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  • Down Sleeping Bags for Aconcagua climbing and trekking
    North Pole Patagonia and Paine Peak Lenin Pik Lenin South Pole Stok Kangri Svalbard Tent Peak Tharpu Chuli Toubkal winter ascents Vinson Recommended Sleeping Bags for Aconcagua Lighter Hispar 600 Down Sleeping Bag enlarge Min Temp 21 C Weight 1040g Price 537 00 Fabric Drishell Down Quality 950 Down Fill g 600 Zip Short Full zip options Yes Buy Online Add to my gear list Typical Baltoro 900 Down Sleeping Bag enlarge Min Temp 26 C Weight 1760g Price 511 00 Fabric Drishell Down Quality 800 Down Fill g 900 Zip Full Buy Online Add to my gear list Warmer Hispar 800 Down Sleeping Bag enlarge Min Temp 33 C Weight 1290g Price 623 00 Fabric Drishell Down Quality 950 Down Fill g 800 Zip Short Full zip options Yes Buy Online Add to my gear list Gear Recommendations Essential Down Synthetic Jackets Down Mitts Shell Jacket Shell Trousers Salopettes Sleeping Bags Extreme Balaclava Optional Down Trousers Salopettes Down Boots Weather The normal climbing season lasts from November to March with January February the most popular time often with the best weather Aconcagua is known for its storms which can bring climbing to a halt with fierce winds snow and

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  • Down Jackets for climbing Mount Elbrus
    Everest Base Camp Greenland Himalay Karakoram Peak 6000m Himalay Karakoram Peak 7000m Himalay Karakoram Peak 8000m Himalay Karakoram Trek 4 5000m Himalay Karakoram Trek 5 6000m Iceland Island Peak Kilimanjaro Mera Peak Mexico Volcanoes Orizaba Iztaccihuatl Mount Khuiten Khuiten Peak Mount Stanley Mt Kenya Muztagh Ata North Magnetic Geomagnetic Poles North Pole Patagonia and Paine Peak Lenin Pik Lenin South Pole Stok Kangri Svalbard Tent Peak Tharpu Chuli Toubkal winter ascents Vinson Recommended Down Synthetic Jackets for Elbrus Alpine Ultra Jacket enlarge Min Temp 10 C Weight 330g Price 263 00 Fabric Drishell Down Quality 950 Buy Online Add to my gear list Yukon Down Jacket enlarge Min Temp 15 C Weight 440g Price 287 00 Fabric Wind water resistant Drishel Down Quality 950 Buy Online Add to my gear list Rondoy Down Jacket enlarge Min Temp 20 C Weight 600g Price 378 00 Fabric Drishell HS2 Down Quality 900 Buy Online Add to my gear list Gear Recommendations Essential Down Synthetic Jackets Down Mitts Shell Jacket Shell Trousers Salopettes Sleeping Bags Extreme Balaclava Optional Down Boots Weather The main climbing season is mid May to mid September with July and August the most popular months On the normal route most people will use the Barrels Hut or the Diesel Hut or they will camp nearby From there it is a simple non technical climb to the summit but it is a long way over 1700m from the Barrels Hut and bad weather can make the upper slopes of Elbrus a dangerous place to be Sudden storms with strong winds and falling temperatures are common making route finding difficult Even in good weather it is worth taking down gear as insurance Wind chill rating High Gear Notes This is yet another mountain where windchill can double the danger So as

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  • seems to need a team of experts to get it right and even then there will be others who disagree Local people using traditional skills It s not as cheap or as efficient as large scale production in the Far East or Eastern Europe But we feel there s a value in preserving and using the very real skill base which still remains in UK So like many people we rely on common sense based on goodwill what might be called ethics to give some valuation to what we are doing We make everything start to finish in our own factory in UK Local people using traditional skills It s not as cheap or as efficient as large scale production in the Far East or Eastern Europe But we feel there s a value in preserving and using the very real skill base which still remains in UK and we re happy to be part of it We source as much of our materials and components as possible in Europe more than 95 by bulk currently and transport the minimum across the globe Nearly all our products are filled with down down is a renewable resource it is a by product of the food industry in fact a waste product if not used for insulation it provides very long lasting performance great value over time We have handled an 80 year old sleeping bag in excellent condition When ultimately discarded down is biodegradable like wood the highest qualities of down as used by PHD come from the oldest free range birds We know exactly where our down comes from we visit the producer and none is plucked from live birds it is also generally accepted as better for the environment if we all wear warm clothes and turn down the

