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  • Art Nouveau page fourteen
    I have chosen to use ceramic tile to recreate the clean bold shapes and colours of the Art Nouveau graphic posters A Thousand One Nights Diana Storey This is a detail from Vittorio Zecchin s A Thousand and One Nights I have tried to make it as bejewelled vibrant and luscious as possible Contact details dianajstorey hotmail com Tulips Sidney Thornton I like using a lot of flowers within my

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/anpagefourteen.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Art Nouveau page fifteen
    illustrated birds in the art nouveau period and its stylish feathers and image represent this time perfectly Millefiori Van Gogh tiles and stained glass are used in this mosaic to give the bird its dazzling plumage and he is seated on a French scroll which reaches out to the moon represented by a mirror The bird is viewed through a stylish arched window which frames the art work A sumptuous

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/anpagefifteen.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Art Nouveau page sixteen
    associated with having feminine qualities largely due to the curvaceous shape Many musicians have called their favourite guitar by a woman s name This piece still remains a portrait of sorts as Adele Bloch Bauer is represented by the guitar itself still dressed in the lavish decoration devised for her by Klimt Contact Details michelle wilcox live co uk My Circle of Fanasy Steve L Wrightson Walking on the beach while looking at listening to the splendour of Scottish wildlife always deeply inspires me especially coastal wildlife such as sea otters seals sea birds though I never have had the pleasure to see a puffin colony on the islands I have seen many nature programmes with the adorable little birds flying back to their chicks after a fishing trip Puffins are a favourite of mine within my mosaic craft within this Art Nouveau themed exhibition I wished to design a mosaic which kept to the roots composition of the marine wildlife pieces which I usually produce but add subtle unusual changes derived from inspiration of the beautiful gold jewelled laden works of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt My Circle of Fantasy is named after part of the chorus lines of Dinner

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/anpagesixteen.html (2016-04-27)
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  • forest private view page
    5 Gallery picture 6 Gallery picture 7 Gallery picture 8 Gallery picture 9 Gallery picture 10 Gallery picture 11 Gallery picture 12 Gallery picture 13 Gallery picture 14 Gallery picture 15 Jody Giesser Courtyard garden Gallery picture 16 Lorraine Cave

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/forestpv.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Art Nouveau awards page
    the creativity and quality of the piece as well as the finishing touches They must show a good understanding of the theme set for this exhibition This also includes the importance of meeting deadlines and creating a relevant artist statement and suppling good quality photographs New Mosaic Artist First Exhibition Award Winner Friend or Foe Jody Giesser 1st Runner Up Et s il n en restait qu un Marlene Touka

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/forestpvandadwards.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 1
    clouds surrounding the moon in contrast as to the stillness of the night Artist Statement Forest Floor Shafts of sunlight streaming through the canopy of trees to the undergrowth was my inspiration for this picture and I decided to use multi textures to depict the leaf litter and mosses that made up the ground level the ferns are splashed with gold to show the sun dancing on the foliage Contact Details fiona creativejunkie gmail com Jane Baker Highly Commended Artist Statement Toucans The Year of the Forest gave me plenty of scope to mosaic a range of topics I love working with colours so I chose these Two Toucans to mosaic as they are such vibrant and exotic Birds ideal subjects to be made up in stained glass Cutting the pieces as large as possible shows the wonderful textures and colours in the glass And I decided to mount the design on clear glass as this also allows light to pass through and enhanced the picture Contact Details c o opusmosaic btconnect com Janette Black Artist Statement Red Forest I have always felt that the Silver Birch tree is seen at its best during the Winter months Throughout my mosaic I wanted to create a magical Winter scene highlighted by the distinctive white peeling bark of these attractive trees against the snow covered ground To contrast this I have created a backdrop of a red evening sky populated with silver stars Contact Details c o opusmosaic btconnect com Belinda Broadley Artist Statement Life in the Trees Life in the trees encompasses every memory and experience of wonderful trips to the woods excited and child like examining the delicate intricacy of its flora and fauna the forest dominating wild beautiful and ever changing The piece displays the seasons change and the

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/forestartistlist1.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Forest mosaic artist list 2
    our veins and arteries trees have phloem to transport sap and sugar and xylem to circulate water and minerals Theologically speaking humans are microcosms of creation we encapsulate the structure elements and qualities of the macrocosm My piece was inspired by these discoveries and by the patterns I saw in the stained cytology slides of Corylus avellana Common Hazel tiny seed beads made perfect fish scales and falling salt grains Contact Details lorrainecave yahoo com Alison Chisholm Artist Statement A Winter walk in the Forest Living in Dorset I ve often enjoyed an exhilarating winter walk in the countryside It s a wonderfully peaceful feeling to walk rhythmically steadily amongst trees that are familiar always the same which seem to continue on on as far as the eye can see I used the repetitive pattern in the trees to convey the feeling of sanctuary in our unsecure modern world I search through a stained glass artist s shed full of leftover cullet till I found as many colourful pieces as I needed Contact Details adandali gmail com Kareen Collie Artist Statement Falling Leaves These large maple type leaves are actual size I picked them up when walking by the Nantes

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/forestartistlist2.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Forest mosaic artist list 3
    Rachel Fell Artist Statement Fruits of the Forest Forest gardening and the forest as source of food and shelter is what inspired this mosaic Whilst making this I was thinking about how the nourishing of the roots even though hidden underground are equally as important as the branches growing outwards into the world that is why I made the size of the roots mimicking the height of the branches I chose green and plain glass around the higher branches to represent dappled forest sunlight Contact Details rachelfell hotmail com Alison Finch Artist Statement Birdsong I lived in Epping Forest for 28 years before moving to the Isle of Wight and one of the things I missed was the sound of birds first thing in the morning just as the sun was rising continuing well until full light The jumble of sound and silence is represented here Artist Statement Spirit of the Oak in Autumn There is an oak tree beyond the fence at the bottom of my garden a reminder of the large population of oak trees to be found in forested areas of the British Isles The rich colours are emblematic of autumn and I hoped to capture something of their beauty in this mosaic Contact Details c o Opus Mosaic Debbie Firer Artist Statement Tree of Life These works incorporate the theme of the Tree of Life a Kabbalist symbol representing the map of the human psyche the subconscious and the higher self as well as the workings of creation Two of the sefirot or spheres appear in the works the first Keter or crown is a male energy and the last Malchut or nobility is a female energy The building or temple is allegorical for the physical emotional and spiritual self The roof depicts a crown symbol

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/forestartistlist3.html (2016-04-27)
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