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  • Electroless Nickel-PTFE coatings by Poeton – Apticote 450
    by another factor of 5 And with 30N load with its higher load capacity APTICOTE 450 is 40 times better than standard Ni PTFE APTICOTE 450 also provides some non stick properties particularly at temperatures around 300 C where conventional polymer coatings begin to soften and char Hardness As plated APTICOTE 450 has a hardness of 170 200Hv increasing to 290 320Hv after heat treatment at 300 C The benefit is a load carrying capacity superior to rival Ni PTFE coatings crucial to its success on threads and splines Anti galling APTICOTE 450 excels in preventing galling and seizure when stainless steel or titanium parts are fastened together or slide On screw threads internal or external coverage is precise and even Thickness APTICOTE 450 is available in thicknesses from 5 to 10 microns If corrosion protection is required we can apply an undercoat of APTICOTE 400 making the overall thickness 15 to 20 microns How do we do it Process chemistry the most advanced formulation available unique to Poeton Polymer content more of it and more finely dispersed Coverage excellent replication of the surface geometry with negligible increase in thickness on corners and no fade on flat areas Operator skills experienced and well trained that is our advantage Jigging optimised in our dedicated jig shop Process control in our R D laboratory analysis and make up procedures ensure the highest quality What s new We have reduced the particle size of the PTFE to sub micron spheres achieving the optimum content and even distribution giving the lowest friction coefficient without undermining the cohesion and hardness of the coating factors that are crucial to its superior wear resistance and load carrying capacity Uniformity and surface finish APTICOTE 450 provides uniform coverage including corners thread forms and bores There is no requirement

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  • Electroless Nickel-Polymer coatings by Poeton – Apticote 460
    000 Hv combined with lubricity low friction FDA approved compliant APTICOTE 460M For heavy duty non stick applications with aggressive products FDA approved compliant Benefits to the User The primary attractions of APTICOTE 460 to designers and end users are its great flexibility and cost effectiveness Coatings can be adapted to many different applications by the careful formulation of specific processing parameters If high hardness is what you need then APTICOTE 46OG combines this 1 000 Hv with permanent lubricity Are you working with aggressive or abrasive sticky products and require permanent mould release properties Then specify APTICOTE 460M If you require maximum wear resistance with excellent mould release then the answer is APTICOTE 460H Seeking optimum wear resistance with maximum corrosion resistance Then APTICOTE 46OC smoothly solves the problem APTICOTE 460 can also substantially cut costs by opening up profitable new materials options For example a part manufactured from low carbon steel protected by the appropriate APTICOTE 460 corrosion resisting coating can often replace a more expensive alloy metal component with no loss of performance The poor tribological performance of stainless steel running against itself is greatly improved by using APTICOTE 460 Moreover the ability to use lower cost material to meet high performance needs is not the only payback from an investment in APTICOTE 460 coatings Overall machining costs are considerably reduced when a part can be made from more workable and more readily available metals Properties and Performance More information is available on request but some of the main advantages of APTICOTE 460 are Permanent Lubricity The surface of APTICOTE 460 is smooth and slippery using low friction polymers In many cases static friction is decreased as low as 0 06 as the load is increased thus approaching total elimination of stick slip and undesirable vibration For non stick mould release applications APTICOTE 460 utilises polymers with low surface energy High Adhesive Wear Resistance APTICOTE 460 low friction coatings achieve four times the adhesive wear resistance of electroless nickel in pin on disc sliding tests with hardness values in the range 750 1000 Hv Since the outer surface is a polymer APTICOTE 460 coatings are not suitable for harsh abrasion situations Corrosion Resistance Depending on the formulation APTICOTE 460 frequently exceeds 1500 hours in salt mist tests and demonstrates greatly improved corrosion resistance over ordinary electroless nickel coating APTICOTE 460 also exhibits significant resistance to many commonly used chemicals See also our new graded electroless nickel APTICOTE 400D it can provide 1000 hours salt spray without the heat treatment required for our Apticote 460 series if your component is sensitive to softening or distortion Thickness Range Coatings are applied in thicknesses from 0 0005 to 0 002 12 to 50 microns and to a high degree of accuracy No post plating finishing is necessary Substrates APTICOTE 460 can be applied to a wide range of base materials including aluminium steels including stainless steels copper alloys and titanium Finished tolerances and surface finish are normally related to the

