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  • mosaic artist list 2
    I also thought of showing this creature under a different light that of amazing beauty and fascinating symbolism Metamorphosis and mosaic seem to me deeply connected in the sense that from something like a crysalid or bits of broken glass beauty can be created in the shape of mosaic or a dazzling butterfly As for the Luna Moth American Indians believed that if you can whisper a wish in to its ear and let it fly free your wish will come true Rachel Cooke England Contact Details www rachelcooke co uk From the Sea Ocean Lava Hazards Artist Statement I am inspired to use mixed media in mosaic to evoke my vision of the natural landscape in semi abstract compositions These pieces reflect my interest in archaeology and geology evolution and erosion the layers beneath the surface and how excavations disturbs and unravels As an enviromentalist I aim to tread lightly on the earth However these pieces reflect my beliefs in the earth s power to renew itself from within I use traditional mosaic materials along side hand made ceramic pieces and found objectswith carefully mixed grouts enjoying the rawness that can sometimes be found inj the surfaces and edges Charlotte Cornish England Indian Lady Earth Health Big Wave Ocean The World its Rising Sea Temperature Climate Artist Statement Indian Lady I decided to do this piece as a sculpture as I felt it would show the strength of these women who daily carry water for miles into their villages Also I thought that these people have beautifully decorated clothes that I hope I ve shown by including the mirrored effect intermittently placed Big Wave In order to create this piece I did a bit of research on the Internet first of all I chose the subject of the Ocean

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  • mosaic artist list 3
    unique is an essential part of the awesome whole that is our planet This piece was inspired by the hazards that can be found in nature Gill Dolman E ngland Contact Details no details Moonstone Climate Artist Statement The mosaic was inspired by Hylas and the Nymphs a painting by JW Waterhouse The mosaic depicts Diana the moon nymphs holding her arms towards the moon and illustrates the power that the changing phases of the moon have on the planet earth Connie English USA Contact Details www connieenglishstudio com Cyclonic Ocean Ocean Artist Statement Tempered glass is the perfect material with which to create a mosaic that embodies Planet Earth Salvaging glass doors that would otherwise be headed for landfill I use them to create my art The fractures and thickness of the glass magnify the painting below and create an illusion of water above Nature is the inspiration for all of my art as I desire to create images that are real or imagined in unknown dimensions of the universe Cyclonic Ocean represents the circulatory system of the sea the arteries of the ocean which are the lifeblood of the planet Luke Eveleigh England Contact Details no details Britain

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  • mosaic artist list 4
    Rainwater pours of the waterproofed layers It flows down the gutters and washes into the drains and is lost to the local ground water table I have tried to convey the feeling of tranquillity of timeless movement beneath our feet as the slow meandering rainwater peculates down through the chalk to replenish the water table below The use of unglazed mosaic tiles depicts the calm non reflecting chalk in contrast to the silverbacked glass for the rain with the vitreous glass tiles for the land and sky Sylvie Foisel France Contact Details lesjibos orange fr Earth Nest of Life Earth Health Earth Nest of Life Detail Artist Statement Fragile delicate and wonderful balance In the depth as well as beyond things So tiny or so gigantic Both symphony and gestation Which permitted the apparition of Life A nest The Earth a nest of Life Precious RESPECTING THE PLANET EARTH IS RESPECTING LIFE Jane Ford England Contact Details g jford btinternet com Hotel Megacities Artist Statement THE HOTEL Incorporating Megacites and Drought Imagine that in front of this Mega hotel is a tourist resort Overlooking an azure blue sea fanned by palm trees and cooled by exotic fountains whose delicate spray

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  • mosaic artist list 5
    stained glass artists the wood is off cuts from Oak timber frame buildings I wanted the work to be bold chunky and very solid feeling but also i did not want them to look like found objects junk sculpture I think we AD Treepirate chainsaw sculptor and i have made it just the way we wanted it is to important to make a statement about our planet in any way we can and what better way than through the the medium of art and creativity Alison Hepburn England Contact Details alison nedof2h net Hidden Secrets of the Earth Deep Earth Five Fishes of the Sea Ocean Artist Statement Five Fishes of the Sea Fish and water have been recurring themes in my work I love the never ceasing movement of both the fish and the water and enjoy trying to distill all these elements into a moment in time when the fish hang still in the water suspended for a moment before they dart away Hidden Secrets of the Earth This mosaic is inspired by the colours textures patterns and fossils found in rock formations I did not want to try and copy nature directly but rather to collect these inspirations together into one piece of work This mosaic links contemporary and timeless materials made by both man and nature Joy Holden England Contact Details www jhmosaics co uk Raindrops Seasons Ammonite Artist Statement I live to walk in the countryside where I am struck by the profusion of shapes and colours which aggregate into beautiful complex patterns With my mosaics I am trying to capture the fluid nature of these patterns using hard unyielding pieces of ceramic and glass I intend my designs to stand as testament to the wonders all around us and in so doing I hope

