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  • Roulette Lounge Scratch Card Game | £200,000 Jackpot!
    on There are a couple of things that I love in terms of hobbies and they are online scratch card games and roulette When I heard that both these are combined it was my happiest day The combination of scratch card fun and the strategy of roulette is certainly what everyone looks for in a scratch card game There are many other special features to spice up the Roulette Lounge game like the simple manner of which the game begins the casino atmosphere how you can monitor how much you play and how many wagers you place and of course the rewards and how fast the game is You might be a little conservative when it comes to your scratchies or you might have dedicated your whole life to playing online poker However it is time now to give Roulette lounge a shot and see if you like the mix of a scratch card game with that of roulette Now here is how you play the Roulette Lounge scratch card You can place your wager by selecting the chips and keeping them on any location you choose to bet on as per the betting combination You can modify your betting options by choosing undo redo clear all repeat or the double button By choosing the shift button and clicking on the chip simultaneously you can remove the chips To begin the game you can choose the spin button or press the space key If you haven t played roulette before at all Roulette Lounge can be a little tricky at first till you grasp the basics of the game However if like me you have a bit of roulette experience in the past this game is sure to suit you SIGN UP TODAY To receive exclusive and no deposit scratch

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/scratch-cards-games/roulette-lounge (2016-02-11)
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  • 3WOW Scratchcard Game | £1 Million Jackpot
    a card from a collection of cards to begin the game According to the rules of the game if you choose the correct card you will find yourself a millionaire However before playing 3WoW I would advise you to take a few points into consideration especially if you want to hit that unbelievable jackpot First you must bet at least 2 or more if you want to activate the jackpot If you bet lesser than that you can win cash prizes but you won t win the jackpot I found that 3WoW is not popular just for its million pound jackpot but also for the way the jackpot is paid out If you become a millionaire you can choose to receive your million right away in one lump sum If you are worried about receiving the entire amount you can choose to receive a monthly payment of 5 500 for the next 15 years of your life Now here is how you play 3WoW Bet by simply clicking the or the buttons Do not bet less than 2 if you want that jackpot Choose one of scratch cards presented to you Hit Play Scratch off the nine squares on the card either manually or hit the Scratch All button If you reveal three matching sums you will receive that amount as prize If you are wondering how to hit 3WoW top jackpot of 1 million you only have to match 3 four leaf clovers Another exciting feature of 3WoW is the presence of an extra small square with a multiplier in it Your total winnings will be multiplied by that value and handed over to you 3WoW also has an auto play feature which I found very convenient to use as it allowed me to play the game automatically SIGN

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/scratch-cards-games/3wow (2016-02-11)
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  • 7th Heaven |Scratch & Win Up to £200K
    able to win the top jackpot of 200 000 I was very disappointed that I only got 2 icons on my third try but will be trying this game again soon I found the 7th Heaven scratchcard rather easy to play because it comprised 7 lines with 3 squares that could either be scratched off manually or automatically by hitting the Scratch All button To play this game follow these steps Select the number of lines you wish to play Place a bet by hitting the or buttons Hit the Play button to start the game Another terrific feature that had me jumping for joy was that 7th Heaven offers you two exciting ways to win For instance I found that I could create a combination of 3 seven icons and win the top jackpot or win the entire amount if the game revealed a gift icon The betting range was within my usual which is from 0 25 to 20 I found that the amount of money I could win depended on my bet amount which required me to gather the courage to bet maximum and play all the seven lines as I wanted to win the top jackpot Playing 7th Heaven truly delighted me because it was rich in features such as Total Wins and Total Bets that made it so easy for me to manage my bets Besides this I was able to use the Max Lines button to play all the 7 scratch lines that comprise the game The game also has an auto play which you can use to set this exciting scratchcard game to play automatically besides you can come out of the auto play feature and play normally whenever you wish The game also provides direct links to help live chat games lobby

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/scratch-cards-games/7th-heaven (2016-02-11)
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  • The Wild West Scratchcard Game | £200,000 Jackpot
    scratchcard Game s Main Feature Scratchcard based on Western theme with attractive features Playing the game is as easy as watching a Western Here are some step by step instructions for you if you are a new player First place a bet by using the and signs near the Card Price option Now hit the Play option to start the game A Wanted ad featuring a bandit will appear on the screen A bandit each is hidden behind the 3 windows of a house and you must shoot these windows to reveal the bandits and the prizes they carry If the bandit you reveal matches the bandit in the Wanted ad you will win the prize Before you rush off to play this game I must warn you that this is one of those NeoGames scratchcards that can get you addicted in no time Since I am a bit lazy to play games manually I truly appreciated the game s Show All feature which automatically reveals the bandits hiding behind the windows If you want to have some fun you can try shooting the other objects on the screen but this is just a fun activity that has nothing to do with the rest of the game If you don t have any more money to wager on this game you can amuse yourself in this way The Wild West also comes with an Autoplay feature which you can use to set the machine to play as many as 300 games You can return to normal play by just clicking on the Autoplay button once again You can play The Wild West scratch card game either in the fun or in the real money modes and use the game s attractive chat feature to contact customer care SIGN UP TODAY

