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  • A Race to the Top | Platform Lift Company
    that Hitachi will take over Toshiba s crown for producing ultra fast elevators Hitachi won this crown first in 1968 when it installed elevators travelling at 300 metres per minute or 11 2 mph in the Kasumigaseki Building in Tokyo the first skyscraper to be constructed in Japan According to the Guinness Book of Records Toshiba introduced the world s fastest elevator ride in 2004 in the TAIPEI 101 building previously known as the Taipei Financial Centre in the Taiwanese capital These elevators travelled from the building s first floor to its 89th floor in just 39 seconds at a speed of 37 6 mph Traction and Air Pressure Controls Toshiba developed a traction machine system to drive and control the elevators A special frame eliminates electromagnetic vibration and so provides a quiet ride even when the lift is travelling at top speed The traction is provided by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with an output of 168 kilowatts per 254 passengers The company s engineers also developed controls that provide an air exchange in the elevator car This controls the air pressure and so avoids any discomfort to passengers that sudden air pressure changes could cause The Hitachi elevator drive system will also run on a permanent magnet synchronous motor drive Hitachi will use braking materials that have an extremely high heat resistance This means that the elevator can be stopped safely at ultra high speeds in the event of any breakdown without over heating the brakes Hitachi has also developed a proprietary technology to adjust air pressure in the car as it rises Further passenger comfort is ensured in the form of guide rollers that will be able to detect any warping in the elevator guide rails and any vibration due to wind pressure as the car rises

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  • New Lift Technology Will Allow the Quickest and Highest Travel Yet | Platform Lift Company
    Kingdom Tower a one kilometre colossus which will become the world s tallest building and make the Shard look minuscule in comparison the problem of height limitations for lifts is magnified The solution to the everlasting imbalance between architectural progress and lift technology may now have been found Lift company Kone based in Finland have developed a new kind of lift cable which they are calling UltraRope Instead of the usual woven steel cable construction UltraRope consists of carbon fibre Described as lift hoisting technology the carbon fibre UltraRope is both lightweight and strong and it is claimed that it will allow for lifts to travel for one kilometre in a single run double the distance that is currently possible The determining factor here is the weight or lack of it of the UltraRope Standard steel cables can often weigh as much as the lift car and passengers combined requiring immense machinery to move it UltraRope is an amazing 90 lighter thereby dramatically reducing the weights involved and allowing for longer continuous runs Evolution of the Lift In addition to revolutionising lift construction and travel the introduction of UltraRope could finally see the dreams of Frank Lloyd Wright become a reality In 1956 the pioneering architect first laid out his plans for the Mile High Skyscraper in Chicago If it had been constructed the Mile High Skyscraper would have been four times the size of the Empire State Building and twice the size of the world s current tallest building the Burj Khalifa Wright was confident that the technology that existed at the time including that of lift construction was advanced enough to have allowed for such a building to be constructed He was sadly wrong Almost sixty years later the unique vision of Frank Lloyd Wright looks set to

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/lift-technology-quickest-highest-travel/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Aquadom: The World’s Largest Cylindrical Aquarium with a Lift Inside | Platform Lift Company
    visit the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin There is a spectacular glass lift system in operation at the hotel that enables visitors to experience the ascent through the aquarium Visitors can take in the grand Aquadom from a viewing platform which is just beneath the glass roof of the hotel From the platform it is possible to see the sheer scale of the design as well as both the tank itself and the hotel lobby area As well as the awe inspiring views of the Aquadom and the huge atrium space visitors can also experience the amazing changes in light that the aquarium creates at various points throughout the day The Aquadom is owned and operated by the Sea Life Berlin Aquarium which is located next door to the Radisson Blu Hotel Understandably the Aquadom has become the main tourist attraction of the Sea Life Aquarium For anyone interested in staying at the Radisson Blu in Berlin and experiencing the Aquadom expect to pay around 180 euros per night or more It is a price worth paying to enjoy views of this unique underwater world For those who might prefer a different vista rooms also look out towards the city of Berlin As well as the hotel and the Sea Life Aquarium with the Aquadom the complex also houses offices and a restaurant How Was the Aquadom Built As you might imagine building the Aquadom was no easy challenge The acrylic glass cylinder that forms the structure of the aquarium was made in four pieces It was constructed on site on top of 30 feet of concrete foundations A crane was used to lift the four individual pieces into position during the construction of the hotel The remainder of the hotel was then built around the 25 metre tall aquarium

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/aquadom-worlds-largest-cylindrical-aquarium-lift/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Destination: Dispatch | Platform Lift Company
    for the car to reach each passenger s chosen destination On arrival the elevator car that is selected for the passenger displays the floors at which it will stop so omitting stops at floors where passengers neither arrive nor leave The upshot is an even dispersion of people among the available elevator cars and everyone gets to their destination faster Schindler s Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal or PORT technology is a development of the destination dispatch system The passenger has a pre programmed card that automatically assigns an elevator car at any entry barrier It also has the ability to block any unauthorised individual from using the elevator Benefits Aside from providing elevator users a faster access to the required floors in any building user trip times are cut by almost a quarter the destination dispatch and PORT technologies are very energy efficient Energy usage can be reduced by almost 30 per cent while elevator handling capacity can increase by the same amount As a result it is able to disperse passengers among the available elevator cars providing them with a more comfortable and less crowded journey The elevator has proximity sensors that can detect a user on the way But if no user is detected the elevator mechanism shifts into a low energy usage mode Light sensors also determine the initial amount of illumination required and this also minimises power usage The user s pre programmed card system makes PORT technology an efficient security system It adapts to any individual s usage patterns as well as the most frequent destinations This means that it will be able to detect any unauthorised passenger using someone else s card PORT technology can also be put to work in emergency situations such as the quick evacuation of buildings It can provide the

