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  • Tips on taking budget product photography for ebay and ecommerce sites
    lucky enough to have 3 lights you can place the third in the air shining straight down and slightly backwards behind the product onto the curved sheet of paper This helps to make the product appear totally isolated on a white background and avoid heavy shadows Crosslighting is useful for reflective products and requires the 2 lights to be placed at 90 degrees to the product on the extreme left and right Glassware and cylinders work well using this technique Using these set ups you will be able to photograph the majority of products and with the addition of card and mirrors you can further illuminate certain areas of the product and reduce any shadows which are distracting in the shot Remember Dedicated photo lamps have a light colour of pure white If you are not using photography specific lamps or bulbs you may experience yellow green orange or blue colour casts on the whole photograph This is known as White Balance and is what your camera will be attempting to correct but may get it wrong If you are not familiar with photography software to be able to remedy this I would highly recommend purchasing photography specific lamps that will produce white light every time Your Camera You won t need thousands of pounds worth of kit Professional camera equipment will obtain the utmost quality but for those looking to take their own photographs you can create perfectly good shots by learning from the pointers on this page It doesn t matter whether you have a cheap compact camera or an expensive D SLR or even if you are using a mobile phone the simplest things that can improve your photography results are mostly free or can be sourced cheaply Stability First Priority Camera blur comes from shaking whilst taking a picture In a dark environment the camera shutter needs to remain open for a longer period of time to gather enough light Most people cannot hold a camera steady enough when the camera is using a slow shutter speed This is where a tripod comes in handy and is the single best thing you can possibly do to improve the quality of your shots If you are lucky enough to have a tripod you are one step closer to getting razor sharp pictures If you do not have a tripod you can create one by using books a box a chair or anything that can be set high enough whilst retaining a stable surface to place your camera on If you need to tilt the lens you can use coasters pieces of cardboard or a towel to prop the back of the camera up or the front of the lens up depending on which angle you wish to achieve You just need the camera resting without any wobble For very little money you can purchase desktop tripods from camera shops although I find that they are often not sturdy enough to support heavier cameras with the exception of

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  • 10 Tips To Increase The Speed Of An Old Computer
    it much quicker to find files and a great way to prevent errors To use Disk Defragmenter just click the Start menu and select All Programs Accessories System Tools Disk Defragmenter Do this at least once every month or two Tip 4 Kill Unnescessary Programs You may rememeber the golden days when starting up your PC was a quick and painless affair Now you have to wait a long time for all sorts of applications to load at startup and they stay loaded So your old machine is now running programs in the background that you can t see taking up precious memory and enforcing that 5 minute wait until you can actually do anything You can kill these processes quickly and easily Load up the System Configuration utility select Start Accessories Run and when the Run dialog box appears type msconfig and click OK When it loads click the Startup tab which will display all the applications that run when your PC starts Uncheck anything that you do not wish to load and then click ok The next time you start windows they won t start up saving time and memory Again remember that before killing a process please ensure that you know what it is first Google is a godsend for this Tip 5 Viruses There is a lot of taboo when the word virus is mentioned Imagery of pizza guzzling hackers in cellars reading all your files and bringing down the system It s not like that at all but it is still a serious threat Viruses come in all shapes and forms of which I won t detail Some are worse than others but in the end they are all negative and in the worst case can leave you open to fraud and financial danger Always always use antivirus software and this may be disagreed by some but AVG Free Antivirus is not your best defence against threats They even say on their website If you also use your PC for banking or shopping you need the protection of AVG Firewall in AVG Internet Security 2012 to keep hackers out That is the one you have to pay for An antivirus such as Kaspersky or Norton My personal choice costs around 20 25 per year and they contain firewalls which actively monitor all traffic coming in and out of your PC round the clock AVG Free does not offer this it purely finds the viruses once they are already on your computer providing that you regularly do the scans which a concerning number of people do not Tip 6 Switch the Computer Off And put it back on at least every day There are many businesses guilty of the ever running PC Over time opening an closing files will ensure that memory can be leeched away by a program you think is closed but hasn t stopped working away in the background A good restart will flush out all these memory hoggers and ensure that the

