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  • Granville Bradshaw; Panther Publishing
    Jacquleline Bickerstaff in RealClassic com Intricate detail fascinating images its not diffiult to get totally absorbed in this book A great read for any enthusiast Old Bike Mart The many achievements of Granville Bradshaw a very detailed biography PreWarCar com Carefully Researched well illustrated the motorcycle content alone makes it well worth the asking price Ian Kerr Inter bike com A remarkable picture of one of Britain s most prolific inventors Granville Bradshaw was an engineer and inventor of extraordinary vision His designs for early aeroplanes and engines The Dragonfly pioneering cars and motorcycles ABC quickly brought him fame His gambling machines made him a fortune which he then managed to lose in a shares swindle His life spanned the entire development of aviation and motor industries from the very early days right up until the classic era of the 50s This is a really detailed and absorbing book full of insight and careful research which places Bradshaw s engineering genius into the context of his time About the second edtion Although the basic facts on Bradshaw s life remain unchanged this second edition includes substantial new material especially on Walter Adams an influential engineer of his time and of his early aero engine work which led to the partnership with Bradshaw at ABC Some 50 new photos and illustrations have also been included Barry M Jones is a former industrial engineer and well known author and biographer on the history of British design and engineering Previous publications have included The Panther Story the story of Phelon Moore Editor of The Rugged Road by Theresa Wallach and her biographer The Village Bus Remembered and several works on the British tape recorder industry Contents Introduction Aviator Aero engines ABC Radial engines ABC Powered aeroplanes Post war ABC aero engines ABC motorcycles

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  • Hold On : (Book) Panther Publishing
    s life won the Best Short Film category at the Motorcycle Film Festival recently The full story of Stan s life is available as an E book sorry the printed edition has sold out and is now out of print More to Stans s book than just sidecars he s the patron of the Cairns Motorcycle Restorers Club a very entertaining read and well worth adding to your library Jim Scaysbrook in Old Bike Australia A remarkable life Classic Bike An amazing man remakable insight into the world of sidecar racing and the British motorcycle industry Well illustrated and well written a long overdue treasure Jonathan Hill in The Classic Motorcycle Excellent colour pictures and common sense views on the Bluebird Land Speed Record attempt make interesting reading no excuse for not getting a copy Mike Stanton Speed Record Club magazine Stan lives life not just to the full but right on the edge There are no words to describe someone who has been a world champion sidecar rider the one just barely in the sidecar balancing the machine with his body at 150mph Even more amazingly by then Stan had already been a professional trumpet player electrician and sailor as well as a highly respected motorcycle racer on the GP circuit He worked with some of the well known names at both BSA and Norton raced the first ever Dommie Racer helped in the successful world land speed record set by Donald Campbell in Bluebird and then became the man who did so much to introduce NGK spark plugs into the UK He even designed supermarket trolleys that handled like a Ferrari This is the remarkable story of an amazing man who has managed to fit more fun and adventure into his years than most of us would even

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  • India The shimmering Dream, Panther Publishing
    book apart are the wonderful descriptions of the people and cultures now nearly forgotten but still hugely relevant in today s age all brought evocatively to life by the wonderful photos from 1933 At that time the idea of traveling to India on a motorbike through the deserts was considered impossible there were no roads and they were attempting to cross the burning deserts in the middle of August on a tiny two stroke motorcycle with barely enough power for the bike and rider let alone a pillion passenger Gripping stuff yet perceptive and full of drama definitely a must for all travel and motorcycle enthusiasts Adventure riding at its best and one of the greatest ever motorcycle adventure books Mending a puncture Dressing for the sun Sand Fly fever and hallucinations Meeting the people Max Reisch was a 20 year old student at Vienna when he set out on this epic journey to India together with Herbert Tichy After Graduating he became a hugely successful explorer and travel writer but this book about his motorcycle expedition to Asia is arguably his best First published in German in the late 1940s and now translated by Alison Falls herself no stranger to motorcycles it has been brought to life in the English language for an international audience Contents Youthful Optimism Where does Asia begin Annoyances in Anatolia Joy and Woe in Paradise Baghdad In the Footsteps of Haroun al Rashid Caution in Karbala The First Great Crisis The Paris of the East Desert Fever and a Missionary Our Life in the Desert Letters from Home The Salt desert of Dasht E Lut The Oasis of Water Thieves The Second Great Crisis Latif Hamid and the Dynamo The Map of India How We Lost Face in the Golden Temple Grass Fires and