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  • mosaic artist list 6
    sanctuary for those that remain below In the different colours and textures I have tried to capture but a hint of the vast mineral deposits and life giving nutrients available in the soil Janette Ireland E ngland Contact Details www mosaic uk com Sea Greens 1to 4 Ocean Sea Greens 5 to 8 Ocean Artist Statement Travelling by helicopter to the Scilly Isles there wasn t much to look at except the surface of the sea I tried to look for things that weren t there like whales seagulls boats swimmers What I did see was a never ending always changing pattern In Penzance I talked to a retired trawlerman now a painter of massive canvasses of sea I realised there was more to sea than a blue wash I forgot about sea until we had a large pond built into the back garden wind on water produced even more patterns My head stores these little images until the right moment comes along The resulting pebble mosaic sea was achieved with many hours of sorting green stones into different shades and hues lliev lliya lvanov Bulgaria Contact Details ilievi art mail bg Landslide Deep Earth Artist Statement My way in mosaic art is situated in the space between the NATURE and the GEOMETRY That s why the exposition of PLANET EAERTH gave me the spontaneous desire to participate in it So I wont to take part with a small and humble but typical for my artistic researches work In it the NATURE is the material itself sea stones but the GEOMETRY comes from the impression of a joke of puzzles parketing the endless plane The little pieces of glass gives an impulse of life and dynamic surprises of the mosaic The impression is for a LANDSLIDE of a stone structure

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  • mosaic artist list 7
    pyroclastic flow in Iceland was the focus of many childhood fears a symbol of the powerlessness of Humanity in the face of Nature This piece was inspired by a series of photographs of Mount Arenal in Costa Rica documenting the volcano through a dark night till dawn I have tried to create an impression of the beauty and stillness of the distant volcano wreathed in cloud as an antidote to my childhood fears Britta Kuth Germany Contact Details info mosaikstudio de Victors House Megacities Artist Statement My mosaic is inspired from a children s book I ve read years ago The story is about a man Victor who lives on an island His only friend is a gentle sea gull He felt lonely and he decided to build a bridge Then he met a factory owner who wanted to build a factory on the island Victor invited the factory workers to build their family houses on the island what they really enjoyed Than the factory owner built up a harbour for great ships and more and more tall houses were raised Victor saw the whole day people and it was very noisy The air was full of smoke Victor decided

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  • mosaic artist list 8
    planet water The beautiful azure colours of gold smalti used in reverse and mirrored glass represent the flow of water set against the natural roughness of slate representing the Earth s crust Megacity London An aerial map of London showing how the city is growing ever larger was the inspiration for this mosaic A combination of vitreous glass stained glass and mirror was used red to represent the urban sprawl green for the countryside and the iconic shape of the River Thames a silvery blue mirror Heather Macdonald England Contact Details heathermacd hotmail com Sea Cycle Detail Ocean Sea Cycle Ocean Artist Statement This mosaic represents the continuing and repetitive cycle of the ocean On one hand the ocean provides and sustains life for a wide variety of living things from plants and fish to the largest mammals known to man Equally the ocean is a threat and a danger to mankind Man can exist with the ocean but can never control the power it holds The Chinese junk which perches precariously on the huge wave is a symbol of this vulnerability as it could be engulfed by the water Meanwhile below the wave which has the power to erode

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  • mosaic artist list 9
    on the Arctic and the polar bears that live there The polar bear is a magnificent unique creature whose numbers are in recession due to the deterioration of its habitat To capture the differing shades and depth of colour I mixed three types of polymer clay The arctic waters have been worked in acrylic paint and recycled glass Noah s Friend For this exhibition I decided to concentrate on the theme of Climate Change as it affects us all Global Warming is a hot topic and can be witnessed by the unpredictability of the seasons This mosaic represents the aftermath of The Great Flood and the second dove that Noah sent out from the Ark once the waters started to recede It returned with an olive leaf signifying hope and the rejuvenation of the land I used recycled stained glass to give the piece clarity and make it look as if the dove is actually flying over the green fields Caroline McCorriston E ngland Contact Details no contact details no image Regeneration Soil Elements Soil Artist Statement I have drawn inspiration for these pieces from the damp earthy autumnal tones of rural Devon where I grew up My aim was to explore the interaction between a range of different textures tones and depths of media In Elements I also wanted to portray the juxtaposition so frequently seen in nature of linear and organic forms and particularly how the former often as a result of human activity can impose on the latter In both pieces I felt compelled to express a sense of hope of renewal and this is reflected in Elements by the uncoiling forms and in Regeneration by the energy I have tried to give the form in the lower part of the diptych Marcelo De Melo Brazil Contact

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