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  • Electrically insulating Coatings for the Electronics and Telecommunication industries by Poeton
    our technical support and laboratory backup Using our expertise in characterising and understanding wear and corrosion processes we work with our customers on a project basis ensuring that the most effective coating solution is identified Which Apticote coating do I specify Apticote Coating Coating type Application areas and benefits Apticote 200 Polymer coatings Our Apticote 200 range of coatings can bring exception corrosion protection when combined with other coatings from our range that give specific electrical properties Apticote 300 Hard anodising As an example our Apticote 300M anodising process provides exceptional insulation and dielectric properties Apticote 350 and Apticote 355 Composite hard anodising of aluminium A range of anodic specialised processes with polymer infusion providing the ultimate corrosion protection for electronic systems working in hostile environments Apticote 600 Silver plating For the best electrical conductivity and minimum contact resistance Tin Plating Tin and Tin Nickel plating For electronic shielding Copper plating Copper plating Coatings with low contact resistance and high electrical conductivity for connectors and slip rings Apticote Keronite 3000 An electro ceramic coating for aluminium magnesium and titanium alloys with exceptional insulation properties For situations where the coating must be harder and tougher than standard anodising Case Histories Tin Nickel Coatings for Shielding Problem A major aerospace company producing advanced electronic equipment had a requirement for protecting a range of cast aluminium housings from corrosion It was also necessary to provide electro magnetic ems shielding for the internal electronics The corrosion resistant top coat a highly complex tin nickel composite was a customer lead development specified by the customer after internal development and trials and they needed a reliable surface treatment specialist who could provide the coating on a production basis Solution After an extensive search of the treatment supply base Poeton were selected as the preferred supplier and a test program was established to develop a process that would combine Apticote 400N an electroless nickel as a base coat for em shielding with the Tin Nickel top coat After many months of development work where Poeton solved all the problems of combining the two processes the duplex coating was perfected and went into production Layup plates Problem Poeton was approached by a customer who required a dielectric film to be applied to aluminium layup plates that were to carry a range of complex electronic circuitry Existing anodisers were unable to produce a film thickness that would provide the dielectric resistance needed 1 000v DC for 2 minutes minimum Following detailed technical discussions Poeton offered a coating test program that would provide a range of anodic finishes to be tested for dielectric strength Poeton had the advantage of offering specialist thick hard anodised treatments together with a wide range of polymer coatings Solution Following completion of the coating trials the customer undertook dielectric testing on a shortlist of three candidate process The Poeton Apticote 350R with a nominal thickness of 80 microns well above what most treatment companies can produce was chosen as the outstanding solution actually achieving 1450v

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  • Wear resistant and anti-galling Coatings for Engineering industries (farming, mining, water, construction and textiles) by Poeton
    type Application areas and benefits Apticote 100 Precision hard chrome We specialise in precision plating using jigging and robbers custom designed in our workshop avoiding the need for expensive post grinding or linishing Parts include rams shafts pneumatics and hydraulics We can provide an undercoat of thin dense chrome for ensured corrosion protection Apticote 300 Hard anodising and sulphuric acid anodised of aluminium and titanium anodising Our sulphuric acid anodising gives greater than 1500 hours salt spray endurance for corrosion protection of aluminium parts Our Apticote 300 hard anodising provides exceptional wear resistance and is suitable for lightweight structural parts that might be subject to mild erosion Apticote 350 and Apticote 355 Composite hard anodising of aluminium A range of anodic specialised processes with polymer infusion providing exceptional wear and corrosion protection up to 15 000 hours salt spray for aluminium alloys used in the more aggressive environments Apticote 400 A high quality electroless nickel coating Ideal for precision parts needing anti fretting and corrosion protection on parts such as splines couplings and gasket faces The Apticote 400P variant gives exceptional corrosion protection Apticote 450 An electroless nickel polymer composite Providing very low friction wear resistance and anti fretting on couplings clutches and splines Also good for anti galling on threads Apticote 800 Thermally sprayed coatings We offer a wide range of metals cermets and ceramics for wear resistance on heavy engineering parts