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  • Scratch Cards Drive UK National Lottery Sales - Play Scratch Cards
    only recently that record figures have been achieved The operator behind the National Lottery brand is called Camelot and it was reported on 20 November that record sales have just been achieved Camelot proudly revealed that the organisation had generated sales in excess of 3 5 billion This figure represents sales for the six months leading up to 19 September 2012 and was an 8 increase on the same period in 2011 A major portion of the sales generated during this six month period were accounted for by scratch cards National Lottery scratch cards come in numerous varieties and a lot of effort is put into making them unique In the six months leading up until 19 September 2012 a staggering 999 million was spent by UK residents on national Lottery scratchcards This figure is just shy of 1 billion and has grown from 816 8 million in 2011 Scratch cards are a hugely popular dimension of the National Lottery brand and are set to play an greater role from here on out Especially now as the brand now faces intense lottery competition from the Health Lottery whom it accuses of operating illegally on a national basis RELATED ARTICLES Thursday 08 11 2012 100K Won on National Lottery Sunday 24 06 2012 Win a Brand New Car with the National Lottery Scratchcard Wednesday 23 05 2012 18 Lottery Players to Scoop 1M in the National Lottery Draw LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email Comment Enter your comment Players Comments terrence of course the scratchies drive the sales i dont know anyone who actually really plays the lottery anymore all my pals love scratchies more that instant win thrill is better than having to sit and wait for the lottery numbers and to be fair i think the chances of wining scratchies

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/scratch-cards-uk-national-lottery (2016-02-11)
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  • Mobile Scratch Card Shopping App Finds Great Deals - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    have to wait to get home to use a desktop or laptop Technology is advancing at a seemingly unending pace and we are constantly exposed to new things that can help make our life easier and more streamlined When it comes to making more streamlined it s difficult to find a medium that provides more promises than apps At present there seems to be an app for just about everything from cooking to reminders from travel trackers to pedometers there s an app to suit the needs of lots of people A free app has recently emerged and it is within the format of a scratch card Scratch Hard is the name of this brand new scratch card app that combines with shopping to inform users of all the best deals available Users activate their app and then access its main page After performing this step they now receive a scratch card panel which they remove to reveal some special shopping offers This app has been designed to help out eager shoppers who don t want to miss out on any good deals during the forthcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday events Basically the app works as a digital lottery ticket which definitely makes it a mobile scratch card in our books Scratch Card has been developed to work on Apple mobile devices RELATED ARTICLES Friday 12 10 2012 Scratch Cards Go Mobile in California Wednesday 04 07 2012 Winnings com Add More Mobile Games Thursday 14 06 2012 Winnings com Launch Golden Island Game for Mobile Phones Monday 27 02 2012 Mobile Developments have More People Playing Scratchies LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email Comment Enter your comment SIGN UP TODAY To receive exclusive and no deposit scratch cards offers and the chance to WIN 50 for FREE I agree

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/mobile-scratch-card-shopping-app (2016-02-11)
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  • Scratchie Winner Slapped with ASBO - PlayScratchCards
    be 18 to play scratchies but this teenager s previous run ins with the law should have been an indication that he was in no way fit to receive such a massive amount of cash Still fair is fair and Josh scratched that scratchie and managed to bag a 500K win and the first thing he did was buy a big fancy house in a very quiet cul de sac What do you think a 17 year old delinquent who has just been handed 500K thanks to a scratchie did Yes as soon as he moved in the other families living in the street were terrorized night and day by loud parties fights drink driving drug taking and vandalism All of this promoted inhabitants of the street one of which claimed she now felt like she lived in a shopping center car park to take the teenager to court He was then handed an ASBO for his behavior It just goes to show that wealth does not mean class scratchie fans If you want to bag a massive jackpot as big as this teenager s then hit the many online scratchie sites featured here on PlayScratchCards but remember to keep

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/scratchie-winner-slapped (2016-02-11)
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  • Binge Drinking Campaign Launched Via ScratchCards!
    binge drinking session The scratchcards that are now being handed out in pubs and retails stores across County Bucks to name just one of the counties hit by this campaign are not your average scratchies Instead of offering prizes and jackpots as your normal scratchie would this one is actually targeting binge drinkers alone and encourages people to scratch the panels to try and find out if their consumption of booze is too much This may sound like the most boring scratchie ever we are used to massive cash prizes in online scratchcards that could bag us millions but the NHS claim that these really are essential The amount of people being admitted to hospital in the Buckinghamshire are alone has cost the NHS over a staggering 25 million in one year alone and it is thought that almost half of the citizens of Bucks drink far more than the recommended amount All of this promoted the county to grab hold of these scratchies and offer them to problem drinkers in the hopes that it could scare them straight A spokesperson for the county stated One in seven adults in Buckinghamshire binge drink compared to one in 10 in the lowest binge drinking areas in England We are also concerned about less obvious drinkers people who regularly consume too much alcohol in their homes We at PlayScratchCards tend to think that this will do little to help combat this binge drinking Scratchies are supposed to be fun packed instant win treats and as soon as the revellers realise that the card handed to them does not contain a prize they will simply toss them aside LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email Comment Enter your comment SIGN UP TODAY To receive exclusive and no deposit scratch cards offers and the chance to

