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  • Road Racing History of the TRIUMPH 500 Unit Twin: Panther Publishing
    feeling of life and immediacy This is one book about Triumph motorcycles that I can definitely recommend Martin Jones Nacelle assistant Editor From Tim Britton of Old Bike Mart July 2010 For a factory whose boss was so against racing Triumph seem to be remarkably good at it and all the while using the most mundane of engines Most of the inspiration for racing the unit construction 500cc engines machines seems to have come from the USA where Edward turner s fearsome wrath was diluted a little In his book Claudio Sintich details the start of the programme that would eventually lead to Daytona 200 wins Percy Tait s GP 500 and any number of specials Naturally how the factory did it features highly and if you re in the process of constructing a unit engine even for the road then there will be information here for you Inside this book are details of races the highs the lows of putting a push rod twin into the highest category of racing the characters involved their escapades and well even if you re not into Triumph 500s this book is still an entertaining read Go buy it A wonderful book on the amazing road racing history of the fast but fragile Triumph 500 unit twin From the Daytona successes of the mid 60s to the end of the factory racers including that fantastic second place to Agostini and the mighty MV in 1969 this book details the full history of the Triumph 500 unit twin racers The story is told as much through the hundreds of period photos as in the carefully researched text but wherever possible the words are those of the main protagonists themselves the incomparable racers Percy Tait in the UK and Gary Nixon in the USA the Triumph racing team including Les Williams Jack Shemans and Arthur Jakeman for example and also the privateers such as David Kirby Rob Prior and Dave Degens of Dresda fame amongst many others This is a book full of insight into those golden racing days for the little 500 unit twin But perhaps just as interesting is the insight into the factory team that created this success with so little support from senior management but which would later become the nucleus of the team which built the legend of the triples such as Slippery Sam Complete with a great many photos many never before published this is a real gem Book Launch at Beezumph 2010 some famous names from Triumph s illustrious past came along to sign copies of the Road Racing History of the Triumph 500 Unit Twin Left to Right Fred Swift Claudio Sintich the author Don Emde Les Williams Steve Jolly Arthur Jakeman Bill Fannon Gary Nixon 9 David Kirby Rob Prior The bikes Bike No 1 is Percy Tait s bike lent to us for the event by the National Motorcycle Museum Thanks to the NMM and to Les Williams for bringing the bike up to Anglesey

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  • Triumph Thruxton Bonneville 1959 - 1969: Panther Publishing
    the Doug Hele effect and the race seasons where the Thruxtons ruled the roost I can state without reservation that all Triumph enthusiasts will enjoy this book especially those who have owned do own or have raced a Bonneville Buy a copy From Nacelle the magazine of the Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club The Thruxton Bonnevilles are a batch of 52 bikes built by Triumph in 1965 to meet new homologation requirements in production racing only about another one hundred or so were built Because they were referred to in the build books as made to Thruxton specification these bikes became known as Thruxton Bonnevilles but not by Meriden Although built supposedly to the homologation rules of the time the factory included many parts not generally available to the public in common with most other manufacturers They were very successful racing machines capable of sustained high speeds and with the handling to match After Edward s Turner retirement in 1966 his no racing attitude was changed by his successor to the Win on Sunday sell on Monday approach prevalent in the USA In 1967 the news of a new class for Production machines in the Diamond Jubillee TT races on the Isle of Man gave new life to the Bonneville At Meriden a new version was built and John Hartle came in first More success at the TT followed in 1969 when Malcolm Uphill completed the first 100mph plus lap and averaged 99 99mph in winning the race on a Thruxton This book describes how the Bonneville was conceived the design modifications carried out by the factory including detail on special works only parts for racing race preparation and their immensely successful racing campaigns especially at Thruxton after which the bike was named Montjuich Park in Barcelona and the Isle

