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  • 25m High Aquarium Elevator | Platform Lift Company
    has a thickness of 16 centimetres at the top and 22 centimetres at the bottom The cylinder height is 16 metres and its diameter is 11 5 metres It is built upon a nine metre high concrete foundation The water level within the cylinder is 14 metres The aquarium water itself is local Berlin water that contains 33 tons of dissolved sea salt This solution circulates once an hour powered by two pumps and through seven filters The water pressure within the aquarium is 2 4 bar Feeding and Cleaning The elevator within this enormous fish tank travels from bottom to top where there is a viewing point and a restaurant The ride takes about five minutes Hotel employees cleaning the tank have to learn how to scuba dive within it to do the job Three to four divers clean the tank daily and feed the fish who require 8 kg per day of fish food Unfortunately visitors and hotel guests are not allowed to dive inside the aquarium Growing Coral The aquarium cost some 12 8million to build and it opened in 2004 It was financed by Union Investment Real Estate GmbH and claims to be the world s biggest free standing aquarium The operator is Berliner Gesellschaft fur Grossaquarien BGG which in 2009 won the Blue Starfish Award for its work in protecting marine fauna One innovation was to suspend coral in the tank within an acrylic glass bell and in the water flow This has grown into a stunning coral reef It used 41 R Cast acrylic panels of which 26 panels were used to make the outside of the cylinder while a further 15 were used for the cylinder interior These were delivered to the site in four pieces for the outside of the tanks and

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  • Top 10 Elevators on the Big Screen | Platform Lift Company
    begging for death A few seconds later there is indeed a death but not in the way the audience expected 6 The Silence of the Lambs One of the more effective and tense horror moments in an elevator While Hannibal Lecter is escaping from jail some guards spot him on the roof of an elevator But when they try to apprehend him they find all is not as it seems 5 Dressed to Kill This is another violent film and also one that draws a lot of influence from Alfred Hitchcock A frustrated housewife enters an elevator to retrieve her wedding ring from the home of a one night stand She s met with a gory death but one that has a lot more to it from a filmmaking point of view than just shock value 4 Drive This scene manages to pack much more into an elevator than most films can dream of The hero and love interest enter an elevator They also share it with a suspicious man carrying a gun The result is a tonally varied scene that first turns steamy and then shifts shockingly into violent mode 3 Aliens Elevator journeys are often slower than we would like and they certainly take their time to arrive James Cameron s Aliens manages to use that fact to its advantage as Ellen Ripley is forced to rely on an elevator to flee a horde of angry extra terrestrial horrors The resulting scene is simple yet wonderfully tense and thrilling 2 Die Hard The best part of Die Hard s entry on to the list is that it is not technically in an elevator Rather it is the suspenseful climb through an elevator shaft as John McClane makes his way stealthily around the buildings picking off terrorists A mistake

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  • Six of America’s Most Vibrant Passenger Lifts | Platform Lift Company
    list with each of the five external elevators travelling at around 1000 feet per minute Moving up the 32 storey Tower Wing these lifts offer expansive views out over the central Union Square and take in all the sights of the city Marriott Marquis Atlanta At 50 floors tall this lift is one of the biggest of our unusual elevators Looking out over the interior of the building passengers on the lift in this hotel are able to look closely at the famous ceiling canopy sail feature suspended 50 feet above the reception Looking outside the elevator s riders can see the swimming pools of the hotel as well as some of the features of the local area Luxor Hotel Las Vegas In an unusual feat of engineering the elevator at this landmark hotel has one feature that sets it wholly apart from the rest it travels at an angle of exactly 39 degrees moving along the edge of the building s pyramid shape Known as the Inclinator by visitors this is an elevator like few others The angle offers an interesting view into the hotel reception area which is lit up splendidly of an evening with its Egyptian style decor being brought to life in inimitable Las Vegas style The Inclinator travels up through 30 floors Hotel Del Coronado San Diego The Otis No 61 elevator was installed over a century ago and was one of the first ever electrical elevators to be fitted by the famed engineer Otis The elevator has been in the hotel since it opened back in 1888 meaning passengers are riding a piece of history In addition the Hotel Del Coronado was also the location for the Marilyn Monroe film Some Like It Hot and is also reputed to have its own ghost in

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/americas-vibrant-passenger-lifts/ (2016-02-17)
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  • The Importance of Carrying Out Frequent Safety Tests on Passenger Lifts | Platform Lift Company
    be checked at a minimum of every six months Those lifts that are simply used for loads only require checking on an annual basis What Is Covered in an Examination An examination of a passenger lift will look at a number of features of the system This includes the car and landing doors as well as components within the main system The person carrying out the examination will be checking the governors suspension chains and ropes safety gears braking system hydraulics electrical devices and the overload detection systems There is a legal requirement to carry out any required work straight away Any faults that are found when the examination is conducted can then be dealt with before they cause an accident This will not only prevent passengers from being inconvenienced or injured but it will also reduce the amount of time the lift is out of operation for If problems are fixed before they become a major issue the maintenance can be scheduled and carried out at an appropriate time If the lift breaks down the issue could take far longer and cost considerably more to fix Maintaining Documents As well as ensuring that the appropriate checks are carried out in accordance with the schedule the person in charge of passenger lifts also needs to maintain documentary evidence of these checks This will not only include notes of what was checked and when but also the results of the examination and any recommended works If a major fault is found during the examination this must be documented The report should show details of what was examined the name of the employer and where the lift is located along with when the examination took place and when the next one is scheduled for It will then highlight what the fault was