and for electrical insulation Poeton will advise on which of our many coatings cermets ceramics and alloys is the best choice for your application Apticote Keronite 3000 An electro ceramic coating for aluminium magnesium and titanium alloys The ultimate wear protection for parts made in lightweight alloys Also electrically insulating Case Histories Industrial Scale Rubber Moulding Problem Rubber moulding is a major engineering business made more difficult by the enforced removal of solvent based release agents Whilst water based products can just about do the job they are less effective and less durable than the environmentally unfriendly versions Our customer was complaining of lower production rates high costs for his release agents and unacceptable down times Solution Poeton undertook a laboratory research project testing the rubber product against a range of our non stick coatings It takes a very specialist coating to cope with the stickiness of elastomeric materials but we found just the one the Poeton Apticote 460G advanced electroless nickel polymer composite Now the customer has greatly reduced his down time and eliminated a lot of the costs involved in using release agents What s more as a bonus the surface characteristics of the finished moulding are vastly superior Industrial Scale Labelling Problem Norprint Labelling Systems is one of Europe s largest labelling companies with a capacity of 6 7 billion tickets tags and labels every year Several of the label presses operate a re lam and de lam technique that peels the backing paper from a self adhesive stock allowing the machine to print onto the adhesive It then joins the two substrates together

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  • Aerospace and Defence Approvals and FDA Approvals at Poeton
    instructions and procedures for calibration processing and inspection Process Control R D All process solutions are maintained by our well equipped Process Control Laboratory in accordance with documented procedures All records of solution analysis and additions are retained Our Laboratory is equipped with an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer a M A R S Image Analysis facility a Micro Hardness Tester and a Salt Mist Corrosion Cabinet We also have a purpose built Research Coating Development facility which is now included in our new ISO 9001 2008 BSI scope of registration and can test and approve coatings for different applications against a variety of counterface materials We have the ability to mock up small scale process lines to trial and test processes and pre treatments and conduct wear abrasion corrosion hardness and thickness tests as applicable Inspection Inspection of components is carried out at all stages of production by operators and Quality Engineers Uniquely numbered Inspection Stamps are issued to authorised personnel A log is kept of the allocation date of issue and withdrawal of Inspection Stamps Inspection Equipment A wide range of Inspection and measuring equipment is available including a c n c co ordinate measuring machine internal and external micrometers electronic height gauges and electronic thickness gauges All items are calibrated in accordance with controlled procedures Master Standards are fully traceable to National Standards as appropriate Specifications A wide range of specifications 700 covering surface coatings are held including British Standards Defence Standards AMS and MIL Standards Production Records A Process Job Card Routing system is in use with a unique Works Order Number This is used to record details of the process carried out including pre treatments and associated heat treatments and the results of inspection carried out Records Records are retained indefinitely for all aerospace related contracts or in line with specific customer requirements Drawings It is not the company s policy to retain component drawings We request that drawings are sent with each order If requested these will be returned on completion Quality Audits Internal quality systems audits are carried out on a planned basis in accordance with documented procedures Access We will accept visits audits by Accreditation Bodies and OEM Quality Auditors by prior arrangement but please note that access to certain areas containing confidential proprietary processes is restricted pending authorisation from the Managing Director Certificates of Conformity Certificates of Conformity Release Certificates can be issued if so requested on the Purchase Order Specifying your coating Please follow this link to view a help file on how to effectively specify your coating needs This will greatly help us to provide you with the highest quality service and coating product 2 Medical and Food Industry FDA Compliance Many of the Poeton Apticote coatings are sold with the understanding that they will come into contact with food or medical products In order to ensure that these coatings are compliant with the relevant FDA and USDA Standards we establish traceability and documents of approval from our material suppliers and

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  • Metallography, microscopy, wear testing, hardness testing and corrosion testing by Poeton
