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  • The Most Exciting Lifts In The World | Platform Lift Company
    Germany is simply spectacular and the platform lift company responsible has excelled in the creative design The transparent elevator sits within a 25 metre tall glass aquarium so passengers can experience tropical species swimming past as they travel up and down Anderton Boat Lift This Victorian lift is an incredible structure that stands three storeys high in Cheshire UK The lift appears complex but has a simple operation that carries boats from the river at the bottom to the canal at the top The original workings were restored in 2002 and it now operates hydraulically Selfridges Art Deco Lift Visitors who want to see the intricate 1920s Art Deco platform lift need to visit the Museum of London and not Selfridges When it was operational it offered customers a stunning journey and there were beautiful female attendants to run the lift The Falkirk Wheel This is another lift that was designed for boats and it runs between two canals in Falkirk Scotland The rotating boat lift covers a height of 24 metres and is the only one of its kind It is operated by 10 hydraulic motors and visitors can see up to two miles when it s at its highest The Gateway Arch This lift in St Louis Missouri is the tallest monument in the US Visitors board a futuristic elevator and the glass doors showcase the mechanical complexity of the system The trams in each of the legs take passengers to the top in four minutes where they can see the views from the observation deck Rising Tide Elevator Situated within the world s biggest cruise ship the MS Oasis of the Seas this lift doubles up as a bar It can accommodate 35 passengers and on the eight minute journey there s plenty of time to enjoy

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  • The Paternoster - The Rotating Platform Lift | Platform Lift Company
    they are rarely used as residential lifts They consist of lift shafts side by side in which a chain of open doorless cabins perpetually ascend and descent Effectively they are a giant people moving loop The cabins do not stop at a given floor instead users must judge their movement carefully and hop into the first available cabin hopping out again when they reach the floor they want Unlike a conventional lift the cabins always move in the same direction round and round the loop The Leicester University paternoster has been nicknamed the elevator of death as at first glance at least a paternoster lift is not for the faint hearted They Sound Terrifying So why are they so popular among German civil servants who are surely not given to performing death defying stunts at work The paternoster to put it simply is very efficient Once you have become used to the slightly off putting sight of the open cabins sliding slowly past you you begin to appreciate how quickly a paternoster transports you round the building You can communicate with users as they travel between floors Although you need to exercise a small amount of caution before using one the same could be said about crossing a road In Germany at least they love their paternosters so much that they have a Paternoster Association dedicated to preventing them being banned Are They Making a Comeback No new paternosters have been built in Germany since 1974 Popular as the existing ones are with their users safety concerns changes to disability access regulations and the sheer cost of building and installing them have meant that they are no longer a viable choice for municipal buildings Many buildings which have a paternoster lift need to install a wheelchair platform lift to accommodate

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/paternoster-rotating-platform-lift/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Maldives Stipulate Access for All in Buildings Over Five Storeys | Platform Lift Company
    can t actually get into the pool Improving Access for All So public opinion is shifting and this is being echoed by relevant legislation Why should anyone with mobility issues be prevented from enjoying life in the same way everyone else does According to the UK government s Planning and Access for Disabled People A Good Practice Guide an estimated 20 of the adult population some 11 7 million people have a disability Furthermore it is anticipated that over the next 40 years the number of people over 65 is set to rise by 40 while the population as a whole is set to increase by only 7 And in fact being accessible doesn t simply include people in wheelchairs or on mobility scooters People with small children or carrying luggage or with a temporary mobility problem all benefit from what the government describes as an accessible environment Of course life would be a lot easier if we were to knock every single building down and start again but naturally this isn t feasible much less desirable The UK has many heritage buildings and we re lucky enough to have a rich architectural heritage dating back hundreds and hundreds of years So providing lift access in a new build is no problem at all The problems really arise when it comes to retro fitting lifts as building a lift shaft is very often not possible sometimes for planning reasons if a building is listed for example or if there isn t sufficient space to install a lift shaft Complying with Legislation Many companies and building owners are turning to platform lifts as their preferred solution in order to be DDA compliant which includes complying with current Building Regulation Part M legislation These can be installed with minimal impact to a

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/maldives-stipulate-access-buildings-storeys/ (2016-02-17)
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  • How the Internet of Things Will Optimise Elevator Performance | Platform Lift Company
    Managing Lift Maintenance In the MAX elevator system developed by Microsoft and ThyssenKrupp the lifts themselves sport advanced sensors for gathering data about their usage operating conditions and other factors that impact the lifespan of particular parts This information is passed on to Microsoft s cloud powered Azure IoT platform which can then process the data and make accurate predictions as to when maintenance will be required In effect this will make it possible to predict breakdowns before they happen and enable operators to take action ahead of time Because the IoT allows this form of data harvesting and monitoring to occur in real time and an estimated billion lift users are served by elevators managed by ThyssenKrupp s technicians each day the potential time saving could be substantial In fact Microsoft argues that every year the more efficient maintenance strategies enabled by IoT technology could save over two thousand years of waiting time that would otherwise be endured by lift users around the world Furthermore this ability to manage lift maintenance more effectively will only become truly relevant as urbanisation continues over the course of this century and high rise living becomes more common Whilst productivity can clearly be hampered by any unexpected downtime suffered by today s lifts this will only be magnified in the future unless IoT technology is adopted Platform Lift Potential While this partnership applies largely to passenger lifts there is every reason to expect that it will also be beneficial for users of commercial platform lifts since cutting edge technology has always been adopted early in this sector The experience of using a lift has been enhanced significantly in recent years with lifts becoming more intuitive and intelligent in their ability to meet the needs of customers And if lifts are also able to

