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  • Unlock 7650 / 8310 / 6310i / 7210 / 8390 / 6510 / 6310 / 3510 / 3590 / 3650
    Nokia 5140 Nokia 5140i Nokia 6020 Nokia 6021 Nokia 6100 Nokia 6101 Nokia 6108 Nokia 6170 Nokia 6200 Nokia 6230 Nokia 6230i Nokia 6260 Nokia 6310 Nokia 6310i Nokia 6340 Nokia 6340i Nokia 6500 Nokia 6510 Nokia 6590 Nokia 6590i Nokia 6600 Nokia 6610 Nokia 6610i Nokia 6620 Nokia 6650 Nokia 6670 Nokia 6800 Nokia 6810 Nokia 6820 Nokia 6822 Nokia 7210 Nokia 7250 Nokia 7250i Nokia 7600 Nokia 7610 Nokia 7650 Nokia 8310 Nokia 8390 Nokia 8910 Nokia 8910i Nokia N Gage Network Carrier Country IMEI number Your email address Select the network your phone is locked to Key in 06 on your phone to retrieve the IMEI number YES WE CAN UNLOCK All 3650 phones locked to AT T WIRELESS USA All 6340 7210 8390 phones locked to FIDO Microcell Most 3650 phones locked to T MOBILE USA All 3510i phones locked to VIRGIN UK ALL FOR JUST 3 25 PER PHONE Cannot undo restriction Not Allowed Mail in unlocking service for disabled phones ATTENTION Have you disabled the unlocking feature by entering wrong unlocking codes in your phone For most phones you get 5 attempts at unlocking your Nokia through the code system If you repeatedly enter wrong codes into your phone you will disable the code unlocking function Your phone will display either of the following messages Cannot undo restriction STOP Not allowed STOP If you have received either of these messages click here for further details on how you can get your phone unlocked Benefits to unlocking your phone Use your mobile phone with any network Increase the resale value of your phone Use your phone anywhere in the world with a foreign network Save money on roaming charges Run two sim cards in one phone Additional use of a dual sim adapter is required How do I get my phone unlocked In order to generate the unique code which is specific to your phone we need 3 specific details 1 The phone model 2 The network your phone is locked to 3 The IMEI serial number When will I get my code Once your payment has been received we will typically e mail you within 30 minutes Monday Friday 10am 5pm GMT You will receive the code with full instructions on how to enter it into your phone If you submit a code request outside of this time we will reply with it within 12 hours How can I pay for the service We can accept payment by any of the following methods Visa Mastercard Secure Server Paypal Visa Mastercard Discover American Express Switch Solo Visa Delta UK only Nochex UK only Check UK US Telephone Please see below Payments are collected through Worldpay s secure servers Cash in the on the unlocking phenomenon START UNLOCKING NOKIA MOBLES TODAY For around 20 you too can be unlocking most Nokia mobile phones currently available on the market It s an ideal way to supplement your income with very little time or investment involved Unlocking phones