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  • Silver Plating by Poeton – Apticote 600
    weight Thickness Thicknesses are typically between 10 and 25 microns The bath composition contains a small amount of brightener additive to give a slight sheen for electrical contact purposes which prevents effective deposit thicknesses in excess of 50 microns Applications Applications that dominate are anti binding and anti fretting on stainless steel for aerospace components including splines and couplings Electrical contacts for electronics are also common not just on miscellaneous small connector pieces but on large copper slabs for pylon and power station construction Corrosion resistance Apticote 600 silver plate is resistant to many organic acids as well as sodium and potassium hydroxide When sulphur is a hazard special anti tarnishing treatments can be applied to greatly increase the protection Silver is not recommended for use with inorganic acids nitric hydrochloric sulphuric etc Anti galling and anti fretting Apticote 600 silver has a low coefficient of friction making it ideal as an anti galling cross transfer of metal and subsequent adhesion and seizure Stainless steel bolts and screw threads and parts made in titanium can all be protected Material pair Friction coefficient Stainless vs stainless 0 80 Titanium vs titanium 1 00 Hardened steel vs itself 0 35 Cadmium plate vs steel 0 20 Silver vs stainless or Ti 0 18 Because of its oxidation resistance Apticote 600 silver plate is ideal in fretting situations splines couplings housings where oxidation and abrasion by the oxide debris is eliminated Electrical conductivity The high conductivity makes silver plate ideal for heavy duty electrical contacts including circuit breakers and slip rings However its susceptibility to sulphide attack precludes use in low force low load contacts unless overlaid with gold or rhodium In heavy duty applications any surface sulphide film is easily broken through Reflectivity Poeton Apticote 600 is a fully bright even coating

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  • Thermal Spray Coatings by Poeton – Apticote 800
    environmentally friendly design Our Sulzer Metco MultiCoat High Performance Thermal Spray Controller MultiCoat Thermal Spray Controller MultiCoat can simultaneously control up to four thermal spray processes from a single consol With advanced processing trending and reporting features MultiCoat offers superb performance and value for all types of spray operations from R D to high volume production Plasma spray single and triple cathode guns HVOF spray gas and liquid fuel Combustion powder spray Combustion wire spray Ceramic coatings Advantages of the TRIPLEX Pro 210 Plasma Spraying System Lower Unit Prices Using the TriplexPro 210 plasma spraying system has allowed reductions of 7 to 15 for customers depending on material costs Efficient With TriplexPro 210 thermal spraying times are reduced so we can offer quicker turn round Highly Flexible TriplexPro 210 plasma spraying system allows for the application of a wide range of air plasma powders enabling Poeton to offer you the best coating at all times More Effective TriplexPro 210 plasma sprayed coatings are harder denser and smoother giving you greatly improved performance Some of our applications Propeller hubs Seal rings Seal retainers Piston rings Rotatables Compressor Casings Support rings Pump plates Heat shields Propellant grids Exhaust tubes Near Net Plasma Spraying Poeton have developed a unique near net shape plasma spraying technique capable of creating highly accurate components from powdered metal melted and sprayed onto precision formers The Apticote 800 coating range covers ceramic coatings cermets abradables metals and alloys thermal barriers and metal polymer composites Abradables by TRIPLEX Pro 210 plasma spraying Aluminium Graphite Aluminium Polyester Ni Cr Boron Nitride For controlled bedding in on components like turbine blades and stators Close inspection Metals Alloys by combustion wire and powder spraying Molybdenum blend For low friction and wear scuffing resistance on valve bodies shifter forks gear cones piston rods

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  • Thermal Spray / non-stick polymer composite coatings by Poeton – Apticote 810
    810 achieves a robust substrate bond a tough high load carrying capacity coating and the optimum non stick The coatings cost a bit more but the benefits in longer life reduced downtime and improved quality produce a large payback for the user Our commitment We can tailor the Apticote 810 formulation to your specific needs using our extensive polymer coating range and our wide variety of thermally sprayed materials Depending on your requirements non stick low friction wear resistance corrosion protection temperature resistance USDA FDA compliance or combinations of those we can deliver the performance you need Our Commitment is to work with you to create the best possible coating system to meet your in service requirements USDA FDA Compliance If the application demands USDA FDA compliance which is common we will select or design an appropriate Apticote 810 in which the polymer and undercoat comply with the regulations for contact with food or medical products Follow this link to see a list of our compliant coatings which includes some primary grades of Apticote 810 And follow this link to read a wider explanation of how compliance is handled Performance of Apticote 810 Friction coefficient as low as 0 11 Salt mist endurance up to 2000 hours Temperature range 200 to 300 C Resistant to alkaline saline and acidic environments Up to 10 times longer non stick life than given by conventional polymer coatings 5 times the load carrying capacity of conventional polymer coatings 5 times the wear and scratch resistance of conventional polymer coatings Features of Apticote 810 Non stick to a wide range of products Protects the substrate from corrosion Wear resistant Chemical resistant High lubricity and low friction High temperature capability Tough with high load carrying capacity Tenaciously bonded to the substrate USDA FDA compliant Some Apticote 810 successes Dog bone moulds An abrasive product as well as being sticky so that moulds were lasting only three weeks Apticote 810 gave a 4 fold increase in the mould life and doubled the production rate Dough hopper and knives A food processing application requiring strict FDA compliance Apticote 810 extended the clean down period by 3 fold and reduced dough consumption by 30 Chocolate The product was so sticky that it peeled off conventional non stick coatings in just two days of production One of our Apticote 810 coatings FDA compliant on the extrusion dies and fingers has hugely extended the life Medical gauze An abrasive medical product as well as being sticky cutting through stainless steel guides in just one production shift Apticote 810 reduced the friction and lowered the wear by 10 fold Down time was reduced and the production rate was increased Packaging Packages were pushed down a chute by an aluminium arm Metal from the arm was adhering to the chute creating a deposit that slowed the packing transfer rate Apticote 810 on the chute prevented the adhesive wear eliminated the build up and increased the transfer rate by 50 Doctor blades Heated blades

