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  • Nikon 50mm F1.4 AF-S G Lens Review
    to pop out that subject and send the rest of the scene into pleasant bokeh Bokeh is the term for the blur visible in backgrounds when using low apertures Build Quality and Handling When you first hold the 50mm in your hand you realise that it is somewhat light in weight hitting the scales at 278g This is intensified if you are used to carrying 1kg professional lenses all day The low weight can be attributed to the plastic construction which helps to reduce manufacturing costs and as a result this lens is actually quite cheap It is not as cheap as the Nikon 50mm f 1 8 lens which can be purchased for under 100 and has almost the same optics as this lens Although it is plastic the look of the lens is great which is why you will often see this lens fitted on the brochure and advertising images of the new Nikons D SLR s such as the D3s I find that this lens makes me feel less conspicuous when working in public as an f 2 8 telephoto attracts major attention but this lens fits into a crowd merely appearing as a keen photographer s lens I also have no qualms about carrying this lens all day it s actually a pleasure being so light and my back muscles are always glad of it Optics and Performance Prime lenses Prime means that the lens offers a fixed focal length ie no zoom are the sharpest lenses and this 50mm lens has built up a great reputation as being one of the best You can check out my sample images to really see for yourself just how amazing this lens is Autofocus on the other hand is actually quite slow not to the point of annoyance but you will notice it if you are used to the instant focus of the 24 70mm lens for example Despite this I don t find it too much of a problem as I m rarely using this lens in situations where lightning fast focus is essential Wide open at f 1 4 this lens is very sharp but the sharpness really comes into it s own when stopped down to around f 2 or f 2 8 however I would have no issues going out and shooting wide open with this lens The bokeh is wonderful looking and gives a really milky effect to your backgrounds in a way that not even an f 2 8 lens can create as the f 1 4 aperture can blow almost the entire scene out of focus leaving a small spot of crisp image on your focus point Overall impressions of the Nikon 50mm f 1 4G This lens when used on a DX sensor gives an effective focal length of 85mm which is believed to be the penultimate focal length for portraiture It is slightly wider on full frame but is still a lens which will mainly be used for portraits

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  • Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 AF-S G ED Lens Review
    well and it looks stunning One thing to note and it is quite a drawback for landscapers is that you cannot fit filters to the front of this lens due to the lens hood being part of the body and not removable The front element is absolutely bulbous Resembling a huge glass eyeball and to protect this from taking the brunt of every knock the lens hood is metal in construction and fixed to the lens barrel It does a good job of keeping danger away from this expensive glass Landscape photographers work with polarisers UV filters ND grads an colour filters to get beautiful landscapes Unfortunately not with this lens Well there is a 3rd party adaptor for this lens but it is very expensive and this means you d need to buy very large filters too that would only be used with this lens This lens was unfotunate enough to get dropped when my friend was using it it landed on stone steps face down and the plastic hood petal broke but ultimately saved the lens A quick trip to Nikon HQ and 130 later the lens was tested and returned as faultless Optics and Performance Now this is where the lack of filter usage pales in comparison to the advantages of this lens This lens is phenomenal It is razor sharp from the centre of the image right out to the corners has incredible image quality and using it at 14mm Only on FX sensors is an experience It just grabs everything that you can see in front of you and then pulls some more out of the corners The Nano crystal coating does a great job of reducing flare too It s not a fisheye though so no 180 degree circular views but for fitting an

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/review_blogs/nikon14-24mm.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 AF-S G ED Lens Review
    on its strap and there are no marks to show When zooming the front of this lens will move in and out although when using the supplied hood you won t see this This lens fits any 77mm filters and I use it with a Cokin holder and filter kit Note that using a Cokin filter kit on this lens will produce serious edge darkening but if you zoom in to 28mm it disappears Zooming with this lens is very smooth and precise which makes it a joy to use It also balances exceptionally well in the hand when coupled with a pro body it features the standard A M and M switches on the side When I first purchased this lens I used it with my Nikon D80 and I was delighted with the sharpness but wasn t too impressed with the focal range if I m honest It was reaching more at the telephoto end and I like to take wide shots but once I put it on a full frame sensor it became the perfect lens as my workhorse The wide angle aspect was then opened up with the larger FX sensor in play and it became perfect for my uses Optics and Performance The Nikon 24 70mm is a solid performer Check out my sample shots for examples Being one of Nikon s newer normal zooms it is reported as Nikon s sharpest general use lenses When shooting at the wide angle end there is a small bit of distortion noticed but this is easy to correct in Lightroom and is barely noticeable unless you really are scrutinising Wide open at f 2 8 there is also a little vignetting but it is only when testing for vignetting that this is really noticed when shooting normally

