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  • Ultralight, Everywhere.
    1000 fillpower down and our lightest ever fabrics Xero Down Salopettes K Series K Series version of our Xero salopettes Exceptionally lightweight high altitude expedition salopettes Warmth to weight at the limit of possibilities from 81 162 745g 40 C Add to Compare List More Info Xero Down Jacket K Series K Series version of our high altitude expedition jacket Light enough for the ascent warm enough for when the mercury freezes Warmth to weight at the limit of possibilities from 111 197 1130g 40 C Add to Compare List More Info Xero Down Suit K Series K Series version of this high altitude expedition suit Light enough for the ascent warm enough for when the mercury freezes Warmth to weight at the limit of possibilities from 160 468 1535g 40 C Add to Compare List More Info Xero Down Trousers K Series K Series version of our Xero down trousers Exceptionally lightweight high altitude expedition trousers Warmth to weight at the limit of possibilities from 67 326 575g 40 C Add to Compare List More Info Diamir 500 Down Sleeping Bag K Series Warmth to weight taken to the limit with our K Series version of this high specification mountain bag cut roomy enough for comfort in remote locations from 109 341 1110g 11 C Add to Compare List More Info Diamir 700 Down Sleeping Bag K Series Warmth to weight taken to the limit with our K Series version of this high specification mountain and expedition bag cut roomy enough for comfort in remote locations from 130 433 1350g 21 C Add to Compare List More Info Diamir 900 Down Sleeping Bag K Series Warmth to weight taken to the limit with our K Series version of this high specification expedition bag cut roomy enough for stashing kit

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  • factor that underpins our can do philosophy Let s put in a word for realism here PHD s products are the best just like everyone else s It s impossible isn t it and embarrassing who can shout the loudest Let us take a less lofty position and say the products keep moving on a process we hope will continue The more you learn about gear the more you realise that perfection is a distant and not over useful objective the attainment of it precluded by the complex and conflicting demands of our mountain activities Intelligent adaptation is probably a better description of what we strive for And though we are making the best dedicated solutions to mountain weather that we know the most we can hope for is not state of the art just state of the day These were Peter Hutchinson s original words about PHD and they are as true now as they were then The essence of the business has not changed and after 52 years designing and making expedition software Peter Hutchinson is still very much involved PHD today We are still small still specialising in extreme warmth and extreme lightness still designing and making everything in Stalybridge UK still insistent on verifying our own quality standards The original team is still working at what we do best and as keen as ever to develop new ideas The main difference is that Peter Elliott joined us four years ago and has taken over the daily demands of the business as Managing Director Peter has been a climber for over 30 years and is currently a member of his local Mountain Rescue Team He loves PHD the people the ethos the gear we make and the people we make it for He participates fully in new gear developments and keeps pushing for more personal testing in the mountains Peter Elliott came in at an interesting time PHD is as unusual as ever unique is the buzz word We remain a totally UK operation we only deal directly with our customers and we do not advertise We are however heading further into new territory with our Design Your Own Clothing website following up on the ground breaking Design Your Own Sleeping Bag site we launched some years ago Customers can now create their own individual piece of gear and get a good fit into the bargain Tall thin and short wide people take note Only a hands on company can offer you this flexibility couple that to the world class materials used and it comes down to just one name PHD The way we operate is difficult make no mistake We use computers but the first samples are designed and made by hand the computer work follows We get the performance figures for our main materials from our suppliers down fabrics zips etc then we test them again Why Because there is no supply chain for PHD products no buffers we stand directly behind everything we make

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  • hands on experience which can also be measured in decades We now use CAD to help with our pattern work but design still starts with brain and hand Nothing matches human knowledge and skill a combination of assets which are not easily acquired or shared The way we sell our products also keeps us small Direct to the customer only because we don t want intermediaries No advertising not because we re shy but we want customers to buy gear they really want without persuasion recommendation is fine And of course as another natural limit to expansion some of our resources are rare in particular our 1000 down So if we don t measure our history by growth what do we mark it by A list of expeditions You ll find plenty mentioned throughout the website It s been a pleasure to be involved with these remarkable ventures the smallest as much as the big ones and we learned a lot from them But making lists is an accountant s job Rosie Swale Pope s Run Around the World Sir Ran Fiennes Coldest Journey Innovations The revolutionary Minimus sleeping bags and clothing we launched back in 1998 gave new meaning to the word lightweight and sparked off the vast range of lightweight down gear now sold worldwide under a hundred brands The Delta and Zeta belay jackets brought new standards to this specialist area The Hispar gear extended the idea of lightweight into the coldest conditions on earth Our Design Your Own sites for sleeping bags and down jackets have introduced a unique customer service into the outdoor world We could go on but why waste time looking backwards when we re busy developing new gear ideas all the time Adele Pennington PHD Hispar Suit Ian Parnell PHD Delta Belay