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  • Cadmium plating by Poeton – Apticote 900
    Small volume growth when oxidising lower than zinc or aluminium coatings No final grinding smooth aesthetically Pleasing surface as plated Can be chromate passivated for enhanced corrosion protection Zero effluent processing Benefits of cadmium plating Provides prolonged corrosion protection to your key components Prevents galvanic corrosion between steel fasteners and aluminium Reduces the tightening torque of fasteners and allows repeated dismantling Prevents jamming of fasteners or delicate mechanisms Accommodates your manufacturing tolerances without finishing Helps guarantee the safety of highly stressed components Why is Apticote 900 better than other cadmium plating The answer is precise process control bespoke jigging and racking rigorous quality systems and comprehensive NDT inspection systems Poeton have made major investments in plating plant electrical supply systems operator training and quality inspectors so that the coating is right first time be it on single large items or on batch components Because of this precise control defects and imperfections are virtually eliminated so that the crucial sacrificial corrosion protection given by the coating is maximised Fastening torque The graph shows test results for high tensile steel bolt torque with a variety of finishes performed as part of a DoE sponsored research programme They are the average of ten tests to a fixed bolt tension confirming the superiority of Apticote 900 Cadmium Plate Applications Cadmium plating can be used in aeronautical aerospace mining military defence offshore and nuclear applications Cadmium plating can also be used on SAFETY devices in road vehicles agricultural vehicles rolling stock vessels The use of cadmium plating on electrical contacts in any sector of use is also not restricted Chromate Passivation After electroplating and heat treatment if required a chromate conversion coating is usually applied giving the coating its well known iridescent green brown appearance Such a treatment can double the corrosion resistance and a thin conversion coating can maintain a bright as plated finish and does not appreciably affect the electrical conductivity of the surface nor its solderability Additional protection can be provided by a clear lacquer coating De embrittlement Like many electroplating processes cadmium plating could involve hydrogen absorption into the substrate Highly stressed parts should be heat treated after coating to minimise embrittlement The heat treatment conditions depend on the material and users should provide a comprehensive specification For metals with a tensile strength above 1100MPa specialised pre treatment and coating procedures are required For normal bright cadmium plate you should specify Apticote 900 N For a low embrittlement a duller variety you should specify Apticote 900L This is a Low Hydrogen Embrittlement LHE form of cadmium plating LHE Cadmium Plating uses a higher current density with no brighteners and the bath chemistry is modified to produce a more porous structure duller After LHE Cadmium Plating de embrittling is carried out at 190 Deg C for 24 hours and this can be verified for instance by an ASTM F 519 Sustained Load Test or a ASTM F 326 Electronic Measurement As an example LHE Cadmium Plate shows no effect of hydrogen embrittlement