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  • Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 AF-S G ED VR Lens Review
    and this overrides autofocus The next switch is full or partial focus Infinity 2 5m What this means is that if your subjects vary distance from close up to far away you need the full zoom range but say you are shooting deer Unless you are a master of camouflage the deer will always be more than 2 5m away and you can speed up focus by disabling your focus range from coming any closer than 2 5m This is handy for when you need to shoot fast The remaining 2 switches deal with VR The first switches VR on and off and the second deals with normal and active variants of VR Normal is used for when you are relatively still and your body shakes affect the image Active is for when you are panning such as following a car as it drives by Another useful feature of the 70 200mm VR is the focus lock buttons There are 3 of them mounted on the end of the lens and pressing and holding any of them will lock focus on the lens allowing you to prevent re focusing You would use this in situations where you are pre focussing on a spot just imagine a corner of a racetrack and as the car comes round you fire off some shots and then as soon as you let go the button autofocus resumes immediately allowing you to continue shooting without having to flick a manual auto switch Optics and Performance This lens was actually originally intended for DX sensors but was adjusted for FX The result of this is that this lens does feature some very noticeable vignetting at the corners Darkening of the image Many photographers have issues with this but as I see it it is very easy to fix in post processing especially in Lightroom with its lens correction technology and you only notice the vignetting in certain conditions where the whole image is brightly lit right to the corners The images that this lens produces are outstanding the bokeh Quality of blurriness in the background at low apertures is great and due to the depth of field that is attained shooting a subject at 200mm you can really isolate people and subjects from the background and get that saught after professional look to your images VR helps a lot too allowing you to Reportedly by Nikon shoot up to 3 stops more than you could hand holding I haven t tried this out but I would say it seems very possible that it is true based on my usage There are no issues with sharpness in this lens being one of Nikon s 3 big professional lenses it is fantasticly sharp wide open and stopping the lens down to around f5 6 is where the sweet spot lies Overall thoughts on the Nikon 70 200mm VR Lens Photographers love zoom lenses this however isn t a super telephoto Although it s big it s miniscule in

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/review_blogs/nikon70-200mm.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Nikon AF-S TC 1.7x II Teleconverter Review
    you have good quality f 2 8 or f 4 lenses these converters will be great for that extra reach without robbing you of too much light By using a teleconverter you will also reduce the vignetting that occurs on certain lenses as the camera sensor is only using the centre part of the lens TC1 7e Build Quality and Handling The teleconverter is constructed fully in metal and is solid enough to support some semi heavy lenses without your other hand supporting them with the exception of large zooms When connected there is a tiny bit of rocking that occurs when moving the lens and body It s not a lot but it is noticeable The teleconverter has a little latch that you spring open to release the lens from its grip and this may be where the play results from Autofocus will slow when using a TC but if your lens was a speedy focuser to start with it won t make too much of a difference and to be honest I don t notice it much at all except when trying to capture very fast subjects such as birds Nikon TC 1 7x Optics and Performance I only use this teleconverter with the 105mm f 2 8 macro and the 70 200mm f 2 8 zoom Of the 3 teleconverters available from Nikon the 1 4x offers the least zoom but the best optical quality and you only lose 1 stop of light from it The 2 0x teleconverters offer a whopping double the zoom on your lens but at the expense of losing 2 stops of light and also the type II version of the 2 0x has awful image quality The recently released 2 0x version III has better optics however it is at least