    reported package of work It will be unbiased accurate and thorough aimed at solving YOUR problems and NOT providing business for our coating services Sophisticated facilities optical and scanning electron microscopy metallography image analysis Atomic Absorption AA chemical analysis profilometry hardness stereo microscopy wear and corrosion test equipment Our Services to Industry Consultancy Design Support Application consultancy On site consultations Design and material selection advice Pre production trials and testing Download our Design Support PDF Document Contracted R D Wear testing Corrosion testing Coating trials Support for new coating development Component Coating development trials Training Application and selection workshops Process training Tribology and corrosion Failure Analysis Projects and Coating Characterisation Optical Microscopy Scanning Electron Microscopy Metallography Chemical analysis Atomic Absorption technique Benchmarking Testing Facilities Capabilities Taber Abrasion Neutral Salt Fog Mist Cabinets Tribology Taber Abrasion to ASTM F1978 00e1 and D4060 01 Pin on Disc Sliding Wear and Friction to ASTM G99 95a Reciprocating Wear and Friction Tester Corrosive Wear Tester reciprocating Corrosion Neutral Salt Mist Cabinet to ASTM B117 97 BS 7479 1991 and ISO 9227 1990 Cyclic Corrosion Tester to BS EN ISO 16151 2008 Outdoor Exposure Rig Panels and samples can be ranked to customer s own specification or to ASTM D1654 92 Outdoor Exposure Dry Sulphur Dioxide testing of coatings exposed to atmospheres containing sulphur dioxide e g high sulphur fuels or industrial atmospheres Electrochemical testing to ASTM G71 81 Potentiostatic determination of corrosion rate of single metals coatings in varying electrolytes Also galvanic corrosion testing Corrosive Wear Testing evaluating the combinations of a corrosive atmosphere and adhesive wear measuring the measure overall performance often much more severe than either corrosion or wear acting alone Metallography and Surface Studies Micro hardness QC hardness testing of coatings testing worn or damaged parts for failure analysis Standard BS

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  • Surface coatings - glossary of terms
    which are exothermic F Fatigue A cumulative effect causing a metal to fail after repeated applications of stress none of which exceeds the ultimate tensile strength The fatigue strength or fatigue limits is the stress that will cause failure after specified number cycles Flame hardening The localised surface heating of a medium carbon steel by an impinging gas flame so that the temperature is raised above 900 o C The part is quenched or self quenches by virtue of the remaining cool bulk of the component and tempered to produce a hard martensitic structure at the surface Flame spraying A thermal spraying process in which the particles are heated and accelerated in a flame produced from the combustion of oxygen and fuel Filler A solid inert material added to a synthetic resin or rubber either to change its physical properties or simply to dilute it for economy Fretting Surface damage caused by very small relative movement between two surfaces usually under heavy load Fused and crushed powder Powder formed from a fused solid mass which is then crushed to the appropriate size for spraying G Galling Damage to the surfaces of materials sliding in contact with each other usually caused by the localised welding together of high spots Common for materials like stainless steel aluminium alloys and titanium Gas carburising See Carburising Gas flow rate The flow rate of gas eg litres per minute through the spraying torch Gas nitriding see Nitriding Gas nitrocarburising See Nitrocarburising Galvanising A hot dip process for deposition of zinc for galvanic corrosion protection of steel Gold plating The electrolytic deposition of gold for decorative or electrical applications Grit blasting A pressurised stream of hard metal or oxide grit material used to clean and or roughen surfaces prior to coating H Hard Chrome plating The electrolytic deposition of chromium to form a very hard 1000Hv tough coating with good wear resistance The structure is micro cracked Hardfacing The application of a cladding or coating of material designed to resist wear Hardness test A test designed to assess the resistance to penetration from a load The surface is indented under a defined load and the depth of penetration is observed High Velocity Oxy fuel Spraying HVOF A Thermal spray process The spray powder particles are injected into a jet formed by the combustion of oxy fuel heated and accelerated to the workpiece HIPPING The high temperature high pressure consolidation of a powder metallurgy component or thermally sprayed coating Density is greatly increased and metallurgical changes provide enhanced corrosion and wear properties HVOF See High Velocity Oxy fuel spraying I Induction hardening The localised surface heating of a medium carbon steel by an induction coil so that the temperature is raised above 900 o C The part is quenched or self quenches by virtue of the remaining cool bulk of the component and tempered to produce a hard martensitic structure at the surface Ion Implantation A process in which a beam of positive ions is projected towards and into the surface