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  • Twitter habits that could mean you are doing Twitter wrong!
    A wise decision Barrage your followers with Tweets every minute every day Forget about delivering relevant and quality updates make your followers scroll through page after page of your endless Tweets because scrolling is fun Hashtag any thing for no reason at all consistencyisdead Hashtags are a convenient way of grouping related Tweets together for people to join in the conversation but why stop there Think outside the box and place the hashtag anywhere in the update and on words with no relation to your tweet Give your followers some laughs Voice controversial and unfitting opinions This is what customers crave on Twitter surely Businesses remaining neutral and distancing themselves from crude and offensive opinions on social media is old fashioned why not let all your followers know your bitterness and how much you dislike things your thoughts on red hot topics like religion and politics and really go out the way to offend those people who would otherwise buy from you How can it possibly go wrong Treat total followers like top scores Most Followed Least Successful Twitter Account Don t get caught up in building real quality followers that will interact and nurture your social channels Focus entirely on the total number and build a giant network of poor quality and fake followers Success is secondary to top scores Don t worry about spelling This chart doesn t use any of the difficult letters like Q or X Spelling requires time and in such a busy world even the time to re read 12 words is a luxury Blast out your Tweets and move on Make people decipher what you really meant instead of re reading your Tweet prior to sending Re Tweet Everything Without this flurry of retweets how would I ever keep up to date with

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  • 4 Common Crimes of Start Up Businesses
    restaurants shops landlords and so forth Plumber 1 does not know it but due to the ease of using templates from popular business card printers he has most likely picked the same card design that other plumbers are using At the very first hurdle plumber 1 has lost a goal in branding to be unique Plumber 2 for a very small design fee in comparison has business cards that are unique and tailored to his business that he knows will never blend in amongst duplicate cards He has taken the first step towards his goal in branding stand out from the crowd 3 Inconsistency Change for change sake When discussing branding the same company always enters conversation Coca Cola It is at the forefront of our branding memories for good reason We have all bought their products they are hugely successful and recognised all over the globe As a successful brand how many times in the past 125 years have they changed their appearance Approximately 6 Of those 6 changes only 1 was dramatic and it was scrapped after only a year in favour of the original logo Coca Cola has became so recognisable due to its consistency in maintaining its strong brand in advertising for over a century that it is the epitome of branding success Of course there are great reasons to rebrand Perhaps the brand you currently have does not target the correct audience that it should Maybe your logo design is weak or your brand does not reflect the type of company you are or intend to be These are great reasons but when you have a brand that is picking up pace because your customers identify with it then any change you make should be very carefully considered Why this is a crime Change for change sake can ruin the customer loyalty that you worked hard to build up Change can be confusing to your loyal customers When a customer becomes loyal to a brand and bought into the company philosophy change can be met with strong reactions Here are 14 cases of rebranding going completely wrong and having to be rescued Once your brand is etched in customers memories they have a mental picture of how good you are what to expect the quality of your services or products and the value that they receive In essence when your brand is established it basically becomes a familiar signpost When you go to buy new trainers you might pick a pair of Nike Air trainers knowing roughly what to expect The Nike tick was subconsciously all you needed to know in addition to the price and style as the Nike brand is well established and you have probably owned a pair or two previously Imagine if the trainer you held in your hand said Nike but it wasn t the traditional swoosh It was a thumbs up graphic and the word Nike was in a handwriting font in pastel colours That old signpost has now

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  • 6 Reasons why your website isn't making money
    if you have the best price on the internet Given that when you are the cheapest people regard you with some suspicion for fear of trickery but you can almost be guaranteed that you will make sales In the high street there is travel time and distance affecting consumer buying decisions A well placed but higher priced shop can do better than a far away cheaper shop The internet is a different beast from the high street every store is available to you at once You can also be visiting several websites at the same time and there are sites available that will find you the best price for your given item so your competitors are effectively on your search engine doorstep The common opinion among consumers is that the internet is a place where things are cheaper they expect cheaper prices than the high street Often sales reps will advise you If you check online you ll find them cheaper This is a very unfortunate fact that confronts small business owners who do not have the bulk purchasing power and leverage that large scale online stores can use to drive prices down to the cheapest levels It is important that you find ways to help reduce costs by contacing your suppliers or looking into ways which buying in bulk can help you This may not be possible in many cases If you can t reduce costs think of ways that you can add value to the purchase through free products memberships extended after sales support warranties or similar methods Sadly this is the main reason why smaller ecommerce stores have to cease trading as larger stores monopolise the market with their pricing power in the exact same way supermarkets destroy local high street businesses and unfortunately supermarkets are also online 4 Delivery Costs The Ecommerce Demon The fastest way to send large numbers of customers away is to have hidden or disproportional delivery costs I myself am guilty of leaving countless websites where I have found what I feel to be the best deal only to find that the 5 saving by using the business is negated by the 8 50 delivery fee In the eyes of the consumer delivery costs are a hated and unwanted increase in price that decreases any savings they may make by using your website This is another example of an area that you may not be able to improve on but you should bear in mind that people know many websites offer free delivery Depending on your business current sales you should contact your delivery business if it s not in house and there may be ways that they can help you reduce the costs or increase the efficiency of the delivery process such as flat rate delivery prices on all orders Your delivery costs and pricing are the biggest consumer turn offs and any reductions you can make in these areas can improve your sales If your competitors have lower delivery costs

