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  • mosaic artist list 10
    be born that magic moment of hope Jean born January 25 with two months advance is the baby of my mosaic cute and touching hero of this 2008 year he could have been born in 2007 as he was almost certain to be born prematurely anyway but he patiently waited until the end of January to say hello and also because he is so delicate and so strong already The message Care is voluntarily big within each letter is a representation of Air Water Fire and Earth through which combination and harmony lasts for millions of years and which it is urgent to care about today now Irina Naumez Germany Contact Details www mosaicnaumez com Life on Earth Artist Statement The subject of Earth its cosmic character its rotating in time and space and also its remaining warm home to everybody the mother planet giving us warmth and breath the Beautiful Blue Planet Helen Nock England Contact Details fatbats tiscali co uk Light Urchin Resources Light Urchin lit Side view Artist Statement Found and reclaimed materials play a key role in the meaning of this piece demonstrating sustainability of resources in design The materials themselves were the starting point for

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  • mosaic artist list 11
    was symbolic in and central to my life As I worked on this piece I was pregnant with my son and my partner was cultivating the land of our allotment to help us towards our goal of self sufficently How apt that in a year when Internationally we are thinking of the life of our planet Earth I can contribute this piece to the exhibition as a symbol of the Earth s power to create and sustain life Allan Punton England Contact Details www artopunto com Bombetaka Bay Detail Ocean Bombetaka Bay Detail Ocean Artist Statement Bombetaka Bay This abstract celebrates an inlet of Mozambique Channel Madagascar and is at the mouth of the Betsibaka River The inlet consists of an intricate mix of little islets that are dependent upon the clear running of the river However the area is under strain from nearby human developments Kate Rattray England Contact Details www rattraymosaics co uk The Good Earth Soil Artist Statement I live in the Somerset countryside surrounded by farmland used for crops and grazing For the last eight years my family and I have watched the combine harvester cutting the corn beside our house We are aware that this

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  • mosaic artist list 12
    info debbieryan co uk Gaia Soil Artist Statement In Greek Mythology Gaia was the Goddess of the Earth In the 1970 s James Lovelock came up with his Gaia Theory The theory proposes that the Earth behaves as if it were a superorganism made up from all the living things and from their material environment James Lovelock argues that such things as the level of oxygen the formation of clouds and the saltiness of the oceans may be controlled by interacting physical chemical and biological processes He believes that the self regulation of climate and chemical composition is a process that emerges from the rightly coupled evolution of rocks air and the ocean in addition to that of organisms Such interlocking self regulation while rarely optimal consider the cold and hot places of the earth the wet and the dry nevertheless keeps the Earth a place fit for life Lovelock adds If we see the world as a superorganism of which we are a part not the owner nor the tenant not even a passenger we could have a long time ahead of us and our species might survive for its alloted span It all depends on you and me Sally Servian England Contact Details info chesilisk com Extinction Climate Artist Statement This mosaic was inspired by climate change and Earth s ancient Stone Tape The red sun in a lava purple sky symbolizes global warming Hence uncertainty hangs over our world The life we know luxuriant and diverse expressed here by green gold jungle and blue gold ocean is threatened The Tiger an endangered species on land claws upwards while the Blue Whale endangered in the sea dives down an abyss formed from rock layers geological periods which each hold a fossil organism Our planet has seen many extinctions

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  • mosaic artist list 13
    Thornton England Contact Details no contact details Lightening 1 Hazards Lightening 2 Hazards Artist Statement I have always loved storms and it was a good chance to use my new hobby of mosaic s and combine the two Lightening is a spectacular natural hazard total raw energy that we as humans can not control A Stunning force of nature and a brilliant inspiration for this Planet Earth exhibition Nicky Tudor

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  • mosaic artist list 14
    Contact Details joveevers dsl pipex com Sedimentation Fragmentation River Bed Fragmentation Detail Artist Statement Using a fine line scratched into plaster I lay down my marks and imagery with slips in a sedimentary and modular way prior to casting and firing The resulting tiles are cut up and rebuilt into mosaics The process is gradual and the mosaic drawings evolve slowly creating their own sense of time and narrative There are parallels in the way that I work and the materials I use with the laying down of sedimentary deposits and the creation of rock strata fossils and soil trapping physical fragments and moments of time The visual content and construction of these mosaics is informed by such ideas and by an enduring interest in natural history and the making of the landscape Janet Ventre England Contact Details janet ventre housingcorp gsx gov uk Blue Ocean Ocean Volcanic Rage Hazards Icy Frenzy Climate Artist Statement Volcanic Rage Volcanoes one of the worlds natural hazards Spontaneous energy erupting from deep within the earths core and burning its way up and through the land Red hot lava flowing endlessly through rocks and crevices as it winds its way down the mountainside leaving only blackness and destruction in its wake This piece reminds us that we must learn more about the risks that volcanoes pose particularly to the communities living around them Blue Ocean Large parts of our oceans are fast becoming depleted of fish We must manage our fishing practices and protect and care about the seas that sustain our planet We must respect nature We must leave a world fit for our children This pieces represents the unsustainable over fishing of large parts of the sea due to the greed and incompetence of mankind Ice Frenzy As climate change begins the

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  • mosaic artist list 15
    around him Representing how many of us take for granted that this will always be so But will it Hidden Treasures A representation of different strata of rock some of the magical treasures our Earth has hidden within her I have used semi precious stones other materials as inclusions pockets of treasure Gold mixed rocks water oil lava stained glass rose quartz coal blue lace agate aventurine clear quartz malachite jasper turquoise howlite calcite haematite amethyst Greet Weitenburg Netherlands Contact Details www mozaiek net Friendly Fire Hazards Artist Statement Friendly Fire After the apple eaten by Eve people began to fight with whatever they found When they discovered guns our planet began to change Hazard started In the name of God Allah Yahweh weapons took over the world They changed the nature of Earth After throwing bombs plants won t grow anymore people die deserts arise Guns have become part of the environment You can find them under your pillow lying in bushes hanging on trees under the ground at the bottom of the sea They have spread over the earth like sand by the wind This work evokes the way I wish people would treat the earth Shoot flowers

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  • Heavens Above 2nd page
    Find the Exhibition Here Courtyard Main Gallery Main Gallery Main Gallery Main Gallery Carolyn In Courtyard Main Gallery Family outing Main Gallery for more pictures click on page numbers below

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  • Heavens Above private view page 3
    2 Gallery Board 3 Gallery Board 1 Gallery Board 4 Gallery Board 5 Gallery Board 6 Gallery Board 7 Gallery Board 8 Gallery Board 9 click on page numbers below

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