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  • Platform Lifts Used for Safer Bike Storage | Platform Lift Company
    problem An Innovative Storage System Now expanding across Europe at a fairly swift rate Biceberg is an extremely clever and highly innovative bike storage solution The system s name is derived from its concept being based on icebergs large parts of which remain hidden from view underneath the surface Cyclists insert a user card and personal PIN number into the control pad of a large box like structure The cards are fitted with a microchip which stores information about both the user and the location of their chosen parking place Once the PIN details have been accepted and verified the structure s secure door opens to reveal an elevator inside Cyclists simply place their bike inside the elevator which then descends to a secure underground parking area where the bike is securely stored Once the user returns all they have to do is simply re enter their card and PIN code The cycle is then returned to the surface to be reunited with its owner The Biceberg system is available in a wide variety of sizes with the smallest providing space for 23 bicycles and the largest accommodating up to 93 Additionally space is included in the elevator for cyclists to also store their helmets and a bag if they so wish Security measures have been included in the system to prevent any unauthorised items being placed inside such as fuel or any living thing such as an animal If the system believes there is an unauthorised item within the elevator space the door will not close until the user has removed it Forbidden materials are detected via an internal radar system Positive User Reaction to Biceberg Reaction to the system has so far been very positive with many cyclists thankful that they no longer have to go through the

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  • Work begins on test tower for future elevators | Platform Lift Company
    the German city of Rottweil and construction on the initial tower is expected to be finished by 2016 By the end of the project there will be nine separate test shafts in operation Once the site is complete all the company s new products will use the towers for test purposes and it will be a crucial component in their research and development programme Increased Capacity When the first tower is ready for use ThyssenKrupp anticipate having a working prototype of their MULTI system Eventually three of the towers will be used solely to test this system The MULTI system was launched in November 2014 and highlights their solution for the future of transport in medium and high rise structures This innovative elevator system enables the use of more than one cabin in each shaft The MULTI elevator uses linear motor technology and the Transrapid train operates on magnetic levitation Each of the cabins is self propelled and works on a loop This method of transport would increase the capacity of each individual shaft by as much as 50 It would also vastly reduce the amount of space that elevators require in buildings This would allow more space to be used for practical purposes or enable a greater number of elevators to be installed Company Mission ThyssenKrupp are dedicated to becoming one of the future leaders of innovation in the elevator industry They are investing over 40 million in this one project which highlights the importance of this area to the business They intend to create an innovative centre on the Rottweil site which will provide vital employment opportunities for the region In the local vicinity there are more than 10 000 engineering students based at some prestigious universities This provides an ideal base from which to recruit the next

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/work-begins-test-tower-future-elevators/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Developing Lifts for the Future’s Buildings | Platform Lift Company
    the lift shafts require and it can even be used in extremely tall buildings With more buildings being constructed that are over 500m the requirements for lifts become even more complex Even when a Skylobby system is introduced the height of these buildings still means that a large number of lifts is required For instance the Shanghai Tower will reach 632m when it is completed and will have 126 lifts some of which will operate on a Skylobby concept Of these 20 will be double decker cars and there will be a requirement at the ground floor for 40 individual lift shafts The MULTI System Another new concept in development is the MULTI system from ThyssenKrupp This is a completely new use of lift technology with the cars requiring no cables counterweights or electric motors Instead each car will have an individual linear induction motor This allows multiple cars to function in one shaft reducing the space required by the lift system An Articulated Funiculator System One of the other ways that companies are developing to service future lift requirements is the articulated funicular lift This is currently in development by Tyrens and it has the capability to be used in underground stations that are deep below sea level and buildings that are as tall as 1 000m This is a cable system which in a simple set up that would have up to four pods circulating in two shafts It has the ability to service both horizontal and vertical stations The first use of this new system is likely to be in an extension to the Stockholm underground system The stations on this network will be built out of hard granite rock and at depths of 100m If a traditional system was used there would be a need for

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/developing-lifts-futures-buildings/ (2016-02-17)
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  • In Case of Fire, Take the Lift! | Platform Lift Company
    would automatically go to the ground and go out of service if an alarm system activated or it detected smoke Today s Requirements It has now become standard for lifts not to be used in emergencies However as buildings become taller more populated and a greater target for terrorist threats we need to look at changing the evacuation procedures The use of lifts could be the best way to exit a high rise building safely and quickly There is also the issue of meeting accessibility requirements for disabled people and others with access issues These groups of people use the lifts to get into a building and they also require a way of getting out safely There were a number of issues raised during the 2001 World Trade Center attacks with many older people and those who were overweight or pregnant struggling to use the stairs In fact many of those in the second tower who escaped did so by using the lifts Safe to Use the Lifts In some of the highest skyscrapers across the globe especially those over 420 feet it is not always practical for occupants to safely exit in an emergency using just the stairwells These can become crowded and cause panic to break out On the other hand occupant evacuation lifts can quickly take people from a dangerous level to somewhere that is safer From here they can either exit the building if possible or wait to be rescued by the fire service Standard lifts are still not advisable in an emergency so many new buildings have occupant evacuation lifts in the plans or adaptations can be made to bring the usual lifts up to the right standards There are a number of additional features that need to be included to ensure they meet the

