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  • you to easily measure the thickness of your material by using ultrasonic waves with parallel top and bottom surfaces of 1 2mm to 220mm Product Name excl VAT class productListing heading Price excl VAT Buy Now Ultrasonic Thickness Tester Coupling Paste for OMGE029 COUPLINGPAST 14 17 Free Delivery UK mainland only Portable Ultrasonic Thickness Tester Gauge Glass Metal Plastic OMGE029 210 00 Free Delivery UK mainland only Ultrasonic Thickness Tester with CD Sofware Cable RS232C OMGE8812 266 67 Free Delivery UK mainland only Displaying 1 to 3 of 3 products Result Pages 1 Omnitron UK Ltd best selling instrument is a cost effect and very reliable Ultrasonic Thickness Tester for Glass Metal and Plastic This high resolution high accuracy ultrasonic thickness tester gauge for glass metal and plastic can also be used in measuring wall thickness of pipes and pressure vessels to determine surface erosion Moreover these are precisely designed for checking the thickness of base metal even if it is coated with paint or any protective coating This innovative ultrasonic thickness tester gauge is widely used and is capable of measuring a variety of material including iron steel glass plastics toughened tile brass gold silver zinc water at 20

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  • Video Inspection Camera What s New Digital Paint Coating Thickness Tester Gauge Meter 0 to 1 25mm 60 00 Video Inspection Camera Video Inspection Camera allows you to inspect the insides of your car bonnet Check the contents of the loft without climbing up and breathing in the dust Check down the cavity of a wall The mind boggles at the amount applications and convert operations you could achieve with

    Original URL path: http://www.omnitron.co.uk/video-inspection-camera-c-156.html?page=1&sort=2d (2016-04-24)
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  • Video Inspection Camera What s New One Click Ratio Low Cost Analyser 20 Pack Replacement Filter 77 50 Video Inspection Camera Video Inspection Camera allows you to inspect the insides of your car bonnet Check the contents of the loft without climbing up and breathing in the dust Check down the cavity of a wall The mind boggles at the amount applications and convert operations you could achieve with this

    Original URL path: http://www.omnitron.co.uk/video-inspection-camera-c-156.html?page=1&sort=3a (2016-04-24)
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  • Video Inspection Camera 2.4 inch LCD
    mark on a high reflective surface and helps you see in darkened areas and aids in illuminating the picture for the integrated camera The flexible gooseneck retains a configured shape for inspecting hard to reach areas and the shaft can be exposed to water Accessories such as mirror tip is included for viewing within 54 angle Strong magnetic tip allows you to pick up nuts bolts and screws you may have dropped in inaccessible places Easy clip on design for fast installation Hook tip J shaped extension used to tug pull or pick up small objects or wires Application includes Automobile field check engine oil pressure spray etc Industrial field check boiler heat exchanger and industrial machinery etc Petrochemical field check process pipe and petrochemical machinery Electric field check equipment conduct R D vessel engine circuitry etc Gas pipe check rust corrosion cracking etc Building Construction Home inspection Inspect in walls for mold insect infestation electrical wire or water pipe location Pest Control Inspect for termites in wall cavities HVAC Inspect inside ducts behind motors and compressors Automotive View inside or around engines and transmissions Government Safety and security inspections Industrial Inspect weld integrity process equipment gears moulding machines Aerospace Aircraft inspections for contamination debris cracks or other damage Key Features A true on the go device NTSC TV video AVI output with video wire TV Video output for capturing images Glare free close ups and wide range field of view 6 8mm PE covered metal probe with ABS handle Water resistant Camera Head 2 white LED lights with brightness control F2 8 Lens with 54 Viewable Angle and 3 6cm focal distance 2 4 TFT LCD Colour Monitor with 320x234 pixels resolution High resolution image optical system stable performance and easy to operate Picture vertical mirror normal function allows

    Original URL path: http://www.omnitron.co.uk/video-inspection-camera-24-inch-lcd-p-669.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Product Review: Gas Leak and Portable Gas Detectors, Testing and Measuring instruments, UK: Omnitron Ltd Online Shop - Omnitron (UK)
    the Home Gas Leak Detectors Portable Hardness Testers Moisture Meters Syphon Pumps Thermometers Tools Ultrasonic Thickness Tester Gauge Video Inspection Camera What s New Portable Leeb Hardness Tester for Steel Iron Metals 420 00 Gas Leak Detector Portable Handheld DB4000 30 00 Click to enlarge Submitted by FB Excellent customer service Thanks Submitted by Andrew Despatched very quickly and does exactly what it says on the tin Submitted by David I took it with me on my 9 weeks sailing holiday An excellent piece of kit at a good price sent very promptly Good all round Submitted by R Spurling The gas detector arrived very quickly appears to work well A good reasonably priced product excellent service Submitted by Dave Clue Very impressed with the service and speed of delivery as to the product I had an earlier model that had a protection cap on the sensor end and thought that was a good idea not sure this one will get damaged easier time will tell but overall very pleased Submitted by Clive Hall I was most impressed with the service I received from your company You immediately kept me up to date with the progress of the order and

