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  • Platform Lifts | Scientists to Build a Space Platform Lift
    idea Space elevators were first suggested in 1895 by Kostantin Tsiolkovsky a Russian scientist Science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke also suggested a similar construction in 1979 in his novel The Fountains of Paradise Material Strength There are few problems to be overcome first This project needs a very strong material that has yet to be invented Earlier space elevator designs involved sending a satellite into geostationary orbit a point in space called the Lagrange point where the gravitational forces of the Earth and Moon work so that the satellite remains stationary relative to the motion of both and then extending a tether from it to Earth The lift and its cargo would then move along this tether But no material exists that could have a sufficient tensile strength and be light enough A tower housing the space elevator could be built using pneumatic cells of Kevlar or polyethylene The cells would be filled with gas to create a strong and rigid structure that is capable of holding up its own huge mass The pneumatic pressure could be used to turn and lean the tower away from problematic events such as hurricanes Stability could be ensured by mounting thrusters in various positions along the tower s length Energy Issues Having enough energy to power the cars within the elevator is the big hurdle to overcome Not only must this energy power movement up and down the tower but it must also be used to provide a comfortable oxygen rich environment within the cars to enable human travel One suggestion has been to use pneumatic pressure to move the cars within the structure s core just like old fashioned message systems that were popular between the 1930s and the 1960s Thoth is hoping to design a lifting mechanism that could combine

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  • Platform Lift |Global Stair Lifts Market Down To Longer Life
    increasing average age of the world s population In 2010 the population of elderly people across the globe was estimated to be around 524 million By the year 2050 that figure is predicted to rise to a huge two billion It is a simple equation really As the population of elderly people increases so too does the need for mobility aids such as stair lifts and platform lifts By having aids such as these fitted in their homes the elderly and less mobile can maintain a sense of independence and remain living in their own homes for longer The Persistence Market Research study predicts that although the global stair lift market will grow it may not increase at the same rate as the elderly population This is linked to the perceived high costs involved with purchasing and installing domestic stair lifts However as the stair lift market has grown and competition has increased the average cost of stair lifts has gone down Advances in Stair Lift Technology As technology has advanced over the years the range of lifts on the market has continued to evolve Standard stair lifts which work on a straight rail are still the most common but there are many other varieties now available including curved rail and outdoor stair lifts Platform lifts take longer to install but offer the user a great deal more independence The design of a platform lift allows for the user to stay in their wheelchair as they ascend or descend the stairs They are often manufactured and installed to meet individual user requirements The largest share of the global stair lifts market is still held by North America with Europe second The continued dominance of these regions can probably be attributed to the fact that the United States the United Kingdom

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/chinese-market-growing-fast/#wpcf7-f1131-o1 (2016-02-17)
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  • Could this be the platform lift of the future? | Platform Lift Company
    vertical direction just as in the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Some may argue that ThyssenKrupp snatched its idea from the turbolifts in Star Trek These are able to travel in any direction a passenger wants Prototype ThyssenKrupp is completing a prototype of this lift at Rottweil in Germany The lift will be installed in a 260 metre high concrete tower in the autumn of 2015 An outer skin to the building will be added in March 2016 and testing is set to begin soon after MULTI will be very energy efficient much more so than even the best of traditional cable lifts It will also be able to run multiple cabins in a loop at speeds up to five metres per second These maglev lifts will be able to carry at least 50 more passengers while also reducing their waiting times by up to 30 seconds A further advantage is that the l9ft shafts will be about half of the size as those needed for a traditional cable shaft More Space in Buildings All of this means that the new lifts will add significant additional space to buildings The system is also not going to be constrained by a building s height In the past a building needed to be at least 300 metres high to accommodate this technology This is no longer the case with the maglev elevators and it is a revolutionary development for building design A developer or architect will no longer have to consider how to design the building around one or more vertical lift shafts but can use all manner of possibilities that have never been imagined before Towards a Future of Space Time We are all used to lifts moving along what mathematically is the y axis or vertically Maglev will bring

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/platform-lift-future/#wpcf7-f1131-o1 (2016-02-17)
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  • Benefits of Platform Lifts Recognised By New Government Scheme | Platform Lift Company
    country to make access much easier for all passengers Access for All The Access for All scheme is a major programme of work that will see improvements in access at stations nationwide This will enable more stations to provide step free access where passengers can get from the entrance to the platforms easily This isn t only an advantage to those with disabilities and mobility difficulties it also benefits passengers with heavy luggage those with children and the elderly This scheme is a central part of the government s strategy to boost access to our railways The fund has been specifically designed to enhance the infrastructure so that more people are able to access the rail system The funding has already improved facilities at around 150 key stations and the government has pledged an additional 100 million to continue the programme of works up until 2019 Leyland is one of the stations that was chosen to benefit from this extra funding Benefits of Platform Lifts Platform lifts are extremely useful for stations and other transport hubs They offer easy and convenient access to different levels and can be used by passengers with disabilities or mobility issues The installation of these lifts at train stations significantly improves the facilities available for all these groups of people They offer audible tones to indicate that the doors are opening or closing This makes them safer to use for those with vision problems However these lifts are not just convenient for disabled people Many of those who use the rail network every day have had to struggle using stairs and escalators particularly those carrying luggage or having to negotiate stations with children The new lifts can also be used by these groups to improve access to platforms The work surrounding the Access for All

