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  • 50% Day at Mega Casino - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    give you an extra 10 to play with on the site With all the games in the huge Mega Casino library this top up will keep you playing for ages and it might even encourage you to try out something new This is perfect for players who are looking to experiment with new games and you may find a new favourite The best thing about this bonus is that you can use it as many times as you like on selected days simply by popping in the promo code 50day The Mega Casino promotions calendar will show you all the upcoming dates that you need to know about to get the most out of your money and you ll be pleasantly surprised at how many different promotions there are If you re not a player at Mega Casino yet you ll need to sign up to get this balance boosting bonus You ll also be able to take advantage of their first deposit bonus which will pay out an extra 100 on top of your payment If you take part in these promotions you ll be rolling in free funds from the site so loads of your games will be

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/50-day-at-mega-casino (2016-02-11)
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  • Jewellery and scratch cards stolen in Dewsbury raid - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    in Argos was in the middle of the night at 3 09am The thieves smashed in the window of the store which is located in the Princess of Wales Precinct They stole some jewellery before jumping into a Toyota Celica and driving to the Sainsbury s where a 3 39am they smashed in a window breaking in and stealing some champagne as well as a scratch card machine During both raids the premises were completely unoccupied and police had to be called by the security services Luckily this means that no one was hurt during the raids A detective inspector from Kirklees CID Mark Truelove has said that police are currently on the search for three men It is speculated that the car was probably stolen during a burglary taking place the day before and it may now be showing fake number plates Anybody with any information should phone the police on 101 Scratch card theft is a relatively common crime but usually it is done by shoplifters rather than burglars Whilst stolen scratch cards can be tracked if anyone tries to claim money on them in could be that these thieves plan on selling the cards counterfeit LEAVE A

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/jewellery-and-scratch-cards-stolen-in-dewsbury-raid (2016-02-11)
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  • Couple Plan Their Dream Wedding After Winning £100K - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    Mark s wallet and revealed their good fortune The 2 National Lottery Super Cash Bonus scratch card may have only cost small change but it brought the lucky couple a huge windfall Mark admitted to crying when he saw the result as it was a relief from the couple s financial constraints and pressures He thought he was imagining the winnings that he saw in front of him as he thought something so life changing would never happen to them They d been saving for their wedding since their engagement late last year and couldn t believe it when they struck gold on the scratch card The pair had been struggling with wedding costs due to their large families and high number of guests but they can now sit back and relax as they plan their dream wedding They also plan to keep some of their winnings back to buy a new home as they start their new life together They also want to give some of the money to family members that supported them through the tough times as they saved for the wedding as well as giving some to charity to help those less fortunate LEAVE A COMMENT

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/couple-plan-their-dream-wedding-after-winning-100k (2016-02-11)
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  • Super Chance with Spin and Win - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    the potential prizes can be You are made to feel like you are inside a real TV studio with the lights and everything else that goes with it being in the room Again this is to combine the feel of real life to a scratch card You will see a wheel displaying various cash prizes and different colours on it At the side there are 3 fields that will be revealed to show a cash amount The player must then spin the wheel and hope that it lands on one of the three that are displayed at the side If there is a match then this is the prize you will scoop if there is no match then you will have to spin again and new cash amounts will appear This gives the player 3 chances to match and win and an even better chance of taking home the incredible 100 000 jackpot This is a very simple game to understand and very easy to play and is sure to be a hit with Scratchcard fans If you are feeling lucky then have a go at Super Chance and see if you will spin and win LEAVE A COMMENT Name

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/super-chance-with-spin-and-win (2016-02-11)
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  • Double Your Chances of Winning at Play Million Casino- Playscratchcards.co.uk
    code 100DAY Your deposit can be anything between 20 and 1 000 so you could potentially get 1 000 for free Not bad eh We don t know about you but free money is music to our ears Most of you will probably get paid on the 31st July so you might decide to deposit the maximum 1 000 to get the best value for money You never know with a little bit of luck you might even be able to turn your bonus into an even bigger playing pot which will definitely keep you going until your next payday This is just one of the many promotions at Play Million Casino each month There s also cashback slot tournaments VIP points giveaways and much more to make the most of If you re looking for more bang for your buck then make sure you register for an account at Play Million Casino today if you re not already a member One of the first things to get excited about when you join is the 3 000 welcome package that s spread across your first five deposits One thing s for sure they certainly know how to spoil their players

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/double-your-chances-of-winning-at-play-million-casino (2016-02-11)
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  • Outer Space Scratch Card at Mega Scratch - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    one has three reels The first thing you ll want to do is decide how many of the sets of reels you want to play with Then you ll want to set your wager and you do this by clicking on the and buttons next to the Bet meter at the bottom of the screen Depending on your budget you can wager as little as 25p or as much as 10 While wagering a small amount is less risky you re not going to be able to win big so you might decide to wager the maximum 10 to give you a shot at the jackpot Once you have done that and you re good to go just hit the Spin button to start the reels spinning If you re lucky enough to land three matching symbols on any slot machine you ll win the prize that s shown at the top of the slot It s as easy as that This game is out of this world so get your space boots on and give it a go You never know if you re really lucky you might even hit the jackpot So get ready for blast off LEAVE

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/outer-space-scratch-card-at-mega-scratch (2016-02-11)
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  • Top Worker Wins £100K on a Free Scratch Card - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    much resistance This generous worker puts his luck down to karma saying that he sees it as a kick back from all the good deeds he s been attempting to do lately From helping fellow bus passengers with their bags to giving up his seat for the elderly Lewis thinks these small actions boosted his luck The single 20 something plans to splash out on a holiday with the cash and also take his co workers out for a round or two at the pub He seems keen to share the wealth and treat others with his winnings as he also plans to share his cash with his family Boss Chris was delighted when he found out about the win and stated that it couldn t have happened to a more deserving person He was touched when Lewis offered to share his cash prize but politely refused saying he would never dream of taking the money from him Lewis was even offered the rest of the week off after his big win but still came into work to keep making calls which Chris stated was another sign of just how reliable a worker he is LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/top-worker-wins-100k-on-a-free-scratch-card (2016-02-11)
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  • Live Tournaments at Hopa.com - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    menu button within the lobby to find out about all current and upcoming tournaments Unfortunately there are no tournaments taking place right now but they re guaranteed to have one again soon so make sure you check the site on a regular basis so you don t miss out For those of you who haven t taken part in a tournament before they re pretty simple All you have to do is play as much as possible and at the end of the competition the players at the top of the leaderboard will win a prize Depending on the tournament your ranking can be determined by bets placed points earned or wins If you think you have what it takes then make sure you take part in the next one If you want to take part in any of the tournaments the first thing you ll need to do is sign up to Hopa today if you re not already a member When you join and make your first deposit you can claim a 100 welcome bonus and 100 free spins with the bonus code HOPA100 which means you can warm up before the next live tournament begins LEAVE A

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/live-tournaments-at-hopa-com (2016-02-11)
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