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  • HA mosaic artist list 7
    heaven The stars depict those same loved ones shining down on us resting in peace Circle the Sun This mosaic is inspired by the geometric patterns of the mandala which has its origins in the Hindu religion Basically described as a circle with a centre radial symmetry and cardinal points to show the basic structure of creation that s reflected in the world as we know it It s a pattern commonly found in nature and is seen in biology geology chemistry physics and astronomy I wanted to create a symbolic mosaic using both the principles of the mandala and the planetary symbols commonly used in astronomy and astrology The Sun symbol is at the core of the mosaic with circles radiating out from this central point with all the other planets orbiting it Moving clockwise around the piece Earth is at the top Venus Saturn Jupiter Uranus Moon Mercury Pluto Neptune and Mars Contact Details katy lewis btinternet com Celestial Bodies Alison Hepburn Throughout history artists have looked up into the night sky and tried to interpret the complexity of colour and pattern that they see I felt that translating the ethereal beauty of the heavens into solid glass and ceramic in any figurative way could not do justice to the subject matter My inspiration came from looking at photographs taken in space and at artists interpretations from many different eras and religions bringing together all the elements that I needed to make my own tribute to the Celestial Bodies Contact Details alison nedof2h net Archangel Sandalphon Sold Archangel Shanti Sold Debbie Howard Materials Stained glass ceramic tile dichroic glass cabochons and beads semi precious stones on a hollow clay spheres approx 20cm high Fully weatherproof When the theme Heaven s Above was announced for this year s expo

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist7.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 8
    Light of the Moon 50 x 40cm This mosaic was inspired by moonlight shining down on creation to make a magical atmosphere where an exotic bird roosts and jewelled flowers blossom The raised parts have been created to give a sense of focus and depth Materials include unglazed ceramic and glass tiles milliflori and glass nuggets Contact Details angie29771 toucansurf com Save the Heaven s Above IIiev IIia Ivanov I like Your theme for this exhibition The artists must think deeply about these ideas The Heavens Above us are really amazing and beautiful But something happened in my mosaic The shape of it is in some way irregular damaged The sky spiral is trying to go out of its mathematical definite pattern There are to many falling stars and the ozone hole is a real danger We must save the Heavens Above NOW hroughout history artists have looked up into the night sky and tried to interpret the complexity of colour and pattern that they see Contact Details ilieviart mail bg Christina Kalota Robbie In the darkness of your journey in the absence of your star only hope and faith is what makes you stretch and reach for it still

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist8.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 9
    view from a spaceship with space rocks and stardust Sacred Proportion Miranda Knight God is the undeniable force in heaven God created this world in a most amazing way God was seen as a sort of divine geometer who created everything on the basis of number and proportion Indeed Saint Augustine echoed this Each thing in which you see measure number and order do not hesitate to ascribe to God as the artist Using symmetry form and proportion to justly show a segment of this beautiful and sacred world Contact Details miranda musemosaics com Michaela Krispler Angel of the Universe We are all fascinated by angels Every world religion includes them in their believe system and everyone that does not believe likes at least the idea of having a guardian angel Angels are always present in pictures books songs and even commercials And it is exactly this omnipresence that both intrigues and comforts me So all in all I would like to say it with ABBA I believe in Angels Mosaic after artwork by Gabriel Diana Bode Red Planet Bowl Sold Robin James This bowl was created as a result of being inspired by a Hubble Telescope picture of Mars

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist9.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 10
    was midday in the summer nevertheless temperature felt and the sky darkened suddenly There were thousands of people sharing the same experience as mine That is the only time I had this group spacial perception After drawing it in pastels I wanted to represent it using mosaic The infinite potential this material and this art offer has something to do with eternity Contact Details lavaillant pascal tele2 fr Le Mistral After the Storm Irit Levy All my works as an artist derive from my personal life experience In the last few years I live in Monaco With a sea view from our apartment every storm becomes a visual beauty The Mistral is a violent windy storm typical to southern France Contact Details www iritlevy com Dawn Dusk Caroline Loveys The inspiration for the mosaics came from the ever changing colours in the sky It is never just blue black grey or orange but a palette of shifting hues and colours They were created using opaque and irridised stained glass with mirrored glass to represent the stars that pepper the night sky and fade slowly with the pink sky in the morning Space Case Cosmic Collar Eve Lynch Space Case High

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist10.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 11
    dimension of the composition supports the idea of a fragile and incomplete understanding of our awesome universe Symphony of the Sun Sold Francoise Moulet The Sun piece came up to me during Summer holidays in French Tuscany country hills quiet and peaceful place where we allow us to watch the time and the stars gently passing upon our heads reading an Astronomy publication where a fabulous picture of the sun was shown The big hot heavy star whimsically turned into a small square format preciously framed into the outer space immenseness golds and colored mirrors laid along deep black unglazed ceramic Three things cannot be long hidden the sun the moon and the truth Siddhartha Gautama Contact Details f moulet gmail com Rouge Soleil Valerie Nicoladze Triptyque The design of the Mosaic came to me immediately When I look to the Heavens I see the galaxy cosmic areas I imagine it like an explosive place always in movement where you meet any sorts of varied elements and planets An omnipresent warm sun sends us its strengh of life and light I have used a mix of materials but I have chosen only warm and rich colours to render this impression

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist11.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 12
    year s exhibition So I dared to explore my own creativity and give it a go myself on the grounds of f you don t know you can t you can Focus friendship fun and laughter made it happen packed with gems of memories all the way Comete Haley Comete 1 Planete 1 Eclipse Nicole Provost My artistic way began with paints many years ago Mosaic has been discovered for

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist12.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 13
    suggest a range of connotations but one of awe springs to mind specifically when confronted with an aspect of nature or in contemplating the vastness of space The work offers a visual translation of this response Circling Flock Cygnus Kate Rattray I am always in awe of the magic and beauty of the ever changing sky and as a result it is a constant source of inspiration for my work Circling Flock originally made for air of the Four Elements mosaic exhibition illustrates a daytime sky Cygnus illustrates the constellation of the summer triangle seen in Northern night skies flying through the milky way Cygnus is the latin name for Swan and this constellation is attributed to many different versions of Greek myth The star at the head Alberio is a double star and the star at the tail Deneb is one of the brightest in the sky Contact Details www rattraymosaics co uk Telescopic Night Sky Carole Robbins This piece has been inspired by looking through a telescope Rainbow Fran Sibthorpe Rainbows God s wonderful creation Rainbows really intrigue me they seem to appear sometimes unexpectantly a welcomed phenomenon just after a storm and provide the most fantastic perfect

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist13.html (2016-04-27)
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  • HA mosaic artist list 14
    gospel according to Matthew and represents the monogram of the Greek form of Christ s name Chi Ro XP The Original can be seen in Trinity College Dublin Contact Details www opusmosaic co uk Rivers on Mars Maria Stewart My piece reflects ancient frozen rivers in amongst the swirling red dust storms He Wishes for the Clothes of Heaven Diana Storey Heavens Above made me think of a beautiful poem

    Original URL path: http://www.opusmosaic.co.uk/hamosaicartistlist14.html (2016-04-27)
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