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/scratch-cards-games/the-wild-west (2016-02-11)
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  • Espresso Scratchcard game | Bingo Instant Games
    to play from 1 to 300 How I played Espresso I chose the card price by using the or buttons in order to increase or decrease the amount I chose the number of cards I wanted to play with Then I clicked on the Play button to buy the cards Random numbers appeared on the cards and I clicked on the Draw button to pick 30 numbers from this lot of 1 to 90 I found Espresso scratchcard game to be very user friendly since the game has been designed that way When the numbers I clicked were chosen then they turned yellow on the cards I needed to draw numbers according to the patterns in the paytable in order to win In Espresso 1L means one line 2L means any two lines 1L is associated with x2 winnings and 2L is associated with x50 winnings When I was close to winning and had just one number left it started blinking in green There is also a faster way to play Espresso and I happened to chance upon it when I clicked Turbo I found out later that it can be used at any point in the game to go faster When the draw ends all the winning lines turn red Espresso scratchcard game can also be played in the auto play mode but I found that the system will buy only one game at a time in the auto play mode In this game the prize amount is equal to the card price x the prize multiplier Espresso scratchcard game has been rightly named so since I think it is one of the fastest ways to play bingo and it also shoots you up to the end of the game just like a cup of Espresso does SIGN UP

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/scratch-cards-games/espresso (2016-02-11)
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  • Club Pearl Scratchcard Game | Playscratchcards.co.uk
    chosen the number of games I wanted to play the game moved on I faced three more shells and clicked on one of them It contained a pearl and I won 5000 The game allows a betting range of 5 10 20 and hence I chose to bet only 5 I found that I could also use the Autoplay button to play the whole game The Autoplay button is very useful I also found that the paytable and the betting amounts have been clearly mentioned and I could study them before playing the game The game has a great interface wherein I saw a colorful and vibrant marine aquarium of sorts that had the three shells It made me feel like I should go deep sea diving to see the same in real life The game is simple and fast paced and hence I liked it a lot since it did not involve any waiting for the reels to stop spinning It showed me the results in an instant and my anticipation was short lived The Club Pearl scratchcard game is a no nonsense game and the best part is that I could play the game while I was involved in playing other games that needed more attention Club Pearl moved on at its pace and I was not required pay attention to it and yet I won While I was multi tasking I did find interface of Club Pearl more appealing and continued to play the game more than once I found the intricate detailing of the marine life including the clam shells the pearl the starfish the dolphins the fishes the snail the corals and the sea floor very imaginative and appealing The game did not require all those details but it just made the whole theme more

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/scratch-cards-games/club-pearl (2016-02-11)
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  • Lucky Diamonds Scratch Card Game | Playscratchcards.co.uk
    game is excellent and the sound effects are very appropriate for the classy diamond theme The great thing about this scratch card game is the fact that it is very appropriate for women Imagine a game where you pick out cute little boxes that carry precious diamonds in them Also immediately after opening the scratch card you will know that these scratch card tickets are very sophisticated looking and on looking at the jackpot amounts who knows You can actually buy real diamonds This is how you play the Lucky Diamonds scratch card Click the play button to buy a card Click on every one of the five diamond boxes to seek a diamond If three boxes carry the same diamond each the jackpot is yours Click the prize to see the prize you ve won The reward money will automatically be added to your account After entering the game you can choose your betting amount It can either be a minimum betting amount of 50p to a maximum of 20 when you are playing Lucky Diamond scratch card game with actual money If you are playing the trial round you can bet with a maximum of 10 The value of the reward is directly proportional with your betting amount which means the higher you bet with the higher your reward will be In the real money version you can win up to a total highest jackpot of 200 000 by making a bet of 20 At the bottom of your game screen there is an online casino toolbar which showcases your account balance which will be automatically transferred to your account when you win The Lucky Diamonds scratch card game is yet another cracker from the NeoGames family and it not only provides oodles of entertainment but the rewards

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/scratch-cards-games/lucky-diamonds (2016-02-11)
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  • Super 3 Wow | Scratch Card Game
    scratch off your cards It is a pretty simple game to play with no cumbersome strategy involved Scratch the square grids to reveal the rewards doesn t get as simpler than that does it Just like its parent scratch card game 3 Wow the bottom square shows the multiplier bonus that will be included in the The only difference is that in the Super 3 Wow scratch card you can play three game cards at the same time and this will obviously increase your probability of wining You have a massive reward that you can win and the good thing about winning such a huge prize is the very fact that you can select it to have it come to you in two different ways Either 5 555 will be paid out to you over 15 years or you can opt to take in all the money at once The game also has an autoplay mode where you can scratch off all your cards at once to avoid the long winded process Here is how you play the Super 3 Wow scratch card game The card prize is fixed in the game depending on the card you select On entering the game you will be given a set of three cards You can choose the number of cards by clicking on the card You can either play with a single card or all three cards You can either press play to start scratching or press the max cards button to play with all the cards simultaneously When you get three similar prize amounts on each card you are a winner Your wining amount will be credited to your account automatically Super 3 Wow incorporates a similar strategy of its predecessor yet lends you the opportunity to have a higher probability

    Original URL path: http://www.playscratchcards.co.uk/scratch-cards-games/super-3-wow (2016-02-11)
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