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  • Search Engine Optimisation Services in Kilmarnock
    website content and in turn achieve good positioning in searches related to your site and keywords Simply having a website is only the start of the process to success It is vital to ensure that your website is continually nurtured inside and outside over time to be visible to major search engines such as Google Bing and Yahoo Failing to rank in Google searches can be a major blow to your success online All PN Design websites are designed to be naturally search engine friendly which means that the major search engines are able to find them as easily as possible without the use of underhand techniques Those looking to specifically target various keywords will benefit from a search engine optimisation plan which involves establishing what keywords to target who your competitors are weaknesses in your websites current perfomance and areas of improvement that will produce results Your website will then be refined to target those keywords and be monitored over time to continually adapt and push your business to your desired market In todays competitive market it is vital to do all you can to keep ahead and PN Design can help you with this process Contact PN Design

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/webdesign-seo.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Content managed website designer in Kilmarnock.
    knowledge required to edit a Microsoft Word Document See image above Ideal for businesses who can delegate the role of website updating to their administration team to have website updating included in the daily runnings of the company All clients are trained how to upload files and edit web pages and after a short demonstration they are fully able to take care of their own website Contact PN Design for

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/webdesign-cms.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Social Media Profile Design for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!
    above examples you can visualise how to set off on the right foot or to revamp a tired social page to make visitors interested and to raise the professionalism of the profile I always ensure that your business branding is seamlessly transferred onto your social profiles for consistency Facebook profile pictures cover photos twitter backgrounds are prime areas for getting creative Contact PN Design to overhaul your profile Contact PN

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/webdesign-social-media-design.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Website hosting, domain registration and email setup
    presence you can choose from a wide range of great website design packages and get online in style It s important not to hesitate when registering your domain name so instead of choosing a low spec hosting package from a budget hosting company why not reap the benefits of a dedicated high performance server from PN Design including web space unlimited bandwidth email Here are some tips on choosing a

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/webdesign-hosting.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Graphic & Print Design portfolio examples by PN Design in Kilmarnock.
    Flyers Business Cards Brochures Stationery Banners Logos Advertising Posters Website Design Packages Graphic Design Services Photography Services Portfolio Area Contact PN Design PN Design Copyright Tel 44 0 7929 005796

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/portfolio_print.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Logo Design and Branding portfolio examples by PN Design, Kilmarnock.
    new logo or you are planning to rebrand you can view more information on logo design and branding here Website Design Packages Graphic Design Services Photography Services Portfolio Area Contact PN Design PN Design Copyright Tel 44 0 7929 005796

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/portfolio_logos.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Weight Loss and Web Marketing
    allows you to share your insights into past mistakes and find current trends that are working well to help you both Analyse the potential outcomes and commitment Getting fit requires commitment and hard work to get your results Similarly the same could be said about web marketing and the pitfalls that can occur when commitment falters and leaves behind a trail of intially hopeful ideas Stagnant social media profiles The videos that no one watched The QR codes that no one used The blog that now gathers dust The news page with old news If any of these points sound familiar despite the reported success that others are reaping from them try to revisit each one and evaluate any factors that may have contributed to the less than desired performance There are 5 main things you should think about when you consider a new avenue of marketing What is your goal To increase website traffic increase ecommerce sales raise company awareness promote customer loyalty build relationships Will this avenue help satisfy these goals Where is it currently working Is it successful with similar businesses and is your customer base in line with the market that embraces such avenue Does it benefit your customer The most vital question that will largely predict the success of your new avenue Does it provide real value to your customers or is it likely to be ignored or worse avoided Can you afford to commit Will the time and cost required outweigh the benefits to be gained What are the dangers Do you have disgruntled customers who will want to comment their greivances If your avenue is not executed professionally will it make people think negatively of you Consider your own circumstances in relation to what it will take to achieve success in your web marketing and you can better visualise what areas may and may not work If you are working with limited resources and budget then it s vital to do the research prior to committing time and money into an avenue that you can t sustain Find something that you can manage and push it hard Know when to move on from a plateau Social media is an excellent example it is hot on everyone s tongues with how it can boost your business to new levels and it would seem to be crazy for someone to not be convinced of social media never mind oppose it but there are people honestly with compelling arguments on the subject of why they feel it is overhyped which can be read here and for a stronger opinion on the subject read here To succeed on Facebook setting goals is the key and planning is paramount Set goals which will help you reach more of your customers and interact with them to form relationships and better understand their needs Structure the time spent nurturing the page engaging with subscribers planning content that is interesting and provides real value to the subscriber and monitoring and adjusting

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/guide_blogs/webmarketing-and-fitness.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Why you must have a professional website for success.
    something trying to stay off the radar You can t afford one None of these are positive and that potential customer could easily find your competitor appearing in their searches with a website that steals their interest and business but it is important not to assume simply having a website suffices Having a bad website tells almost the same story You don t value the customer enough to provide a quality website for them You don t bother updating it or keeping it current You are outdated and don t understand websites You can t afford a professional design Again none of these are positive and I would go as far as to say that a very bad website can actually be worse than no website at all A bad website can frustrate users and anger them if it is hard to find what they need links don t work there s plenty of spelling mistakes or it just looks amateur If budget is an issue a single page website design from PN Design can get you online for a very low cost and let you start off on your web journey What should a good website be To a literalist a website is a place to store text and images online for others to share Never think of it this way Let us get into the minds of customers A website is the first port of call when people want to find out more about you or they stumble across you on search engines Not many people will choose to pick up the phone and ask a business to describe themselves and what they offer when they have the option of viewing a website unless they are technophobes or have no access to a computer with internet Visualise a website like your most important show piece available You have a wonderful patch of online space that can be anything you want within budget where people can come in at any time of day spend as long as they want and decide when they want to speak to you with no pressure on them A professionally designed website tells the customer that you value them and provide your information in a visually appealing easy to navigate package Everything that they need to know about you is well presented from the tone of your business voice to all aspects of your branding Essentially if they like your web presence and they feel that you fit their needs and you understand them you have the advantage Customers need to trust you and a website provides a perfect showcase to demonstrate to them that exactly why you deserve their business Online for different reasons Not all websites are online only looking to create sales Websites can attract investors looking for business opportunities people looking for jobs local businesses relations and other non sales related sources that can be very useful Some businesses are in a competitive market and so they use their website

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/design_blogs/why-you-need-a-website.html (2016-04-24)
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