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  • Heavens Above private view 4
    Gallery Main Gallery Upstairs Landing Gallery area Mosaics going up the stairs from the courtyard Upstairs Landing Gallery area Mosaics going up the stairs from the courtyard Top of Stairs Gallery Shelf Orbiting Planets for more pictures click on page

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/pv2009ha/Heavensabovepvpage4.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 1
    mosaic was created from a panoramic photo taken during a balloon festival it represented a calm peaceful and colourful scene This was exactly what I wanted to re create for the Heavens Above Exhibition hot air balloons floating off quietly into the distance Celtic Cross Golden Gates to Heaven Jeanette Black It was the intricate patterns that attracted me to create this Irish Celtic cross Have you been good enough

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist1.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 17
    the movement and brilliance in these structures and embarked on a series of mosaics entitled Heavenly Bodies My Orion Nebula is one of several and utilizes a rich variety of material from cleaved dessert roses to semi precious stones smalti glass and beads This is my interruption of the Orion Nebula a small glimpse into eternity Contact Details wunshandwunsh aol com QEM School Mosaic Margaret Carney QEM School The Mosaic

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist17.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 2
    Details www cheekmosaics com This way up Mary Colson This piece started as an MDF plinth found in the B Q off cuts bin The dimensions of the wood inspired the concept of a cross section though a stylised world It has manifested as an upward progression from the fiery flames of hell through the beauty of the natural world and up to the glory of the Heavens Above Full Moon Rachel Cooke How we overestimate our miniscule powers when compared to the timeless forces of the planets How all things the seasons the tides our bodies are controlled by the moon and sun How to live in harmony with the planets and understand our purpose Inspiration and process An interest in ancient history archaeology and the natural landscape has continually inspired my work I am drawn to using a tall slim format which is suggestive of a slice of the landscape combining imagery representing the layers beneath the ground and the landscape above as though glimpsed through a viewfinder I combine materials from many sources chosen for their surface quality shape or hue often using found objects as my starting point I also make my own ceramic pieces and

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist2.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 3
    Culkin I have just started making mosaics The Beginning represents the hands of the creator forming the universe Galileo Mani Karen Culkin I am a beginner I ve decided to do a piece with a mythical theme Mani is a moon goddess from norse mythology who protects the earth from darkness This is my first attempt at making a mosaic face Budda Helen Crossfield Budda means to awaken so my

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist3.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 3
    Contact Details contact gladys mosaique fr Comet Lulin Connie English Creating art is a chance encounter with the unknown for me Regardless of what I have in mind the partnership between my chosen materials and myself often lead to unexpected results In this mystery of creation I desire to replicate something seen or unseen in the vast universe This art piece titled Comet Lulin was inspired by a true story of an odd greenish backward flying comet discovered by Qyanzhi Ye of China who as a young 7 year old boy in 1996 resolved to find his own comet one day Now 19 years old and a student of meteorology at China s Sun Yat sen University Qyanzhi Ye discovered Comet Lulin In this mosaic the colors are soft during daylight but at night it glows in the dark bringing a bit of magic from his story to life Contact Details www connieenglishstudio com Above us only sky Mirelle Eyermann As a mosaicist the theme of Heaven s above could only be inspiring I must say that the first thing that came in my mind when I thought of it was the few first sentences of Imagine the John Lennon

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist4.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 5
    is a Hubble Space Telescope view showing as the fury of a raging sea a small region within M17 a hotbed of star formation M17 also known as the Omega or Swan Nebula is located about 5500 light years Constellation Sagittarius I found these shapes and colors so marvelous that I decide to create with our magical mosaic materials Contact Details sylvie foisel gmail com Pigs do Fly Woody Fox I work mainly as a children s illustrator and so it felt appropriate to do something humorous Not being a Christian I had a bit of a problem with the word Heaven and so that s when the flying pig of joy came in I hope it makes you smile Contact Details www woodyfox co uk Heaven is to me Sold Katy Gilbrath For Heaven s Above I wanted to incorporate all the things that I would like to exist in my ideal world so ice cream cake wine children and animals and being an enthusiastic gardener flowers I have been true to myself and my eco credentials by incorporating many recycled materials including those representing me and my home town of Crieff Perthshire Crieff Pottery whisky jugs remnants from

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist5.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 6
    by profession I have only recently turned to the medium of mosaic I have been inspired by the Roman mosaics of North Africa and Cyprus in particular the use of both tone and alignments of tesserae to add weight and dimension to a realistic image In this piece I felt the tones and alignments were also depicting the gravitational curvature of space time in the modern understanding of the Universe In my Minds Eye Dawn Handy The theme Heavens Above could be interpreted as spiritual literal or as an exclamation All three interpretations could apply to my quirky freestanding sculptures I am inspired by children s art tribal art my childhood in Africa humor and by my love of bright colours bold shapes and constant wonder at the amazing world around me as well and heavens above me I love creating art from recycled materials giving new life and purpose to other people s junk I have hand cut tesserae from recycled crockery and mirrors and included glass baubles stained glass and precious stones in my designs Contact Details handylot btinternet com Heavenly Earl Grey Aimee Harmen My inspiration to make Heavenly Earl Grey came from the very title Heavens

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist6.html (2016-04-27)
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