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  • Phys-ogue Home
    to Exercise COME AND JOIN US For good expert evidence based advice on pregnancy and postnatal exercise To find like minded pregnant women and local new mums To workout at your own pace within a secure sociable environment To manage pregnancy and postnatal weight efficiently sensibly and safely Bernadette Knows that every pregnancy is different and that every woman s journey through pregnancy and birth is as unique as the baby ultimately born She understands that combining regular exercise with a healthy diet is not easy for many women but is achievable with trust and support for most Bernadette likes information and more importantly likes to share it She likes to share it because information enables women to make decisions and plan for themselves She passionately believes that fitness should be an enjoyable habit and not a chore and understands that BERNADETTE FOGARTY IS A QUALIFIED MIDWIFE AND NURSE SHE IS ALSO A REGISTERED PERSONAL TRAINER SPECIALISING IN ANTENATAL POSTNATAL FITNESS AND WELL BEING SHE ESTABLISHED PHYS OGUE IN 2010 PHYS OGUE IS AN INDEPENDENT FITNESS AND WELL BEING SERVICE FOR WOMEN EMBARKING UPON MOTHERHOOD AND AIMS TO PROVIDE UNIQUELY ENABLING PROGRAMMES BASED ON SOUND ADVICE AND HEALTH GUIDANCE IF

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  • About Phys-ogue
    that my father was a Physical Education Officer in the Royal Air Force As a result my teenage years were spent in Malta where I developed a lifelong passion for water sports I used to be a good water skier remain a poor sailor and am now not a bad windsurfer After training and working as a nurse at Charing Cross Hospital in London in the 1980 s I moved to Guys and St Thomas hospitals where I trained and worked as a midwife for several years During my more than twenty years as a midwife I have worked in London Saudi Arabia the four corners of Australia and more recently at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire where until March 2013 I was a community midwifery sister Always an outdoor type I have over the years consistently had one eye on fitness and the other on fun whether that be tennis gym swim cycle or open sea I have a life long passion for health and fitness and have a real desire to see others succeed I believe that activity and fitness are valuable investments for long term health and well being but that they depend on that most vital of elements motivation and If it isn t enjoyable it doesn t happen FITNESS AND WELL BEING IN PREGNANCY CONSULTANT As an Exercise Professional I hold Personal Trainer and Ante Postnatal exercise qualifications level 3 all of which are fully recognised by the NHS I am also fully registered and insured with the Register of Exercise Professionals REP s My area of expertise is fitness well being and weight management for women before during and after pregnancy MIDWIFE As a Midwife I delighted in meeting tiny new people every day and have never failed to be amazed by the miracle

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  • Phys-ogue What We Do
    WE DO PLANNING A PREGNANCY Preparing to be pregnant is an exciting and empowering time for many women for others it may be stressful So many elements are out of our control but maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mind body balance can be an essential part of helping nature to do its thing NICE 2004 Phys ogue provides personal training programmes for women actively preparing for pregnancy Cost is based on a six week programme at 300 Full obligation free details available on request MULTIPLE POSTNATAL CLASS OFFER ONCE YOU HAVE GOT GOING YOU MAY WANT TO COMMIT TO TWO OR MORE SESSIONS PER WEEK BOOK ONE WEEKLY CLASS AND ADDITIONAL CLASS IN THE SAME WEEK ARE DISCOUNTED DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY PREGNANCY Pregnancy is a time of many physical and emotional changes There is a wealth of evidence to show that women who exercise in pregnancy benefit in many ways Essentially the more active fit and prepared you are the more confident you can be POSTNATAL After the birth of a baby life can be exhausting and in many respects is never the same again It is essential that you take time to relax enjoy your baby and look after

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  • Contact Phys-ogue
    Phys ogue All rights reserved Expecting to Exercise CONTACT Get In Touch For A Chat Just thinking about what might suit you Why not drop an email or leave a message and Bernadette will get back to you to answer any questions that you may have She can then help you to decide the best approach for you and your bump or baby If you already know what will suit

