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  • Panther Publishing E-Books
    Touching The World Travelling with Mr Turner Triumph 500 Triumph Thruxton Bonneville 1959 1969 Velocette Since 1950 When Rosie met Anneka Where BSAs Dare We ve all been there Clubmans TT Leading Links E Books Touching The World Audio Book The Artic by Panther Black Sea by Panther Panther Publishing will be producing E Book versions of most of our books in 2012 and 2013 in both Kindle MOBI and E PUB formats E Books as they come available will be sold through most E Book retailers worldwide including Amazon Kindle Angus Robertson Apple Barnes Noble Nook BookU Easons Kobo Waterstones WH Smith and many more see below Books now available include the following others will be added as they become available The Rugged Road India The Shimmering Dream Touching The World Hold On FULL LIST OF EBOOK RETAILERS Amazon France Amazon Germany Amazon Italy Amazon Spain Amazon UK Amazon US Angus Robinson Barnes Noble Nook store Blio Reader Books A Million booksonboard com Bookstrand BOOKU Bookworld Buy com Ciando eBooks Dell Book Stage Digitalbok no Eason and Son eBaekur eBook nl ereader com Exclusive Books fnac HP iBookstore iTunes Australia iTunes Austria iTunes Belgium iTunes Bulgaria iTunes Canada iTunes

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  • Touching The World Audio
    Time 19hrs ISBN 978 1 909213 11 1 Price 28 00 We pay your VAT Supplied as a download only To buy this audio book please click the button at the top of the page Please note the download file is approx 1gb and may take a while to download depending on your broadband connection Terms of use This audiobook is for personal use only Cathy s courage has been truly inspirational for many blind and partially sighted people across the world Stephen Remington CEO Action for Blind People Cathy Birchall is the first blind person ever to circumnavigate the globe on a motorcycle covering 26 385 miles 31 countries and 5 continents with her companion Bernard on an 18 year old motorcycle Motorcycle Adventure and courage all the way From feeling the traffic passing so close it touches you as you ride through Indian cities to mounting an elephant from the front yes really in Nepal and climbing the mountain at Macchu Picchu in Peru with its innumerable steps and vertiginous drops Touching the World takes you on a journey of extraordinary beauty and interest full of surprises It is unique in the perspective it takes because Touching the World is written from Cathy s point of view that of a blind woman Men do not want you if you are blind why would you want to be with a blind woman asks Neena at the Centre for Blind Women in Delhi as Cathy and Bernard experience some heart wrenching cultural differences where a blind woman was considered doubly afflicted and worthless Their old BMW motorcycle keeps breaking down and you feel for Bernard as the lights dim in Malaysia and the bike grinds to a halt with a dead battery But somehow they keep the bike going and

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  • reached the Arctic Into Finland with the snow on the mountains JUNE 16 So here I am up in Tromso waiting to meet up with Elaine at the airport tomorrow I have a Norwegian hut not the cheapest by a long shot and the weather is now clear and fairly warm Several other bikers on the site come and say hello and I stroll over to my neighbors on a GS and Yam FJR They have been to NordKapp so we chat about the roads weather and my going up that way and how cold it is getting up there Then I check my emails amazingly the campsite has wifi quite how I don t know Unfortunately this gives me a nasty shock as there is a problem with my business and it looks as if I will have to get back earlier than I was planning This means Tromso will be as far north as it goes but in view of the cold I was not that keen it is the midnight sun I have come to see not the expensive tourist trap of Nordkapp Meeting up with Elaine means riding through Tromso to the airport This means a surprising trip under the town I was actually trying to go to the centre to take a quick look round They seem to have hollowed out Tromso and put in a subterranean road system complete with roundabouts Bizarre and rather confusing I need several attempts but eventually make the airport link up with Elaine and find our place to stay which is part of a large house on an island about 25 miles from Tromso It is very quiet no need to lock up the landlord tells us so we don t and in the bright sunshine pretty well idyllic We spend a few days here watching birds Ruff Scua short eared Owl and Ptarmigan amongst many others The Ruff are truly bizarre as they do their mating thing involving holding themselves very still at odd angles with heaps of fluffy feathers festooned around them This has involved getting up at the crack of dawn but here there is no such thing as dawn I don t know if we are going early or very late On the one clear night we drive over to the far side of the island to see the midnight sun This has been the first night when I could do this as every other night has been cloudy since crossing the Arctic Circle Anyhow the sight is dramatic incredible light absolutely dazzling sunlight as the sun hangs about 10 degrees above the horizon and astronomy being nothing if not predictable it does not set A great site and the highpoint of the trip Leaving here I have to start heading south now in a roundabout sort of way so go to Narvik which I don t visit but the views from the mountains are good if not spectacular in the drizzle Pouring past me and heading north are literally 100s of bikes My left arm gets tired of waving I am told they are all going to NordKapp They are overwhelmingly large touring machines Gold Wings