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/case-fire-lift/ (2016-02-17)
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  • High Streets Turning Down Business through Lack of Accessibility | Platform Lift Company
    disability This leaves the disgruntled customer little option but to try and find somewhere else to spend his or her money However the same problem often repeats itself in theatres cinemas and concert halls Today s purple pound amounts to at least 12 million potential customers not including their family and friends who may be accompanying them out For businesses wanting their share of the purple pound the issue can be solved easily by installing platform lifts Not Always a Great Expense Many people tend to think that lifts and ramps will be costly to install Since the 1995 introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act a large number of businesses are still unsure about how to improve access and fear that the costs of lift installation will not be paid back through increased sales Access improvement starts with a couple of simple portable metal ramps that can be placed over one or two steps at the shop front These ramps can accommodate each of the wheels on a wheelchair and permit comfortable access inside as long as the shop floor itself is cleared of unnecessary clutter Arranging parking facilities for disabled badge customers is another strategy if space and local regulations allow Inclined and Vertical Platform Lifts For a more permanent solution there are a wide variety of sizes of vertical and inclined platform lifts that could be fitted in small business premises Inclined platform lifts are designed to travel along guide rails that can be mounted on the outside or inside of a stairway The lift will work outdoors and indoors as well as for curved or straight stairs A vertical platform lift will work in a contained space Wheelchairs can be accommodated within an enclosure to access different levels of a building They can have a lifting capacity

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/high-streets-turning-business-lack-accessibility/ (2016-02-17)
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  • News & PR | Platform Lift Company - Page 3
    few decades elevator technology like vehicle technology has undergone a revolutionary transformation Modern elevators consume less energy are able to respond to customers far more quickly are much faster than before and just look more attractive Their maintenance needs are lower and they do not break down as often as before All What s the longest commute by elevator 19 Feb 2015 These days space is all too often at a premium even for the wealthy especially in big cities where there is simply very little room available High income business professionals who want a base in one of the world s major urban centres are increasingly opting for luxury apartments and penthouses As demand grows the buildings containing Government audit deems disabled access on the high street shocking 17 Dec 2014 A recent government audit of accessibility on the high street found standards to be absolutely appalling The audit took into account over 30 000 shops and restaurants across the UK the BBC reports Each of these venues were visited by DisabledGo an organisation that provides accessibility information The report suggests that the 12 million people in Elevator Etiquette 20 Nov 2014 There are very few places anywhere in the world where you instinctively know how you re supposed to behave A lift is one of these rare places and they seem to have created a few rules that are respected worldwide How do you know that standing closest to the control pad means that you become director Elevators Going Green 16 Nov 2014 Traditional elevators can use a substantial amount of energy even when they re not in use This could be as much as 8 of the whole energy consumption of the building Therefore any ways in which the energy usage can be reduced will be beneficial

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  • News & PR | Platform Lift Company - Page 2
    of businesses Once a lift is up and running it is important that it is kept in good working order by the provision of regular maintenance In most cases a company will install a lift to allow their customers better access to Isle of Wight Council in Talks Over Shanklin Cliff Lift 15 May 2015 A temporary bridge looks set to open in a seaside resort on the Isle of Wight after the town s famous Cliff Lift was dramatically closed in March The bridge which will be securely fixed to the lift shaft should open in mid July before the school summer holidays in a bid to minimise the impact on Platform Lifts Used for Safer Bike Storage 05 May 2015 If you are a keen and dedicated cyclist you probably wish you could ride your bike everywhere The sense of pure freedom that comes with every journey the undoubted boost to your fitness levels and helping the environment these are all great reasons for wanting to ride your bike as much as possible As Work begins on test tower for future elevators 28 Apr 2015 Towards the end of last year ThyssenKrupp announced the first stage of their new test tower project in Germany This will culminate in nine test towers being present on the site which will become an innovation centre increasing investment and job opportunities in the region We announced similar plans from a competitor as companies look Developing Lifts for the Future s Buildings 24 Apr 2015 With space in global cities becoming ever tighter buildings are getting higher to ensure that the demand for residential and office space is met As we build taller structures we stretch the limits of current lift technology This has led to a number of developments that will enable

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  • Lift installation site specific survey, drawings & risk assessment
    Building Regulations Access to Work Scheme FAQs Installation Site Survey A full site survey complete with site and product specific drawings for your lift installation carried out by one of our experienced staff surveyors is the first step to ensuring that your lift installation is completed first time on time and on budget Our highly experienced team of surveyors are both familiar with our product portfolio and the challenges presented by different locations sites building types and working environments Having completed the site survey and risk assessment they will brief one of our draftsmen to create a set of site specific drawings detailing the building works required for the lift installation Our focused ISO 9000 driven approach ensures that our lifts go in first time every time Delays and remedial work are avoided building control approval is expedited you and your team can have total peace of mind that this element of the project is assured Product Categories Platform Lifts Residential Platform Lifts Platform Lifts for Stairs Goods Lifts Passenger Lifts Useful Links Pool Lifts Trade Lifts Accreditations Recruitment The Platform Lift Co Worldwide Distributors Privacy Policy Cookies Sitemap Accessibility Request a Brochure or Quotation Subscribe To Our Newsletter Subscribe

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