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  • SAP transactional and master data can be displayed for you areas of application for this are endless POS warehouse GI GR manufacturing etc graphics based development modeling tools valid for SAP or non SAP SD CRM SRM doc flow any doc flow app really integration of document flow and archived docs due to the increase of screen real estate it would be possible for a customer service clerks to immediately have all order relevant documents on display as the customer is getting in touch In general and if you leave financial issues aside for a moment I d say that MS s surface UI technology brings advantages due to a more screen real estate and or b through a new and sophisticated way of connecting devices and products by simply placing them on the table Privacy and ergonomics could be a concern in any area business or consumer And what about portability Most people work on laptops these days It would mean you still have your laptop or similar device in order to work whilst on the move I personally want to see Pong on it first Posted in Blogosphere SAP Market 1 Comment TechTarget on SAP consulting trends Posted on March 28 2007 by Michael Koch In his latest SAP consulting trend trilogy on SearchSAPs Jon Reed summarises in great fashion the current opportunities challenges and threats of the SAP Consulting market In his recent contribution he talks to a large extend about the North American SAP freelance market but I guess in Europe the general tendencies are the same His main conclusions are very much the same as David Foote s statements from back in February this year link to previous post on this site Due to the changes introduced by the Netweaver platform the traditional skill sets of both SAP developers and Basis staff is in flux In detail Reed and Foote are both identifying 3 main trends infrastructure or integration and reduction as Foote calls it functional Foote calls them Modellers or Enablers business intelligence data mgt data warehouse BW BI Reed explains that the surge of New Dimension product installs is triggered by an increased number of installs at medium sized companies I d agree with Reed on this one but would also add that another contributing factor is that only recently companies properly understood the contribution these products can make to their business and how it can provide them with competitive advantage This one made me smile Contrary to what SAP may imply that everyone is moving to 6 0 companies are upgrading to a range of SAP releases On the whole part one two and three of Jon Reed s SAP consulting trends document make a very worthwhile read SearchSAP tends to sometimes pack older SAP career posts into new ones and makes it look as if these were recent but not in this case If you re a SAP Consultant read it Once you ve finished reading it read it again All

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  • shut up Seems to me as if SAP s pricing policy and service offerings for TechEd still are all over the place Something that should be sorted out before the next TechEd conference season starts Posted in Blogosphere 6 Comments Interview with Tom Keune Posted on March 6 2007 by Michael Koch Actor Tom Keune who stars in one of SAP s new german mid market adverts agreed to a short interview Tom and I know each other from voluntary service work we both did in Aachen Germany a few years ago MK Hello Tom What is it you currently do What are you working on TK At the moment I am playing at Theater Junge Generation Dresden Theatre Young Generation with a repertoire of 11 productions Amongst other I starred as Mephistopheles in Goethe s Faust I and HÃ mon in Antigone In autumn 2007 I will change to the Gerhard Hauptmann Theatre Zittau MK What did you know about SAP before you started work on their commercial TK Before the first casting relatively little I knew it was a software company that s all In my job you do not get in contact with SAP s products MK How long did the work take TK Work on the commercial itself took about 11 hours But if I add it all up casting recall fitting learn texts commuting etc it ll probably be more like 33 hours MK How difficult is it to make the transition from theatre to something like the SAP commercials for example Do you prepare yourself TK The basic approach is not very different In most cases the focus is to make the character believeable Together with the information of the planned campaign what kind of customers are to be targeted etc an idea has to be developed that leaves a tangible impression within the available 14 seconds You barely get the chance to present a development And during the shoot the director of course wants to see the character that was casted by him as well as by the client In this sort of setup searching the right character usually takes place during casting Focus of this campaign is to weaken typical prejudices against SAP in a fun and appeasing way It s not as if we only shot this one ad for 11 hours I worked at 3 different sets in 3 different outfits in about 70 variations on this theme Together with the recordings of my colleagues the best combination had to be found to suit the market but obviously I wasn t involved in this anymore MK What are your future plans Do you have a dream role TK Planning becomes more and more difficult first and foremost I want to make good theatre with a good cast and an audience who enjoys watching it Unfortunately that s not always the case I don t have a dream role in the classical way At the moment I am interested in male

