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  • Buy To let insurance for landlords
    Facts Policy Wording As well as single buy to let property quotes are available for landlords with a portfolio enabling 5 or more properties to be insured together Rates are available online with substantial savings over multiple single property quotes although we must be contacted to arrange cover Types of Tenants we can cover Our buy to let insurance products can cover Insurance for Professionals tenant pays rent in full Rent assisted agreement between landlord and tenant rent subsidised by the DSS DSS Placement agreement between landlord and DSS or housing association who select the tenant Insurance for Bedsits including cooking in rooms rather than shared cooking facilities Student property rented several students Insurance for property occupied by Asylum seekers Unoccupied property pending sale renovation to be rented out or moved into Holiday property can be rented out More about the insurance policy Our preferred buy to let insurance policy is underwritten by SAGIC Salvation Army General Insurance Company A highly ethical company whom we have found provide not only cheap rates but also excellent claims service As well as a low excess 75 00 with a 150 00 or 250 00 option accidental damage is available for all tenancy

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  • FAQs about the landlord Portfolio Insurance Scheme
    commas in them sums insured should not There should be a line break Enter after each piece of information This method enables large numbers of property details to be cut and pasted directly into the quotation system from spreadsheets resulting in an extremely quick quotation Q Are there any restrictions on the types of tenants A Pretty well any type of tenant or no tenant or holiday home can be catered for including students asylum seekers DSS referrals DSS bedsits and HMOs bedsits with agreements with multiple tenants Subject to a maximum rebuilding cost per property of 1 million On the right side of the page in a box you will see the types of tenants for which we can quote online Please call us if a tenant does not fit into any category Q How do I use the box A The box asks the number of properties that are let in certain ways The premium calculation is based on these numbers not the individual class of tenant in each property This means that you do not have to advise us if the type of tenancy changes during the year but a fresh declaration is required at renewal Q How does this affect the premium A Under some circumstances e g low sum insured properties are occupied by high risk tenants the premium will be slightly more than theoretically correct However the discount used for portfolios is more than on single properties and will compensate for this Obviously the opposite will apply in other cases and then the policyholder obtains the benefit Q Could I insure each property individually A Yes there is no reason not to other than the time completing in this case 70 different proposal forms However please note that there will probably be no saving

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  • Caravan insurance. Quotes for static caravan insurance and touring caravan insurance
    deductible called a franchise which means that small claims aren t paid at all but larger claims are paid in full Touring Caravan Insurance In contrast touring caravan insurance extends cover to those caravans that are towed on the road The fact that such caravans are easily attached to motor vehicles means that the theft risks are greater with some insurers insisting that a hitchlock is fitted and applied at all time when the caravan is unattended even at home at a motorway service station as well as the caravan park The location where the caravan is kept when not being used is therefore a key rating factor If not at home preferably in a locked building then storage at a CaSSOA site gold award best silver high level security bronze good security is probably the best attainable Being kept in a farmer s field with no additional security increases the risks Since there are going to be more claims then the excess will be higher and can t usually be deleted More information on touring caravan insurance is available Some caravans are difficult to insure online Many insurers do not offer Hobby caravan insurance due to their width relatively wide structure and requirement towed by commercial vehicle few caravan insurance companies quote for these models We do subject to normal insurance underwriting criteria Moreover our rates are similar to standard premiums so you can be assured that insurance for your Hobby caravan won t be expensive Note that caravans exceeding 7m in length must be towed by commercial vehicles exceeding 3500Kg GVW and the total length must not exceed 12 metres for the caravan 16m in total Caravans up to 2 55m wide can be towed by normal vehicles Wider caravans must be transported Many insurance companies will NOT cover for caravans used as permanent residences caravans let out on a business footing or caravans used as temporary homes for self build projects Self build insurance available In such circumstances it is imperative that you check that the insurance policy desired extends to cover these uses Caravan insurance policies incorporate a number of benefits as standard It is always advisable to look at a key facts wording before purchasing the insurance policy however examples of benefits are Cover for personal effects We Recommended increasing home insurance all risks cover Full replacement value instead of indemnity covered UK and worldwide This is also the best if not only way to insure valuables The next benefit is accommodation costs to cover the price of hiring an alternative caravan should your own become uninhabitable a viable alternative could be hotel accommodation There will be a daily maximum benefit as well as an annual maximum benefit Typical values would be 50 a day with a maximum of 1 500 Public liability insurance has already been mentioned This covers your liability arising out of the use of the caravan A static caravan policy will exclude any liability arising out of the towing risk A

