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  • Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 1: The Engine for BSA C15, B25, B44, B50 and Triumph TR25w
    California Magazine The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 1 The Engine for BSA C15 B25 B44 B50 and Triumph TR25w is the new updated version of the previously published Rupert Ratio Unit Single Engine Manual This new edition is identical to the previous book but has an additional section which provides some further information on the Vertical Oil Pumps Low Oil Pressure B50 Oiling C15 and B40 Steel Flywheels Wide Ratio Gears C15 B40 Distributor Engine Inner Timing Cover 1959 to 1964 Clutch Centre Base Plate B25 Tuning Tips and Tuning Tips to make the umble ceefer fly Armed with this book even the least experienced spanner man will be able to not only rebuild a BSA Unit Single but make it go better and more reliably than even BSA thought possible This book quite literally takes the BSA and Triumph Unit Single engine apart then it shows how to rebuild the engine correctly The book includes wiring diagrams complete specifications hundreds of illustrations a wealth of invaluable advice and tuning tips to make your unit single perform The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 1 The Engine will also be of interest to all BSA enthusiasts since it charts the development of one of the last and most successful machines to come out of Small Heath Long after the factory closed Unit Singles were still a competitive force in trials and motocross riding and many are still used for that purpose today Rupert Ratio is a long time contributor to the journal of the BSA Owners Club The Star on technical matters relating to BSA Motorcycles He is also one of the many Agony Uncles for membes of the club i e a technical consultant who can offer advice and assistance to club memebers when their beloved Beesas

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  • Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 2 Everything But The Engine: Panther Publishing
    Manual Volume 2 Everything But The Engine for BSA C15 B25 B44 B50 and Triumph TR25w does exactly what it says covers every model and every variation from the beginning to the end of the Unit Single production run This is the most comprehensive restorers guide to the Unit Single there is a goldmine of invaluable information and advice for all owners of unit singles in both BSA and Triumph variations Here you will find a complete description of every component and system of every BSA Unit Single C15 B40 B25 B44 B50 and Triumph TR25w including all the myriad detailed factory modifications the reasons for the changes modern equivalents especially paints and modifications to improve roadworthiness if it is a Unit Single then the answers are here This is of course the companion volume to the very well known The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 1 The Engine Volume 2 Everything But The Engine covers in considerable detail every component for every model including those destined for the US and other export markets Here you will find comprehensive descriptions of all the frames tanks wheels tinware stands brakes suspension seats exhausts electrics paint colours and finishes electrics controls instrumentation tools and even the nuts and bolts An essential book for restorers and also for those who are seeking to improve their machines through the use of modern parts and techniques Amazingly detailed and well illustrated with a colour section for the transfers decals this book is a real boon to owners of BSA and Triumph Unit Singles Contents Foreword Identification Frames Shock Absorbers Front Forks Brakes Hubs and Wheels Chains and Sprockets Exhaust Systems Stands Seats Petrol Tanks Oil Tanks and Lubrication Side Panels Central Tinware and Air Filters Mudguards Paints Finishes and Transfers Nuts and Bolts Electrics

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  • Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual Volume 3: Lesser Known Models
    Triumph Thruxton Bonneville 1959 1969 Velocette Since 1950 When Rosie met Anneka Where BSAs Dare We ve all been there Clubmans TT Leading Links E Books Touching The World Audio Book The Artic by Panther Black Sea by Panther This third volume in the Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual examines those BSA and Triumph Unit Singles which were made in low volumes or for special orders for overseas markets the military and police It aims to fill many of the small gaps in the Unit Single story by covering the low volume models which are usually overlooked Not strictly a manual since the procedures for disassembly repairs re assembly and parts identification have been described in detail in Volume 1 The Engine and Volume 2 Everything But The Engine Volume 3 Lesser Known Models describes why these models were made and the differences between them and the more common Unit Singles Where available specialised BSA Parts Lists are reproduced to ensure the restoration enthusiast has as much information as possible to restore these models to the original specification The book covers the C15 Trials Pastoral a number of Police Models Military Prototypes The C15 trials and scrambles Special models the B44GP TR25wC and B44VSC and the elusive B25 Woodsman only ten of which were ever made It includes rare original BSA parts lists for these less than common models and additionally for the more common models interim dealers parts lists covering the years when no standard parts books were produced by BSA Volume 3 completes the three volume work The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Manual and will be an invaluable publication to those lucky enough to own one or more of the rare models which have found their way into these pages Take a look at Rupert Ratio s other