It is carried out in partial vacuum and the ions diffuse into the surface layer of the substrate Typically this is carried out with nitrogen giving a nitrided effect Ion nitriding Also called plasma nitriding A vacuum glow discharge technique of nitriding See Nitriding Ion plating A process in which positive ions produced in a glow discharge are attracted to the substrate which is connected as the cathode The ions are typically made by evaporation J K L Laser alloying The application of a powder to a surface followed by fusing and alloying into the surface via the heat from an impinging laser Laser glazing The melting and quenching of a surface to form a fine grained structure or glaze Laser hardening The localised surface heating of a medium carbon steel by an incident laser so that the temperature is raised above 900 o C The part is quenched or self quenches by virtue of the remaining cool bulk of the component and tempered to produce a hard martensitic structure at the surface LPPS See Vacuum or Low Pressure Plasma Spraying M Magnetron sputtering See Sputtering In this PVD process the sputtering action is enhanced by intense magnetic fields Micrograph A micrograph is produced when a section of the coating is taken polished to show the particulate layers and then photographed through a microscope Mechanical bonding Usually represented by mechanical interlocking of the deposited particles with the rough heights on the substrate surface produced during grit blasting Metallurgical bonding Produced by chemical bonding between areas of the coating and substrate in intimate contact or even by diffusion interaction between the coating and substrate Metallurgical bonding can be enhanced by post spraying diffusion heat treatments Micro hardness The hardness of a coating as measured on a microscopic scale Microtrack A device for measuring powder particle size distributions N Nickel plating The electrolytic deposition of nickel to forma corrosion barrier or to reclaim a worn part Can also include hard ceramic particles to from a wear resistant composite coating Nitriding The diffusion of nitrogen into alloy steel to form hard nitrides in the surface layer typically 250µ Performed at between 500 and 750 o C from a gas salt bath or plasma glow discharge Nitrocarburising The diffusion of nitrogen and carbon into alloy steel or mild steel to form hard nitrides in the surface layer typically 250µ Performed at between 500 and 750 o C from a gas salt bath or plasma glow discharge O Oxidation Chemical reaction between the surface elements and oxygen causing oxides of the elements to be formed Oxidising The production of a stable oxide layer on a steel component by heating in a controlled atmosphere Provides corrosion protection and reduced friction P Pack carburising See Carburising Painting The application of organic based layers acrylics etc for corrosion protection and decorative purposes Particle chemistry The elements contained within the particles of a spray powder Passivating The post treatment usually by chromating of nickel cadmium

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  • Coating selection – how can we help?
    your Application Problem Successes Enquiries Send us your Problem Contact Us News Latest News Poeton Newsletters Premium Content Designer s Guides Tutorials ISIS White Papers How can we help you If you would like help from Poeton engineers with your surface engineering problem please complete the form below and submit it to us Boxes marked are required Contact Details Name Company Address Post Code Daytime Tel Email Your enquiry Details If you can please provide as much of the following information as possible It can be either a technical enquiry asking for our recommendations or a request for a quotation for a specific coating task Component Name Function sliding rolling static Base Material Fabrication cast machined ground Mode of degradation wear corrosion Your requirement low wear low friction anti corrosion Maximum allowed processing temperature Type of contact area point line Load Component material in contact Any product in contact textile drink cans etc Operating temperature Environment water acid etc Is fatigue of concern Required surface finish Finishing constraints Can it be post finished What dimensions are critical Is embrittlement of concern Size of part Numbers to be processed Specifications defence food etc When you have completed the form click the Send Enquiry button above to post it to us You will receive a page confirming receipt of your message Technical Support Service Select Your Coating Solve Friction and Wear Problems Glossary of Surface Engineering Terms Surface Engineering Review Send us your Application Problem GLOBAL SUPPORT Poeton Apticote supporting global manufacturing from A to Z Design Support Research Development Test Samples First Articles Pre Production Full Rate Production COATINGS FROM POETON Core Standard Coatings APTICOTE 100 Hard Chrome APTICOTE 200 Polymer Composite APTICOTE 300 Hard Anodising APTICOTE 400 Electroless Nickel APTICOTE 600 Silver APTICOTE 800 Plasma Thermal Spray Coatings APTICOTE 3000

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  • Coatings Success Stories by Poeton
