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  • Technical Briefings Waterproofing Sleeping Bags Waterproofing sleeping bags The standard outer fabrics on our mountain sleeping bags are Drishell and Ultrashell These fabrics are water resistant highly breathable and very light We think this is the best way to keep the down or synthetic insulation we use in our sleeping bags dry However proofed outers are not perfect Bags made with Drishell Ultrashell and similar fabrics do carry a small weight penalty and they do let water in at the stitch line e g if you are sleeping in a puddle Bags can also be made with complete taped outer shells which will be proof against nearly all situations but the weight penalty of an extra skin is considerable Our ultralight Minim sleeping bag range uses 10X M1 and MX microfibres fabrics that are extremely light For customers who require a greater degree of water resistance some the Minim range is offered with the option of a Drishell outer For a much higher level of weather protection the Xero Diamir and Hispar ranges are offered with the option of a fully taped shell in waterproof HS2 If there s a serious danger that the sleeping bag will get wet we

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  • temperature we call it a Typical Operating Temperature or TOT for short at which you should be able to get a night s sleep under normal circumstances By normal we mean you re in shelter you have eaten normally you have sufficient ground insulation your bag is dry you re not a cold sleeper you re wearing clothing appropriate to the conditions below 0 C 32 F we would expect anyone to wear at least thin thermal underwear below 25 C 13 at least thick thermals And while we re describing what s normal we should add that if you re an experienced hardy type you can probably take the bags below their quoted temperatures by about 5 C 9 F This seems like a lot of words to finish up with one fairly shaky statistic Please take it for what it s worth a starting point which becomes much more valuable when fleshed out by your own experience or by experienced advice from others If you re still in doubt about your choice contact us and we ll try to help Clothing The difficulty of establishing meaningful temperature ratings for clothing is much greater than for sleeping bags So much so that most manufacturers sensibly don t attempt it Then why do we quote temperatures in our Clothing Comparison Guide Would it not be less misleading to omit them altogether Our feeling is that as long as we make it clear what kind of indicator you are looking at then there is some value in a broad classification to simplify choice This is how we go about it Besides actual ambient temperature there are two factors above all which affect our insulation requirements our activity level and the wind Wind Wind we have mentioned elsewhere under Windchill Most of PHD clothing has a 100 windblock outer and even our ultralight fabrics cut wind penetration effectively to zero the only exception is our fleece These fabrics reduce this factor to manageable proportions although you will still need to take great care with exposed areas such as face and hands And of course very high wind speeds will always intensify the effect of low temperatures to a point where it becomes more a question of seeking shelter than of clothing ratings Activity Level It is the other major variable activity level which we are focusing on here As everyone knows activity has a dramatic effect on our metabolic rate capable of raising it by 500 and more Higher metabolic rate means higher internal heat production You run you get hot and this applies in the Arctic too In clothing terms this means that the down jacket which kept you comfortable sitting down at 20 C would fry you if you started walking uphill Or to put it the other way the lightweight insulation which was well warm enough as you hauled your sledge at 30 C could not prevent you shivering almost as soon as you stopped with worse to follow

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  • to implement them At a more complex and perhaps more important level Ultralight is a kind of statement of intent which makes the classification highly subjective and relative to your objectives to your experience to your expectations etc No one needs to be told that Ultralight means something very different at the North Pole and on the Pennine Way But there are wide variations too in what people expect from their gear For example adventure racers have a totally different take on comfort to most people and often make do with gear far too light for an ordinary backpacking trip Same place same temperature but very different views of Ultralight Some examples Adventure Racers Some years ago PHD supplied Minimus sleeping bags to a highly successful Adventure Racing Team who told us later that they were wonderfully light to carry but they hadn t had time to sleep in them Marathon Race and Marathon Journey Early in 2006 Rosie Swale Pope was crossing Alaska at the same time as the Arctic Ultra Race was being held in the Yukon Rosie had a PHD Mustagh Jacket now discontinued weighing 1030gm while Stuart Gillett used our Yukon Jacket at just 440gm The difference Rosie was running around the world by herself Siberian winter before Alaskan winter solo with no backup team her gear had to be light but survival came first Stuart was trying to win a race a very tough one across miles of arctic terrain but still a race where lightness was paramount he came second the fastest European ever for the course Both jackets are as light as we could make for the job yet neither of them would be called Ultralight by someone doing the Marathon Des Sables in the Sahara or a Mountain Marathon in UK Himalayan Ultralight We have supplied an expedition to one of the harder 8000m peaks with sleeping bags containing a mere 500gm of down Not to be generally recommended the margin for error is considerably reduced But they were experienced enough to know what they were asking for and what the risks were and they made it without mishap So you can look at Ultralight in two ways Either the latest and lightest the manufacturers definition or the intentional trimming of your margins of comfort survival in order to minimise your load the users meaning As manufacturers PHD simply use Ultralight as the heading for our lightest gear But most of the rest of our range is built on the same principle as light as we can make it for progressively more extreme environments The exception is the Omega gear which is designed for bomb proof protection first and foremost for which heavier fabrics and constructions are necessary A note on Sleeping Bags It is very PC at the moment to emphasise the benefits of an ultralight pack while skipping over the value of warmth and comfort It s always a trade off But make no mistake a night s sleep is

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  • Race Calendar Technical Briefings Toilet Access on Suits Each year we make high altitude Down Suits and Wind Suits for clients for the Himalayan trekking and mountaineering season One of the most discussed options on Suits is toilet access and with a good chance of a very long summit day it is important to plan well ahead As well as low temperatures with the possibility of frost nip the difficulty is made worse by having to wear a harness all day We offer two alternatives for toilet access on our full body suits Under Up zip The central front zip on the suit runs from the collar down the front of the body past the groin and then under and up to waist level at the back A two way zip allows access at any place Rainbow Seat zip A rainbow semicircle zip is sewn in across the backside A two way zip allows access and creates a drop down flap We put the Under Up system on as standard now with the exception of the Hispar Down Suit where a rainbow seat zip is standard Both systems are Simple with low zip weight and usable with harness on Which