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  • Spark Plugging the Classics
    Since 1950 When Rosie met Anneka Where BSAs Dare We ve all been there Clubmans TT Leading Links E Books Touching The World Audio Book The Artic by Panther Black Sea by Panther Simply the best guide there is on how to read spark plugs to diagnose engine faults and to select the correct grade of plug for your engine It explains the differences between modern plugs and those from the classic period and shows how to select modern plugs for use in older engines This short booklet simply explains everything most classic owners need to know about spark plugs the types available the difference between hot and cold plugs and the relationship to the ignition system such as coil or magneto All the likely states of your spark plugs are illustrated explained and remedies suggested and there is also a table of the common plug equivalents showing hotter and colder plugs Highly illustrated in full colour throughout a must have for all owners of classic vehicles cars or bikes Spark Plugging The Classics can be seen in sample form here Sorry free trial has now ended Club discounts available on orders for 5 or more just contact rollo panther publishing com to discuss your requirements Stan Dibben spent 25 years in the spark plug industry when many of today s classics were still in everyday use He gave spark plug application advice across the whole range of engines cars motorcycles and motor sport to garages and owners Before that Stan was a racing motorcyclist and Sidecar World Champion worked for both BSA and Norton and started life as a professional electrician and musician he even found time to help Donald Campbell and Bluebird to a World Land Speed Record All this and more is in Stan s autobiography Hold

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  • Superbikes and the 70s: Panther Publishing
    those heady days It tells the story of a Britain emerging from the dull grey years of post war austerity into the colourful gritty and psychedelic reality of the 70s Despite a backcloth of dubious fashion rampant inflation oil embargoes and wild cat strikes these lightening fast chromium plated polychromatic motorcycles suddenly became affordable in an age of full employment For motorcyclists the 70s meant reliable beautifully designed machines delivering record shattering performance Superbikes and the 70s brings this all home However it isn t just about the bikes It s about their times too as reflected in its popular culture politics and the people key to the story of superbikes the engineers and designers the larger than life racers like Dick Mann Gary Nixon Barry Sheene and Paul Smart the dealers and salesmen and the industry s titans Edward Turner and Soichiro Honda It gets behind the scenes to give the full story of bikes like the Triumph and BSA triples including the Vetter designed Hurricane the Honda CB750 the awesome Gold Wing and the outrageous six cylinder Honda CBX1000 and Kawasaki Z1300 megabikes There is also the seriously mad Kawasaki Mach III and Mach IV two stroke triples Ducati s remarkable Daytona winning 750 twin Laverda s hairy chested Jota and of course Milwaukee s XLCH Sportster the seed of the Harley come back Written by Dave Sheehan Superbikes and the 70s is well illustrated and packed with anecdotes and a wealth of thoroughly researched detail The author presents the story from the perspective of those involved at the time the outcomes of whose decisions were by no means certain with the result that the narrative reads like a thriller A recurring thread throughout the book is Cycle magazine s seminal Superbike 7 comparison tests in 1970 and 1973 which demonstrated that superbikes were changing riders no longer had to sacrifice civility comfort and reliability in the pursuit of handling speed and acceleration Superbikes and the 70s is their story Contents and Bikes Covered Foreword by Les Williams Introduction Edward Turner and the Speed Twin the template for an industry Hopwood and Hele secretly develop a three cylinder superbike to replace Turner s twins Honda and Triumph the race to launch the first 750 multi cylinder superbike The Honda CB750 steals the show but BSA Triumph hit the market first Kawasaki develops a superbike British triples break speed records and CB750 sales soar Kawasaki s Mach III the world s quickest motorcycle cycle s superbike 7 and the Trident gets a makeover The Trident wins USA s first 24 hour race and Doug Hele has five months to prepare the Triples for Daytona Dick Mann on the Honda CR750 beats BSA Triumph at Daytona 1970 and wins again in 71 for BSA Triumph The Kawasaki 750 Mach IV and the Suzuki GT750 two takes on two stroke triples Kawasaki launch the Z1 Cycle returns to Orange County for a superbike rematch Ducati 750 L twin wins Imola 200