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  • enhance comfort or function and those which directly affect the basic warmth weight performance of the bag The first are so diverse it would be impossible to comment on them sensibly here unique hoods foot pieces zip baffle systems and so on By means of the second for example the use of shingle construction or edge stitching in synthetics and elastication or special baffle systems in down bags it does appear possible to improve warmth weight efficiency by 10 or so This is a worthwhile difference when choosing between two similar bags but it can be tricky for a buyer to evaluate unless he already has experience of this particular feature So where does that leave you faced with every brand claiming the ultimate design On your own mate Us we re not getting involved in this lengthy and contentious subject here we re heading off towards some nice sweeping generalisations instead So now you know Now that we ve looked briefly at the main kinds of information readily available to you are they going to make the Value for Money questions any easier to answer A little But the deeper you go into the details the more complicated it becomes The problem is that there is too much information much of it impossible to verify or evaluate despite the simple EN classifications now being used So what can we do In the circumstances the best way to come to something useful is often to be less ambitious to reduce the scope of the inquiry to things which can be measured and to see what information we can get from this more modest approach In what follows we ve made the attempt to help in a simpler way by drawing up some broad outlines about sleeping bag performance It may remove some of the confusion and give you a firmer basis for choice And if it s done nothing else it s allowed us to indulge in some fun and games called research in scientific circles The Alternative Answer Let s start at the beginning again Like all simple concepts Value for Money is more complicated than it looks on the surface Value is what you would like to be sure of when you buy so it doesn t seem helpful to say that it depends on what you want But you can really make things easier for yourself if you look at the main points formulated in the Tables below and ask yourself what you want before you launch into the seductive tangle of swing tickets and technical information To make the basic points about value clear we separated all the bags we ve tested into four categories based on the type of filling Down the downs in the tests were all high quality and the bags highly priced eiderdown was also tested along the way but has been left out of the figures as being too much of an oddity High Quality Synthetic HQS for short top of the range fillings from leading brands average price of bags tested was about 90 Cheap Synthetic CS for short low range or no name fillings average price of bags tested was about 55 cheap means in terms of the specialist outdoor market Feather Down F D for short such bags are rare these days but included as a joker These categories proved to be more than just arbitrary they gave very homogeneous results which remained remarkably consistent over a period of 20 years The one result out of line with all the others was that the Cheap Synthetics actually offer more warmth for your money Togs per 10 now than they did in 1990 while the other categories showed the adverse effect of rising prices The figures quoted are averaged from the most recent results within each category the only way to make them relevant when prices are involved 1 Warmth for Money at purchase First we looked at straightforward warmth how many Togs do you get for 10 Togs are a measure of insulation more Togs more warmth For many people who never intend to carry a sleeping bag more than five yards this is a very straightforward measure of value for money And there is a clear winner The Cheap Synthetics are designed to deliver exactly this kind of value and they do The only drawback is that synthetics do not stand well up to continued heavy usage see Table 3 but why worry These bags are relatively so cheap that you can just buy another when the first one dies Table 1 Togs per 10 Cheap Synthetics CS 1 30 Feather Down F D 90 High Quality Synthetics HQS 75 Down 49 2 Warmth Weight Performance As soon as you start carrying your sleeping bag the whole basis of value changes Lightness and to a lesser degree compressibility now become as important as warmth and cost And the longer and more difficult the trip the more imperative it becomes to save weight until you reach a point where the risk of misery or failure as the result of carrying a heavy bag makes price by itself a poor criterion for choice Warmth for weight Togs per Kg now becomes the primary scale of value and the order of merit is dramatically reversed Table 2 Togs per Kg Down 9 80 High Quality Synthetics HQS 5 01 Feather Down F D 4 94 Cheap Synthetics CS 3 32 As we said earlier down has no competition when warmth weight is taken as the measure of performance While F D which performs so well in several of our Tables is shown in a different light it is a comparatively heavy filling The HQS bags for all their claims have increased their warmth weight performance by only about 5 since 1990 they are improving but major changes to Table 2 are not in sight 3 Length of Life Now it s time to introduce the final criterion into our Value

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  • fillpower classifications have changed see below but the down is the same All three downs 800 900 1000 are European goose downs the best of their kind backed by our own fifty plus years of experience in the trade as well as by our own Lorch test machine For 2014 we have decided to introduce a 950 down into the range to add a very high quality alternative to the fabulous but fabulously expensive 1000 None of these four downs comes cheap being the cream of their category But they all give great value in return and we re happy to say that the quality of all four of them is excellent at the moment Please note that these fillpowers are confirmed on PHD s own Lorch machine and cross checked with the International Down Feather Laboratory 800 Superb European goose down lively and well processed Used in some of our products where the extra fractions of fillpower are not so critical 900 European goose down of very high quality A truly excellent down with large clusters consistent quality and lively long term performance which has demonstrated remarkable performance in actual use This is the standard filling for our Minimus Omega and Xero clothing and for most of our sleeping bags 950 A newcomer to our range European goose of rare quality A high value alternative at the top levels of performance We have introduced a wide range of options in 950 to underpin the soaring cost of 1000 1000 European goose down of unique quality with exceptionally large lively clusters 1000 provides the highest warmth for weight performance possible from down and has been used in PHD products since 2008 Unfortunately scarcity and the fashion industry continue to push up the price steeply every year This rarest of all