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  • Race Calendar Technical Briefings Links Customer Loyalty Scheme Contact Us Cart Contents 0 My Account 3 View Compare List PHD History Hand Made PHD Inside our factory Race Calendar Technical Briefings Down Suit vs Down Jacket Salopettes The Poles and the 8000m peaks often bring up the choice between a one piece down suit and the combination of down jacket and salopettes or trousers These are extreme environments and if in doubt it is always worth asking advice from people who have already been to your destination To help you here is a summary of the main points involved One piece Down Suit Down Jacket Salopettes Protection Excellent Good Simplicity Excellent Good Weight Lighter up to 20 lighter Heavier Versatility One expedition Poor in changing conditions Good Versatility Future Use Poor Excellent A simple summary like this is not much help we know But it may be worth having the basic pros and cons staring you in the face while you work out which way to go When looking at Shell gear the reasons for considering a one piece windsuit are quite different Please look at the footnote in the our Windchill briefing 3 View Compare List PHD History Hand

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  • gear The old argument that a 2 layer fabric with a separate mesh inner was both more flexible and more breathable than a 3 layer has been overtaken by the performance of current 3 layers such as HS3 This new ripstop fabric also removes the disadvantages of mesh which snags on velcro and can form an ice trap in extreme cold and makes the gear considerably lighter HS3 is waterproof to a much higher level than needed in outdoor gear and offers excellent breathability weight 115gsm Tempest A technically advanced waterproof breathable material 100 Nylon Good abrasion and tear resistance yet offering high flexibility for such a tough material weight 160gsm Water resistant Fabrics Drishell Ripstop nylon with an ultralight coating achieves total windblock along with high breathability and effective water resistance Superbly efficient for a very light overall fabric weight weight 54 gsm Ultrashell The lightest of PHD s coated materials This ripstop nylon provides complete windblock and good water resistance at minimal weight Ultrashell provides a valuable payback in performance with very little weight penalty weight 40 gsm Note unlike some other so called proofed fabrics Ultrashell does not rely solely on a DWR durable water repellent coating Although it has a DWR coating more importantly it has a breathable and permanent PU coating applied on the underside of the fabric that cannot be abraded through daily use Downproof Fabrics M1 Microfibre Lightweight silky microfibre This close weave 20denier fabric is fully downproof but also light and flexible enough to allow the down maximum loft A reliable performer that has been the basis for much of our lightweight gear for some time weight 39 gsm MX A mini ripstop nylon with excellent tear strength MX is the pick of the superfine 15denier downproof materials We have tested lighter

    Original URL path: http://www.phdesigns.co.uk/what-fabrics-does-phd-use (2016-02-10)
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  • Account 3 View Compare List PHD History Hand Made PHD Inside our factory Race Calendar Technical Briefings What kind of zips does PHD use YKK Aquaseal zips waterproof Successfully used for years on dry suits and marine sportswear these Aquaseal zips are the only fully waterproof zips we know light enough for clothing No rain flaps are needed Used on our Alpamayo shell gear Aquaseal are not the same as the commonly used YKK Aquarguard zips see below Riri Aquazips water resistant These are the best of the water resistant zips On raingear storm flaps are still needed but Aquazips provide an extra line of proofing when driving rain is searching to penetrate your clothing Used on our Alpamayo Jacket YKK Aquaguard zips water resistant The lightest of the water resistant zips Used when lightness is more important than rain protection Used as pit zips on our Alpamayo waterproof tops and as fly zips on our Alpamayo waterproof bottoms YKK Moulded Member A robust moulded zip chosen for heavy duty use in our serious mountain gear YKK Coil A good easy running coil zip We use No5 weight in our sleeping bags and most of our lighter clothing The No3

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  • to PHD s sizes Ordering Payment Postage Delivery Custom Made Guarantee and returns Race Calendar Technical Briefings Links Customer Loyalty Scheme Contact Us Cart Contents 0 My Account 3 View Compare List PHD History Hand Made PHD Inside our factory Race Calendar Technical Briefings Synthetic Insulation and Fleece Primaloft Gold Primaloft Gold is the ideal microfibre insulation Ultrafine fibres are specially treated in a patented process and then combined into an insulating core that is incredibly soft lightweight and water resistant In our experience it absorbs water much more slowly than other waddings a marked advantage in wet cold conditions The nearest of the synthetics to the feel of down yet tougher than you would expect Primaloft Gold offers the best warmth weight performance in the Primaloft range and is used in the Kappa Zeta Alpha Sigma jackets Thinsulate Thinsulate is a synthetic wadding specifically made for outdoor clothing Its great lateral stability needs less stitch thru than other waddings giving excellent warmth weight performance It is a blend of microfibres for warmth and thicker fibres for resilience thermally bonded together to avoid the use of heavy and inefficient chemical glues Warm compressible and resilient it has all the chief virtues of a wadding to a high degree Taiga Fleece This warp knit fleece is primarily for real activity use rather than the street scene although its comfort and lightness give little indication of its robust performance It will resist abrasion and cut the wind far better than normal weft knit fleeces shrug off a shower and dry very quickly after a soaking If work or play takes you out into the elements take Taiga fleece you ll notice the difference 3 View Compare List PHD History Hand Made PHD Inside our factory Race Calendar Technical Briefings DESIGN YOUR OWN

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