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  • Super Scratch Unleash Creepy Cashback Bonus
    of cash that you spent on non winning bets will then be tallied up and you ll receive 10 cashback based on that amount within 72 hours of the promotion coming to a close The maximum amount you can receive in cashback bonus funds is 200 so there s a fairly large amount of money that you re pretty much guaranteed to win back This promotion also works as a great incentive to try out some games that you may have wanted to play but were worried about losing a lot of money on Now you can try out these games and win some of your lost bets back This in turn makes it a win win situation that every Super Scratch fan will no doubt love since you re getting some cash from one of their great games regardless of the result of each round Plus if you re new to Super Scratch you can also earn a 100 bonus alongside this 10 cashback guarantee when you make your first deposit with them So why not try out Super Scratch s creative cashback promotion and celebrate Halloween in style with some extra funds in your bank account LEAVE A

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/super-scratch-unleash-creepy-cashback-bonus (2016-02-11)
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  • Whack-A-Jackpot at Super Scratch
    There is a little twist though if you hit the wrong hole more than 3 times then you are out If you match 3 multiplier amounts then you will win that prize You could scoop up to 10 000 times your stake with this game If you don t want to join in whacking the moles you can also hit REVEAL ALL and all of the prizes will be in view But where s the fun in that If you still aren t sure you can try out the game in demo mode first before you spend any real cash If you aren t yet a member of Super Scratch but fancy having a go on their cool Whack A Jackpot game make sure you head over there now and take advantage of their top welcome bonus You will be privy to a 100 match on your first deposit doubling your money So if you make a deposit of just a cheeky tenner then you would have 20 to spend With up to 10 000 your stake for the taking we know that you will definitely want to have a go on this one LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email Comment

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/whack-a-jackpot-at-super-scratch (2016-02-11)
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  • Crack the Mega Safe to Win Big - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    20 or a minimum of 50p per scratch The higher you wager on each scratch the higher the potential payout when you manage to make a win with a max prize of 200 000 on offer Once the player has decided on their bet amount the fun can begin Simply press Play to buy a card The card itself is set out as a safe To the left hand side is six lines each with three panels Then next to the safe door is another three panels Under each panel is a number If any of the six combinations on the left hand side of the screen match with the combination next to the door then the door will unlock and the player wins a prize One of the most exciting things about this means that players have six chances to crack the code and win themselves a cash prize The game also includes an autoplay button meaning that players can set the number of games which they wish to buy and then set them all to play one after the other so you can just sit back and watch the wins roll in Head over to Megascratch now to

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/crack-the-mega-safe-to-win-big (2016-02-11)
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  • Warrington Warehouse Worker Lands Massive Jackpot
    after winning 120 the previous day after betting on a football bet and that he normally doesn t buy these cards because they re too expensive After winning this huge jackpot Rustage said how he had to have the local store owner Baqar Hussain 50 check the ticket as according to Rustage he was still in shock So far Mr Rustage hasn t fallen into the usual jackpot winner trap of spending it all at once and is instead playing it safe by putting some of his cash away for his children from a previous marriage Although he also plans on buying a season ticket to watch his favourite Rugby club the Warrington Wolves and is treating 12 of his family members to a holiday to Menorca next year He s even planning on upgrading his car from his current Vauxhall Astra as he would love a flashier car to drive around in Unlike other big winners Mr Rustage is still planning on continuing his 9 to 5 job as a Warehouse Stock Handler defending his decision he said I ve got no plans to quit my job Life will carry on as normal LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email Comment

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/warrington-warehouse-worker-lands-massive-jackpot (2016-02-11)
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  • Claim Your Cashback at Megacasino - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    playing on your favourite games I m sure no one s going to argue with that So how do you access this cashback It really is very simple All you need to do is wager on your favourite games and for every 1000 you wager Megacasino will give you 10 back No muss no fuss no complicated codes or bonuses simply play on Megacasino and you can get some ace cashback funds simply by playing Who knows that extra cash could end up being the difference between a win or lose with the extra opportunity to win or turn your luck around absolutely free The minimum amount of cashback which you can get is 10 and the maximum is 250 But hurry once you have been granted with cashback you will have only 3 days in which you use it so be sure you play it quick for your chance to make an extra cash win absolutely free And that s certainly not all that s going on over at Megacasino from amazing 50 and 100 bonus days to VIP races there s loads on offer Why not sign up today to check it out Enjoy LEAVE A COMMENT Name

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/claim-your-cashback-at-megacasino (2016-02-11)
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  • Head to the Fantasy Forest for a Magical Win - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    bet amount which ranges from 50p for players who just want to play it safe have fun and hopefully make a profit and 20 for players who are willing to take a risk for the opportunity to win back a massive profit The most that you can win on this game is 200 000 so there s some really high stakes on offer if you go for the highest wager The player then presses Play to begin the game The five fairies will each reveal three orbs If any of the fairies show three orbs which are all the same colour you will win a prize One of the things about this game which makes it extra good value for money is that when you set your wager all five fairies are included So unlike other scratchcards where you have multiple choices to win this game lets you play all five fairies and hence gives you five chances to win for the price as one That s a pretty good bargain This game is so simple to play it s perfect for players who are new to scratchcard games Why not head over to Megascratch today to try it out

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/head-to-the-fantasy-forest-for-a-magical-win (2016-02-11)
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  • LOTTO Hessen and GI Tech Partner
    little doubt that they will be incorporated elsewhere if it proves to increase sales and be a success Dr Heinz Georg Sundermann who is the Managing Director of LOTTO Hensen mentioned that there was more than one gaming company that were interested in taking this project on however they decided to choose GI Tech Gaming This India based company has vast experience in the industry and are behind over 350 000 gaming and lottery terminals across the world They have been known somewhat as innovators by trying to launch their developments into online channels terminals mobiles and tablets so it s no surprise that they are the chosen partner of LOTTO Hessen Dr Sundermann went on to say that standard tablets will be used in the sale of scratch tickets and the technology used currently doesn t exist in Germany as yet There are countless advancements made in the gaming industry so it s very exciting to see what will happen next in the world of scratch cards and what this duo can come up with together next LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email Comment Enter your comment SIGN UP TODAY To receive exclusive and no deposit scratch cards offers and

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/lotto-hessen-and-gi-tech-partner (2016-02-11)
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  • New Augmented Reality Scratch Cards from National Lottery - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    magic happens Once blipped the smartphone will show a beautiful 3D winter scene which gives players various fun add ons to their scratch card From this wintry menu players have the option of entering a prize draw to win 1 000 of shopping vouchers or playing a free game There s also a section which players can find more information on how they can give scratch cards as Christmas presents for example in homemade advent calendars and so on This is not just the first foray into this sector for National Lottery scratch cards but in fact the first lottery in the world to use augmented reality to enhance their products and improve players scratch card experiences Martyn Baxter the head of instants at Camelot is excited about the partnership and confident it will do well particularly due to the Christmas link with festive freebies like 1 000 of shopping vouchers up for grabs as well as the usual scratch card prizes available If all works well we could soon be seeing augmented reality being used in more and more scratch card games in different lotteries throughout the world LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email Comment Enter your comment SIGN UP

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/new-augmented-reality-scratch-cards-from-national-lottery (2016-02-11)
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