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  • Velocette Since 1950 ; Panther Publishing
    500 Triumph Thruxton Bonneville 1959 1969 Velocette Since 1950 When Rosie met Anneka Where BSAs Dare We ve all been there Clubmans TT Leading Links E Books Touching The World Audio Book The Artic by Panther Black Sea by Panther NOW OUT OF PRINT Velocette is one of the legendary British motorcycle manufacturers In their day few other machines of the period could go as fast for as long or handle as well as a big Velocette single It is a Velocette that holds the distinction of being the first bike to achieve 100 mph for 24 hours This book provides detailed information on all of the large singles produced and how they changed over the years It also gives a comprehensive description of the history of the company from 1950 until final closure in 1970 This is a fascinating and definitive account of Velocette which will interest all those who love old British bikes and one which no Velocette owner should be without Velocette Since 1950 The Big Singles is reprinted with permission from an earlier work by Steve Wilson British Motorcycles since 1950 first published in 1992 by Patrick Stephens Ltd an imprint of Haynes Publishing Company and now out of print Steve Wilson is the author of British Motor Cycles since 1950 a six volume survey of British Motorcycles and also many other titles about classic bikes and the pleasure to be had from riding them Steve is a full time journalist writing about classic bikes and cars and has a regular column in Real Classics When he is not writing about classic bikes he is most likely to be found riding one of his BSAs Contents Velocette Ltd MAC 350 new MSS Venom Viper and Thruxton Venom singles Production dates Specifications MAC Viper 1954 on MSS

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  • When Rosie met Anneka : Panther Publishing
    Triumph Thruxton Bonneville 1959 1969 Velocette Since 1950 When Rosie met Anneka Where BSAs Dare We ve all been there Clubmans TT Leading Links E Books Touching The World Audio Book The Artic by Panther Black Sea by Panther the best book of its type I have read in decades Classic Bike Guide I passed it to my nine year old son a young man of few words who pronounced it good Old Bike Mart this is a great little book Street Biker If only a motorbike could talk And in this charming beautifully illustrated story they can Or at least one very special bike does a BSA A10 called Anneka that s nearly 50 years old and in need of some tender loving care But Anneka only talks to Rosie as she and her father struggle not only to restore the bike but also to find an answer to the age old mystery of the 3000 year old White Horse at Uffington in Oxfordshire the one thing which can save her Dad s job at the local university archaeological department A lovely book sure to spark interest in the ancient places and monuments of England as well as one which shares fully the joy of motorcycling and classic motorcycle restoration Steve Wilson is a well known journalist who regularly writes for Classic Bike Guide and is the author of many books on motorcycling and several novels Here he turns his hand to writing for children in a book that will appeal not just to children but to their Dads and Mums not to mention Grandparents and all who own and ride motorcycles especially BSAs Series White Horse Mysteries 1 Readership Children ages 8 12 and Dads Mums and GrandDads When Rosie Met Anneka Steve Wilson Illustrations by Jacinthe Betts

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  • Where BSAs Dare: Vanhouse
    ISDT Golds and Maudes Trophy Norman Vanhouse Foreword by Jeff Smith MBE Brings back memories crowding in on all sides a book which needed to be written penned by a craftsman Jeff Smith Superb Maudes Trophy achievement Murray Walker One achievement of the Small Heath folk must never be forgotten the best Maudes of all Bob Currie This is a book with an unusual combination an imaginative and heroic story and a thorough piece of historic research Highly Recommended Jim Reynolds A recommendation that every OBM reader buy a copy of Norman Vanhouse s book Pete Kelly Editor Old Bike Mart NOW AVAILABLE In 1952 BSA wanted to publicise their new 500cc Star Twin So what better way than to set the bike a nearly impossible task They took three standard BSA A7 bikes and under Auto Cycle Union observation rode them to Austria entered the 1952 ISDT International Six Days Trial considered the Olympics of endurance motorcycle sport at the time won three Golds then rode the same bikes north through Germany Denmark and Sweden to Oslo in Norway where they undertook a speed test knocking up over 80mph on each bike whilst on low gearing suitable for the ISDT in which they had just competed and all this in just over three weeks and mostly in unrelenting rain Then they rode the same bikes back to Birmingham This dramatic and compelling story is told by Norman Vanhouse one of the three riders involved and really gives a feel of what it must have been like This feat of endurance and reliability of both man and machine is probably still unmatched in the modern era The book also includes a history of the Maudes Trophy itself from 1923 to the last attempt to win the Trophy in1994 which provides

