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  • Superscratch Weekly Surprise Promotion - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    the prize Bonus amounts again are a surprise and can vary from one person to the next and one week to the next The more you deposit and play the more surprises and bonus funds you ll be eligible to receive It s not just a one off promotion you can take advantage of the surprises just keep on coming the more you return and play You ll have to keep an eye on your bankroll to see if the Superscratch team have deposited anything in there for you And all you really have to be is a loyal customer to receive this reward There are no minimum depositing or wagering amounts required in order for you to qualify for the bonus Simply deposit a sum of funds to suit yourself get into a regular gaming pattern and wait for your surprise to appear Terms and conditions and of course Superscratch bonus policy applies but the main requirement of the Weekly Surprise promotion is that you must have made a deposit in the 14 days before the bonus and played at least once in the last 8 days LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email Comment Enter your comment SIGN UP TODAY

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/superscratch-weekly-surprise-promotion (2016-02-11)
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  • Love Birds at Prime Scratch Cards - Playscratchcards
    and romantic there s not a yappy dog or bunch of loitering teenagers in sight Instead you ll find swans nestled together in the lake and a Greek style statue of lovers caught in a passionate moment Love Birds is a short and simple game where you can win a range of prizes for not much effort at all All you have to do is match the couple on the park bench to the couple on any of your three scratch panels to land yourself some dosh It really is that easy The panels keep in line with the sweet affectionate theme by being based on photobooth prints Set in a time before selfies or digital cameras where the only way to capture the best close up of your love would be to step into a photobooth and select the best most affectionate pose The prize amount is even labelled below each photobooth image so you ll know exactly how much you ve won straight away without having to refer to a pay table Not only is Love Birds really easy to play but it also doesn t cost much to net yourself a huge prize Card prices range from 50p to 10 so it s bound to suit budgets of all levels The total 100 000 jackpot can only be won by players buying the maximum card price Though the game is limited in terms of symbols to scratch off and the number of overall couples in the game means there s just as much if not more chance of winning on this card game than any loveless counterpart LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email Comment Enter your comment SIGN UP TODAY To receive exclusive and no deposit scratch cards offers and the chance to WIN 50 for FREE I

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/love-birds-at-prime-scratch-cards (2016-02-11)
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  • Man Steals £735 of Scratch Cards as he was Desperate
    from off the shelves which he would then play throwing the losing cards in the bin Little did he realise that he was being filmed on CCTV the entire time and it did not take long for the shopkeeper to work out what was going on Despite stealing 147 scratch cards Harris was only successful in winning around 40 altogether Harris 31 currently lives with his mother in a three bedroom flat The two have been hit by the controversial bedroom tax for having a spare room and this claimed Miss Sarah Colby of the Defence has been a contributing factor to Harris s debt She went on to say that his actions were motivated by desperation rather than greed Harris pleaded guilty to the charge of theft from a shop He has been ordered by magistrate to pay 735 in compensation for the scratchcards and he must also undertake a community order for 18 months As part of the order he will be required to attend a thinking skills programme He has also been put under curfew for the next three months from between 10pm and 6am LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email Comment Enter your comment SIGN UP TODAY

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/man-steals-scratch-cards (2016-02-11)
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  • Heavenly Jackpots with Scratch2Cash - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    the second a variety of pay out amounts ranging from 0 10 pence to 100 000 The trick is to reveal a scratch card with three sevens on it managing that will mean whatever amount is in the second column will be awarded to you Bets per turn in this game can be set at either 0 25 pence or 10 per turn A nice touch is that the wager amount will directly affect how much the pay outs will be so the larger the initial bet the bigger the reward Players have a choice in this game of manually scratching off the cards one by one or for those that prefer a game with a bit more alacrity just use the scratch all option to scratch all the cards at once For those that prefer a hands off approach there s an Auto Play function that will run the game for a set number of turns There s also a fun bonus card in this game if players reveal a gift box in the game they ll be awarded a mystery prize amount of varying sizes With huge jackpots available 7th Heaven will send you to Cloud Nine LEAVE