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  • Setting up Email in Outlook 2007
    Select Internet Email and then proceed by clicking Next 5 Fill in your details as above using your own e mail address password plus replace my example domain with your own domain after the mail part For example mail yourdomain co uk Ensure that the drop down box is set to POP3 Tick the Remember password box Then click More Settings Note If you have clicked Test Account Settings at this stage it will fail 6 In the new window that opens up there are 4 tabs across the top General Outgoing Server Connection and Advanced The first is General and where you can choose a new name for your account purely for your own reference as it will only show up when looking at your list of accounts You can also enter your organisation and reply email however this is not essential Click the Outgoing Server tab to proceed to the next step 7 In the Outgoing Server tab tick the My outgoing Server SMTP requires Authentication Then ensure the button beside Use same settings as my incoming mail server is ticked Then click the Connection tab 8 Ensure that the Connection tab is defaulted to Connect using my local area network LAN Then click Advanced 9 In the Advanced tab tick the This server requires an encrypted connection SSL box For this particular email address these are the settings that work your host may require different port numbers Change the encrypted connection type to TLS and amend the port numbers to the examples shown above Now click OK 10 The tabbed window will close leaving you with the old window that says Add new e mail account on it at the very top You can now click Test Account Settings and the box shown above should pop up

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  • Setting up Email in Mozilla Thunderbird
    actual email address you are setting up followed by the password Tick Remember password and then Continue 3 Thunderbird will then perform its own tests to work out the settings required in order for your email address to function Click Pop3 and then Manual config to edit these settings 4 The box will expand to incorporate the adjusting of your settings Adjust these settings to replicate the settings above replacing my domain with your own domain for example mail yourdomain co uk Click create account and your computer is now set up with Mozilla Thunderbird to send and receive emails When you load Thunderbird you will see a Welcome to Thunderbird box which will guide you through working with your email in Thunderbird I ll give you the basics to help you get started Tip Thunderbird defaults to composing your emails with your reply at the bottom you need to go to your Account settings and then Compostion and Addressing There will be an option to change the settings as on the left Using Mozilla Thunderbird 1 Receiving Email When you load Thunderbird up it will do it s own check to see if you have any new email and will download it to your inbox It will check for new email on regular intervals Default is every 10 minutes whilst the program is open If you wish to check yourself click Get Mail 2 Sending Mail To write a new email to someone simply click Write and a blank email will pop up on screen from which you can enter the recipients address and type your email then click Send up the top 3 Address Book In order to keep track of your contacts click Address Book and if you already had email contacts on your computer in another

    Original URL path: http://www.pn-design.co.uk/guide_blogs/emailsetup-mozilla.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Setting up iPhone Email
    you must choose the appropriate option On the screen titled Other please choose Add Mail Account to continue 3 You will be required to enter some information about your new account Fill in your name email address password and under Description enter the name in which you would like to refer to your account in your iPhone Useful if you have multiple email addresses on your phone Tap Next On the next screen tap the top option for POP 4 You must now set up your incoming and outgoing mail server See the image below for the details that are required Obviously substitute my example email address for your own but the host name will remain the same if you are with Strato If not you must find out the name of your mail provider s incoming and outgoing server 5 After tapping Done your phone will then perform a verify function and then your email is set up If you receive an error message please double check you have not made any spelling errors and all your information especially server information is entered correctly 6 If the email address that you are setting up is already on your iPhone but has recently been changed to Strato and needs to be set up again then here is what to do Go to Mail Contacts Calendars and then tap the arrow next to your email account Replace the incoming server details with the details shown in Step 4 7 Tap the SMTP button shown above and ensure that you have entered all the details shown above in the middle screen then tap back On the initial screen tap Advanced and this will take you to the right hand screen Enter these details and obviously ensure that you enter your own email