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/binge-drinking-scratch-cards (2016-02-11)
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  • Scratchos Get New Mystery Quest Slot - PlayScratchCards
    a bit fresher than your standard selection of 5 reel slots with 25 paylines You can stake as low as 0 10 on each of the paylines and as a high as 10 that makes it 50 to max out overall There are seven different tribal symbols that feature in this slot with a couple of them being wilds and bonuses The largest potential multiplier is offered by the green one it s worth a colossal x20 000 When you make one of the paylines the blocks in front of your eyes disintegrate and are automatically replaced by new ones from above Essentially this can give you free spins at times without having to place another wager Anytime that you get free spins is definitely a happy time It s really very easy for you to begin your very own Mystery Quest All you need to do is let Scratchos look after you with their fantastic 300 welcome package that will dish you out two juicy deposit 150 deposit bonuses You can use the delicious bonus funds to pay for lots of Mystery Quest RELATED ARTICLES Wednesday 07 11 2012 Snatcho Day at Scratchos com Sunday 21 10 2012 Scratchos

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/mystery-quest-at-scratchos (2016-02-11)
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  • Wintingo Offer a Brand New Scratchcard Promotion - PlayScratchCards
    bonuses and jackpots every single weekend Its November now ladies and gents which means its blooming freezing out there All the more reason to stay inside stay snug and keep scratching your fave games We would love nothing more than to do this each and every weekend when work is over and we can relax for a good day or 2 but scratching doesn t come cheap even at bargain online scratchie site Wintingo If you want to keep playing your fave games as the night draws in then Wintingo have just the answer for you they have ion offer some terrific bonus treats that will have you scooping oodles of goodies each and every weekend from now on So long as you have already deposited and grabbed your massive 300 welcome bonus you will be eligible to use the cool promo codes this weekend and snatch an amazing 75 matchup on our deposits The bonus codes are secret folks and you have to log into your now personal account to see what they are so hurry Join Wintingo now if you have not already done so and you will be gifted with a 5 free no deposit treat as well as that massive 300 welcome bonus RELATED ARTICLES Friday 19 10 2012 Scratch Card Promos for WinTingo Players Thursday 04 10 2012 WinTingo Can Show You The Magical Forest Wednesday 12 09 2012 Experience Tokyo Nights at WinTingo Saturday 25 08 2012 Hollywood Instant Games at WinTingo Saturday 11 08 2012 Red Hot Chili Chips Slot to Launch at WinTingo LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email Comment Enter your comment Players Comments rahjeet this looks good so glad that there are tonnes of promotions FINALLY at least one scratchie site the rest are just awful for promotions SIGN UP TODAY

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/wintingo-new-scratchcard-promotions (2016-02-11)
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  • Thieves Foiled in Scratchcard Snatch Bid - PlayScratchCards
    on Alexander Road pushing other shoppers out of their path and making a beeline for the scratchcards It was the National Lottery scratchies that Philip Griffiths and Nicholas Griffin reaching for the prize of which soars to over 4 million But what stopped these scratchcard thieves in their tracks Was it a big burly policeman A larger than average shopper who was disgruntled at being pushed out of the way NO it was the female shop keeper a little lady who stands at just 5ft Lyanne Elias wasn t about to let these 2 hooligans rob her shop The Cabin on her watch Lyanne told the robbers who were wearing balaclavas that there was no way she was about to open the till for them She stated One of them came towards me behind the till and I pushed him off He ran out when I pressed the panic alarm and set the alarms off but the other one stayed behind He went for the scratch cards There was a piece of baton under the counter and I hit him across the head and he ran off Once again this proves the addictive appeal of scratch cards both online and

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/thieves-foiled-scratchcard-snatch-bid (2016-02-11)
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  • Another NeoGames Site Abolish their No Deposit Offer!
    to abolish their no deposit treat is correct and we think that it is just a matter of time before the likes of Hopa and even the best known and loved NeoGames sites like Karamba will soon be taking away their no deposit treat too But why The no deposit offer is one of the biggest pulls that an online scratchcard site can use to have their would be fans signing up so why abolish them They couldn t possibly be losing cash because players have to meet the wagering and depositing requirements before they are able to withdraw which pulls in a lot of money for sites like this Could it simply be that they have so many fans that their software just can t keep up NeoGames offer no explanation of this current sweep of no deposit bonus disappearances So we are telling fans of online scratchies everywhere to join a NeoGames site that still offers the no deposit bonus and play for free whilst you still can RELATED ARTICLES Tuesday 25 09 2012 Scratch2Cash com Splash Cash Game Saturday 18 08 2012 Golden New Games at Scratch2Cash Sunday 29 07 2012 Play and Get Paid in the

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/scratch2cash-remove-no-deposit-bonus (2016-02-11)
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