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  • Can You Avoid A Passenger Lift Breakdown? | Platform Lift Company
    that often will be covered by an insurance policy But such policies also cover heating and ventilations systems and other equipment on any premises Along with such insurance cover there needs to be a good maintenance schedule Maintenance is a vital part of any internal transportation system in any building The building s owner or lessee as well as the elevator installation company will be subject to local building regulations concerning the quality and inspection of elevators They will also be liable to claims for damages following any accident The quality of the equipment and its usage has to ensure the safety of passengers All equipment should be inspected at regular intervals and defective components should be repaired or replaced One of the most important factors to inspect is the electrical circuitry Electrical wiring failures could cause arcing sparking and fires It is important to ensure that the wiring protects the elevator mechanism from power surges that could overheat the system as well as power failures Power Supply Larger buildings such as retail premises and large apartment blocks should have a back up power supply that automatically clicks in to power the elevator system should the mains power supply fail Doors It is also important to replace any aged driving mechanisms and cables to ensure a smooth ride for passengers as well as their safety Although the occupants of older buildings especially older apartment blocks may love their old fashioned elevator car with concertina doors these will only work over the long term if the lifting mechanism itself is state of the art and the door opening and closing mechanism is modern quiet and smooth Parts of the door may date from the 1930s but the electrical systems controlling them must be modern Elevator doors should be checked on a

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/avoid-passenger-lift-breakdown/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Fireworks are beautiful and exciting just like The Platform Lift Company World Wide Expansion | Platform Lift Company
    easy as that Interested Then please make contact about one of our worldwide licences by contacting sean www www platformliftco co uk The Platform Lift Company Work With IGV Lifts The Platform lift Company Limited have recently started a strong working relationship with one of the most glamorous manufacturers of Platform Lifts IGV Founded by Giuseppe Volpe in 1966 an engineer with a natural instinct for invention today IGV exports to more than 50 countries worldwide with a range of lifts home lifts and components which are the outcome of a solid manufacturing tradition In over than forty years of activity the company has designed and manufactured for its customers a wide range of solutions for the vertical mobility becoming leader in the customised production Among the strategic factors of the company success the continuous urge to reach the technological innovation and design Since the beginning IGV s target has always been the aesthetical research the study of new materials and accessories with the launch of new trends in the lift sector thus strengthening its role of style maker Italian company We at The Platform Lift Company are so excited to be in a position to work on a worldwide stage with IGV and offer the world world class products The Platform Lift Company Ltd managing Directors Sean O Sullivan Clive Hammond UK Australia with Massimiliano Borella IGV Lifts export manager at the Munich lift exhibition Glass mirror and special car finish with a TV screen embedded into the lift car they don t come much better than this Fully glazed lift car with stainless steel hand rail controls we can also provide a fully glazed self supporting shaft Case Study Leading retailer Hugo Boss requested a contemporary designed disabled access wheelchair lift for its flagship store in Sloane Square

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  • From Design To Lifestyle | Platform Lift Company
    Swedish Platform Lift is designed to fit into any environment and may suit any project The various platform sizes and variety of functional features and interior design options means that it can fit nicely into the modern or traditional home No 1 Hyde Park Case Study The Platform Lift Company was approached by Cundall building services and environmental engineers to design a bespoke residential platform lift to be installed within an upper floor of one of the world s most prestigious residential developments One Hyde Park London The challenge was to customise both the exterior and interior of the platform lift to achieve a seamless fit within such a high quality residential development meeting all the Candy candy demands And we did you tell the Platform Lift Company design team to design a lift around whatever environment you are working with then you will have a lift design to fit like a glove Believe us we take this serious and love our work Sue Sheppard New PLC London Sales Employee Sue Sheppard is a great people person with heaps of energy this drives her ability to meet and maintain business contacts with tremendous desire and passion for lift designs for all types of environments now it s up to you all to put Sue to the test Go on all of you London people Architects builders specifiers end users make contact and you will be surprised how different your lift will look it will stand out a mile from the rest sue www www platformliftco co uk Top 10 lift rides and PLC come in at number 11 Here they are the top 10 lift rides in the world Now if any of you fancy visiting all of these then let the Platform Lift Company MD know as it s

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/design-lifestyle/ (2016-02-17)
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  • The Platform Lift Company Welcome Supplier IGV Lifts | Platform Lift Company
    they did it would most probably say The Platform Lift Company most probably the best platform lift company in the world fact Another Fine Installation at Pizza Express This lovely restaurant has recently opened in the High cross shopping Centre in Leicester and offers a spacious and welcoming atmosphere Pizza Express has commissioned local artist Jane French to produce a series of paintings specifically for this restaurant These feature the nearby Bradgate Country Park located to the north west of Leicester as well as Bradgate House home of Lady Jane Grey To complement this new restaurant and for fill it s DDA obligations Pizza Express with the Butler associates Architects employed The Platform Lift Company to carry out a full site survey of the building and come up with a solution that fits and sits well in the contemporary restaurant environment The full case study can be viewed here Our Products Take a look at our latest products Also keep checking in as soon we will be show casing our latest Passenger Lift instalments for the likes of Victoria s Secrets Hugo Boss and several more Platform lift Joke of the Month Travelling on a lift to your floor Why

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