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  • Setting up FTP Access to your website using Coffee Cup FTP.
    any more tips showing each time I start it up 3 Pictured above is the interface for Free FTP The interface features buttons across the top panel to start uploading and downloading data Notice the two white boxes that I have labelled 1 and 2 Their functions are simple the left box 1 shows files on your computer and the right box 2 shows files on your website Obviously we haven t yet set up a connection to your website and that is why the box on the right 2 is blank We need to log in to the website in order for you to establish a connection To do this click the Servers icon with the graphic of a server on the top left of the button panel 4 You will be presented with a set up box that looks like the one above In order to create a new connection click the green sign and you can then enter the details of your FTP account I will have supplied you with the FTP details which includes server username and password information Enter Website Server as the Nickname for the connection and then enter ftp strato com for the server information followed by your username and password and click Ok 5 You have now connected to your server The files on your computer are on the left and now you can see the files on your website on the right How to upload a file to your website To send a file from your computer to the website use the left hand window to browse for the folder on your computer where your file is located For example if you store PDF files of your menu in My Documents inside a folder called Menus then you use the address bar drop down menu above the box showing your computers files It may show C until you change it and click on My Documents The left window will now display the contents of My Documents Double click on your folder called Menus and you can now see the contents of the Menus folder You will now see all your menu files Next you have to browse to where you want the file to be uploaded to on the website so we are now working in the right hand box If the folder is located in a folder called menus on the website then double click the folder saying menus and you will be able to see the files inside which will contain your menus Click on the file you wish to upload in the left box and it will go blue then make sure you will be placing it in the correct folder in the right box and on the button panel above you will see Upload Click Upload and you will see details that your file has been uploaded on screen Your file has been uploaded and you can then exit the program and start adding or editing your

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  • How To Write URL Links for websites
    information the link will not work So as long as you use your browser to find the page title then you can write a fully working link to use in your content managing system Some pages may have extensions such as html aspx php and others depending on the platform they run on URL Linking to Files If you are linking to a file then it is very similar to a web page The difference with files are that they are generally stored within a folder so you need to know how to write a link to a file inside a folder On my website if I have a folder called menus and a file inside called fullmenu and it is saved as a PDF file there are 3 things we need to remember Firstly we start with the fully written web address in the exact same fashion as we did for a web page http www pn design co uk After the forward slash symbol the browser starts looking inside the website for whatever is written after the slash This is where the web pages are stored hence why we can just type the web page name photography html after this slash and it finds the page no problem If the file fullmenu pdf was stored along with the web pages and NOT in a folder we could type http www pn design co uk fullmenu pdf and the file would work However when I build websites that clients can update I put the files in folders to prevent anything going wrong inside the website s root In the example I have said that the file is stored within a folder called menus and this means we need to look inside a folder for it So we add a

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  • Sending Large Files Online
    this one by Norton that will let you paste the link in and it will give you a security report based on it s findings If you have received a shortened URL such as bit ly Y4K2q6 initially you will not be able to tell where the link goes This is handy for Twitter to reduce the size of a URL to fit in 140 characters but even handier for spammers who can hide dangerous website addresses behind a nice short address like link camouflage Simply paste it into a shortened URL checker such as this one and it will reveal where that link really goes Chain Letters Joke Emails Forward This Campaigns Chain letters were a popular letterbox scam before the internet arrived They follow similar patterns often for a good cause they claim and the recipient must copy the letter and send it on to a number of friends and if they break the chain they will face superstitious or vicious repercussions Now that email is popular the ease of sending these type of emails requires almost no effort to forward it to everyone you know in a few clicks Forward This and False Awareness Campaigns take the shape of stories about persons who are terminally ill emotional stories about the armed forces animal cruelty missing persons etc These are the most likely to be shared by honest people who would refuse to forward other scams Refusing to forward these emails will not result in any deaths illness bad luck or ill harm to the person or the cause that the chain mail is reportedly trying to help Joke emails are popular with office workers clubs committees mature computer users and sadly good Samaritans You most likely have had contacts that fill your inbox with emails containing funny pictures heart breaking and emotional tales links and attachments At the end is the bold statement such as Forward this on to show you care Not only can this be a chore having to continually delete such mail it is one of the most common ways to infect your computer with a virus when they contain attachments that you open People who send such mail often forward them to everyone out of supersticious fear or to entertain their friends unaware of the dangers and the nuisance this can be to others The reason they are popular is that by clicking forward in your mail box every recipient will be able to see in the send to address of every person you sent this to so all your friends would be able to see who you have as contacts Further to this it is likely that previous senders have done the same thing and by looking through the email content you may see a trail of previous recipients This can make its way through a vast number of people and if it ever reaches anyone looking to harvest email addresses for spam purposes it s a jackpot for them If you

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