjust the spring tension of the blind in a few simple steps 1 Remove the small end bracket retaining screw at the left hand end 2 Taking care to keep the end bracket on the tube rotate the end bracket to increase clockwise or decrease counter clockwise the spring tension 3 When satisfactory tension is achieved replace the screw Be careful not to over tension as the spring may be damaged If the steps above don t do the trick most Oceanair component parts may be replaced if damaged To identify the parts please reference the product code found on the label on the back of the roller and Contact Us Categories Blog posts Product news Care Advice

    Original URL path: http://www.oceanair.co.uk/marine/news/re-tensioning-hatch-screens-roller-shades (2016-02-13)
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