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  • Cylinder bore coatings by Poeton – Apticote 2000
    honing Compatible with any piston ring or piston Superb bonding to the substrate Hardness 560 600Hv controlled by maintaining precise chemistry and ceramic content The ceramic filler is distributed evenly throughout the coating thickness with the content optimised for a combination of wear resistance and toughness Micro section X1000 Anti streaking scuffing against the piston ring With certain proprietary refinements Apticote Ceramic 2000 virtually eliminates streaking on cylinder bores cylinder liners and engine blocks a problem that often occurs with conventional cylinder bore coatings It is caused by pick up of metal from the bore by the piston ring which then scores the bore surface Apticote Ceramic 2000 discourages cross transfer of metal even with chrome plated piston rings and minimises any possibility of streaking An end to this Coating Thickness The coating thickness after honing is 50 to 75µ with ultra high precision on the final bore dimension Honing the coating The coating is precision diamond honed by skilled machinists closely controlling the finish and size Substrates Apticote Ceramic 2000 can be applied to cast iron steel or aluminium alloys whether liners cylinders or blocks Applications of the Apticote Ceramic 2000 Cylinder Bore Coating 1 For the OEM market worldwide The Poeton customer base extends throughout Europe and across the Atlantic to the USA providing a high quality rapid turnround cylinder bore coating service for the Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs Our customers come from the automotive aerospace and defence sectors and we meet rigorous quality specifications for volume repeat business Cylinder Liners Poeton can coat all types of cylinder liner using a multi station plating unit Flow rate current density and the electrolyte chemistry are precisely controlled ensuring consistent and reproducible results Cylinder liners Rotary Housing cast aluminium alloy Rotary Housings Poeton coat hundreds of cast aluminium alloy rotary housings including for use in UAVs employing a custom designed bespoke tooling ensuring the highest quality control As with all our production 100 bonding to the substrate is confirmed by regular destructive testing saw cut fracture of representative test rings Engine Blocks and Four Bores Cast engine blocks including in line V6 and V8 configurations and motorcycle four bores are coated using dedicated manifolds Bespoke tooling is required being most cost effective when there are multiple units to coat Four bore 2 Motorcycle Barrels including a service for the weekend racing enthusiast Poeton coat all types of two stroke and four stroke motorcycle barrels be they for motor cross karting snowmobiles off road or GP racing As well as the OEM market a proportion of our work on motorcycle barrels is for the lone racing enthusiast someone who wants his engine refurbished in a hurry For this we offer our unique Cylinder Express service a 4 day turnaround that returns your cylinder to pristine condition Turn out to remove streaking or gouges Check and correct the flatness of the gasket faces Weld repair and turn out any major bore damage Weld repair any damage from detonation broken bridges or ports

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  • Keronite (Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation) coatings by Poeton – Apticote 3000
    Alloys 2000 series 5000 series 6000 series 7000 series Cast alloys with less than 8 Si LM25 is most common Magnesium Alloys Any Mg alloy can be treated the most common being AZ91 AM60 WE45 and WE54 Titanium Alloys 6Al 4V 1Mo IMI 318 and pure Ti are most common Applications Apticote Keronite 3000 coatings are used in a wide range of industries For example Textiles Bicycle brakes and frames Automotive bores and pistons Military and Defence Aerospace Oil and Gas Nuclear Marine and Chemical Industries Energy and Power Generation Food and Drink Consumer Engineering Plastic Moulding Electronics Primary Features of Apticote Keronite Superb corrosion resistance 5 000hrs salt spray Extremely hard up to 1 500Hv Effective undercoat for paints and polymers High wear resistance in both abrasive or sliding situations Very effective thermal barrier Thick coatings up to 150 with predictable coverage and dimensional control Superb heat resistance High dielectric strength Some Key Benefits of Apticote Keronite Life of textile machine parts increased 10 fold No wear or leakage with seals Reduced weight with no wear for bike brakes clutches and frames Light weight magnesium leisure wear spectacles and watches with no corrosion Coated piston skirts reduce wear Coated piston crowns give more efficient combustion Eliminates galvanic corrosion cells with titanium components Can replace expensive solid ceramics with a cost effective coating The Apticote Keronite Process The process uses a proprietary electrolyte with a PC controlled high power electrical supply with strict monitoring of the batch chemistry process temperature and agitation Whilst processing the part glows as in the picture Key Performance Data Corrosion Protection Apticote Keronite 3000 gives superb corrosion resistance Unlike ordinary anodising the coatings are dense and thick On 6082 alloy for instance the coating will provide 5 000 hours with no corrosion spots in a standard salt mist exposure test Thickness and Coverage Coating thickness is typically 50 to 70 but 150 is possible if the application demands The outward surface growth is 30 of the total thickness Penetration down holes is to one diameter deep but special tooling can provide coverage down long tubes or bores if required Unlike anodising Apticote Keronite 3000 can coat a sharp corner without cracking Thermal Barrier The Apticote Keronite coating is a superb insulator ideal for piston crowns kitchenware and other applications where protection from heat conduction is needed Wear Resistance Apticote Keronite 3000 is highly resistant to both abrasive and adhesive wear The graph shows the relative wear rates in a Taber Abrasion test It reflects for instance the results that are obtained against synthetic textiles and explains the huge benefits that are gained Effect on Fatigue Rotating bar tests show a reduction in fatigue strength of 7075 Al Alloy of only 14 much less than is caused by plating or hard anodising Finishing Apticote Keronite 3000 builds with a duplex layer the outer surface being slightly rough To avoid abrasion of mating parts e g brake pads the surface can be easily polished Ask Poeton for

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