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/internet-optimise-elevator-performance/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Smart Elevators for Even Faster Elevator Travel | Platform Lift Company
    and efficient lift solutions Elevators have also had to change to take into account of new legislation and regulations Smart systems can provide DDA compliant lifts for buildings which are necessary to ensure everyone can access the facilities Not only can this elevator deliver passengers to the appropriate floor quickly safely and comfortably but it also uses the available space more efficiently The Schindler 7000 is available as either a single or double deck elevator How a Smart Elevator Works With a smart elevator passengers enter their required floor onto a keypad This operates a bank of platform lifts and it will allocate you a particular lift based on where you need to go The system works by grouping people together according to the floors that they require so that everyone gets there quicker and the lifts are used more efficiently This stops all the passengers packing into the first elevator that arrives It also works on the way down and will skip floors if they are not required This technology can also reduce costs as it uses less energy and the wear and tear on the equipment is minimised Changes in Technology As new technology becomes available lift manufacturers will use this to create the lifts of the future These will need to take into account the changes in population spread and working practices across the world This will enable lifts to be manufactured that will benefit the people using them and make them more efficient People now want to get to places as quickly as possible and they don t want to wait to use the lift Smart systems will become increasingly prevalent as new buildings are constructed They are currently used in a number of high profile buildings including the Hearst Tower in New York and the

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/smart-elevators-faster-elevator-travel/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Fly Higher with Innovative UltraRope Lift-Hoisting Technology | Platform Lift Company
    to transfer between lifts when they reach the middle floors The higher the building the greater number of halfway lifts and transfer lobbies must be incorporated into the design space which could otherwise be put to better use One of the biggest issues faced by lift technology engineers is the sheer weight of the vast lengths of steel cabling required to hoist lifts long distances This limits the number of floors each lift is able to service safely However Kone a Finnish company has recently developed a completely new and innovative type of lift cabling known as UltraRope which it is hoped will revolutionise lift design and the way they can be used UltraRope will enable engineers to increase the distance a lift can travel significantly from approximately 150m to about 1km This is great news for those working on the planning and development phase of future skyscrapers around the world including those in the UK As UltraRope technologies are expanded upon we are likely to see more planned structures brought to fruition as the limitations faced in the design phase regarding lift transportation are reduced or eliminated Whilst not known for its skyscrapers the UK can look forward to an exciting future as more and more tall buildings are being constructed A recent report revealed that there were some 70 tall buildings of 20 storeys or more under construction in London alone with almost 200 more planned It seems its reputation as a low rise city may soon become a thing of the past as designers compete with the rest of the world The need for access to ground breaking technologies such as UltraRope will become paramount as part of this journey Platform Lifts Of course UltraRope and other similar technologies are not only good news for the high

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/fly-higher-innovative-ultrarope-lift-hoisting-technology/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Platform Lifts | Scientists to Build a Space Platform Lift
    idea Space elevators were first suggested in 1895 by Kostantin Tsiolkovsky a Russian scientist Science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke also suggested a similar construction in 1979 in his novel The Fountains of Paradise Material Strength There are few problems to be overcome first This project needs a very strong material that has yet to be invented Earlier space elevator designs involved sending a satellite into geostationary orbit a point in space called the Lagrange point where the gravitational forces of the Earth and Moon work so that the satellite remains stationary relative to the motion of both and then extending a tether from it to Earth The lift and its cargo would then move along this tether But no material exists that could have a sufficient tensile strength and be light enough A tower housing the space elevator could be built using pneumatic cells of Kevlar or polyethylene The cells would be filled with gas to create a strong and rigid structure that is capable of holding up its own huge mass The pneumatic pressure could be used to turn and lean the tower away from problematic events such as hurricanes Stability could be ensured by mounting thrusters in various positions along the tower s length Energy Issues Having enough energy to power the cars within the elevator is the big hurdle to overcome Not only must this energy power movement up and down the tower but it must also be used to provide a comfortable oxygen rich environment within the cars to enable human travel One suggestion has been to use pneumatic pressure to move the cars within the structure s core just like old fashioned message systems that were popular between the 1930s and the 1960s Thoth is hoping to design a lifting mechanism that could combine

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/plans-scientists-build-space-platform-lift/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Platform Lift |Global Stair Lifts Market Down To Longer Life
    increasing average age of the world s population In 2010 the population of elderly people across the globe was estimated to be around 524 million By the year 2050 that figure is predicted to rise to a huge two billion It is a simple equation really As the population of elderly people increases so too does the need for mobility aids such as stair lifts and platform lifts By having aids such as these fitted in their homes the elderly and less mobile can maintain a sense of independence and remain living in their own homes for longer The Persistence Market Research study predicts that although the global stair lift market will grow it may not increase at the same rate as the elderly population This is linked to the perceived high costs involved with purchasing and installing domestic stair lifts However as the stair lift market has grown and competition has increased the average cost of stair lifts has gone down Advances in Stair Lift Technology As technology has advanced over the years the range of lifts on the market has continued to evolve Standard stair lifts which work on a straight rail are still the most common but there are many other varieties now available including curved rail and outdoor stair lifts Platform lifts take longer to install but offer the user a great deal more independence The design of a platform lift allows for the user to stay in their wheelchair as they ascend or descend the stairs They are often manufactured and installed to meet individual user requirements The largest share of the global stair lifts market is still held by North America with Europe second The continued dominance of these regions can probably be attributed to the fact that the United States the United Kingdom

    Original URL path: http://www.platformliftco.co.uk/news-pr/chinese-market-growing-fast/ (2016-02-17)
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