Harleys BMW GSs etc They mostly manage to ignore my elderly Panther completely I can t find any mention of a large rally on at Nordkap and am a little glad I am not heading up there today as large gatherings like this are not my taste Then I turn left and head for a mining town called Kiruna which I am told they are going to move every building to a news site where the minerals have not yet been exhausted Should be interesting On the way the landscape is really fantastic From precipitous mountainsides it has turned in the blink of an eye into rounded mountain tops full of jumbles of boulders and small lakes with a vast assortment of small wooden houses dotted around It is quite a site and I try and take a few pictures but I doubt anything gives a true impression of the scale I decide to quit for the day book into a place and go for a lengthy hour walk in this area It is sort of strange to realize you can t get lost in the dark up here as dark will not be happening The midnight sun Strange landscape on the way to Kiruna below detail from above picture JUNE 19 It is cold again the next morning which is not too surprising really as it was cold last night I am well above the tree line and there is still snow on the ground outside The bike takes a little coaxing into activity but then fires up and off I go into the drizzle Kiruna may not be far down the road but it certainly feels it in the damp and the cold It also sort of smashes you in the face when you arrive because the town is just dwarfed by the mine works They are several orders of magnitude it seems larger than the town which houses 20 000 people By Midday I am in the town centre dripping water over the immaculate tourist info centre trying to find a place to stay and something about the wholesale moving of the entire town They recommend the youth hostel to me and sure enough the nice young woman lets me in I think I am the youngest as well as the oldest inhabitant today The mine is just awesome At first coming in you think it is an open cast mines where they are just chewing their way through a mountain of ore In fact it is not quite like that at all it is a deep mine but not at all like anything I have ever heard of before They are mining Magnetite which is more or less solid iron And there is a vast slab of this stuff hanging like a curtain more

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  • brand new so can t be failing yet surely Arriving in Mohacs in south Hungary the engine is clanking like a good un so decide to stay in a hotel with communications and English speakers might be invaluable if expensive and there are no camp grounds anyhow Very depressed I start contacting friends in England re bearings and attempt to contact an Hungarian with a workshop He wisely does not answer but at least I know the bearing numbers and might be able to affect a repair Sunday spent waiting for above trying to find a local workshop difficult when you don t know the Hungarian for workshop or bearing come to that walking down the Danube and learning that Mohacs is the site of a big battle many moons ago which kept those Turks out of Europe Its actually a rather pretty place and in better times I could warm to it Monday dawns bright and clear but it s a public holiday in Hungary so I sadly resolve to head back towards the UK and ring the breakdown people when its obvious to a deaf man that something is badly amiss Amazingly the noise is not quite as bad this morning and in the next 100 miles wears off until the bike is once again purring along Never experienced anything like it I can continue but am now many miles off course and heading in the wrong direction So trimming the sails accordingly I head off north of Budapest and run with the wind along the Danube Its warmish but by no means hot enough not to wear a few layers but much better than it has been and so far dry Of course that thought brings on a sprinkling of rain but not up to snuff compared to recent days I make about 300 miles today and am now back on course Stopping for the night in Hvatna in Hungary I meet up with a Byelorussian couple making their way home from the FIM rally on the adriatic coast somewhere We swap stories in a mixture of English German occasional French and Russian The beer aids comprehension Romania June 2 Next morning in cool but dry thank the gods sunshine I bash on for Romania Every time I tell people I am going to Romania they shake their heads and give me terrible warnings about the place but hopefully they will turn out to be people just like everyone else Not too surprisingly they do The border guards even want to see my passport shake their heads in amazement and tell me the Black Sea is a long way away Its actually only another 800kms plus from the border and I have now done 2750 miles or more so quite a short hop it seems to me The sun has now disappeared and its raining slightly again as I enter Satu Mare to change money and see my first Romanian town Ye Gods That fool has just forced me on to the pavement and that pothole is an open manhole cover which could swallow my Panther whole In a while I adapt and ride much more aggressively and all is well People all point at me and one chap shakes me by the hand for being the first Brit to ride these roads on an old bike Probably an exaggeration but make me feel good all the same Surprising amount of English spoken too The Romanian towns look like a large and abandoned rubbish tip with dysfunctional and derelict factories and the most appalling buildings wherever you look The town centres in some towns at least seem to have been left alone and are a delight Camping is apparently not an option all the Romanians have said don t do it so perhaps I won t here either Drat And in the worsening weather I push on for Dracula land