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  • Computer monitor innacuracies that often lead to your screen lying to you.
    reason that your monitor may not be able to show the full range of colours that other monitors can This should only be a real concern if you are a photographer or graphic designer who relies on such colour range There is a bigger issue than this the ultimate lie of your screen Colour accuracy This is the main issue that you are facing every day the accuracy of the colours Is white on your screen really white and is black the real black This is not a philosophical question but one that can actually be measured and proven The problem is that you have the ability to adjust certain properties of your screen The basics being brightness and contrast and saturation Some screens allow you to adjust the individual red green and blue channels and some have modes such as text movie and game mode All of which can drastically alter the colours and clarity of your monitor and make websites and photographs look different Have you ever viewed the same website or the same photograph on your PC laptop work computer tablet or mobile phone and felt that the image looked better on certain screens Over time monitors fade and colours can change this is natural and they can be adjusted to fix this but you obviously need to know how to turn those colours into accurate colours This process is called calibration and works similar to the way you would fine tune an instrument Fixing an inaccurate display A calibration device such as the Spyder Elite plugs into your computer via USB and is draped directly over your monitor You then run the software provided which will display specific colours on your screen and sensors on the calibrator measure the tones brightness and contrast From here the software can effectively work out that what you think is white is actually too grey or blue and what you thought was the correct brightness was too dark meaning that you have been making everything brighter on screen to please your monitor and then your print outs were overly light The calibration software first asks you to set all monitor settings back to default it will repeatedly check for accuracy and advise that you increase or adjust settings to within a certain range until it is happy that you are close to normal and it can then fine tune your screen itself to be fully accurate After calibration you can use the software to switch on or off the results of calibration and show you how inaccurate your screen previously was This can be strange to think that you have spent such a long time looking at a monitor that was inaccurate Understandably there won t be many people willing to spend over 100 for a device simply just to see a brochure in super accurate colours but if you bear in mind that you now know there can be inaccuracies on what you see and what your designer or

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  • Low Resolution and DPI Issues
    with a website that is 960 pixels wide then this means that if you have a banner stretching across the top of your website that is 960 pixels in width any images you use should be 960 pixels wide or larger If you have an image that is only 200 pixels wide then this is where you face having your image rejected as being low resolution It is small but can it be enlarged Surely you can just make it bigger Technically yes this can be done but as long as you remember that each image is essentially a mosaic When you make the mosaic bigger the tiles all get bigger and when the tiles get bigger the quality goes down and pixels become noticeable Quality comes from having more pixels not less so when you enlarge a 200 pixel sized image to 960 pixels you are making each pixel almost 5 times larger What this causes is an effect called pixelation where the image appears fuzzy blurry or jagged and pixels become visibly noticeable It is for this reason that you will have your file rejected because the website designer or advertising agency does not want to use a poor quality image that is pixelated To combat this you should always ensure that the images you are using are the correct size to start with and you can do this by right clicking on the image and going to Properties and then Details This window will tell you the resolution of the image and if it is less than the size that your graphic or website designer requests it will very likely get rejected and cause pixelation Files for Printing Print is the area where images get rejected for having insufficient dots per inch A pixel has no set physical size This means when looking to print an A5 image each pixel cannot be converted to a scale such as millimetres in order to determine its printed size To determine the printed size you need to know the resolution and also the dpi of an image which is how many of those pixels will be printed on an inch of paper A 1000 x 1000 pixel image at 72dpi would print out at 14 inches by 14 inches A 1000 x 1000 pixel image at 100dpi would print out at 10 inches by 10 inches A 1000 x 1000 pixel image at 200dpi would print out at 5 inches by 5 inches A 1000 x 1000 pixel image at 300dpi would print out at 3 inches by 3 inches This is how printing on paper works Screens and websites do not work this way and contrary to what you believe a 100dpi image will look the exact same on your screen as a 5000dpi image Screens only require that the image resolution to be sufficient Print always relies on resolution and dpi Can it be enlarged or scaled up Again similar to website images they can be enlarged but