    approaching 1 000 C 30 000 volt currents crushing pressures over 2 000 psi to perform in the combustion chamber a spark plug must be precisely engineered and virtually Poeton coating is a key element of the world s first luxury mobile phone Vertu the word s first luxury mobile phone manufacturer has specified a Poeton Industries wear resistant low friction coating for the individual stainless steel key shafts of the New Poeton coating transforms the structural characteristics of magnesium Surface coating specialist Poeton Industries has developed an exciting new coating that promises major benefits for customers in industries such as automotive aerospace and telecoms who require New coating solves a sticky problem for Norprint A new Apticote coating from Poeton Industries has helped label printing specialist Norprint solve a sticky production problem with a self adhesive paper Norprint Labelling Systems is Apticote the case for Mould Release Coatings APTICOTE THE CASE FOR MOULD RELEASE COATINGS A spokesman for surface coating specialist Poeton Industries suggests that coating moulds Poeton coating gives 50 year life in corrosive environments A special anti corrosive surface treatment one that was developed by Poeton Industries to coat storage drums containing low risk contaminated waste is now available for industrial and defence New filtration systems eliminates pitting from hard chrome plating Following a three year project to develop a low effluent hard chrome plating plant in partnership with the Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme Poeton Industries has dramatically Eden is the perfect environment for Spirax Sarco Poeton Industries Limited a world leader in surface coating technology has won a substantial order from its Gloucestershire neighbour Spirax Sarco thanks to a recent 90 000 investment in Surface Coating The clean and cost effective alternative to messy wasteful spray release agents APTICOTE RELEASES FILTER MANUFACTURER FROM COSTLY MOULD

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  • Poeton News
    our Newsletter link More info Employee Training Success Poeton Industries continued commitment to providing its valued employees More info Employee Award Poeton Gloucester is pleased to announce that Ben Bateson Assistant Quality Manager was awarded More info TSSEA Conference The recent TSSEA Thermal Spraying and Surface Engineering Association Conference More info Poeton Awards Anthony Poeton Chairman of the Poeton group of companies received a Life Time Achievement award for his work on behalf of the surface coating industry both in the UK and abroad More info TSSEA Conference Poeton Industries Ltd are pleased to announce their sponsorship of the next TSSEA Conference which will be held at the Gloucester Rugby Club on the 26 th November 2014 More info New appointment at Poeton Gloucester Poeton are pleased to announce that Mick Bignell has been appointed the General Manager of its Thermal Spray Division based in Gloucester More info Premium Content Link As a valued customer or contact of Poeton Industries we would like to draw your attention to the Premium Content link on this web site More info Safety First A 100 pass rate for IOSH course More info Skills Training Poeton Industries Gloucester facility was pleased to host a visit from the Governments Skills Minister Matthew Hancock MP and Richard Graham MP for Gloucester More info Poeton January 2014 Newsletter Poeton January 2014 Newsletter now posted More info Sometimes our coatings help people have FUN Apticote Ceramic 2000 remains the must have coating for performance engines cylinders More info Customer demand drives Poeton investment Poeton s commitment to running three shifts at both its UK sites is providing exceptional customer service and unmatched process lead times creating increased customer demand for more capacity over a broad range of coatings More info Anti Microbial Coating Licensed Poeton are pleased to announce that they are now an approved licensee for a revolutionary new anti microbial coating called MAGnanoSHIELD developed by General Magnaplate of Linden NJ in the USA More info Richard Graham MP Presents Awards To Poeton Apprentices and Employees Poeton Industries were proud to have Richard Graham MP Gloucester present awards to a number of Poeton apprentices and employees More info New Director appointed at Poeton Industries Poeton Industries are pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Elliott Mead as a Director More info Cardiff increase capacity Poeton Cardiff introduce shift patterns More info Poeton increase paint capacity Poeton Gloucester have successfully completed installation of a twin bay primer paint facility which is Nadcap AS 9100 Rev C approved More info Poeton launch new Apticote After extensive R D and field testing Poeton Industries have released into production a new electroless nickel variant called Apticote 400D More info SEA Awards 2012 Poeton are pleased to announce that we have won two prestigious awards at the Surface Engineering Association annual gala dinner which was held at the House of Commons on the 19 th October 2012 We also secured the runner up award in the Outstanding Company category More info Poeton

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