    Original URL path: http://www.phonerestricted.co.uk/ (2016-02-10)
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  • Unlock your Nokia phone online: 7650 8310 6310i 7210 8390 6510 6310 3510
    Unlock Nokia 3510 Unlock Nokia 3510i Unlock Nokia 3590 Unlock Nokia 3595 Unlock Nokia 3650 Unlock Nokia 5100 Unlock Nokia 5140 Unlock Nokia 5140i Unlock Nokia 6020 Unlock Nokia 6021 Unlock Nokia 6100 Unlock Nokia 6101 Unlock Nokia 6108 Unlock Nokia 6170 Unlock Nokia 6200 Unlock Nokia 6230 Unlock Nokia 6230i Unlock Nokia 6260 Unlock Nokia 6310 Unlock Nokia 6310i Unlock Nokia 6340 Unlock Nokia 6340i Unlock Nokia 6500 Unlock Nokia 6510 Unlock Nokia 6590 Unlock Nokia 6590i Unlock Nokia 6600 Unlock Nokia 6610 Unlock Nokia 6610i Unlock Nokia 6620 Unlock Nokia 6650 Unlock Nokia 6670 Unlock Nokia 6800 Unlock Nokia 6810 Unlock Nokia 6820 Unlock Nokia 6822 Unlock Nokia 7210 Unlock Nokia 7250 Unlock Nokia 7250i Unlock Nokia 7600 Unlock Nokia 7610 Unlock Nokia 7650 Unlock Nokia 8310 Unlock Nokia 8390 Unlock Nokia 8910 Unlock Nokia 8910i Unlock Nokia N Gage Unlock all Nokia mobile phones when you buy the multi data cable kit or the DCT 3 Unlock Clip Unlock Nokia 2100 Unlock Nokia 3210 Unlock Nokia 3310 Unlock Nokia 3315 Unlock Nokia 3330 Unlock Nokia 3350 Unlock Nokia 3390 Unlock Nokia 3395 Unlock Nokia 3410 Unlock Nokia 5110 Unlock Nokia 5130 Unlock Nokia 5146 Unlock Nokia 5190

    Original URL path: http://www.phonerestricted.co.uk/phonemodels.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Networks / Carriers we can unlock: AT&T / Vodafone / Orange / Rogers Wireless etc.
    network As an example we have unlocked phones in the USA UK Canada Norway France Australia Spain to name a few If you want to confirm if we can unlock a phone on your network please e mail us Some of the more popular networks we have unlocked phones on AT T Wireless USA Rogers Wireless CANADA Orange UK T Mobile UK Vodafone UK O2 UK Fido Microcell CANADA Cingular

    Original URL path: http://www.phonerestricted.co.uk/networks.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Phone Restricted: Unlock your phone through your IMEI number
    partly by that number This is why it is crucial that it is correct An incorrect IMEI will result in an incorrect code calculation The IMEI number of your phone can be found underneath the battery on the Nokia label It is a 15 digit number It should look something like 123456 78 901234 5 Another way you can find out your IMEI number is by keying in 06 on

    Original URL path: http://www.phonerestricted.co.uk/imei.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Phone Restricted: Cannot Undo Restriction / Not Allowed
    your phone We have customers from all over the world who have been given incorrect codes by other websites They have tried the codes and subsequently disabled their phone from being able to be unlocked via codes After they ve mailed in their phone for unlocking they can use it as normal on any network just as if they had unlocked it with a code The mail in service costs 10 postage If you have been given wrong codes and you still want your phone unlocked email us today to arrange for it to be mailed in Notes on the mail in Unlocking Service For only 10 postage back to you we will unlock your Nokia mobile phone You can choose to have your phone delivered back to you either Recorded Delivery at 1 50 insured up to 28 UK ONLY Special Delivery at 4 00 insured up to 250 with next day guaranteed delivery UK ONLY International Signed For at 5 00 insured up to 250 EU rest of the world Your phone would be fully guaranteed whilst it is our possession This is what sets us apart from other people offering unlocking We would replace any phone without