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  • get those few that are available according to Foote It s not uncommon for SAP jobs to stay unfilled for nine months he says What they re telling us is when hiring developers analysts and configurators it s not unusual to be faced with having to pay 20 more to attract them than the people they currently have in those jobs Foote says That s the price you pay for not having staffed adequately for your needs Posted in SAP Market SAP jobs present and future Posted on February 13 2007 by Michael Koch SearchSAP com s Jon Franke interviewed David Foote of Footpartners in a Podcast a market research group that tracks value of IT skills since 1999 I think his separation of the SAP growth areas into 3 skills based sections see below is a big help for SAP professionals out in the field in order to find the path for the next 3 5 years However as a reader listener I think you have to remember that his views are obviously strongly influenced by the North American SAP mar ket Foote left observed a specialisation in functional areas he says their research shows that a lot of newly created functional roles within SD HR FI BW and Netweaver in general do now absorb the classical programming as well as analysis roles They re essentially ABAP developers doing analyst work The following areas are seen by him as the key areas for the next 4 5 years integration and reduction data management Data Warehouse BI and BW modelling Enablers Architect Business Analysts Process Information Officers more or less a play for ABAPers Foote Integration and reduction Basis admins should be looking at the integration side of things gain consolidation skills I would probably add that this can also still be a worthwhile areas for ABAPers to get into ie SAP XI According to Foote managers of large data repositories will have key skills in an SOA enabled future current BI BW specialists could be the key people here The general move into modelling tools to develop next generation apps and UIs is in general a good opportunity for ABAPers or any non SAP developers in general This is already gaining momentum as we speak WebDynpro Muse Duet etc One interesting points obviously is how might SAPs big push into the midmarket affect SAP professionals Foote thinks that if you re looking for more responsibility and a wider range of skills then you might want to look at a move to a smaller company However I doubt that a lot of SAP professionals might want to delve into a position that per se promises to be such an overly pressurising environment Foote also mentions that consulting companies are looking for a lot of new people and talent right now These consutling firms are worrying that they are continually understaffed within the SAP area he adds People looking to move into the consulting market will find a strong demand for

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  • So this means you will not be able to review the sessions beyond that date so can they claim anytime Whilst fortunately all this comes at a slightly cheaper price it remains a dissapointing service that is of a lesser overall quality than the old DVD based deliveries Registrants for the convention in Europe pay  1600 flight not included to visit TechEd for 3 days they can expect more for their money UPDATE Amir Blich of SAP responded to my post on SDN as follows Thanks for your feedback I just released a blog discussing the PAZ program You can find references to some of your remarks there There are always pros and cons when changing delivery channels and I understand you found the DVD sets valuable but I hope you can find additional value in the online format As for the time limitation before the end of the year a new TechEd conference will reveal new and updated content If you attend TechEd regularly you should have uninterrupted access to the latest TechEd content If not as you state all the latest content is available to you at a reasonable cost Let us know of additional ways to enhance the value of PAZ Regards Amir As Amir quite rightly says there are always pros and cons about moves such as this I just tend to disagree on this one For this purpose introducing the PAZ must save SAP some money when compared to a DVD delivery The community will have to see if this is being reflected in attendance fees Follow the rest of the SDN thread here Posted in ABAP 1 Comment New ABAP OO book from SAP Press updated Posted on January 24 2007 by Michael Koch One of the most exciting and equally dreaded books for ABAPers has undergone a major overhaul Or according to the author Horst Keller a complete rewrite This book is the sequel to ABAP Objects An Introduction to Programming SAP Applications from the SAP PRESS series Instead of producing a reworked third edition of the Introduction we have written a new book In this book we are offering our readers a compendium of modern ABAP programming and of the key possibilities of the ABAP Application Server in SAP NetWeaver Modern ABAP programming means programming with ABAP Objects Contrary to the previous book ABAP Objects are no longer treated as an addition to classical ABAP but rather as the underlying programming model Whilst I would say that this is probably not the most eagerly awaited book within the SAP Developer Community no pun intended it certainly is one of the most important book releases for SAP Development Consultants since well the release of earlier version of the book Since the first version has been released a lot has changed in SAP Development land New WAS WebDynpro SOA to name but a few areas One thing that always annoyed me about the original book was that almost 50 of it covers basics