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  • The Last Hurrah : Panther Publishing
    Biker A touching and inspiring story well worth a watch Real Classic A riveting read Classic Bike Guide Truly enjoyed The Last hurrah the pure challenge they really experience the countries travelled through Great story Dal Smilie Chairman American Motorcyclist Association AMA Absolutely wonderful Peter Williams Motorcycling Legend 1970s Norton factory Racer The Long Way Round eat yer heart out If you haven t got it get it now its brill Graham Sherbourne Chairman Panther Owners Club Des Molloy and Dick Huurdeman look like the sort of guys who should be sedately steering a sleigh in a Santa parade not riding old single banger British bikes half way across the world through some of the most difficult and remote terrain imaginable Des s son Steve joined this intrepid pair as cameraman and general factotum for the highs and lows of an incident packed three month trek from Beijing to Arnhem on Penelope a 1965 Yorkshire made 650cc Panther and Dutch Courage a 1954 Norton 600 The route took them across the Northern most of the Old Silk Roads over the roof of the world through China Mongolia Kazakhstan Pakistan the burning deserts in Iran Turkey Greece Italy Germany and finally to Arnhem in Holland over 10 000 miles They did the last 3000 miles in about a week riding up to 12 hours a day The journey was as traumatic as it was inspiring Was this idiocy or odyssey Decide for yourself as you read Des Molloy s account of their adventures and misadventures Des Molloy lives large in the annals of Panther heroes having taken the same bike the length of South and Central America in the 1970s A career wife several children and numerous bikes later the plan was hatched for one last tilt at the world before

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  • Ken Sprayson: The Frame Man (Book)
    s really good Thanks for writing it Ken and thanks for publishing it Rollo Frank Westworth RealClassic full review and you are more than welcome Frank Ken Sprayson the man behind the welding torch at every TT for over 50 years from 1958 to 2008 and whose expertise in the design fabrication and repair of motorcycle frames is the stuff of legend Not surprisingly his services were put to good use by many of the leading riders of the day including Geoff Duke Mike Hailwood John Surtees and Jeff Smith who all used special frames made by Ken at one time or another Ken was a household name to all TT racers and just about everyone connected with motorcycles At the Isle of Man TT he repaired the ravages that the circuit wrecked on racing machinery and also a good few spectator s bikes always free and always with a smile He learnt his incredible metalworking and design skills at the Reynolds Tube Company where he also developed his deep knowledge of motorcycle frames and how to make them light and strong using welded steel tubing He developed the Earles type forks into the legendary Reynolds Racing Fork and was also constantly in demand from manufacturers such as BSA Norton Douglas and Yamaha amongst others whilst continuing to build one off specials for racers up and down the country But apart from motorcycles Ken was also involved in many other things from designing and building steel yacht masts flagpoles for tall buildings and of course the frame for Thrust 2 the British World Land Speed Record breaking car But Ken s life is so much more than this Completely self taught he epitomises how things used to be in British industry when personal skill enthusiasm and hard work seemed to