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  • Text plagiarism regarding website content.
    therefore you should not be using any part of it without the creators permission However there is a fair usage policy when using quotations or sample pieces in order to discuss another person s writing for review but you must credit the original creator If you find text but can t establish who originally created it in order to credit you should not use it By using the text you have found from another website what you may have done is lifted a piece of writing that the company may have employed a copy writer a person who specialises in writing content and this will have incurred them a fee By taking it and passing it off as your own you have stolen the work of the copywriter without spending a penny or notifying them to ask permission The Tricks Every scholar is familiar with the I ll copy it but I ll change the words and juggle things about scheme Whilst this will most likely have evaded the scrutiny of a teacher looking at a hand written essay the digital world is a far different beast Humans tend to always come second when it comes to rivaling the power of computers especially with the technology on tap today With the desire for every written book to be made digital by Google there is also a high risk that people who copy from old books or textbooks and rely on the work being unseen from a dated book will at some point be noticed and again this is an example of plagiarism if you have not credited the original source and author How You Will Get Caught Any time there is a problem that will be financially beneficial to the solver you can guarantee a team will be working on it and software is a common solution to everything Apple s app store is a breath taking testament to what can be done To combat the problem of plagiarism highly adept software is available that can analyse text across the whole world wide web and identify where your writing is showing up This can be cross examined with who should and should not be using this text But you changed the text and juggled it about It still doesn t cut it there is software freely available that analyses the text exactly and then on a whole looking for pattern recognition and structure similarities as well as grammar tone and word choice to flag up examples of your text that someone has amended to avoid detection The Risks of Copying Text The same risks apply with plagiarism as they do with image theft There are free websites where you can paste in the URL of your own article such as this one and watch it divulge all the instances it has found online of your text in a matter of seconds Then it is just a matter of contacting each website using it unlawfully and the end result depends on

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  • Image Copyright Theft
    very bottom Google has a small statement that says Images may be subject to copyright This is a warning that the images may or may not be suitable for your use If you are creating a banner for your web site and you need a nice blue sky picture and you find one on Google save it and use it you may believe that there is no problem Some people may assume that if it is on the internet or it does not have a watermark over the image A watermark is a faint logo placed over the image to show the image owner then it can be used without a problem The Truth Any image that does not belong to you is not yours An image does not need to have any visible watermarks to be copyrighted The original photographer designer always owns the rights to that image and using it without his or her express permission is a breach of their copyright and can land you in trouble The Tricks It has been a long established belief that by cropping flipping or digitally editing the original image you can remove the watermark and make the image usable and untraceable You may be surprised to find this is false How You Will Get Caught There is advanced and highly efficient software and websites freely available that offer tracking on images Large stock websites such as Getty Images use this advanced technique and a lot of photographers are finding this method beneficial to protecting their images The software works by placing an invisible watermark on the image that cannot be seen by the eye This watermark can survive heavy editing such as cropping air brushing resaving colour changes and other aggressive manipulation techniques The owner then lets the software go to work and it trawls the internet searching for all instances of the image and reports back The owner then correlates the results with who has permission and who is using the image illegally The Risks The risks are very high If you have used an image from a major stock image site their legal teams that will pursue you will be highly efficient and backed up with a large budget to spend You have very little chance of overcoming a lawsuit from such companies The law looks upon you as being in clear breach of the rules If you are lucky enough to be contacted by a fairly reasonable image owner they may send you a cease and desist letter indicating that you have a certain amount of time to remove all instances of the image and to produce to them a written letter indicating that you have removed Always remember you are in the wrong and have committed the breach so they are within rights to pursue further action How To Avoid Issues The most bullet proof way is to refrain from using images that you have no permission for This leaves you with the issue of where

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  • Tips on choosing your first web address and domain name
    that has no relevance to your website content or is an obscure name there will be large numbers of people who may be struggling to remember your web address and even more who might pass by in preference of another website with a more relevant name Your name should relate to the business you are in Search engines also prefer meaningful names for example someone looking for a printer in Stoke may search for printers in stoke and would be more likely to find and click on the website www stokeprinters co uk than www thegiantfrog co uk Or any other random web address a printer may have Avoid Duplicate Names A great tip for choosing a domain is to avoid names that a registered company is already using especially if that company happens to be a large corporation You will either end up with a website that is under shadowed by the alternative business or you will end up with a lot of customers bouncing away from your website after confusing your site for the original businesses website Also remember if you attempt to copy a very large company s website address they don t buy it off you now They call their lawyers Be Quick If you have a really good domain name in mind and you find out that it is available to purchase go ahead and purchase it Don t be the person that is left with a domain name that no one else wanted because of hesitation on your initial idea If you decide not to use it you can easily cancel it again Multiple Domains It can always be handy to register all forms of your web address in co uk com versions and any others you feel could be targets This prevents any

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