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  • Landlords Insurance Quotes, buildings and contents and unoccupied property insurance
    AA1A 1AA Some areas of central London e g SW1X At this stage you only need enter the part of the postcode to the LEFT of the space e g If you were looking for Darlington DL14 7EN our office you need only enter DL14 The system will ask you to confirm the number of the inward half on the next page we do not need the last two letters

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  • Landlord Insurance | Compare cheap Rented Property Insurance | Buy to let quotes
    scheme underwritten by SAGIC Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation There are no minimum sums insured however there are maximum sums insured of 500 000 for the buildings and 50 000 for your own contents There are no restrictions on the types of tenants professional DSS or whatever but the premiums do reflect the tenants tenancy agreements Quick Quote Full Quote 2 Compare our range of rented property insurance policies Please note that whilst a much wider range of rented property insurance policies quote the rates compared are only an indication other than SAGIC We recommend that the landlord compares insurance and completes the online submission form no obligation or financial commitment so we can review the many policies we have available and give a recommendation we have other schemes available that are not shown on the comparative insurance quotation system Compare the various rented property insurance schemes Further Information types of tenants Experienced rented property owners should already know the difference but for any first time entrants here is a quick guide as to tenancy types and how they affect the insurance Some insurers give wider definitions Standard Professional The tenancy agreement is with the tenant who pays the rent from their own income Subsidized The tenancy agreement is with the tenant but the rent is paid by a third party DSS The tenancy agreement is with the council or DSS and they have control of who occupies the property There is a further restriction that the tenant is not an asylum seeker see below Asylum seekers since asylum seekers cannot effect their own tenancy agreements then by definition this falls into a sub category of DSS Make sure that Asylum Seekers is selected as an option if required Students very popular in some cities cover extends to properties let

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/rented-property-insurance.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • What is landlord insurance? Compare Landlord Insurance for an Answer.
    substantially in excess of a normal house insurance Are there bedroom rated contracts available Virtually all landlord insurance contracts are based on a sum insured basis There are one or two where a large fixed sum insured is provided but of course the premium is based on an average sum insured for the type of property In general landlords do not supply tenants with thousands of pounds worth of contents so a bedroom rated contract for contents sums insured is inpracticable Do I have to advise the insurer of a change of tenants If the type of tenant remains the same and the tenants hasn t any specifically poor insurance rating factors then strictly no However we recommend that the insurer be contacted just to confirm the matter What happens if the tenant moves out Normally you do not have to tell the insurance company until the period allowed between tenancies typically 30 days has expired Once that happens cover is likely to become restricted to dry perils and the underwriters may re rate the property as unoccupied until a new tenant moves in Do I need the extra policies offered That depends on whether you feel that they will

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/landlord/what_is_landlords_insurance.htm (2016-02-12)
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  • Compare Landlord Insurance : Landlord Insurance Explained
    property not being the owner may not take as much care of the building Like a house insurance policy landlord insurance falls into two main sections Buildings Insurance covers the property and usually the liability of the landlord as owner Contents Insurance covers the landlord s contents not the tenants Cover is usually against the standard insurance perils Fire storm theft etc but may be extended to include accidental damage either for buildings or contents There are also some optional extra covers that may be available Legal Expenses Insurance covers costs of repossession or contract disputes and or other similar eventualities Rent Guarantee Insurance covers loss of rent should the tenant not pay Boiler breakdown home emergency cover Types of tenancies There are many different types of tenants ranging from professional lets where the tenant pays the rent out of their own earnings to Subsidised lets the landlord receives the rent from a third party but the tenancy agreement is with the tenant and DSS lets the agreement is with the council as well as asylum seekers Multiple student lets are also considered to be landlord insurance as are bedsits The type of tenancy is important because the landlord insurance

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  • Compare Landlord Insurance | Providers of Landlord Insurance for B Portwood
    Providers For further information on the providers of our landlord insurance click here More information is provided on whether they are insurance companies wholesale brokers or underwriting agencies Maximum buildings sum insured 500 000 Maximum contents sum insured 50 000 Click here for higher sums insured Comprehensive Landlord Insurance Landlord Insurance Broker Landlord Insurance Coverage Landlord Insurance Explained Landlord Insurance Providers Landlord Insurance Rates Landlord Insurance Requirements What is Landlord

    Original URL path: http://www.portwood.co.uk/landlord/landlord_insurance_providers.htm (2016-02-12)
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