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  • 3 Lifts that Carry More than People | Platform Lift Company
    tonne engineering masterpiece The Trampe Bicycle Lift The Trampe Bicycle Lift in Trondheim Norway was built in the early 1990s to encourage the citizens of Trondheim to cycle to work It is still the only dedicated bicycle lift on the planet Passengers approach the lift and place one outstretched leg on to a moving footrest They are then carried along with their bicycle 130 metres around 426 feet uphill at a speed of around five miles per hour The lift means that many people can now cycle to work without having to deal with this 20 gradient hill The Autostadt Silos The Autostadt Silos lift in Wolfsburg Germany is another unique lift It exists to transport newly built Volkswagen cars from the end of the production line to one of VW s 200 feet tall storage silos The car arrives at the silo after a half mile journey on a conveyor belt It is then transferred to a lift and raised at a speed of five feet per second until it arrives at an open storage slot in the silo into which it is then placed This means that when a buyer collects the car from the silo there are zero miles on the clock Although we haven t installed any of these lifts ourselves our platform lift range includes internal and external solutions We are also the UK s leading installer and supplier of platform lifts designed to improve disabled access as well as stair lifts and scissor lifts In terms of passenger lifts we are able to offer low pit traction and hydraulic solutions and internal and external options Again we lead the way in passenger lifts in the UK Our range of goods lifts includes lifts capable of carrying anything between 50kg and 3000kg as well as

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  • News & PR | Platform Lift Company - Page 4
    some would advocate tackling your fears head on a 330 metre elevator might not be the best way to do it China s Record Breaking Lift The Bailong Elevator in China which translates into English as the One Hundred Dragons is Beginners Guide to Lift Maintenance 25 Aug 2014 While it may be a process that is sometimes overlooked the effective maintenance of lifts should be high on the list of priorities for landlords and building owners Not only is it important in terms of public safety but regular maintenance can also improve the efficiency and longevity of a lift If you are not A Race to the Top 20 Aug 2014 Traffic speeds in many major cities such as New York and London rarely exceed 30 mph either because of congestion or road regulations But anyone who wants to travel vertically at 45 mph will be able to do so in the next generation of elevator technology Japanese corporation Hitachi plans to install the world s fastest New Lift Technology Will Allow the Quickest and Highest Travel Yet 18 Aug 2014 While the appetite of architects to design buildings of ever increasing height remains insatiable the inability of lift technology to match this hunger has often been noted The limitations of lifts in terms of height and speed have long been a problem when it comes to smooth transportation within a skyscraper That is until now however Aquadom The World s Largest Cylindrical Aquarium with a Lift Inside 12 Aug 2014 For anyone interested in aquariums the Aquadom in Berlin will not fail to disappoint It boasts the title of the world s largest cylindrical aquarium and is a top tourist attraction in the German city What Is the Aquadom The cylindrical aquarium is filled with around one million

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  • News & PR | Platform Lift Company - Page 3
    few decades elevator technology like vehicle technology has undergone a revolutionary transformation Modern elevators consume less energy are able to respond to customers far more quickly are much faster than before and just look more attractive Their maintenance needs are lower and they do not break down as often as before All What s the longest commute by elevator 19 Feb 2015 These days space is all too often at a premium even for the wealthy especially in big cities where there is simply very little room available High income business professionals who want a base in one of the world s major urban centres are increasingly opting for luxury apartments and penthouses As demand grows the buildings containing Government audit deems disabled access on the high street shocking 17 Dec 2014 A recent government audit of accessibility on the high street found standards to be absolutely appalling The audit took into account over 30 000 shops and restaurants across the UK the BBC reports Each of these venues were visited by DisabledGo an organisation that provides accessibility information The report suggests that the 12 million people in Elevator Etiquette 20 Nov 2014 There are very few places anywhere in the world where you instinctively know how you re supposed to behave A lift is one of these rare places and they seem to have created a few rules that are respected worldwide How do you know that standing closest to the control pad means that you become director Elevators Going Green 16 Nov 2014 Traditional elevators can use a substantial amount of energy even when they re not in use This could be as much as 8 of the whole energy consumption of the building Therefore any ways in which the energy usage can be reduced will be beneficial

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  • Lift Safety | Platform Lift Company
    used by members of the public such as within an apartment building it is not strictly covered by LOLER However it could be classed as being used for work if it is accessed by maintenance workers or cleaners As such it would come within the regulations Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 PUWER These regulations generally run alongside LOLER and cover equipment that is used for work purposes including lifts They have been designed to ensure that lifts are safe and appropriate for the intended use and that they are maintained and inspected regularly Those operating the equipment must have undergone the correct training Lifts Regulations 1997 This set of regulations applies to all lifts used to carry people whether they are used by employees or members of the public They need to be adhered to by those who import manufacture or install lifts within the UK Under the regulations the lifts must be checked to ensure that they are safe to use This starts from the planning stages where an assessment should be carried out for any potential hazards The lifts should be designed so that they can be accessed safely by disabled users and that they have adequate space for the intended load Passenger lifts should be prevented from moving if they are overloaded Safety Features The idea of lifts plummeting to the ground comes from films and people s imaginations This type of lift malfunction would only occur in truly exceptional circumstances Modern equipment is fitted with a range of safety features that prevent this from happening Lifts that utilise a cable system are fitted with multiple ropes in case one snaps this is extremely unlikely however Each individual steel rope could carry the weight of both the lift and the occupants if necessary There