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/benefits-platform-lifts-recognised-government-scheme/ (2016-02-17)
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  • The 8 Fastest Elevators in the World | Platform Lift Company
    steps to the Observatory Number 6 China takes the number six spot with its World Trade Center Tower III in Beijing Travelling at 22 miles per hour equivalent to almost 2 000 feet per second this elevator can scale the building s 1 083 feet height in an impressive 33 seconds Number 5 The fifth fastest lift is another Chinese contender the Shanghai World Financial Center This also travels at 22 miles per hour taking just 49 seconds to rocket from the ground floor to the top a distance of 1 614 feet Number 4 Japan takes the next highest spot with the Sunshine 60 Building in Tokyo It s another elevator that travels at 22 miles per hour and passengers can cover the 787 feet trip in just 24 seconds Once at the top visitors can enjoy spectacular views from the observation deck of up to 63 miles on a clear day Number 3 One of the most instantly recognisable pieces of architecture in the world the Burj Khalifa in Dubai provides passengers with a thrilling ride With a speed of 22 miles per hour it takes just 1 minute and 22 seconds for the double decker elevators to rocket all the way up the building s impressive 2 717 feet Number 2 Second fastest in the world is the Yokohama Landmark Tower in Japan This elevator reaches speeds of 2 460 feet per minute equating to an incredible 28 miles per hour The speediest elevator in Japan it takes only 24 seconds to transport passengers from the ground to the roof covering a distance of 971 feet Number 1 The fastest elevator in the world is the Taipei 101 in Taipei Japan Rocketing way ahead of its rivals this elevator travels at an astounding 37 7 mile per

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/8-fastest-elevators-world/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Platform Lift Company Assist with Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stadium Transformation | Platform Lift Company
    although iconic the building was in need of a full transformation to ensure it remains a first class sporting and cultural facility for many years to come International infrastructure group Balfour Beatty had been tasked with carrying out the full transformation work on behalf of its operator E20 Stadium LLP However Balfour Beatty s commercial team made contact with The Platform Lift Company to assist with this project tasking them with the design and installation of a Platform Lift which could carry disabled individuals from the ground floor up to the announcer s booth area This transformation project was undertaken using sustainable construction methods which ensured that features of the existing stadium were recycled and incorporated into the new stadium In line with this The Platform Lift Company had to comply and base the design of the lift around BREEAM This meant that 95 of the materials used were recyclable and the parts for the platform lift were purchased only from organisations that had engaged within material developments using recyclable spare parts Sean O Sullivan Managing Director for The Platform Lift Company said We were delighted to be contacted by Balfour Beatty to assist with this project The transformation was

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/platform-lift-company-assist-queen-elizabeth-olympic-park-stadium-transformation/ (2016-02-17)
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  • The Importance of Lift Maintenance for Customer Retention | Platform Lift Company
    customers having access to the full range of facilities and services a business will find itself in a far better position to expand its customer base and grow accordingly Building a Good Reputation for Customer Service Building a good reputation is not an easy thing to do Unfortunately it is far easier for a reputation to be lost This means a concerted effort must be made to ensure that a good reputation is maintained once all of the hard work has been put in to win it in the first place This is a lesson that a leisure centre in Lewisham learnt the hard way The Glass Mill built at a cost of 20 million in Lewisham was unable to offer full access to its facilities for disabled customers due to a faulty lift Out of action for more than three weeks the broken down lift meant that many customers simply went to a rival gym nearby Once custom has been lost to a rival business like that it is very hard to win back With a proper lift maintenance schedule in place this unfortunate situation could have been avoided altogether The Benefits of Regular Lift Maintenance Although there is no set number of times a lift should be serviced regular maintenance ensures that long term running costs are minimised and customers are not inconvenienced How often a service is carried out depends on how many lifts a business has how often they are used and the number of floors they serve An early diagnosis of potential mechanical problems could save a company a great amount of money in the long run while also ensuring that vital custom is not lost by having lifts out of action for a prolonged period The easiest way for a business to keep their

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/importance-lift-maintenance-customer-retention/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Isle of Wight Council in Talks Over Shanklin Cliff Lift | Platform Lift Company
    were initial concerns about how the bridge would be fixed to the lift shaft although these have now been overcome and the bridge will provide a temporary link for the many locals and visitors who use the lift to access the beach from the town above Local councillors are now meeting to discuss the 700 000 funding needed to provide a new link bridge with many people stating that this would be a better option than having the current bridge repaired in order to ensure its future longevity They are also discussing a complete motor room refurbishment The Importance of the Lift For the people of Shanklin and the Isle of Wight as a whole it is unthinkable that the money will not be found to solve the problem as quickly as possible and with the best possible outcome for future operations given its huge importance for the economy and the tourist industry in an area The Cliff Lift has been a well known attraction for generations featuring on many postcards in the seaside town but its practical use is as important as its romantic associations with holidays of the past Without it tourists and locals face a vastly increased walk and steep hills to travel between the beach and all of its amenities and the properties and business links in the town It is hoped that the new bridge will be constructed from materials that are particularly resistant to the coastal environment Another alternative being considered is the possibility of storing it safely when not in use to ensure effective maintenance If the funding is agreed the work to replace the bridge and revamp the motor room should be carried out at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2016 The problems faced by the people

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/isle-wight-council-talks-shanklin-cliff-lift/ (2016-02-17)
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