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/destination-dispatch/ (2016-02-17)
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  • An Easy Guide to Buying a Passenger Lift | Platform Lift Company
    the primary means of moving from one floor of your property to another If this convenience of movement is of paramount importance make sure that you factor this in as you review potential systems Alternatively you may be more interested in making an elevator a statement feature and a talking point in your home In these circumstances it clearly has to look good and impress guests just as much as it must provide access to other floors You may be inclined to invest considerable time and effort in reviewing a plethora of styling options and visual details that are available weighing these against cost and your intended use of the system Most buyers will sit somewhere along the continuum between form and function but establishing your position can be a real help when you go to buy a lift Aesthetics The look of an elevator is often important you will want to ensure that it can be properly integrated into a living space in a way that compliments the existing features This is easier to achieve with a new build while potentially rather more challenging if you are renovating an existing property You can specify everything from the size of the elevator to the colour of the materials used in its construction although there may be constraints resulting from the space with which you are working and your budget Seeking expert help in order to work through any tough decisions will be advisable at this point Safety Industry regulations governing lift safety are in place for obvious reasons so when you plan to install one within your property it is vital that you thoroughly understand the applicable regulations For example UK manufacturers installers and importers of lift equipment and ancillary safely equipment are required to comply with the Lifts Regulations

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/easy-guide-buying-passenger-lift/ (2016-02-17)
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  • News & PR | Platform Lift Company - Page 5
    lifts in hotels across America have been transformed into an incredible and unique feature Far from being just practical alternatives to the staircase here the elevator has become something much more interesting Legoland Hotel California The Legoland Hotel in the theme The Importance of Carrying Out Frequent Safety Tests on Passenger Lifts 21 Jun 2014 For those in charge of passenger lifts it s vital that the correct examinations and checks are carried out regularly These not only ensure the smooth operation of the lift system but will also pick up any faults that could lead to accidents if not resolved There is a legal responsibility to maintain passenger lifts appropriately Can You Avoid A Passenger Lift Breakdown 14 Jun 2014 Elevators are a part of modern life They exist in shops and leisure centres hotels parking facilities public transport systems and all manner of public buildings An elevator breakdown can be a problem for a passenger who is trapped in a failed system and trying to reach an important meeting or event Many people take Fireworks are beautiful and exciting just like The Platform Lift Company World Wide Expansion 05 Nov 2013 Be Safe on Bonfire Night The Platform Lift Company Offers Worldwide Licences After a successful 13 years of trading in the UK 7 years within Australia The Platform Lift Company has built a global reputation of being a Platform Lift supplier industry leaders providing products to the Middle East and Europe We From Design To Lifestyle 01 Oct 2013 The Platform Lift Company offer two types of residential platform lifts for the home the Italian Lift which is sold to residential properties countries worldwide This Italian platform lift can be designed to suit your every application With over 50 designs available to choose from the Italian lift

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  • Platform Lift Company › Lost Password
    Lift Company Please enter your username or email address You will receive a link to create a new password via email Username or E mail Log in Back to Platform

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  • Traction versus Hydraulic Lifts: Advantages and Disadvantages | Platform Lift Company
    at their end to balance the load of the elevator car Traction on the ropes raises and lowers the elevator The same result is provided by both versions of elevators The choice between the two depends on cost maintenance and the types of building within which the elevator is to be installed Hydraulic Advantages and Disadvantages Hydraulic elevators are usually cheaper to install than the traction variety They also occupy less space in a building as the hoistway requires about 10 per cent less area These elevators are also more effective when high loads need to be moved as the hydraulics provide a greater lifting force than traction ropes One of the main disadvantages of a hydraulic elevator is its slow speed It usually cannot travel at speeds higher than 150 feet per minute The performance of the oil as a hydraulic fluid varies with temperature so an efficient machine room control system is necessary This type of elevator is a high heat producing system The oil may also leak into the ground at the base of the elevator and cause pollution in ground water Traction Advantages and Disadvantages The main advantage of a traction elevator is its higher speed compared with the hydraulic variety This means the traction system can be used in tall modern 21st century buildings The ride in a traction elevator is also smoother The traction system is also more energy efficient as the counterweight balances the car load whereas the hydraulic system needs to push the car against gravity The principle disadvantage of the traction elevator is its cost Installation can be 15 to 25 per cent more expensive that a hydraulic system Traction elevators may also be difficult to maintain as the machine s controls are located in the shaft headroom This area could

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/traction-hydraulic-lifts-advantages-disadvantages/ (2016-02-17)
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