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  • We've all been there : Panther Publishing
    Mr Turner Triumph 500 Triumph Thruxton Bonneville 1959 1969 Velocette Since 1950 When Rosie met Anneka Where BSAs Dare We ve all been there Clubmans TT Leading Links E Books Touching The World Audio Book The Artic by Panther Black Sea by Panther Sorry this book is now out of print This collection of cartoons celebrates those magical moments when things don t quite go right disasters in the garage breakdowns and the many moments of acute embarrassment and guilt which seem to plague us all Of course these are the moments that become stories told and retold until we too find ourselves in danger of becoming a character in one of Spider s cartoons Spider has a long association with motorcycles beginning in the 50s the golden age of classic bikes and continuing to the present day His cartooning career spans the same period but it has only been since his retirement from his job as a scientist that the two have come together Sample Two Page Spread from We ve All Been There Contents Forward by Frank Westworth Spider a brief history The pleasures of classic bikes We ve all been there The hazards of riding a classic

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  • Clubmans TT: Panther Publishing
    BSAs Dare We ve all been there Clubmans TT Leading Links E Books Touching The World Audio Book The Artic by Panther Black Sea by Panther Published by Amulree Publications Everyone with an interest in motorcycle racing or in motorcycles of the Classic era has heard of the Clubman s TT If asked no doubt many could add some recollections from magazine articles describing these races held in the Isle of Man in the years following the Second World War But question further and it is likely that apart from remembering that the races were dominated by the BSA Gold Star and maybe that Geoff Duke and Bob McIntyre took part in the early races little else would be known The History of the Clubman s TT Races 1947 1956 gives a race by race account of the series with full race results a full list of riders and their entrant clubs supplemented by many photographs illustrating the breadth of talent and machines that were pitted against the world famous TT Mountain Course and for one year the 10 79 mile Clypse Course In addition there are over 20 from the saddle articles by riders and a foreword by Bernard

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  • Leading Links : Panther Publishing
    Sea by Panther Internet links of interest to motorcyclists and Panther Publishing Ltd Overland Magazine is a beautifully produced mag for all interested in motorcycle travel and adventure Reviews some cracking books too Fifties Road Trip Adventure as it was Nigel Winter Author of Travelling with Mr Turner has a motorcycling father who went on some interesting trips in the fifties and these are some of the great photos from the time and an account of the trip Cracking stuff BritBike com They don t come any better than this a website entirely devoted to classics and run by a BSA enthusiast Discussions news new products and just about everything thing you could want Sump Magazine internet magazine full of interesting stuff on classics Amulree Wonderful site on the TT especially the racing history and also about the Isle of Man itself Royal Enfield Books Undoubtedly The site for Royal Enfield Books Indian Riders Motorcycle Club Great site for lovers of Indian motorcycles Horizons Unlimited Undoubtedly the site for motorcycle adbventure all the stories practical advice and help you need to plan and execute your own trip And they must be good because they even invited me to speak at some of their meetings Motorbikes Today Excellent site with lots of good bike stuff and reviews the right books RealClassics Independent magazine on classic bikes Vintage Bikes Great site devoted entirely to vintage and classic bikes Full of intersting stuff and good links and they review the right books take a look at what they say about ours Classic Motorbikes net New site on most things classic including ads pictures forum etc Classic Bikes Interesting site full of good stuff and helpful technical advice for classic bike enthusiasts MAG Motorcycle Action Group Riders rights organisation Panther Publishing is a member

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