Romania and The Black Sea Romania looks and feels different Every small village on the road seems rather drab and have one thing in common The moment you enter a village or a town the road surface disintegrates Sometimes it is just bad but hit a big town and the ruts potholes etc enlarge to mega truck size There are also very few bikes in Romania so they are quite unused to bikes weaving their way between the worst of the disasters calling itself a road They think I am suicidal and I think the local drivers are a bunch of lunatics Honour about even I suspect As in Hungary but even more marked here the moment you come into a town its full of traffic leave and there is practically none The flatlands start to give way to hills and bends in the road as I head steadily East The plan was to avoid the big towns by taking the little roads to skirt round them where possible This plan lies in tatters sometimes the surface on these roads is so bad it is almost impossible to make any headway The old rigid can probably cope with it as it was designed in the days of dirt roads but the luggage and I are a different prospect With no rear suspension these roads become hard work and things start breaking well the horn fell off when its bracket sheared I decided in a lifetime of such weakness that I prefer some comfort and stick to the main roads which generally are good between the towns At one point I run into a Police speed trap or something and out hops a policeman signalling me to a stop He has not really allowed for 60 year old brakes and I am quite pushed to stop even close to him but I suspect he is used to this looking at some of the Dacias and Ladas on the road here He points to my lights which are on or at least the pilot light is I signal that it is on and he shades his eyes gets very close and looks inside the headlight Sure enough my 8 watts or whatever of light are gleaming brightly in there and on the back too He smiles says Da and waves me on Apparently I comply with the law I am glad he didn t ask for documents as that might have proved more troublesome Places to camp are more or less nonexistent in the sense of campsites Hotels are rare and B Bs Pensiunes not all that common either much less so than Hungary where they are not exactly plentiful either You take pot luck and sometimes find the only place in even quite large towns One of these was a truck stop place and I spent a pleasant evening with a group of drivers beginning their rest day Beer and the sweet Romanian wine flowed at a steady pace Between us we had about 6 words in common in a variety of languages but we got along very well They clearly thought I was a madman warned me against all the thieves on the coast showed me the best roads etc Funny how it is always the town down the road that s full of thieves never the one you are in On another occasion I slept in the shadow of Draculas castle at Bran The castle is a gread brooding relic but now surrounded by the normal tawdry souvenir shops but with an excellent cheese shop and some other specialities thrown in for good measure I decided against the tour of the castle inside and opt for a meal and a room instead Really nice man there let me service my bike in his garage even moving his car out so I could have exclusive use All that needed doing really was to tighten up the rear chain add oil here there and everywhere adjust the brakes a bit and leave everything I could damage well alone I continue to be amazed that the luggage and rack have not given more trouble but all seemed present and correct and hanging on like grim death The pounding we are taking really has to be experienced to be believed given that I am on main roads for the most part And so it is on and ever on now over some of the most beautiful roads in the world mountains and trees go on for ever in Transylvania and the roads are really good here Long sweeping bends as the roads go through the mountains and follow the valleys bright sunshine and warm for once the best days riding by far I potter along at a steady speed really enjoying the ride wonderful to have a smooth surface for a bit It can t and doesn t last of course One of the surprising things about the Romanian countryside is the transport system in use A modern invention really the horse and cart with specially made carts using modern tyres They are all very similar and must have been made in a factory until quite recently I think Great to see them but less fun as you swing round a bend only to find two having a chat in the middle of the road Sometimes of course it s a flock of goats but there is always something to keep you honest Coming down from the mountains the world goes completely flat Its probably 100 miles from the Danube delta and rather more to the sea but what I think I am riding through is the Danube s flood plain which rather explains the scarcity of villages in these parts And when I hit the Danube at Brailla it has become simply vast and still flowing at a fair clip The bike is suffering here I have been looking for the right road out which has meant crashing and banging over the badlands of Brailla s streets and all the roads out of town for ages when I realise the forks are simply not working much of the time Pulling off to investigate I find I now have the right road Its not the bridge I am looking for it s a ferry But the forks have seized up on the big lower bush and once compressed are staying down clonking and squeaking their protest I consider my options and decide I have to free them up so go looking for a can of WD40 This is a surprisingly hard thing to find when you need one don t know what its called in the local language and when everyone tells me with great certainty I can find anything just 100metres down the road but once there not a chance or even the