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  • Phys-ogue antenatal and postnatal classes FAQ's
    work and targeted all our major muscle groups with toning exercises We have performed core work and abdominal exercises that are appropriate to our pregnancy or postnatal stage and we have worked on our pelvic floor strength Expectations also includes a relaxation in preparation for birth exercise WILL IT BE TOO MUCH FOR ME No is the quick answer This is because despite the fact that we work together as a group there are three versions of everything we do and you are encouraged to work to your own level of ability This may be affected by previous level of fitness or by your pre or postnatal stage but usually by a combination of both WILL IT BE ENOUGH FOR ME Yes If you have been used to working at a high level of fitness you have found the right group Expectations will help you to maintain your stamina in a safe and informative way with plenty of advice on safe exercise during pregnancy The Wheelie Fit Mums and Mums Bums Tums n Babies programmes will help you to safely return to pre pregnancy fitness levels within a sensible timeframe but still challenge you if that is what you want Once it is safe to do so bearing in mind postnatal hormonal effects if desired you will be offered ankle or wrist weights and a new level of effort where appropriate at Wheelie Fit Mums WHAT IF MY BABY CRIES OR NEEDS FEEDING Babies cry and we accept that The important thing is not to get stressed but to feel ok within the group when you need to stop and nurse or feed your baby Some weeks will be disrupted by your baby s needs and others won t Some exercise is better than no exercise Once babies are old enough to be interested in what is going on around them you may be pleasantly surprised at how interested they are in what is going on WILL I GET LEFT BEHIND IN WHEELIE FIT MUMS IF I STOP TO FEED MY BABY No Unlike some Buggy Fit type classes we don t actually travel very far very quickly for this reason There may be some initial travel during our warm up phase when we are outdoors but we tend to then work around the buggy s allowing babies time to settle In the summer babies are able to sit lie on their rugs if desired DO I NEED ANY SPECIAL EQUIPMENT No Apart from trainers and loose exercise appropriate clothes just bring along a plastic backed blanket or bin liner for outdoor sessions to do some floor work on CAN I DO MORE THAN ONE SESSION A WEEK Yes Some postnatal group members have worked out that for them doing two sessions a week is better value than gym membership during the first postnatal year WHAT HAPPENS IF IT RAINS OR IT S TOO HOT During the summer months both kenilworth and Warwick sessions aim to be outdoors in the

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  • Phys-ogue antenatal and postnatal exercise Gallery
    to check Register All photographs unless otherwise indicated generously provided by Emma Lessard PHYS OGUE bernadette phys ogue co uk 07952565002 Home About Phys ogue What We Do Contact FAQ s Gallery Links Copyright 2014 Bernadette Fogarty Phys ogue All rights reserved Expecting to Exercise Take a look These pictures were taken at a Wheelie Fit Mums session in St Nicholas Park in January 2014 GALLERY Wheelie Fit Mums Testimonials

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  • Phys-ogue Links
    Contemporary Lifestyle Photography All photographs on this website unless otherwise indicated are generously provided by Emma Lessard LOCAL www nhs uk THE BREASTFEEDING NETWORK www emmalessardphotography com TRUSTED LINKS Expecting to Exercise THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF OBSTETRICIANS AND GYNAECOLOGISTS THE ADVICE ON EXERCISE IN PREGNANCY PAPER NATIONAL Antenatal education and postnatal support by local educators and local parents for local people www bump2babyreality co uk The Warwickshire pregnancy and birth

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  • Expectations antenatal classes
    The session is designed to be adaptable to all stages of pregnancy and fitness levels As pregnancy progresses the programme adapts to accommodate changing needs A gentle warm up phase including suitable stretches is followed by a carefully controlled cardiovascular work up and work down using intervals of CV work and toning exercises Music is played but the session is not choreographed Core muscles are given particular attention as is the pelvic floor The session ends with a cool down phase followed by a short relaxation in preparation for birth exercise before a final stretch and farewell The group is very relaxed casual and welcoming with plenty of chat Max group size is sixteen EXPECTATIONS A VERY SOCIABLE WAY TO PREPARE PHYSICALLY FOR BIRTH EXPECTATIONS aims to provide an enjoyable sociable informative and safe way for women to work on maintaining their fitness strength and stamina in preparation for birth It is also an excellent way to meet other like minded women who are also preparing for motherhood Some find weight management is their main challenge others find maintaining fitness and stamina for birth is their focus but the desired effect is usually the same a fit and healthy lifestyle for mother and baby right from the very start EXERCISE IN PREGNANCY HELPS Maintain a healthy mind and body balance Improve aerobic fitness levels stamina in readiness for birth Reduce fatigue and back pain Improve pelvic floor function Prevent excessive weight gain Average weight gain in pregnancy should be 12 7kgs 2 stones DID YOU KNOW Aerobic and strength conditioning exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle should be encouraged during pregnancy Women who are active in pregnancy experience less insomnia stress anxiety and depression Many common complaints of pregnancy including fatigue varicosities and swelling of extremities are reduced in

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