    Original URL path: http://www.omnitron.co.uk/gas-leak-detector-portable-handheld-pr-238.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Gas Leak Alarm for Boats
    mainland only Gas Leak Alarm for Boats A versatile dual sensor gas alarm that will operate from a 12 volt DC leisure vehicle battery or 230 volts AC via the mains plug supplied The two sensors provide flammable and toxicity protection detecting natural gas LPG propane butane anaesthetic narcotic knock out gas and carbon monoxide Available with a UK Plug or A Euro Plug You can select the option below Gas Alarm Applications Ideal for Home Caravans Motorhomes Boats using propane or butane for cooking Ideal also for those who want or need to spend the night in their vehicle and are concerned that knock out sleeping gas could be used to facilitate theft of possessions or commercial load Also ideal for domestic use those renting apartments holiday makers etc who want to ensure safety from unknown appliances The unit is ready to operate after it is powered and the green light remains constantly illuminated Upon detection of gas the red LED will flash and the internal siren will activate The sounder will continue to sound until the gas has returned to a safe level The unit comes complete with three additional wires to enable the system to trigger an external device such as an additional siren alarm system or pager Gas Alarm Specifications Dual voltage 12 volt DC or 230 volt AC operating voltage Detects Carbon Monoxide CO Detects Natural Gas Butane Propane Also detects Diethyl Ether based knockout gas and others Automatic reset Current Consumption 12v DC Standby Current 50mA approx 230VAC Standby wattage 3 45W approx Loud internal piezo sounder Simple to install connect Supplied with steel wall mountable bracket Connects to 12v DC or 230v AC power input Large test button Standby green power status LED indicator light Gas detection red alarm trigger status LED indicator

    Original URL path: http://www.omnitron.co.uk/gas-leak-alarm-for-boats-p-659.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Gas Leak Detector with Gooseneck
    is ideal for Industrial uses such as in gas furnaces and plant maintenance This affordable reliable and simple to use portable unit is quick in locating gas leaks Capable of detecting both propane and methane to high accuracy In addition it automatically calibrates itself at power on and is ready to use in less than 60 seconds With its 447mm probe and rapid response time A 5 level LED leak alarm and audible beep mean you are constantly updated on the level of gas detected As a combustible gas or vapour source is approached an audible signal ticking sound increases in frequency and the red lights illuminate in sequence to show the intensity of the leak Leak size is indicated by increasing LED lights and ticking sound The larger combustible concentration the more light will lit up and the faster the ticking will be heard The advantage of having this instrument is that it comes with a headphone jack so you never miss a beep in a busy or noisy environment and a mute function when u want to use just the LED leak alarm Gas Leak Detector Key Features Fast response High Methane sensitivity Precise detection of methane propane gases Quick to pinpoint gas leaks Automatically calibrates at power on Auto power off function saves on battery life Less than 60sec warm up time Quick response time 5 level Single colour LED display Sensitivity Lights Over 440mm long flexible stainless gooseneck probe easy access even hard to reach areas Built in earphone jack Mute function Alarm and ready LED Acoustic intermittent beep Low battery warning Very reliable high quality semiconductor sensor High sensitivity Battery operated Quick response with audible visual indication Gas Leak Detector Specifications Range 40 to 640ppm Methane Propane Sensitivity 40ppm Methane Propane Sensor Semiconductor Response Time

    Original URL path: http://www.omnitron.co.uk/gas-leak-detector-with-gooseneck-p-564.html (2016-04-24)
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  • New Products for Gas Leak and Portable Gas Detectors, Testing and Measuring instruments, UK
    2016 420 00 Digital Paint Coating Thickness Tester Gauge Meter 0 to 1 25mm Date Added Monday 27 April 2015 60 00 Portable CO2 CO Temperature Meter Date Added Wednesday 18 March 2015 310 00 Vane Anemometer with Gooseneck Date Added Monday 16 February 2015 100 00 Anemometer with Telescopic Probe Date Added Sunday 15 February 2015 247 50 Sniffer Plus Gas Leak Detector Date Added Tuesday 26 August 2014

    Original URL path: http://www.omnitron.co.uk/products_new.php?page=1 (2016-04-24)
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