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  • bought one last year you need a new one now Outdoor gear has followed the trend It is simply the way mass production works has to work The alternative offering to make the customer what he wants is simply not possible The complications of allowing the customer free choice are crippling the skill levels required too high the returns from making single personal products too uninviting So how do PHD do it We ve accumulated a lot of experience in making individual outdoor gear in the fifty plus years since Peter Hutchinson started doing it on his own it s been a long road but the complexities are second nature to us now and the skills are there to handle whatever comes along We don t set out to make every single thing you dream up but we are offering a huge range of personal choice Of course the other question is why We do it because we really believe you should get the gear you want and we get a lot of satisfaction out of doing our best to make it for you Skills Each piece of gear is treated as unique to the individual who ordered it and goes through the factory on that basis from start to finish The options PHD offers to customers can create thousands of different versions of our down clothing and sleeping bags and that s not counting the billions of options available on our Design Your Own sites An impossible range to stock so each piece of gear is treated as unique to the individual who ordered it and goes through the factory on that basis from start to finish This way of making things demands a special set of skills The cutters have to adapt to every option of every style which is ordered One sewer then makes the whole item without knowing which product and which of the myriad variations is going to land on her machine that morning The filler in the down room hand fills dozens of different items every day And so on How is it done The way artisans have worked for thousands of years relying on the knowledge acquired by eye and hand and stored in the memory It is a whole different process to factory production as it is known in most of the world True we use the help of computerised patterns specification charts and other memory aids but nothing can cover a fraction of the varied demands which flow in every day except human brains and human skills When a technical problem arises it is nearly always solved by a person rather than by reference to a manual Quality Control The growing product is in the experienced hands of people who will reject anything which does not come up to our standards We cannot claim that our method of QC is better than anyone else s but it is certainly unusual Accepted best practice is to check quality at selected stages of

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  • the bags loft is just insane Recceing the Cape Wrath Ultra Back in a cold and damp May this year Claire Maxted and Sarah Ryan of Trail Running Magazine ran part of the Knoydart section of the Cape Wrath Trail as a recce of the new Cape Wrath Ultra which will take place for the first time in May 2016 The Cape Wrath Ultra takes place over 8 days covering 400km with over 12 000m of ascent The race starts at Fort William and finishes at Cape Wrath at the North Western tip of Scotland Half the race is on rocky trails a quarter over mud streams and boulder fields and the rest over completely un trailed terrain The longest day is a punishing 64km and the toughest is day 4 around Beinn Eighe to Kinlochewe The Cape Wrath Ultra has a bag drop system for overnight kit but if like Claire and Sarah you want to recce the route you ll need to carry a tent and sleeping bag Both Claire and Sarah went with a sleep system approach of combining two PHD sleeping bags one inside the other They ran with our Minimus Bag boosted with our Filler Bag to provide warmth for May s 5 C at the Barisdale Bothy It s a clever system two bags give three options The Filler on its own in high summer The Minimus on its own for the cooler nights of Autumn and Spring and the two bags combined for Winter months What s more two small stuff sacs pack easier than one in a runner s backpack Feedback from Claire and Sarah genius 1st British Expedition to Bilibino Valley Siberia Following a successful expedition to the Fox Jaw Cirque East Greenland in 2014 Simon Smith with climbing partner Graham Dawson are about to be the first British team to visit The Bilibino Valley in the Siberian Arctic Simon and Graham aim to achieve first ascents of a series of newly discovered granite monoliths including The Kommander They ll be climbing alpine style and living for 3 weeks in the Siberian wilderness which is frozen for 8 months of the year Simon will again be taking one of our K Series Rondoy Down Jackets In Greenland he found it had exceptional warmth to weight ratio and was fantastically rugged after the 6 week expedition it still looked brand new despite rough ledge bivis daily wear We wish Simon and Graham all the best in Siberia New Route on Mt Deborah for Jon Griffith and Will Sim Jon Griffith and Will Sim recently returned from climbing the unclimbed NW face of Mt Deborah in Alaska They ve called their new route Bad to the Bone The climb involved about 2200m of ascent in a really wild and remote part of the State Their tent got flattened at 5am on the first night meaning they had to dig a huge snow cave Fortunately the Ultrashell fabric on the Hispar 600 K Series Down Sleeping Bags we supplied meant the bags stayed impressively damp free throughout In fact Jon said they were ace Jon and Will wore our Wafer Down Trousers day and night on the three days of the climb and found them indispensable They also kept their warm feet with our Wafer Down Socks which were great Kili in a Kilt Nick Hopkinson MBE has just summited Kilimanjaro in a kilt Not the first to do so but probably the warmest thanks to these Wafer down shorts we made him We think it s forgiveable not being a true scotsman at 5895m Nick also took PHD Omega down boots for the tent down mitts which were amazing a Minimus down jacket a Toubkal down jacket a Filler down sleeping bag liner a Design your Own sleeping bag and finally Minimus Down Trousers He says all the gear was fantastic and made the trip more comfortable Wall to Wall 2014 Simon Smith and his team mates had a fantastic six week expedition to the Fox Jaw Cirque East Greenland last summer They put up five new routes and repeated three The new routes included Rampant on Left Rabbit Ear E4 6a Simon took one of our new K Series Rondoy Down Jackets and found it had exceptional warmth to weight ratio and was fantastically rugged after a 6 week expedition it still looks brand new despite rough ledge bivis daily wear Read Simon s report on the Rondoy Jacket and the full expedition report Cath Alldred Sion Brocklehurst Robert Durran and Pat Ingram Jorasses North Face 10 for Jon Griffith powered by PHD kit On 2 November Jonathan Griffith completed his fifth route on the Jorasses North Face this season making a career total of 10 That s quite an achievement Jon used our sleeping bags and down jackets on most of those routes With conditions so good this year he could avoid the busy hut and bivvy at the base or on the face Jon says that even if the hut hadn t been so full he would have still opted for bivying given how light your bags are He says that our bags have been instrumental to the routes I ve done this year some of the hardest routes like Manitua and No Siesta were powered by your bags Our unique 1000 fill power down is one reason we ve been able to make our kit so in his words insanely light We ll leave the last words to Jon Game changer is not a quote I use often but what you guys do has undeniably changed how I climb in the Alps and in the Great Ranges Doing ten routes on this iconic face has been well a dream Ed s Packing PHD for his next adventure Ed Stafford made his name as the first person to walk the length of the river Amazon an incredible feat that took more than 2 years Ed is about to start filming