    Original URL path: http://www.phonerestricted.co.uk/cannot_undo_restriction.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Data Cable kit for Nokia phones
    Nokia 8210 Data Cable Nokia 8290 Data Cable Nokia 8850 Data Cable Nokia 8890 Data Cable Nokia 9110 Data Cable Nokia 9210 Data Cable Nokia 9290 Data Cable Free DCT 4 Calculator with all the multi data cable kit and DCT 3 Unlock Clip purchases Unlock all Nokia phones Unlocking software provided Step by step tutorials Reset edit Security Code Upload ringtones Upload logos Backup address book Full support In stock 48hr dispatch Worldwide delivery LOW PRICE Phone permitting The Nokia Data Cable Kit comprises of the following 1 x Dual F M Bus Serial ps2 Data Cable 1 x 3210 extension 1 x 3310 3315 3330 3350 3390 3595 3410 5510 extension 1 x 5110 5130 5146 5190 6110 6130 6150 6190 6210 6250 7110 7190 extension 1 x 2110 8210 8250 8290 8850 8890 extension 1 x 9110 9210 9290 ps2 extension 5 more Unlocking software and the tutorial will be accessible to all our customers We will also advise you on other software which is compatible with this kit Although unlocking software will operate under Windows 2000 NT XP on some computers compatibility problems do happen For this reason we advise you use the software with Windows 98 ME Nokia Data Cable Kit Delivered within the UK Delivered outside the UK 19 95 click here for price in US 21 95 click here for price in US Nokia Data Cable Kit 92 Delivered within the UK Delivered outside the UK 24 95 click here for price in US 26 95 click here for price in US This data cable kit comes with the added Nokia 9110 9210 9290 Ps2 extension lead We are now including the DCT 4 Calculator Software with all Data Cable Kits UNLOCK PRACTICALLY EVERY NOKIA MOBILE PHONE ON THE MARKET Terms of Sale

    Original URL path: http://www.phonerestricted.co.uk/unlock_nokia.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Phone Restricted: Frequent Questions
    A Yes you will be able to use your phone on any network which your phone supports For example if you have a 6310i and you have it unlocked you will then be able to use it with any GSM network in the world American Canadian phones e g 3590 8390 you would only be able to use there This is because they operate on 1900GSM the rest of the world supports 900 1800GSM Please refer to Nokia s website for details on where your phone will work Q I have received my code When I type it in it displays Code Error Not Allowed or Cannot undo Restriction A If it comes back displaying Code Error it means you have probably submitted incorrect details Either the IMEI number or the network you selected is probably incorrect Do not try entering the codes repeatedly E mail us back with details If your phone displays Not Allowed or Cannot undo Restriction the counter in the phone is probably locked You will need to get the phone unlocked through hardware We do offer this as a back up service Please e mail us with details Q Can using this service damage my phone A No using our service cannot damage your phone The worst case scenario is that you could enter an incorrect code more than four times If you do you will lock the counter in the phone You will need to get the phone unlocked through hardware We also provide this as a back up service Q Will unlocking my phone affect my warranty A In theory it could affect your warranty as the service is not endorsed by Nokia or any of its affiliated companies However in the 4 years we have been unlocking phones if a fault has

    Original URL path: http://www.phonerestricted.co.uk/faq.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Phone Restricted: Terms of Use
    the phone Once we have seen the phone we can offer a refund or offer you the choice of getting it unlocked through our service equipment Please check that your phone is physically capable of using the carrier network you want to unlock it for Some US Canadian phones like the 8390 will not work in other parts of the world We cannot issue a refund if you cannot use a certain carrier network once your phone is unlocked Please do not submit details of blacklisted phones We are referring to phones which have been blocked by a network This could be for non payment of the bill or because it has been reported lost or stolen If your phone turns out to be barred once it has been unlocked we CANNOT issue a refund Please note in the interest of both the customer s and our own security any orders which are submitted through Paypal will ONLY have their codes returned to their registered address there are no exceptions If you have any other queries please refer to our Frequent Questions section Alternatively if you still have a problem please email us We will then advise you on the best way to resolve it info phonerestricted com Delivery Details For Tangible Products If you are ordering a data cable a data cable kit or a DCT 3 Unlocking Clip all orders are usually dispatched via Royal Mail within 24 hours Monday Friday The majority of domestic orders are received within 48hrs of placing European orders tend to take 2 3 days Orders placed from the US Canada usually take 1 2 weeks All other countries 1 3 weeks Please note our strict policies on all deliveries The price you see is the price you pay including 1st class delivery

    Original URL path: http://www.phonerestricted.co.uk/terms.htm (2016-02-10)
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