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/heavenly-jackpots-with-scratch2cash (2016-02-11)
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  • Could Unique Scratch Cards Uncover Illegal Students?
    payments for 2014 of N94m having already been processed If there is an outcry from students it s from the ones not eligible for scholarship who somehow managed to put their names on a register he told state media sources Mr Nuhu also told how the State Government had already asked universities to create lists of their genuine students after research it was found that a number of these students were in fact completely fake He described the State Government s future plan is to create a website where legitimate students will have to register online to apply for a scholarship this will allow them to be vetted more thoroughly before they start receiving money for a scholarship According to Mr Nuhu the Niger State Government has also saved N125m so far from their exercise through the use of unique scratch cards These were made compulsory for all students who then would use them to collect their scholarship payments from local banks So far the Niger State Government has paid out N17m to national and various local Niger student associations in line with state laws for the vast number of legitimate Nigerian students that are registered in the system LEAVE

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/could-unique-scratch-cards-uncover-illegal-students (2016-02-11)
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  • Gang Steal Cigarettes and Scratch Cards - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    grab One robber saw fit to gamble during the raid grabbing handfuls of scratch cards as his law breaking pals filled the sacks with their loot The hooded vandals were in and out in under two minutes having rifled through tobacco cigarettes and damaging the scratch card display Something disturbed their raid as they all quickly fled simultaneously Three motorbikes were waiting outside for the five to make their getaway As they tried to escape one of the robbers dropped a sack full of cigarettes Fortunately the postmaster was able to quickly receive it limiting the damage to in this thuggish criminal ordeal Yet their haul was still significant a total of 644 of cigarettes 175 cash and 45 worth of scratch cards were nicked The incident was completely captured on the post office s CCTV cameras though the masked madmen could not be fully identified Police are asking for anyone with any information to come forward by calling 101 and speaking to PC Harris at Eastleigh Police Station LEAVE A COMMENT Name Email Comment Enter your comment SIGN UP TODAY To receive exclusive and no deposit scratch cards offers and the chance to WIN 50 for FREE I agree

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/gang-steal-cigarettes-and-scratch-cards (2016-02-11)
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  • Couple’s Lindsey Lodge Lottery Luck - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    regularly running their lottery It s used as a partnership with neighbouring Hull Dove House Hospice to raise funds for further projects in the Hospice and To keep administrative costs low Mr Smith and his wife are just two of 1 500 players that regularly take part in the lottery to support the Lindsey Lodge Hospice According to Mr Banham the lottery has a weekly rollover price that can go up to 10 000 Players that want to take part in the weekly lottery draw can join register for a three month six month or yearlong membership with Lindsey Lodge Hospice The couple from Broughton have already used some of their winnings to buy themselves an adorable Samoyed puppy named Teddy to replace their Newfoundland dog that sadly passed away last September Mr Smith told reporters how he and his wife are avid dog lovers and are regularly used to having two dogs hence why they decided to splash out and get another perfect pooch They are currently hoping that Teddy will fill the hole left behind by the one they unfortunately lost not that long ago Since this success lottery scratch cards could be the next thing to be

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/couples-lindsey-lodge-lottery-luck (2016-02-11)
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  • £100,000 Scratch Card Win for Teen - Playscratchcards.co.uk
    in quite a while and to his great surprise came away with a fortune Tanbini who lives locally with his mother and six siblings could scarcely believe his luck He showed first the shopkeeper then his colleague to double check the card only for his winnings to be confirmed by a machine Unsure of what to do Tanbini returned to work where his boss overheard what had happened and gave him the day off to sort everything out He phoned Camelot and it was confirmed he d just won 100 000 When asked about his experience the Celtic fan appeared to still be in shock He has not yet decided exactly how to celebrate his good fortune or how to spend the money but he does have a few plans in place He says that some of the money will go to his mum and some will be used to buy driving lessons and a car Tanbini also speculated that perhaps a celebratory holiday was in order Other than that rather than squander the cash he s made the sensible decision to put most of the money into a savings account preferring instead to save for the future LEAVE A

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/article/100k-scratch-card-win-for-teen (2016-02-11)
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