    Original URL path: http://www.panther-publishing.co.uk/default.asp?contentID=58 (2016-02-16)
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  • Lost Motorcycles : Panther Publishing
    by Panther A superb publication filled with photographs and information covering many rare makes lavishly illustrated and crammed with facts Ian Young writing in The Vintage Motorcycle VMCC magazine Looks and reads like the work of an enthusiast if you want to know more about motorcycles between the wars then this is a great place to start RealClassic The 1920s were an amazing decade in motorcycle development Lost Motorcycles of the 1920s describes in as much detail as possible over 50 of these lesser known motorcycles providing a wealth of information on makes from Abbotsford and Alwin to Turner Weaver and the Xtra Car not forgetting the many transient but somewhat better known marques such as Blackburne Radco and Raleigh for example Each model and make is described in detail and accompanied by as many illustrations as possible Lost Motorcycles also offers some fascinating and helpful insights into the many facets of motorcycling during the 1920s the roads and garages suspension tyres and clothing for example all of which helps set these motorcycles in their period and gives a real feel for what motorcycling must have been like some 80 years ago Absolutely invaluable to restorers and historians of early British motorcycles Jack Bacon edited by Roger Fogg During his life Jack Bacon assembled a vast collection of information on his great passion 1920s motorcycles and motorcycling Jack not only rode 1920s motorcycles throughout his life but also experienced the 1920s first hand as a motorcyclist which gives his writing great authenticity and authority Unfortunately Jack was not to complete his book before his death but now more than a decade later Roger Fogg has managed to assemble all the information into book form Roger like Jack rides 1920s motorcycles himself and is a well known enthusiast and authority on

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  • Motocross On AIR!:Panther Publishing
    Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show October 19 2013 Stafford Dave Bickers Jeff Smith John Banks Bryan Goss Alan Clough all were at the show In the 1960s motocross became a TV phenomenon At its peak the BBC TV Grandstand programme was watched by millions on Saturday afternoons throughout the winter it became a sensation for spectators and riders alike This is the story of the races and riders and how motocross came to be such a huge success on TV Motocross On AIR covers the complete series of races from their inception in 1963 to the end of the series in 1970 There is a full description of how motocross got started on the TV the people and characters involved including the ever popular Murray Walker Each and every race is described in detail in a way which fully reflects the challenge excitement and fun of the racing itself a real walk down memory lane Motocross On AIR has over 300 of the most fantastic motocross photos ever taken all by the top photographers of the day they alone make this book utterly compelling The Grandstand Trophy was next to winning the National Championship by far the most prestigious motocross competition in the country it gave both riders and the motorcycle manufacturers the oxygen of publicity The Grandstand Trophy attracted the best racers of the day including Jeff Smith Dave Bickers Chris Horsfield Vic Eastwood Derek and Don Rickman Dave Nicoll the Lampkin brothers Arthur and Alan John Banks Alan Clough and many more they all shine through on these pages With their skill and courage they in turn mesmerised and inspired a whole new generation of motocross fanatics Contents Winners Then Winners Now Foreword by Dave Bickers Foreword by Murray Walker The Best Of Times Introduction ABC Television Picks Up

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  • Motorcycle Track Days for Virgins : Panther Publishing
    this earlier it might have saved me some pain Tommy Hill World Supersport and former British Superbike rider A good read for somebody who s not been on track before because your first time is always scary Josh Brookes World Supersport and former World Superbike rider An absolutely must have book for all wanting to improve their riding skills on the track Track day virgins will value its straightforward and fun approach to what to expect on a track day but just about any enthusiast will find the techniques and circuit guides described here invaluable because if riding a bike is fun then riding it on the track is infinitely more There is plenty of detail on how to get cornering speeds up what s safe and what s not regulations flags and the do s and don ts of the track and of course a complete guide to all the turns and twists on the circuits as well as some details on track day companies Absolutely fascinating and a great guide for anyone novice and even the more experienced contemplating taking a bike on a racetrack whether it s a modern powerful sports bike a small lightweight machine or even a classic Contents Introduction Preparation Trackday organizers Rules and Regulations On the day On the track Riding on the track Advanced techniques When it all goes wrong Circuit guides Brands Hatch Cadwell Park Castle Combe Donnington Park Knockhill Lydden Mallory Park Oulton Park Rockingham Silverstone Snetterton Thruxton Checklist Trackday companies Author Ex racer Simon Bradley is a well known motorcycle journalist and editor of MotorbikesToday the largest online bike magazine in Europe Simon raced at club and international level until 1986 since when he has been an instructor on trackdays all over the UK and at the Nurburgring Simon

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