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  • Wheelie Fit Mums postnatal classes
    a programme that allows new mothers to adapt to the ever changing physical and emotional needs of both themselves and their babies A gentle warm up is followed by a stretch Toning and cardiovascular exercises are then alternated using interval techniques Special attention is given to appropriate core and pelvic floor work The programme is progressive and carefully designed to remain motivational An ideal way of working on fitness levels at a sensible pace with other like minded Mums WHEELIE FIT MUMS A VERY SOCIABLE WAY TO WORK ON FITNESS LEVELS AND RETURN TO PRE PREGNANCY WEIGHT A weekly one hour fitness and toning session for mothers with baby in buggy WHEELIE FIT MUMS aims to provide an enjoyable sociable informative and safe way to gradually work on fitness levels at a comfortable pace Establishing the routine of postnatal exercise in the fresh air with your baby Pregnancy hormones remain in the body for approximately six to twelve months after a baby is born longer if breastfeeding Getting good advice about appropriate exercise during this phase is therefore important A full postnatal check assessment at your doctors surgery is recommended prior to beginning formal exercise A good time to start is when you feel ready A daily walk from week two is a great idea unless otherwise advised by your midwife or doctor Any time from approximately six weeks following an uncomplicated vaginal delivery and twelve weeks following a caesarean section is about right for more formal exercise such as Wheelie Fit Mums Many women see their maternity leave as a natural time to focus on their own physical and emotional well being in tandem with their baby Our busy modern lives can often make staying in good shape a real challenge and in many ways these precious first months

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  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Private Individual and Group Sessions
    you better Contact Bernadette to discuss and secure your private group now Prices start at 50 per session per group PRIVATE SESSIONS Can t get to any of the group classes Do individual sessions suit you better INDIVIDUAL PRE OR POSTNATAL PROGRAMMES RANGE FROM ONE OFF GENERAL SESSIONS TO FULLY BESPOKE PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAMMES PRE IVF LIFESTYLE AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAMMES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE THE ONE OFF GENERAL PRE OR POSTNATAL SESSION is a one hour individual session which aims to share the principles of safe pre or postnatal exercise This enables women to then apply information and advice to their own exercise routine It focuses on the use of non impact cardiovascular work and toning exercises which Special focus is given to core and pelvic floor muscles It is an opportunity to gain general advice and information on safe techniques A printed copy of the general programme with tips is provided This is not a bespoke programme 50 per one hour session Follow ups to the one off postnatal session can be arranged on an ad hoc basis and are charged at 40 per one hour session This allows women to work on and progress the programme as needed without a weekly commitment FULLY PERSONALISED TRAINING PROGRAMMES include an individual fitness and lifestyle assessment A personalised programme is then designed followed by four to eight weekly fitness sessions Starting levels range from programmes that include a combination of power walking and some dietary changes to comprehensive CV and resistance programmes Full details of Pre and Postnatal Personal Training Programmes and Pre IVF programmes are available on request Simply contact Bernadette for an obligation free chat and a full menu will be made available for browsing by email attachment Minimum Personal Training package is 300 Includes assessment session programme design

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  • PHYS-OGUE - Tips n Stuff
    photographs unless othe rwise indicated generously provided by EMMA LESSARD Bernadette Fogarty is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals She has all the relevant NHS recognised Fitness Industry Qualifications Click Logo to check Register MORE TIPS ADDED REGULARLY Tips n Stuff Burn Fat Posture Pregnancy Exercise THREE ESSENTIAL CORE EXERCISES PELVIC TILTS STRONG ABDOMINAL MUSCLES HELP TO SUPPORT THE BACK SUPPORT BABY ASSIST THE UTERUS TO PUSH AT

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  • Christmas Offers

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  • Phys-ogue Testimonials
    Bernadette to be the one to get me back to the old me exercise wise Wheelie Fit Mums has been the most fantastic experience and has made such a huge impact on the way I feel about myself and my body The gradual progress really makes you feel able every step of the way I really can t speak highly enough of Expectations Wheelie fit or of Bernadette if there s one baby class you join before and after birth make sure it s these ones You won t regret it I m looking forward to taking it up again with my next baby Natalie 2013 I loved going to wheelie fit mums I was rather sceptical before attending as I have been active most of my life keen tennis player and one time marathon runner I was worried it would be more gossip and less fitness I was completely wrong Bernadette is brilliant She assesses your ability depending on when you gave birth and how fit you think you are gives you a colour whether it be pink orange or green green being the hardest then encourages you to push yourself to the level you wish to get to

    Original URL path: http://www.phys-ogue.co.uk/testimonials.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Pre and Postnatal Posture Check
    This can with many of the associated aches continue into the postnatal phase Here is a very useful and quick tool Stand with your feet about hip width apart Engage your abdominal muscles Place one hand just below your tummy button on your lower abdomen or baby Place the other hand in the small of your back Now tilt your pelvis gently forward And now gently back Tuck your tail

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  • Burn Fat
    FAT General NHS and fitness industry guidelines ACSM recommend that If we are exercising for general health we should aim at thirty minutes of moderate aerobic activity five to seven times a week If we are exercising for fitness we should aim at twenty minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise three times a week Confused Don t be Do both and go for the double whammy Aim at the exercise as for general health regime but on three of the five sessions make sure the aerobic exercise is vigorous for twenty of the thirty minutes HOW DO I MEASURE THE AEROBIC ZONE The Rate of perceived exertion RPE is a really simple and useful tool It uses a scale of 0 10 where 0 is no effort and 10 is maximum effort Effort level 5 6 is moderate aerobic zone A good target for the previously sedentary individual Effort level 6 7 is fat burning zone Commonly called the fat burning zone Effort level 7 8 is the aerobic fitness zone Commonly called the training zone REMEMBER The more you exercise the more muscle you build and the easier it gets Muscle burns energy therefore the fitter you are the more

    Original URL path: http://www.phys-ogue.co.uk/burnfat.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Pelvic Floor Exercise
    2014 Bernadette Fogarty Phys ogue All rights reserved Expecting to Exercise PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISE BASIC EXERCISE SLOW TWITCH Sit or stand comfortably with legs slightly apart Arms relaxed Abs engaged Focus and prepare Take a breath in As you breathe out slowly engage the rectal muscles as if you are trying to prevent passing wind At the same time close up the anterior pelvic floor muscles as if trying to stop passing urine Now breath normally Imagine the vagina is a lift and that this is the ground floor Draw in and squeeze the vaginal muscles slowly all the way up through first second and third floors to the fourth floor Stop at all the floors on the way Hold for 15 20 seconds and then slowly descend the lift again stopping briefly at all floors back to the ground floor Repeat three times ADVANCED EXERCISE FAST TWITCH Go to the fourth floor as above but return only to floor three instead of all the way down to the ground floor Hold for 3 seconds at the third floor and shoot straight back up to fourth floor 3 5 times from floor three Then slowly relax to ground Floor controlling

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