semblance of a chance By now its hot thunderstorms are approaching and it is becoming a pain to keep going And yes I have tried every petrol station in the city I think Suddenly I hit a vast supermarket Tescos of course seem to be a lot of them over here and right next to it a vast DIY place Here I finally find something that will work and squirt the bush through the screw holes to free things up I knew I should have brought my grease nipple adapter and grease gun Anyhow this works wonders after much squirting dropping of small screws in supermarket car parks in the rain frantic searching with great relief when I find it under my boot so I set off It s now time to look for a place for the night The other side of the river is not an option as there are no towns for several hours riding I head off looking for a place there should be a campsite here at the National Park I miss the campsite and the park no idea where they went but I never saw either and carrying on I find myself on the worst road ever for 40 kms It looks OK there are none of the lorry swallowing potholes the surface appears more or less intact nor is it corrugated precisely either but it simply is rough and has many many depressions designed to throw a rigid rear end about two feet in the air I can make no speed much better than 25mph without huge leaps into the air and just settle back to see it out After a long day this gets really tiring but eventually I find the truck stop mentioned earlier and life looks up again Now its on to the Black Sea where I can see the sea rather than the delta Arriving at Constanta is an experience It must be one of the worlds most ugly cities square miles of concrete blocks of flats everything is grey and drab even in the sunshine and it goes on for ever More roads unfit even to bear the name of a road but eventually there I am on the beach at the Black Sea I feel a beer coming on I think I have now done over 3000 miles lost track of the days and have found wonderful people and awful roads in about equal measure If I did this again I might consider that there is a place for these modern contrivances like rear suspension after all Romania the start of the return The Panther finally stopped today Approaching the dreaded town of Santu Mare where manhole covers are surplus to requirement it seems from the first visit I was watching a young boy trying to outrun the bike Then suddenly realised there is a level crossing ahead which means major panic Many have no barriers and the onus is on the driver to stop there are signs This is strongly advisable otherwise bike and rider may part company as these level crossings are bumpy Anything over 5 miles an hour and bike may never see the rider again I digress Slammed on all the anchors and hit the crossing at about 10 miles an hour Legs and bike everywhere and then nothing Stranded at the side of the road bike ticking over but going nowhere with a broken throttle cable In one of those great moments of rejoicing I have succeeded not only in beating the child to the level crossing but also have broken down right by a hotel with a bar Life is good The Panther just wants another night in Romania In fact it has been extraordinarily well behaved these last few days First we went up the coast to the delta again and because boat trips to see wildlife are more difficult to arrange on a moments notice than I had been led to believe I settled for a run into the furthest point reachable in the delta The road is not good In fact its diabolical The bikes bumps and crashes all over the place but we make it bike luggage and rider all together and still attached There is little to see at first but a stroll down to the waterside not sure if this is river lake backwater or what in huge heat has me seeing literally hundreds of dragonflies and walking up the bank a bit I scatter scores of butterflies with each footstep Sheer magic You have to ignore the rubbish along the bank though I decide not to stay in Tulcea the capital of the Delta its not very interesting and the places look expensive and no camping So press on back to the Danube and the start of the return Which brings me to that dreaded place of sticking forks Braila On the way I pass a lovely place of meandering river all willows and water weeds Next it s the ferry over the Danube and then find that campsite or somewhere else to rest for the night Once again fail to find the campsite but manage to get a room in the local knocking shop Sunday is a quiet day it appears Nice room cheap and I manage to get out before madame finds the substantial oil patch on her nice new brickwork drive On and ever on into the mountains now and Romania changes completely Suddenly it is staggeringly beautiful places to stay much easier to find more prosperous and the roads are sometimes rather better I get tempted to take the scenic routes and find out that they can also have some of the worst roads too I take a number of excursions including the Monastery at Bistrita which is mind numbingly beautiful It s also a place that attracts the local idiot who insists on getting a priest to bless their car with much sprinkling of holy water and signs of the cross both inside an out Bizarre I consider asking them to bless the Panther but that might stretch their credulity and my Romanian Decide to ride on into the gathering thunderstorm Another two days of trying to miss the worst of the back breaking bumps and potholes and generally areas where the road does not seem to exist in any meaningful sense has my back in trouble The bike seems totally unaffected by it Temperatures now back in the 90s I think and I find a serious traffic jam in one of the unavoidable towns on the route I toddle up the inside then the outside to reach the cause of the delay road works and only one lane open Since this is the only road out of town and its 4 00pm and rush hour it would appear the people have taken no notice of the lad with the table tennis bat painted green and red and have met in the middle both sides fully supported by a cohort of other vehicles Police have been called and are not at all amused to find a Panther pushing its way to the head of the queue I have to make sure I am well tucked