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  • resources But the advantage of being small is that it allows a closer more direct scrutiny of our flow of materials Taking down as an example we are buying in kilos not tons and we are testing a meaningful percentage of what we use We bought our Lorch fillpower testing machine within months of start up and it has been providing us with our own data ever since Along with down samples we have kept for years we have a long term accurate record of the down quality we have used and are using now Week in week out we monitor and establish the quality of our down ourselves regardless of the figures quoted by our suppliers from their own laboratories With other materials testing is a two part process One part is to verify the performance figures we get from the supplier Fabrics go for laboratory tests to confirm the main points or to fill in any gaps Waterproof fabrics and sealing tape we can check on our own equipment For other items such as waterproof zips we have our own in house methods unorthodox but effective The other and more valuable part is simply to make samples and use them preferably in conditions beyond what they were designed for Tough on the testers but good practice Testing a PHD sleeping bag at 51 C in Antartica There s nothing revolutionary about testing materials all manufacturers do it But large scale production of cars compost or down jackets brings its own problems Tests take time so it is only possible for big manufacturers to test a fraction of their large usage themselves Even independent laboratories can do no better So the responsibility is passed back to the suppliers and sometimes back to their suppliers and so on In the

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  • would be 4 higher if the tests were carried out under the US Federal method Our suppliers quote us figures from the tests in their own IDFL approved laboratories for every batch of down Then we test it again in our factory because we keep a very long record of all the down we handle and we need to know that every batch matches up to previous standards as a cross check we keep several of the old samples too some of them for years New Fillpower Classifications Why have we changed our fillpower figures in 2014 PHD s 1000 down is the same unbelievable performer that it was when we introduced it as 900 back in 2008 But in recent years a new method of testing fillpower has been adopted across the global down processing industry giving a higher fillpower figure than before for the same down At PHD we have our own testing facility and we can ensure the quality of the downs we use as always The problem arose over what to call it 900 fillpower measured by PHD or 1000 the lab figures from our suppliers 800 fillpower PHD or 850 even 900 sometimes suppliers Fillpower is a useful simple measure of down quality but communicating the figures had become more complicated As we were determined to continue to verify the quality of all the down we use we decided we had no choice but to update our own testing procedures to come into line with current international practice With the assistance of both Lorch and the International Down Feather Laboratory we have done that and our new figures reflect this adjustment We send batches to the IDFL for an independent quality check but our own tests are now in line with the international industry standard

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  • you are only buying a jacket Size Height Chest Waist Inside arm Inside leg Extra small 155 163cm 5 1 5 4 86cm 34 71cm 28 46cm 18 69cm 27 Small 164 170cm 5 5 5 7 91cm 36 76cm 30 48cm 19 72cm 28 5 Medium 171 178cm 5 7 5 10 99cm 39 84cm 33 51cm 20 76cm 30 Large 179 186cm 5 10 6 1 107cm 42 91cm 36 53cm 21 80cm 31 5 X Large 187 193cm 6 2 6 4 114cm 45 99cm 39 56cm 22 84cm 33 XX Large 194 201cm 6 4 6 7 122cm 48 107cm 42 58cm 23 88cm 34 5 XXX Large 202 209cm 6 8 6 10 130cm 51 114cm 45 61cm 24 91cm 36 N B PHD clothing is unisex and made in standard sizes S M L and XL with XS available on Minimus Sigma Ultra and Yukon jackets vests and pullovers as standard and on certain other items on request XXL XXXL are available for certain items on request and so are simple modifications between sizes e g Medium width combined with Large length Please contact us for details or use our Custom Made facility Allowances Down Jackets Pullovers Vests Down Suits sized to fit over thermal underwear fleece Down Trousers Salopettes sized to fit over thermal underwear or climbing trousers Shell Jackets sized to fit over thermal underwear fleece or light down clothing e g Minimus Jacket to cover thick down clothing go up one size Shell Trousers Salopettes sized to fit over thermal underwear or outdoor trousers Shell Suits D type suits will fit over down clothing of the same named size F type suits will only fit over thermals and fleece Sleeping Bag Length Chart The measurements in the Sleeping Bag Chart below are personal body measurements The figures quoted for sleeping bag dimensions vary widely in the way they are calculated and lead to some manufacturers quoting figures apparently suited to giants over 7 213cm tall Length Height Minim Range Ultralight Height All Other Ranges Short Below 168cm below 5 6 Below 170cm below 5 7 Standard 168 183 5 6 6 170 185cm 5 7 6 1 Long Over 183cm over 6 Over 185cm over 6 1 Additional Length and Width Options Our Design you own sleeping bag system will allow you to design and buy extra short and extra long bags in addition to our standard sizes You can also specify one of four widths slim standard wide and extra wide Extra Long lengths and all four width fittings are also available as options on Hispar and Minim Sleeping Bag ranges PHD Mitts Sizing Size Measurement taken around widest part of the hand just below the knuckles not including thumb Measurement from tip of middle finger to first crease in wrist Small 19cm 7 5 inch 18cm 7 inch Medium 21cm 8 5 inch 19cm 7 5 inch Large 23cm 9 inch 20cm 8 inch X Large 24cm 9 5

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