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  • and WD4A to be continued Please feel free to post comment any other links you think should appear here Posted in ABAP what a difference a month makes Posted on December 20 2006 by Michael Koch Whilst Ovum reported last month that the UK IT sector is set to grow within the next 7 years another link on contractoruk com to a study by Ovum is now suggesting that the UK will be without IT sector by 2016 Some clarification is needed it seems Posted in SAP Market ABAP code snippets forum on SDN Posted on December 20 2006 by Michael Koch SAP s developer network SDN now holds a new forum for niftly little ABAP code snippets Just what you need to improve skills or satisfy feature savvy users It s all there vertical tab controls spool free PDF viewers or dynamic table display in BSP you name it Posted in ABAP Ways to develop with SAP Posted on December 6 2006 by Michael Koch An interesting post on UI strategies and SAP development by Craig Cmehil Over the last few years SAP opened up several routes for development environments and UIs Most important message I think is that SAP offers a portfolio of means of development that gives choice back to the customer For example too many people still believe that WebDynpro for ABAP replaced BSP This couldn t be further from the truth as both are aimed at different development scenarios Posted in ABAP Leave a comment PHP Development in SAP Posted on November 29 2006 by Michael Koch Think SAP Netweaver and PHP don t mix Think commercial development platforms don t need any Open Source free and community driven dynnamic web development scripting language And you think why SAP should embrace an environment that stands in direct competition to its own BSP Business Server Pages solution Think again because for a while now PHP has a small but thriving community on the SDN forum Surely one of the big advantages of tasting the mix between SAP and PHP is PHP s simplicity and the dissemination of PHP programming skills due to the way how it is distributed Especially customers who have already invested into home grown or off the shelf PHP solutions might appreciate this when SAP is to be considered Netweaver PHP collaborations could be one of the many doors that enable SAP to get deeper into the SME market Useful links and entry points into this area are SDN s PHP Development Forum ITToolbox s SAP PHP blog PHP specialist Craig Cmehil s Rantings blog and of course Craig Cmehill s Essentials Guide to PHP Posted in Blogosphere UK software market to double within next 7 years Posted on November 21 2006 by Michael Koch David Mitchell of Ovum a market research company reported on OUT LAW radio podcast that the market for large enterprise software is set to grow at up to nine per cent a year until 2010 Based on Ovum

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  • addition check out this discussion thread on the BPX forum which throws the gauntlet down by challenging ABAPers a relict of the past Posted in ABAP SAP Market ContractorUK on SAP contractor market Posted on November 13 2006 by Michael Koch ContractorUK co uk s comment on the current SAP contractor market This growth in the average rate comes despite a fall in the hourly pay commanded by SAP consultants This group has had a phenomenal year so far with average rates typically well above GBP60 per hour Rates have actually fallen by 8 in the last four weeks Given that June and July saw increases of more than 10 it should be clear what a volatile if largely profitable market this is The full article can be found here Posted in SAP Market SAP Test Drives for Developers Posted on November 11 2006 by Michael Koch Many SAP developers wonder what the best way is to keep their skill set up to date and learn about using new technologies Usually people seem to first think along the lines of SAP Training courses and certification However getting some initial exposure with some any of the free SAP NetWeaver Trial and Preview Versions first can be a lot cheaper Most of them require MS XP Pro to be installed OEM versions of which are available for anything around  100 these days Posted in Uncategorized SAP Professional Journal free ABAP Guides Posted on November 9 2006 by Michael Koch SDN has posted all 3 parts of the Insider s guide to writing robust understandable maintainable state of the art ABAP programs Here are my comments on reading part 1 of 3 Quite early on Blumenthal and Keller make it clear that the OO model is the favoured one This doesn t come as a surprise as both of them have been instrumental in developing the ABAP language to where it is today Whilst it is undisputed where the benefits of object oriented programming models lie my thoughts after reading about the first 2 3 pages are that this mostly is not a guide for people out there in the field For example in this day and age where shareholder value seems to be paramount it is hard to believe that a client would welcome it if an ABAPer would re write any of his her outdated ABAPs without business case Having said that there is always the possibility of going over outdated parts of code whilst doing other fixes or enhancements As far as writing new ABAPs in OO is concerned I am still not sure that ABAP OO has been adopted widely enough to switch over entirely I agree that a cutover has to be made at some point but in my own experience I can not see the whole developer community ready for it just yet There are some helpful recommendations the most important ones in my view are do not re use INCLUDEs in other programs but only

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