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  • and in our Kappa insulated trousers Marathon des Sables Expo London We ve just got back from an excellent day at the Marathon des Sables Expo in London which included keynotes from the race s founder Patrick Bauer as well James Cracknell and Mike Stroud James who is an MdS veteran had some good advice for this year s entrants In the last three weeks of training try to train at high temperatures This makes a massive difference in the body s ability to cope with the 40 C heat of the desert James trained in a heat chamber at 50 C If you don t have access to a heat chamber James suggested using a turbo trainer in a sauna Make sure your tent companions are varied in their abilities and aspirations This reduces competitiveness in the tent James chose to keep his pack size as light as possible even going as far as scrounging food off others Our lightweight Desert Race collection designed specifically with the MdS in mind will help here More tips including from James on our live blog from last year s event New Video PHD s down filled and synthetic insulated mitts A video introduction to PHD s down filled and synthetic insulated socks ULTRALIGHT EVERYWHERE Our ultimate expedition kit gets 1000 down 10 lighter We ve extended our K Series range to include our Ultimate mountaineering expedition sleeping bags the Diamir Range and our Xero expedition Down Clothing All 10 lighter thanks to 1000 fillpower down and our lightest ever fabrics Find out more New Down Outerwear for Trekking and Mountaineering in the Greater Ranges When deciding how to pack for trekking mountaineering in the greater ranges you need to balance weight against performance Our new Rondoy gear all rated to 20 C

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  • Contact Us Cart Contents 0 My Account PHD History Hand Made PHD Inside our factory Race Calendar Technical Briefings Inside our factory All our products are made in Cheshire UK at our Stalybridge factory Many of our employees have decades of hands on experience Uniquely we have our own Lorch machine for testing the quality of our down This photo shows the difference in loft between our 1000 900 and 800 fill power downs Every aspect of our products design and production is carried out in the UK We have our own Computer Aided Design specialist essential when we offer literally billions of different products via our Design Your Own Sleeping Bag and Down Jacket services We source as much of our materials and components as possible in Europe more than 95 by bulk currently and transport the minimum across the globe Here our down supplier tests the down feather ratio Using local people using traditional skills is not as cheap or as efficient as large scale production in the Far East or Eastern Europe But we feel there s a value in preserving and using the very real skill base which still remains in UK and we re happy