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  • Third Wheel Sidecars and TrikesPanther Publishing
    Book The Artic by Panther Black Sea by Panther THIS BOOK IS NOW OUT OF PRINT Almost everyone has a fascination with sidecars and trikes Eccentric even distinctly odd perhaps but who hasn t experienced the urge to take a closer look possibly even to ride one if only once This book is a guide for those willing to take that plunge into the unknown and fit a sidecar or convert a bike to a trike It takes the reader through the types of bike that are suitable old British singles to modern Japanese and US superbikes the kinds of sidecar and trikes available and their advantages and disadvantages how to fit them and set them up and how to ride and enjoy them for what they are neither motorcycle nor car but something uniquely different strangely practical and immense fun There is also a very detailed guide to trike and sidecar suppliers accessories and a myriad of websites for further help advice and information This is a perfect book for all sidecar and trike enthusiasts and all those just interested in these wonderfully eccentric vehicles Complete with a great many photos from the earliest sidecars to today s remarkable and luxurious three wheel machines Simon Potter hails from the Channel Isles and is an accomplished author of academic audio books poetry technical works a novel and articles for papers and magazines He is a member of the Society of Authors Simon is heavily involved with amateur dramatics and has directed nearly fifty plays and musicals He piloted his first trike a Villiers powered Barford at the age of twelve and has seldom been without two and three wheelers of some sort since 1972 driving and riding solo all over Europe and North America He is a long term member

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  • Touching The World: Panther Publishing
    simple tale of motorcycle adventuring Touching the World is a personal exploration of what can be versus what is Birchall and Smith s journey is remarkable their shared experiences told with humility and compassion Emotionally tender humorous sometimes depressing and always insightful Touching the World proves that life is indeed what you make of it Motorcycle Classics Touching the World is very well written By the end of the first couple of chapters I felt as if I knew Cathy and Bernard By the end of the book I liked and admired two people I ve never met If you enjoy Ted Simon s books then you ll love it It s insightful informative entertaining and in places very moving funny and sometimes a combination of both It deserves a wider audience than it will probably get as a bike travel book Dave Blendell Real Classic Cathy s courage has been truly inspirational for many blind and partially sighted people across the world Stephen Remington CEO Action for Blind People an incredible and inspirational story Ride Cathy Ride Ted Simon author of Jupiter s Travels Cathy Birchall is the first blind person ever to circumnavigate the globe on a motorcycle covering 26 385 miles 31 countries and 5 continents with her companion Bernard on an 18 year old motorcycle Motorcycle Adventure and courage all the way From feeling the traffic passing so close it touches you as you ride through Indian cities to mounting an elephant from the front yes really in Nepal and climbing the mountain at Macchu Picchu in Peru with its innumerable steps and vertiginous drops Touching the World takes you on a journey of extraordinary beauty and interest full of surprises It is unique in the perspective it takes because Touching the World is written from Cathy s point of view that of a blind woman Men do not want you if you are blind why would you want to be with a blind woman asks Neena at the Centre for Blind Women in Delhi as Cathy and Bernard experience some heart wrenching cultural differences where a blind woman was considered doubly afflicted and worthless Their old BMW motorcycle keeps breaking down and you feel for Bernard as the lights dim in Malaysia and the bike grinds to a halt with a dead battery But somehow they keep the bike going and in this they were often helped by the unwavering kindness of strangers From border guards guiding Cathy s hand to the bike to anchor her in a strange place to Glen helping perform open heart surgery on the bike in the Nullarbor desert the natural generosity of people is vividly portrayed What is it like to be blind Touching The World challenges our perceptions of our own boundaries as well as those of others and portrays vividly just what it means to be blind in a way that has never before been attempted It gives you a real insight into the nature of blindness

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  • Travelling with Mr Turner: (Book) Panther Publishing
    to Martin Jones TOMCC Nacelle Winter is a good story teller writing with detail wit and self deprecating humour and this book is peppered with classic quotes that elevate the tale RealClassic Magazine Read full review here Mr Winter s pleasant narrative style soon draws you in Best Of British Magazine Read it Old Bike Mart The writing style encourages one to keep reading and the further I read the better it got Centerstand Magazine I couldn t put the book down I must congratulate you on a fantastic read Editor Daimler And Lachester Owners Club All I can say is if you want a thoroughly enjoyable trip through early 1950s motorcycling while finding out more of the legend that was Edward Turner then this is a must read Be warned though it will not last long enough and leave you wanting more of the same Ian Kerr See full review on Inter Bike When lawyer Nigel Winter takes a few days off to follow in the tyre tracks of one of England s greatest engineers on his way from Land s End to John O Groats he finds far far more than he expects For Mr Turner designed the motorcycle that powered Marlon Brando to fame in The Wild One and also the Triumph Bonneville so beloved of sixties tearaways Travelling with Mr Turner throws wide open a portal into another world As the author travels north you begin to feel the ghost of Mr Turner and his larger than life personality peering out of the pages Behind him looking on are the multitude of ordinary working people from the 1950s and 1960s their fears and hopes and the weird and wonderful class prejudices and management styles of the day And as they ride towards John O Groats the

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