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/lift-safety/ (2016-02-17)
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  • 10 Signs Your Lift Needs Updating | Platform Lift Company
    In business premises this can have a knock on effect on efficiency Small Capacity Passenger usage of a lift can easily outgrow its installed capacity If too many people try to pack into a lift rather than waiting for it to return this could cause breakdowns or injuries and may be potentially fatal to some passengers wherever the lift is installed Retail outlets can attract more customers and the occupancy of a business premises or residential block may grow over time Safety Passengers can quickly perceive safety problems in lifts such as when the doors slam shut too quickly there is no response from buttons or there is flickering or broken lighting This means it s time for a new lift or maintenance Regulations National and local safety regulations for lifts will change at regular intervals Every lift should comply with any new regulations If it cannot be upgraded to comply it should be replaced Shabby Decor Rusty gates and broken interior mirrors and panels are sure signs that it s time for a major face lift upgrading or replacement Comfort A significant minority in any population feels nervous or at least uncomfortable in a lift These people are prepared to climb several flights of stairs rather than use one But when the lift ride itself becomes bumpy and shaky because some components are worn or outdated most of the passengers in it may feel uncomfortable and unsafe Cleanliness Lifts in public buildings are notoriously vulnerable to litter and dirt of all varieties Once the dirt becomes ingrained despite thorough cleaning it s time to install a new lift that is easier to clean and maintain Disabled Access Every modern public space needs lifts that have access for disabled individuals The doors should be wide enough for wheelchair access and

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/10-signs-lift-updating/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Loving Lifts: The Elevator Historical Society | Platform Lift Company
    is no doubt that there is plenty on offer for the elevator enthusiast The charismatic septuagenarian who has testified as an expert witness in more than 100 lift and escalator related court cases has amassed a huge collection of lift related exhibits from photographs and autographed memorabilia to call buttons His first lift related job was helping his repairman dad a task which earned him just 5 Yet it was this that set him on the path to owning a Rolls Royce thanks to his past as the chief executive of a business dealing in elevator parts These days he spends around 10 000 every year on exhibiting and collecting lift mementos for the 1 200 square foot museum he founded in 2011 and which sits close to Silvercup Studios where the popular drama Person of Interest is filmed The museum s walls are filled with lift and escalator paintings along with an autographed Titanic film still featuring Hollywood megastars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in a lift and adverts for Elevator to the Gallows by Louis Malle one of the only films Patrick believes has actually got its conveyance facts right Other items include photographs of old fashioned lift operators Otis Brothers iron plates from the 1860s and vintage floor indicators Showing Off the Facts The museum survives thanks to donations from the elevator industry in the UK and from individuals encouraged in no small part by Patrick s passion for his subject and vast amount of experience and knowledge The facility is now seen as a major archive for important lift related items Patrick is also the author of a book on his favourite subject and such is his passion for passing on his knowledge that he allows anyone who wants to read the tome called The American

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  • The 2hr Walk Across the World’s Tallest Outdoor Passenger Lift | Platform Lift Company
    of their lives each year There s no denying that the views are breathtaking Not for the Faint Hearted In fact for those who aren t afraid of heights the elevator ride could be the experience of a lifetime taking in incredible and vertiginous sights to the depth of a deep mountain range It takes one minute from bottom to top and many repeat the experience A Huge Construction Project The makers of this incredible piece of engineering took three years on their project beginning in 1999 and completing it in 2002 Tunnels and lift shafts were dug into a vast natural column of quartz sandstone and earthquake detection software was installed at key points to ensure that timely evacuation of all three lifts could occur if an earthquake were to happen The cost of the build was around 12 million and the elevator has been confirmed as the world s highest sightseeing lift with a double deck capacity It is also believed to be the elevator with the greatest capacity for carrying multiple passengers Criticism from Environmentalists However the build hasn t been met with open arms by everyone Environmentalists and green lobby groups were extremely critical of the project as it is located in the centre of a protected World Heritage Site They said that the area is already too popular with tourists and that further increases to visitor numbers would stress the local eco system However project supporters have said that the new elevators actually preserved the mountain range by minimising traffic on its trails and preventing further erosion The elevator build hasn t been without its dramas to date either After being formally opened for public use in 2002 it was rapidly closed again albeit for a temporary period because of concerns around its safety Happily

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