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    and the 70s Third Wheel Touching The World Travelling with Mr Turner Triumph 500 Triumph Thruxton Bonneville 1959 1969 Velocette Since 1950 When Rosie met Anneka Where BSAs Dare We ve all been there Clubmans TT Leading Links E Books Touching The World Audio Book The Artic by Panther Black Sea by Panther This Privacy Policy Statement sets out the data processing practices carried out through the use of the Internet and the World Wide Web by Panther Publishing If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any queries with regard to these practices please contact us at info panther publishing com 1 Information collected We collect personal information from visitors to this web site through the use of enquiry forms and every time you e mail us your details We also collect information automatically about your visit to our web site 2 Use of personal information We process personal information collected via this web site for the purposes of dealing with your requests identifying potential customers providing you with information about products and services 3 Automatic capture of information For each visitor to our web site we collect the following information The visitor s IP address Aggregate

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    ve all been there Clubmans TT Leading Links E Books Touching The World Audio Book The Artic by Panther Black Sea by Panther What is a wish List If you have seen a book you would like perhaps as a Christmas or birthday present then why not put it on your Wish List and email a link to the book to your friends and family This way they will know exactly what you want and the place to get it It is a free service simple and effective and you can change what s on it or opt out at any time The person you send your Wish List to will receive an email containing instructions on how they can see what is on your wish list and they can then make purchases in the knowledge that they are ordering exactly what you want No advertising messages will be sent to the recipients of your wish list it remains entirely private Everyone registering for a Wish List will automatically receive our Newsletter From time to time the Newsletter is sent to everyone interested in Panther Publishing books and products and contains the latest information about forthcoming new books special offers

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  • Panther Publishing
    Honda engineering staff At Indian Franklin became the Chief Engineer which made him a hugely important figure in American motorcycling He designed the immortal Indian Scout which debuted as a 1920 model The Scout engine and transmission were bolted together with engine power transmitted by helical gears in a cast aluminum oil bath This power plant was secured by three point tripod my term mounting in a double tube wrap around frame that unlike other motorcycles owed nothing to bicycle design The 1920 Scout engine was of 600 cc 37 cubic inch displacement The side valve flathead automobile engine was the standard of the day in the USA and since 1916 Indian had enjoyed success with its line of side valve 1000 cc 61 cubic inches Power Plus twins Indian felt this standard engine was the best bet for commercial success with the Scout The 1922 season brought the first Indian Chief which had the same hallmark design features as the Scout In fact Indian termed the 1000 cc Chief as basically a big Scout When the 1200 cc 74 cubic inch Big Chief came out as a 1923 model it immediately became Indian s best selling model The 1200 cc twin later termed simply the Chief would remain the lifeblood of Indian dealerships until the last one was built in 1953 A few 1953 Chief parts were the same as used on the inaugural 1922 model On the racing front Charlie Franklin continued to show his mastery of engine preparation By 1926 his racing side valve Indians were running faster than either the Harley Davidson or Indian eight valve overheads With Indian racing standard engines that were faster than the special Harley eight valves Harley Davidson management became convinced that entirely new side valve road going Harleys were needed to replace their ancient i o e road models In the nineteen twenties Indian stopped participating in the international racing organization the F I M This worked to Franklin s detriment By 1926 Franklin was looking after perhaps the fastest racing motorcycles in the world powered by his own design of overhead valve 500 cc four valve singles and 1000 cc eight valve twins But an American record of 132 mph for the twin wasn t internationally sanctioned The official 1000 cc world s record remained at 122 mph by a British OEC JAP On another occasion a Franklin overhead twin averaged 135 mph two ways in France In retrospect this seems hardly science fiction as twenty years later a side valve Chief was coaxed to 135 mph by privateers But the two way 1926 history of 112 mph and 159 mph was just too much to swallow for the international referees We re left to wonder how Charlie Franklin would ve fared in international races and record runs if the USA hadn t entered a long period of isolation from international competition Incidentally this isolation was caused by a tariff war between America and Britain When a 750 cc

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