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/review_blogs/nikon-tc17e.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Nikon SB600 Speedlight Review
    System and can trigger other flashes wirelessly so it wasn t important that my flash gun be able to work as a commander The menu system on the SB600 is trickier to navigate due to the button combos that need to be held in order to access the menus for advanced features although it takes a good few seconds of holding buttons and scrolling through modes to change the camera from wireless slave to normal usage The LCD is clear though and once you understand the in flash symbols you won t struggle with using the SB600 The head is horizontally rotational 180 degrees turning anti clockwise and 90 degrees when turned clockwise The head is vertically adjustable to just slightly over 90 degrees which points it straight up in the air Nikon SB600 Speedlight Performance The flash operates with every Nikon SLR and has various modes of operation such as i TTL i TTL BL and Manual Mode You can adjust flash output in 3 and 3 increments by using the up and down arrows which is very quick to adjust and stops down to 1 64 power The focal range covered by the flash is 24mm 85mm but if you use the pull out diffuser panel you can cover 14mm The pull out panel can be used as a bounce card to put some catch lights into the subject s eyes when the flash is pointed upwards The SB600 requires four AA batteries but its power management is really good Power on takes a second to power up and when the camera is turned off the flash goes into standby mode ready to instantly power up when you next turn on the camera It s basically a fit and forget flash regarding power turning itself on and off

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/review_blogs/nikon-sb600.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Nikon 105mm f/2.8 AF-S G ED VR Micro Lens Review
    the duplicate of the 180mm but my combination functions with VR as well Build Quality and Handling The 105mm lens is a tough fully metal constructed lens that you know can withstand some abuse in the field This is also true of most professional lenses and you have that reassuring weight to each lens which makes you understand you have some serious glass in your hand When coupled with a heavier camera especially with a battery grip on it this lens balances well and doesn t become front heavy which it will do on a lighter body such as the D5000 The lens hood is very long and is actually the same size as the 70 200mm lens hood but it does a great job of eliminating flare All in all this is one solid hunk of a lens There are three switches on this lens similar to the 70 200mm lens The first switch deals with focussing and allows you to change from automatic focus to manual focus This is a lens that will be used a lot in manual focus because with macro photography you really want to be in full control and fine tune the focus to perfection due to the very narrow depth of field The other two switches relate to VR the first being simply on or off and the second one allows you to only focus within a pre determined range This lens sets the range at infinity down to 0 5m This removes the close up focussing ability which prevents slow focussing and hunting when working with distant subjects because the lens has a shorter range to work through Optics and Performance Being a prime lens Prime means that the lens offers a fixed focal length ie no zoom the 105mm does not disappoint in optics As with the 50mm f 1 4 this lens will blow you away with the results The lens does suffer from breathing when focussing really close As you refine focus your composition will change slightly which can be an annoyance and the aperture will only remain at f 2 8 when focussed at infinity As you focus closer to the minimum distance the aperture stops down to a minimum of f 4 8 Wide open at f 2 8 this lens produces crisp shots and works best when stopped down to around f 5 6 Being a macro lens lenses which are typically used at f 16 f 32 for ensuring a large enough depth of field The lens is still a great performer even at these small apertures At f 32 shutter speeds will naturally slow and you would be looking to use flash for more light If flash isn t an option VR comes in very handy at this point to ensure the shot is steadier than it would normally be Have a look at my sample shots This lens is a 1 1 production ratio macro lens which means the image you are viewing

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  • Sending Large Files Online
    open a zip folder without unzipping it but the contents appear corrupted or unworkable You must unzip the contents before using them To unzip the folder right click the zip folder and choose Extract All This recreates the folder as it was before zipping Simple and effective Online Services Send Via Web If your file is upwards of 10Mb even after zipping it s time to look at dedicated online solutions There are websites available such as Mail Big File that will allow you to send someone a file of up to 100Mb for free If you are sending multiple files you ll need to place them in a zip folder first You enter your own email address and the email address of the sender and browse for the file you wish to send before clicking upload Your recipient will receive an email with a link that they can use to download the file within a period of 24 hours In a nutshell you are sending your file to a server and providing a link for someone else to download it If you need to send larger files than 100Mb you can sign up for a plan with Mail Big File or other similar services The Cloud DropBox Store and sync documents from the cloud The Cloud is the glamorous term for storing files on the internet accessible by multiple sources DropBox essentially stores your files online on its own servers and allows you to grant permission for multiple users to access them The benefits are that you can dedicate entire folders on your computer to be made available to other people and any changes you make within that folder are replicated to all users This is known as syncing or synchronisation Even non DropBox users can access the links

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