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  • July with Simon Yates who had some of the PHD stuff so I have just bought a couple of their inimus vests and the quality is stunning PHD s materials are the best you can get the stitching is dead straight and even With the stuff having gone downhill rapidly since it was sold and being made in the Far East PHD must be one of the few genuine British manufacturers I S Many many thanks your gear is superb and the service almost unbelievable Rob D Peter Hutchinson is not the only person who is passionate about his products His staff are too Jeremy Hastings Islay Bushcraft Just a quick note to let you know that ALL 5 members of our team reached the Summit of Cho Oyo 8201m I wore my PHD Xero Down suit with 800 fill and Omega Down Gloves on the summit day and they were fantastic the temp was 25C on the summit with a brisk 20 25 knot westerly wind and I remained cosy warm for the 13 hours it took to get from camp 2 7200m to the summit and back down to camp 2 Another member of the team wore a PHD Xero Down Jacket and Salopettes and he too was comfortable and impressed Thanks for the great gear Lanx Equipment manager UK Reserve Forces Seven Summits team I am very pleased that we will be using what I firmly believe to be the best down equipment available Toby Williams team member ExtremeSouth expedition aiming to be the youngest British person to the south pole Royal Marine Commandos love using PHD equipment as it is high spec and doesn t fail A Sergeant in 45 Commando Royal Marines A special thanks for supplying wonderful down cold weather gear Rosie Swale Pope My first impression of the bag Great Thanks for your support and keep on making high quality stuff U G Karlsruhe Germany Superb lightweight warm clothing Jeremy Hastings Islay Bushcraft We have been impressed by your products The Omega suit is fantastic and a perfect fit Lanx Equipment buyer UK Reserve Forces Seven Summits team I thought I let you know that the down suit that I purchased from you worked well on both Broad Peak and K2 I slept above 7000m on Broad Peak in the down suit and without sleeping bag I look forward to trying the suit again many thanks Matthew Gardiner Bought a jacket and sleeping bag off you which performed wonderfully in the Everest region bivouacked in just the sleeping bag at 5400m snug as a bug Adam Crofts My Minimus down sleeping bag arrived today can t wait to use it great service Paul Francis Australia I would like to thank you very much for your prompt service Tony Bouwmeester The expedition went very well The summit Cho Oyo 8 201m was magic Your suits were the best and we were happy to have them Remco Berendsen Netherlands Thank you for great products Magnus Carlsson Sweden Thank you for getting my sleeping bag delivered before my trip I m really pleased with it it s excellent value for money and you deliver a first rate and personal service Thanks again Andrew Just a quick email to say how pleased I am with my new gear All I need now is some colder weather in order to enjoy my jacket and bag Thanks again for your superb items Wayne My girlfriend ordered a Minimus Vest and Jacket with Drishell some weeks ago We are really impressed T S Germany My PHD sleeping bag is my favourite piece of gear C K Thanks for the speedy delivery of my Minimus jacket It is every bit as good as the product information said it was A great product D M I ve snatched my friend s PHD down jacket on several belays and almost refused to give it back P W I recently purchased a sleeping bag and down jacket from you and thought I would drop you a line and thank you I am extremely impressed with both products both absolutely top quality Richard McCort I have just completed a TGO Challenge coast to coast crossing Scotland with my Minimus bag The bag performed superbly easily coping with temperatures that were nudging towards zero A very impressive and very light piece of kit Thanks a lot Andy Howell Yours is the most awesome piece of Design your own sleeping bag software that I ve ever seen Howard Many thanks for your excellent gear that you supplied me for the Yukon Arctic Ultra It performed perfectly in temperatures down to 35c The light weight and small size was also a huge help and helped me gain second place in the race I am now the second fastest person over the course and the fastest European Dr Stuart Gillet Just a note to thank you for your superb service Great website Keen prices Efficient email confirmations Fast delivery The Minimus vest is pretty damned good too arrived today 4 days after ordering very impressive M T I am VERY pleased with my DYO sleeping bag hence my new order for a Minimus jacket Great kit M C The quality of your down products is extraordinary and I m looking forward to using them during the expedition to Nepal Dr Reinhold Loos The artic air has not yet hit But when it does you can just imagine two kiwis in Canada with huge smiles on their faces thanks to you We will tell all our friends about your company and when they see how warm we are we hope this translates into some more Canadian sales for you A D I have just come back from Chile where I climbed Ojos Del Salado the highest active volcano in the world 6893m I was wearing an Alpamayo jacket and salopettes All the equipment I bought from you worked fantastically well and I have recommended your gear to anyone who will

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